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Too tired for a real post, but yay photos:


May. 17th, 2008 05:05 pm
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Article on Rich in our local newsrag.

The funeral was today. It was very, very surreal. Rich was the first person in my peer group to really die, aside from Dawn's high school boyfriend who I didn't know well. I had said to Steven before we left that the whole thing was just fucked up; we should be making plans for coffee, not going to see him buried. When I was fishing through my closet for my default funeral dress, I found it hanging right next to the dress I wore to their wedding 3 years ago.

We're going back to see her in a little bit, after I ice down my knee. It's about the size of my head right now and I can still see shoe imprints on my foot. I shall be enjoying zoris for the rest of the week now. School will get over it and it's MCAS week next week, anyway.

Well, tomorrow is a new day, right?

Mm, Friday

May. 9th, 2008 11:44 pm
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I still feel kind of crappy. My chest is still hurting a decent amount. I came home from school today and napped for three and a half hours. Ignore that I got eight hours of sleep last night, I could hardly stay awake at school today. It sucked. I read my MacWorld, but damned if I can remember what was in it.

[profile] lauraxmarie and I went out for lunch yesterday and did some hardcore shopping, which was probably why I was so frakking tired today. We were completely socially unacceptable, as is par for the course, but it was fun. I got a dress and a pair of capris from Old Navy, as well as underwear. Yay, I can now throw out a bunch! I got Steven clothes too. I also replaced my black dress sandals that finally fell apart on Wednesday. They were a good decade old and had been my mum's before they were mine.

Going to RI tomorrow and probably seeing Iron Man on Sunday. We've opted not do anything for Mother's Day this year. It's not going to be a really good day. I did get Mum some Lily Savon soap and earrings, but no card. Stupid upsetting greeting card holiday.

No word back on the summer job o' doom yet. I even made my answerphone message professional for them.

Ok, things I like this week: Rachel's Yoghurt. Really awesome, unusual flavours. Best of the bunch is Plum Lavender Honey, so far, but vanilla chai and pomegranate acai are really good too. It's the new lunch of champions.
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Happy Pi Day!

And an especially happy birthday to my darling [profile] mermaidinblack! May you have many returns.
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Sometimes it really amazes me how incredibly dull my life is. It's comfortable, like fleece pants, but it's not exactly something you'd wear out in public, unless it was a quick trip to the shops. I'm not dissatisfied with it, but reading my entries must be like watching paint dry sometimes because it's dull, dull, dull, stretch of now entries, dull, DRAMAZ!, dull.

This definitely was not how I pictured my life a decade ago. I don't think I'd want the same things now that I did then, but still... Sometimes it's hard to make the two mesh. It reminds me of looking back on my years in Vermont. It's like remembering a movie or hearing about someone else's life. Everything's kind of familiar, but not. There's no emotional connection with anything. That's kind of how I feel about things I wanted in high school. I have the memories, but I can't connect to them anymore.

Jesus, I'm maudlin right now. I blame my unhappy belly. It is full of EVIL.

I did not work on pictures or my painting today. I made a valiant effort, being all showered before noon, but it just died right after. The reason? I wasted my whole day listening to it and my bonus time-suck that is LJ and crafty blogs. It was slightly better than watching television, I suppose, though. I did think about baking a pie, but the bowl wasn't clean and the table succumbed to entropy, so no motivation there. I also considered the following things: sweeping my kitchen floor, cleaning the bedroom, putting dishes away, and working on my portfolio.

I'm in such a slump, it's not even funny. At least my eating is not in a slump or it wasn't till dinner.

Beth, Rich, and Munchkin called to request our company. It was originally going to be tea at Borders, but it ended up becoming a trip to the Old Country Buffet because, since I have never been to one, it became imperative that I eat there on the off chance I die in a meteor accident tomorrow. The nearest one is in Brockton and, lucky for us, all the hoods are rolling at the Randolph Cinemas and we did not have the chance to become the latest shooting victims.

It wasn't bad. It reminded my of Ponderosa, except bigger and everything is one price instead of adding your drink and entree on, if desired. I'm the worst person to go to buffets with because I find less and less I want to eat every single time I go. I horfed down mucho potatoes and spinach salad, but also gave into several fried things and ice cream, so my stomach, after a week of healthy eating, has declared war on me. Despite what Steven says, I am not developing a dairy allergy, I just don't like it that much, and it's the greasy/lardy/fried things that hate my innards.

That aside, friends are good, baby is cute, Steven should really have been born a woman because he's perfect Mommy material while I am really ideal Dad material (Bath? Hosing the kids off in the kiddie pool with some dish detergent will work!*). Plans were extended for Borders later in the week because it was getting past everyone's crib time and my belly, it was plotting.

And that's it. I'm on teh intarwebz, Steven napped, we watched news and SNL because I <3 Tina Fey, and he went to bed. All in all, it was a chill day, which I needed considering I managed to trigger myself good last night.

