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First dating in 2002, before an Alice Cooper show

Christmas Dinner with my grandparents in 2003

Red Sox Game in 2004

Our vacation to CT in 2005

Halloween 2006, before Alice Cooper

Our wedding day, Dec. 29, 2006

Our first anniversary, Dec. 29, 2007
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Pictures will be behind a cut to spare my flist. All pictures can be found in the 12/29/2006 gallery of my Scrapbook.

I woke up around 7 on my wedding day because the phone was ringing, but promptly went back to sleep until about 8:30. Dawn, Mike, Dani, Brendan, Steven, and I finally mostly got our shit together and decided that breakfast was the order of the morning. We went to Bob's uptown since it's their favourite place and they have the best hash in Weymouth. I greatly enjoyed my hash which was good since we never had a chance to eat lunch because of all the craziness. I drank more coffee than humanly necessary, leading me to later tell Nicki that this wedding was 100% stimulated.

We headed home after that so Mike, Steven, and Brendan could get read to go get their tuxes and Dawn could start my nails.

Nicki arrived around 11:30 and Dawn set about tipping my nails and curling Nicki's hair while they dried. For my part, I sat in front of the computer and updated my LJ. I win like that. Dani went through my checklist of things and made sure all my items were in order and ready to head down to the car. Nicki's hair was done by 12:30, so we got ready to get our show on the road to get my hair done at A Cut Above the Rest.

The minute we got on the highway, though, we hit a crazy gawker blocker at exit 15. It wasn't even a good accident, just a fender bender on the opposite side, but it was enough to back us up a good 15 minutes. Dani called to let them know we were running late. The hair dresser booked me for an hour and a half, so she only had about an hour to do my hair when I got there. She didn't think she'd have enough time, but my hairstyle was almost totally down. She actually only needed about 6 pins to keep the style together and most of the time was spent curling the bottoms. I did have to convince her to use the smallest barrel on the front curls. She told me it would look to prom-y, but I told her my hair would relax into spirals as soon as she pulled the curler. I'm glad she listened because some of the curls started to come loose in the back.

We headed from the salon straight to the church. We arrived right around 2:