We wash clothes at my grandfather's sometimes and it's alternately very comforting and upsetting since it's her detergent, the same stuff she used for years, and it smells so much like her house.  I'm actually starting to tear up again just thinking about it. A couple nights ago, it was fine. Yesterday, no. I have two bags of her clothes that are sitting in my living room because I can't actually move them or bring myself to go through them. The worst has to be her bathrobe; it still smells like her and I just can't bring myself to do anything with it yet. I'd like to wear it, but I'm afraid it will stop smelling like her. It's been better, recently, but this has been a rough week, being home by myself with nothing to do.

What's it they say? One day at a time?

*True story. My mum went out with a friend once and asked my father to give me a bath before she got home, as well as clean out the kiddie pool. My father decided that he could kill two bird with one stone: child in pool, dishwashing soap to clean the pool, hose, voila! My mother was absolutely livid with him. I was rashy with a head of snarled hair and the pool kept sudsing when we refilled it.


Jan. 27th, 2008 11:59 am
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We did end up making it to the theatre yesterday.

Atonement review )

We went out after for Tibetan food with Sam, which was ok, but not great. I started getting the beginnings of a migraine which is still lingering today, though it's not unbearable yet. I'm hoping I slept through the worst of it. We rolled in around 4:30 in the morning.

Anyhow, I have two books coming soon and I got my replacement Baby G which I have managed not to set the unholy, chirpy alarm on. I've done nothing else this week-end, though I should do a bit of laundry so I have things to wear tomorrow. I still need to finish my hair today and repaint my nails, too.

Of course, instead, I am going to sit around and watch Evita again and be lazy for the rest of the day
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O hai.

Why am I so easily sucked into watching crappy movies. I just can't resist them. I'm watching Never Been Kissed now and it's cringe-worthy. Worse is that it's set the year I graduated. I remember when it came out and I think I remember why I never bothered to see it. But no, it's on TBS now, and I have to watch it. I'm all about the inappropriate teacher/journalist cum high schooler. Oh my god, it is painful and so wrong.

I will say that at least, my junior and senior years were pretty good, so I didn't get to experience teenage hell. Middle school, on the other hand...

I think I used up all my productiveness yesterday. I went out with Laura in the afternoon for chinesey goodness (glorious) and then later to Friendly's for ice cream with Beth and Rich (not so glorious, since Friendly's wants my death). I kind of still want to go to IKEA too, but it closes surprisingly early.

I think Steven and I are going to the cheapie theatre to see Atonement today because I obviously need to stare at pretty costumes for several hours. Also: at $4 a ticket, I can justify just about any move.

I really need to replace my Hole CDs. Or at least redownload them or something since my CD-ROM shit the bed. I can't wait till I get get my MacBook of doom.

High School Art Stuff )

Well, whenever this movie ends, I'm going to go shower and hope that I have enough hot water, unlike the last few days. Also, it would be nice if I started assembling pieces for my portfolio.
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I need to stop shopping at Old Navy. I found some pants I liked that they didn't have in store in the length I wanted. I knew I had seen them on the website, so I figured I'd just order them there. I ordered those, another pair of pants, and a turtleneck. I had just clicked the check-out button and entered my account information when the next screen informs me that the pants that I had tried to order were in high demand and had been removed. I called to bitch to the customer service line and basically what happened was they oversold the pants and they went to the first person to check out.

What. the. frak? How the hell are they allowed to do that? I was in the middle of checking out. I bought the size smaller since I could have gone either way, so hopefully they'll fit.

Stupid Old Navy for only have their goddamn lengths online and making me order there. I'd rather just buy in the damn store.

I bought the size smaller, since I could have gone either way in the store. We'll see when they get here later this week. I guess I'll return them if they don't fit. Now, I mostly just need shoes for school and to unpack/sort the rest of my clothes because, oh, I did nothing this week-end besides, basically, sleep. Well, that's a lie. We went to my grandparents for a bit yesterday and I bought a down comforter for our frigid bedroom. I am so not cool with winter. I have my flannel pyjamas on now.

In less fun news, my great aunt Helen has slipped into a terminal coma as of yesterday. They're expecting her to go any time between now and next Sunday. All they're currently doing for her is giving her a morphine drip, per her end of life instructions. She turned 88 in May. Steven and I are going to have to take a day off to go to the funeral when she goes, which will probably be down the Cape. I need to get my suit dry cleaned in preparation for this. I'm not sure how I feel about this-- I haven't seen Helen in almost two years, even though she lives behind my grandmother. She didn't really want people in the house these last couple years. I told Steven I might end up very upset, I might not. I don't know how I'll take it. Right now, I'm ok.

Frak. This means I need to call my father tomorrow and let him know about Helen.

Steven's father is getting better, at least. He's still pretty out of it; he told Steven today he was "doing work in Paris", but he's off the breathing tube and they think he's going to live, which is good. No word on the kidney, but my guess is that he's going to be on dialysis probably permanently. But dialysis, I assume, is preferable to dying.

MIL is being her usual self. )

That does remind me of a really funny story about Mum. We went to Target a couple weeks ago and, because I am 5, I was touching everything. Mum's kind of staring at me and says "What the hell was wrong with your mother? Didn't she tell you not to touch everything you see?" I kind of shrugged and said it was hard, since the wolves didn't exactly have hands. She responds with "Goddamn wolves. Can't they evolve opposable thumbs?" Then we both started cracking up, prompting quite a few people to stare at us. The weirdness is genetic. Our kids are doomed.

I am so tired. I need to find our door snake tomorrow because it's damned cold down here. I can feel the breeze creeping in under the door.

Had coffee with Beth, Rich, and the munchkin and I think we're having dinner with them at Ikea Friday because we both need to do stuff there and also it's very cheap. Plus, Friendly's is still trying to kill me and I'm not even going to get into that. The company was lovely, though.

New nail polish this week: Suzi Says Da! It's a nice, deep garnet. The black lasted really well last week, so maybe I'll be able to keep polish on my nails for a while. Kind of plays in with that whole "responsible adult" thing.

I think we're going to go out on a date Tuesday to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I kind of want to catch an early showing because of the whole early next day thing. Perhaps I shall wear my red pleather shoes since I am adorable and all. Now, if only I could find my pencil skirt... Maybe I'll look for it tomorrow night. I could use and excuse to dress up, not that school isn't...

I am so tired. I'm almost positive I have an ear infection, so I'm going to put some drops in tomorrow and see where life goes. This is going to be a long week.
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So today was pretty good. Dawn and Mike got here fairly late, so we kind of slept in today before heading to the mall so Dawn could buy sunglasses. I bought a new vinyl Playboy wallet for $5. It's small, which is kind of what I needed. Better than my current Hello Kitty one, at least.

They treated us to lunch at Chili's, which Steven kind of needed because he found out his father was admitted to the ICU for high carbon monoxide levels, fluid in the lungs, and a collapsed lung. His mother was talking about a DNR, but she's a huge liar, so who knows if that's true or not. He's currently tubed right now and heavily sedated, so Steven didn't go tonight. I think he's going to call/see him tomorrow.

We headed into Harvard after for a quick Lush trip. I got a Big Blue ballistic, a Honeybee ballistic, and Aquamarina facewash. My samples were Coalface, Fig & Leaves (for our friend's little girl and her eczema), Sea Vegetable, and Imperialis moisturiser. I will review them as we use them.

They headed to their game after, so we decided to stick around Harvard for a while. We had Vietnamese for dinner, ice cream after, and walked around for about four hours. It was nice. We both found quite a few shops we'd not been in before. The vintage store I liked so much is still there, too, so I'm going to go back when I have more time.

We're just waiting to go pick up Dawn and Mike now, before we hang out for the rest of the evening. I guess we're going to go out to breakfast tomorrow before they head home anyway since Steven's jury duty was put off for another week. How sucktastic is that? I hate the state.

Why do I crave sugar? I'd sell an organ for a cookie right now.

Mm, sunburn

Aug. 4th, 2007 02:00 am
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Yay, it's been two weeks since I updated because a) I'm antisocial and b) it's Shark Week. I watch telly all day during shark week.

We've been busy this week. Wednesday, Steven and I went into the city to take photos and get a good, long walk in. I got a couple great photos of King's Chapel and downtown. We also ended up grabbing a pint at the Green Dragon Tavern and doing a little shopping at H&M.

Today, we decided to go with Jenna to Newport for the day. I slept rotten last night and woke up cranky, so it was damn good I packed pretty much everything last night. I got up around 8 and we were on the road by 8:45. Snagged Jenna, grabbed CrackDonald's for breakfast, and made it to the beach around 11:30. It worked out because the tide was just going out when we got there, so we got a good patch of sand, grabbed our boards, and headed right in.

The water was so warm! Wow. I'm used to 62-67 degree water around here, so I expected to be kind of cold while I was acclimating. The water had to be 75-78*, though. I was able to dive right in, no hives, nothing. It was a little murky because the waves were 4-6' and there was a pretty intense wind, but it made for awesome boogie boarding. We spent a good hour in, splashing around. After that, we spent about an hour warming up and lounging, then had lunch.

Highlight of the day? This poor girl got up to throw something out and left her hot dog alone on the picnic table. It took all of about 3 seconds for a gull to swoop in and horf it down, dog, bun, and all. They're all frakking stomach, those things are. I'm a jerk since I couldn't help laughing while she just stared at the bird, dumbfounded. Luckily, she eventually started laughing too. Birds were a bit pushy today. While we were sunning, one snatched a granola bar out of a woman's hand because she was chatting and kind of waving it around. I fed them most of my fries and clam cakes since Lord knows I love the little bastards.

Steven lost his ring to the Atlantic just before we left. Sucks, but what can you do? We picked up an inexpensive one for him till he can pick out a new one and we can pay for it. I also bought a beautiful silver and Tahitian pearl necklace and earrings for $15 at the same place we found his spare ring. I splurged and bought myself a Partagas Rosada, too.

We stopped by my grandparents on the way back so Steven and my grandfather could wage war again the bees in his burn barrel. They lost.

We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's with Jenna before we head back here. Steven is burnt to a crisp and I'm a little pink, even though we wore and reapplied sunscreen. I have a burn on one though, my back, the back of my hands, and my nose. My chest is pretty red too, from the glare of the ocean. I also got a good puncture wound on my foot and Steven slice his toe. At least it was in the ocean; salt water is a great cure all.

It was a pretty great day, ring loss aside.

Oh, and I finally got my sister's birthday card. It was worth the wait, since she sent me a picture of my new nephew, Logan! He's such a cutie and he looks a lot like Brendan did, except he's blond. I can't wait to get up to see him

Meme! )
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I seem to have become a cave troll. Steven's had to literally pry and bribe me with liquer to leave the house the last few days and I've been living up to every last bit of my nickname. Why? I don't know. I'm just a really cranky person, I guess. I think I need a minimum amount of time in the house and right now, I have 14 billion and ten projects that are screaming for my attention, a brain full of pictures that want to be painted and not in the watercolours I have DAMMIT, and a website that needs to be redone.

I don't actually want to do any of this, except maybe the painting. What I really want to do is lay around on my floor, listen to Nick Cave, and troll the internets. This is probably because I have an ear infection right now and aside from feeling like I have a skewer shoved in my ear, it's causing me to have a perpetually drunken wobble and crash into things like walls and telephone poles.

Am I an idiot? The latin for sperm whales is Physeter catodon, right? I googled it and that's what it said, but Wikipedia's saying that it's Physeter macrocephalus. Does it have two names or what?

This is all coming about since I bought a cotton candy pink shirt with sperm whales spouting hearts. Since I am secretly 5, I started squeeing "Physeter catodon!!!! And it's pink!" in the middle of Target, leaving Steven to shrug at the people around us and mumble things about all the lead paint chips I ate as a child.

I bought knickers with a mermaid on the rear too.

We spent the day with my grandparents for the early Father's Day thing. I bought Steven a pair of Rush tickets for Father's Day because I am Wife of the Year. My mum and Steven fixed the porch, I fixed the computer, and then we all had strawberry shortcake. Yay!

Yesterday, we went out to dinner with Miss N and her mum in a late birthday celebration.

Tonight, we went out with Steven's friend Sean and I killed the waiter because I ordered bourbon, neat, with lime. He seriously looked like I ordered a glass of baby's blood with a side of gizzards. Are women not allowed to drink hard liquer? Am I going to grow a tarse now or what?

I bought 4 new tank tops, 2 pairs of shorts, and a dress.

Can someone explain to me why all the shorts at Old Navy kind of look like maternity pants this season? They main difference was that the non-maternity's stretchy waistband was covered in lineny material and $5 more expensive. While that's being explained, could someone also tell me why everything kind of vaguely resembles maternity clothing and why everyone under than age of 22 seems to be pregnant? Maybe it's my ovaries working their evil magic, but I swear, there are a lot more pregnant women than I remember seeing and they all look younger than me.

I am thisclose to shoving a fork in my ear.

I was also a bad doobee and bought myself two CDs. I can't remember the last time I actually bought a real CD for myself. Then I horded candles from White Barn because they were $10 each instead of $26 for one. My BPAL order should be here in the next couple weeks and hopefully, I will have finished my tattoo design and that will be my big birthday pressie. Since I totally need more tattoos.

My sister is thinking of getting her nose pierced. I told her she absolutely should since I love mine. I hadn't talked to her in a couple weeks since between my shit and her with the new baby, everything's been batfrakked crazy. I'll be calling her tomorrow, though, or Monday because we're due for a marathon chat. I hope we'll be able to get up to see her soon. I haven't even seen a picture of Logan, though I have cooed at him on the phone.

How the hell is it 3am? No wonder I'm getting sleepy.

Bah. These next couple of weeks are going to be crazy. I might have good news, but I don't want to jinx it. Stay tuned.
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Here's a novel real update!

I've been working fairly steadily the last couple weeks, so this is a good thing. It's also allowed me to get a good chunk of [ profile] princessbunny's blanket done. Getting up at 6am every day, however, is not so good, especially when I'm still recovering from bronchitis. I've pretty much been sleeping whenever I haven't been at work, so that's part of the reason for no updates. I actually am kind of considering napping now, but I'm doing about 47 other things, so I probably won't get a chance to.

Dawn and Mike came down this week-end on Sunday. She wasn't sure she was going to be able to come because she's had a couple bouts of preterm labour, one of which had her spending the day in the hospital. She felt ok, though, and Steven, Nicki, and I met them in the city at Faniuel Hall. We walked around a little and ended up going to Cheers for booze and food. I actually was surprised how reasonable the prices were, considering it's a huge tourist trap. We walked them down to the Garden for their Celtics game before heading to the North End for pastry. And, of course, once we were there, we were seduced by the lure of good coffee at Cafe Graffiti. Nicki'd never been, so that was even more of a reason to stop in. We hit Modern on the way to South Station, but I'm thinking we should have gone to Mike's instead. They didn't have the florentines that Steven likes and my tiramisu was only so-so. We have a box of cookies no one's looked at either. Lesson learned.

I finally finished all the pro wedding photos we have Monday, so now I'm working on the two CDs of candids. They won't get done for a bit, though, since right now I'm helping out with the Arts Festival. I volunteered a couple hours today gluing down little kid artwork and so far, it looks like I'll be doing the same tomorrow. Hopefully, though, it won't be snowing tomorrow. Stupid New England weather.

I just looked outside. It's actually accumulating. Dammit.

So now, I kind of have a headache, I have too much stuff to do over the next three days, and I'm tired to boot. The only really good thing is that I've gotten quite a bit done on my painting today. Steven still hasn't moved his shit off the table, so I hadn't been able to work on it. I finally got sick of waiting and shoved a few things around so I could put the painting on top of things. So far, so good.

I think, in fact, I'm going to go do a little more work on it before he gets home.


Mar. 17th, 2007 10:31 pm
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I feel kind of eugh right now. I wish I knew exactly why. I started feeling really sick in Border's and it's not any better now. Looks like the glorious boiled dinner I made is going to get shoved in the fridge and be dinner tomorrow. Oh well.

We ventured out into the frozen wasteland to visit my grandparents as well as obtain haircuts. Steven's looks awesome and mine's a little shorter than my shoulders, so I am also happy. I love my hairdresser. I don't know what I'm going to do when she retires eventually. She's been doing my hair since I was a child.

My grandparents were all right. My gramma looked tired and she said she wasn't feeling very well this week. Steven checked up on Grampa's computer and I had a cup of tea. I think I'm going to give my grandfather the Dell since I'm not using it anymore now that I have the iBook and will probably be getting a MacBook over the summer before I venture back to school. It works out since he's been looking for a laptop, too.

We had drinks with Jenna on our way home. We were originally going to meet at the Longhorn, but there was an hour wait for a table which was ridiculous. We went to Ruby Tuesday's instead since they have a delicious salad bar. I also have leftover white chili for lunch tomorrow. Jenna was good. I haven't seen her since the wedding. As usually tends to happen when I'm in public, there was much rowdy laughter and bawdy conversation about celebrities. I'm perpetually offensive.

i'm so tired. Ugh.

We stopped by Border's on the way home since I had to pee. Then, sadly, we got sucked into their dollar clearance. We picked up stationary and several frames, as well as an illustrated children's book of Moby Dick because dear God I am a sucker and I love that damned book. Then I died because my stomach hates me. Twice.

Now I'm mostly killing time till Robin Hood goes on. I need to put away the crockpot, but I think I'm going to lay down on the couch and feel sick instead.
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It's the week-end again. I did nothing at all this week, so I was kind of not expecting to accomplish anything this week-end. So far, I'm living up to those lofty expectations. Well, I kind of did nothing. I started teaching [ profile] pinkandsilver how to knit. Hopefully that will kick my bum back into knitting. I have two baby blankets to get done by May. Of course, this does mean a trip to the yarn store...

We caught most of the Friday Night Fight yesterday. Title match was kind of a disappointment. It barely made it through 2 rounds and the champ managed to get in two takedowns. They ended up throwing on an extra 4 round featherweight match which turned out to be really good. The guy who won was 18 and fighting a 32 year old ex-con who'd just turned pro a couple years ago. It was a lot closer than I expected. That kid will do well if he watches what he's doing a little more. He got pummeled in the second round because he left his side open and let himself get pushed up against the ropes. Steven totally made fun of me for this when I was coaching the telly. It seems that my knowing more about boxing than him amuses the hell out of him.

This is what I get growing up with a father who really wanted a son. He's a boxing fan too, grew up with Jim Braddock coaching down at the Y in Jersey. It's actually funny because it kind of horrifies my father that I watch boxing now. That and baseball are one of the few things we can talk about and not get into an argument about. Everything else? Let's say there isn't much else we talk about.

I finally finished all my Thank Yous and mailed them out today. I'm a little behind schedule for where I wanted to be, but Emily Post says that I still have a month before I'm being gauche. Final tally is that our friends and my mother's family were amazing and generous to us and Steven's family and mine suck. The only one on my father's side of the family to even send so much as a card was my cousin Jill. I swear, I sound like I'm a money grubbing bitch because I'm complaining they didn't send us anything, but I'm not. I would have been happy with a nice, handwritten note in a card. I'm their only niece, their only first cousin... They couldn't find time to send a card? So frak them. Obviously, I'm not good enough family for them.

We ventured out to Whole Foods today to get sausage for our jambalaya. What a nightmare. I guess everyone decided to wait till the very last minute to shop for their Superbowl parties because it was insane. We didn't even bother looking for anything for dinner, we just got the sausage and scooted. We decided to grab a six pack from the packie next door since you can't have the Superbowl without beer. I snagged a couple Saint Luis Rey Toros for tomorrow as well. Why not treat myself?

We went out to dinner with Beth, Rich, and Cynthia. She's adorable now, six months old. She was chewing on my shirt and my god, I have the baby rabies again. Because we're losers, we sat around and discussed Battlestar. It's kind of nice now that I know what's going on. I can totally contribute to the conversation other than "Which hot girl are you guys talking about?" I have a stomach ache from the food now, though.

Nicki met us back here because we were supposed to watch the fight, but it was only on stupid Showtime, so we watched the Princess Bride twice instead. I believe she's coming over for the Superbowl tomorrow. I kind of hope Prince wears assless chaps again, like he did for the VMAs a million and ten years ago.

Now I'm just kind of sitting around. Steven found my suit, so I need to spec that out and decide on what cami I want to wear under it. At least I have another good use to wear my really cute heels again. 

Yea, that's pretty much it. That's the week-end for you.
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Apparently, they all hang out at the mall.

We celebrated a month of marriedness by going out to dinner with [ profile] pinkandsilver, who desperately needed to be introduced to the glory of Eo Noodle. I am happy to report that we have a literal tonne of leftovers, which means I never have to cook this week-end. Eo was mostly delicious, but it was missing the giant green leafy things that they usually have. It made me a little sad, but not too much, since my cheng du noodles were really spicy tonight. So tasty.

Since we were down there, we figured we might as well hit the Natick!Mall. We checked out their dollar bin and I found a very pretty icy blue eye shadow, a nail polish, a rosy lippie, and some electric yellow lippie that goes on coral and looks awesome on. They didn't have my vanilla spice body wash, which I might sell an organ for at this point, but I did get a jar of the body butter. Then, I promptly died of happiness since it was only $10.50. Nicki bought a mango gift set for like $4 more than what the body butter itself cost.

We made total asses of ourselves in the Discovery Store. I can't even remember what we started laughing about, but we had to leave because we were hysterical. Damn uteri and all.

My husband wins the awesome award because he actually went into the Coach store, alone, trying to track down the bag I had squee'ed over once for 35 seconds two months ago. We petted pretty dresses in Jessica McClintock. We went to the promised land after that so Nicki could get a tank and a homewrecking skirt and a really cute tee. I bought a purple shirt that says Love is a Battlefield. The mall closed and we missed out on Sephora, making us both sad badgers. It's ok, because there's still one in the city.

I gave Nicki a couple of things from my closet when we got back here, including a really cute dress from H&M that isn't going to even fit my boobs again. Steven cheerfully waved goodbye to the excess clothing. I found a couple things that I hadn't seen in weeks, so I was happy too, even if it isn't quite skirt weather.

Since, uh, it's 2* outside. Stupid New England.

I'm still broken up with Battlestar, but I'll be crawling back to it on Sunday. There was a moment of hope that Nicki may be able to get out in time to see it, so we can both break up with it again around 11pm unless it's really good, in which case, we can stay together.

It's going to be a whole 30* tomorrow, so I think I'm going to wear my pretty, filmy white sweater and the dark jeans that make me all squee because they're a size smaller than everything else I currently have (read: they fit.) To my knowledge, we're stealing Nicki for the day and doing stuff since stuff is good and she needs to get things from the UMass.

Starting my painting Monday, as well as kicking my ass into gear with the belly dancing. I kind of also want to frame up Eva II and put her on our walls. If I remember, I'll take a picture of a couple of the pieces I have left in my portfolio.

Why no...

Jan. 13th, 2007 01:32 am
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I don't have anything better to do. Obviously. There is nothing good on telly.

I definitely decided that Konditor Meister is back in my very limited good graces. The owner was very sweet and gracious and offered us a full refund for the cake frak up. We ended up actually talking to her for a good hour about non-cake related things and, even if my cake was a nightmare, I am very happy with the customer service end of things. The remainder may still be undelicious, but now I have happy thoughts to think.

I definitely went shopping with Steven and Nicki after at the Plaza. Officially, we were there for work pants, shoes, and dinner but we made a little trip to Aeropostale and the GAP and our lives ended. I bought new sweaters, boots, a couple shirts, and a really fab silver coat that was a terribly expensive $25. Steven officially picks out all my clothes because I am 5 and would have bought a coral coloured shirt otherwise. I am a fashion embarassment. Then I laid on beds in Sears and held a figleaf dish inappropriately. And there were puppies and chihuahua-sex, which was not so good. I now would like a chow chow. The Coach store? Smelt like a middle school bathroom. We did not stay. We then decided that beer is kind of like Cinnabons and went to the Rock Bottom to drink and watch boxing.

One of the boxers had fringe on his shorts. Fringe!

Haircut + pictures tomorrow. My hair looked more amazing today than it has in months because of that. If it looked as great as it did all the time, I wouldn't be cutting it. I would, but it's hair, so it doesn't know that. Maybe it does and that's why it picked today to look phenomenal. I redid my mani today as well: silver base and white tips. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. My toes are purple now.

I have a doctor's appointment Monday. I am pretty sure I have an ear infection, since my ears were bleeding last night. I never got these as a kid. Why now? I need to get a better sleeping pill, too, because the 10mg Ambien don't cut it. I hate the tolerance for meds I have.

It's going to be so cold next week. Middle of the week is barely supposed to get into the low 30s. I wish the weather would make up its mind because I can't hack this up and down nonsense. Monday, it was 70. Today, 30s. Pick a season, New England (spring would be nice.)

Nicki bought the cutest bikini ever at Aeropostale. It looked a lot like the one I desperately want from Bravissimo, but stupid G cup boobs will not fit into an F. Let's see that magic happen. They have FFs, but only up to a 34 and I have wide ribs. Why would you randomly omit a cup size when you only have backs up to 36? WHY? I kind of want to buy a bikini for the summer. I've come to grips enough with my belly fat to wear one. Now, if I could only come to grips with my wide hips. I have to the point where I understand single digits will never happen again. Even at my thinnest, I was wearing a 9, so I can accept that. If I could drop one more size, I would be happy. Two would make me ecstatic, but that won't happen.

You know what will be awesome? When I get my reduction and can buy bikinis at places like Old Navy. I don't care if the scars show, I just want to not pay $80+ for a bathing suit. And have my boobs stop looking for navel-front property, as [ profile] plunkybug says.

Ok, in honour of the haircut tomorrow, a couple pictures of me with Very Short Hair that I would love to have again, but would look terrible with and The Husband would die:


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Rockland decided to have no school today and tack one on to the end of the year so, because I am a supremely awesome and responsible adult, I begged my mum to make me an eye doctor's appointment so I can get contacts before the wedding. My eyes seriously got really worse. My "good" eye needed a 4.25 up from a 3.75 a year ago. When I told Mum she laughed, because my eyes are finally worse than hers. Thanks, Ma.

I totally hit up [ profile] pinkandsilver to meet me there for lunch. After some baby-mama drama, Steven decided he could use a break and tagged along for lunch. We went to Brighams because Johnny Rockets was a clusterfuck. It was tasty, but we established early on that I definitely woke up on the bitchy side of the bed and needed a handler. Steven took off after to pick up the kidlet and sleep, so Nicki and I ventured off into the mall. We eyed Build-A-Bear and poked puppies before my bladder died and I had to go pee in Sears. As we were meandering out, I saw some Hello Kitty sheets. Steven had previously informed me on no uncertain terms that if I ever bought HK sheets, he would never sleep with me again, so I called. He was distracted and told me to get whatever I wanted. We're sleeping on pink HK sheets tonight.

Officially, we were looking for shoes for the wedding. We hit The Maxx where I bought cute silver flats and a wallet, but Nicki struck out. We went to Coach after and I became the worst influence ever. She bought a cute wristlet. I bought Steven's Christmas/wedding gift at Sharper Image and we lugged things to the car/froze to death. We hit Claire's after, where I got leggings and earrings and Nicki accomplished wedding earrings. Yay! Macy's was also a shoe strikeout and the shoe guy definitely wanted to eat both our souls, but I did get wedding lippie. We petted pretty dresses before The Body Shoppe and their magical vanilla spice lotion. Then: smoothies for not killing anyone.

We tried to be good do-bees, but were seduced by Aeropostale because everything was 50% off. Like seriously everything in the whole bloody store. I bought shirts, socks, and fleecy pants. We swung by Starbucks for coffee and headed back here. I justified my purchases to Steven by reminding him of Nicki's Coach bag. And with bribery!

I dawdled more about cooking after since I had to pick up a script for tramadol and we needed a bottle of wine (read: 3 and beer) for tomorrow. We also ended up going to Shaw's because I forgot to buy chicken stock to make the gravy tomorrow. I cooked most of the dinner tonight, including our onions, sweet potato casserole, and the squash, plus one of the pies. Oh my god, I'm leaving Steven for our new KitchenAid mixer. Holy god. It made making the pie sooooooo easy. I pretty much turned it on and left the room to make the bed. So much easier.

We still have a tonne of cleaning to do, which kind of blows, but we're eating way late and just having people here for dessert, so we have all day and we can shove things in the bedroom, I guess. I'm so tired. I'm going to bed after I check LJ again and finish talking to [ profile] mermaidinblack.

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It looks deceptively nice outside today, but it's coooold here. Yesterday, it was warm, but it poured all afternoon.

Beth and I went to Borders for tea yesterday afternoon. They have a full pot of tea for $2.50, which is about three cups a person. Their jasmine was really good, the Earl Grey, which I usually love, was only so-so. After two pots, we decided to head up to  Burlington Coat Factory to see if she could find a new outfit to wear out that evening. She found a very nice brown suit and shirt to wear and it was under $50 as well.By that point, we'd totally lost track of time and it was closing in on 6pm, so I dropped Cynthia and her off at home and headed back to my house.

I wore my new push-up bra and kimono top yesterday and holy christ do my boobs hang out if I don't wear a cami underneath. It totally became part of my Halloween costume, probably the one I wear to Alice Cooper. I seriously have knockers in that shirt. I mean, not that I don't to begin with, but this shirt makes them look amazing.

We got the Alice Cooper tickets the other day. Woo. 

I definitely am going to shoot Steven for ever getting me into watching Battlestar. I didn't need another addiction, but alas, I have one. We're going back and forth on picking up the second season because right now, I'm basing my knowledge off of who's fucking whom and therefore often confused because of the clones. Not to mention, we have a $25 giftcard to Borders from my BIL and I think I have a coupon for 20% off any item, so it would be like $25 for the second season. Maybe we'll do that tonight since I totally just paid down my credit card.

I threw my back out this afternoon and that really reassured me that I am making the right decision by getting a breast reduction this summer. I was leaning over the table, sorting out bank statements and my back spasmed. It's a little better now, but not much since Elliott wanted to be picked up and I stupidly agreed without thinking. O hay, back pain. I'll get out the exercise ball tonight and roll over it and see if that'll help, but probably not. Otherwise, I'll go to the doctor's Monday and document, document, document.

My cheapo pants arrived from Delia*s yesterday. I actually will be keeping both pairs, though they are two different sizes and the smaller of the two sizewise is actually the bigger physically. For $5.99 each, though, I won't question it. I'll just be happy they fit and I now have pants that aren't falling off my bum every time I move. I forgot how much I liked their clothes; I have a few things from when I worked in Natick that are very cute and very comfy. 

We're taking the kid to pick a pumpkin tomorrow. He was good for the rest of week and pretty good today, so we told him he could chose an outing for tomorrow and he wanted to pick and carve a pumpkin. Sounds good to me. I would like to see if I can obtain some apples tomorrow and possibly make a pie. I need to put the camera batteries up to charge, so I can take pictures too. Must remember.

Steven and I are off to the magical land of BJ's tonight after I finish updating this. Our fridge is barren and the cupboards aren't a lot better. We had subs last night because it was that or go to the store. It worked out because I saved half for my lunch today. Go me.

Bah. I still need to put on make-up and get ready to go. Let's see how willing and able my back is.

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So, best night ever. Steven had an appointment at UMB today, so after it, we met up with Nicki ([ profile] pinkandsilver) and offered her a ride to the T, since we were heading back that way anyhow. She hadn't had the dinners, so I suggested Fajitas & 'Ritas since it's in Quincy and pretty close to the T station anyhow. Plus, it's got $11.91 litres of margaritas. You can't beat that with a stick.

Hilarity ensued. My lack of sleep seems to have shorted my brain to mouth filter, so I was full of awful, unPC things to say and Nicki's pretty much as bad. Steven also likes to be ganged up on quite a bit. We had a plate of nachos the size of my face and some really delicious peach margaritas. Then, we walked to Starbucks, obtained the lattes, and, ultimately, decided that Sundays are now officially Margarita Night. Steven has to work Mondays, but Nicki and I don't, so there shall be much drinking and rejoicing on Sundays and much lamenting on Hangover Mondays.

I also justified tequila as a vegetable and margaritas as a meal. I'm pretty sure bloody Marys might also count as a vegetable or possibly a fruit. After all, if Reagan could declare ketchup a vegetable, I can do the same for margaritas.

The girls' dresses are in and we're making the trek over tomorrow to pick them up. I imagine I'll have pictures, so we'll see if I actually stop being lazy long enough to post them.

Really, I think that's all. Mum's doing well; she's started her 6 months of chemo and things are all right so far. Stella's going to be reattached sometime in October, most likely. She's still kind of driving me batty with the wedding, but that's all right. My father's still being a troll about the money he promised us a year ago. I sincerely doubt we'll see that. Kind of pathetic that all it seems I can count on him for is to be unreliable.

I'm so tired.


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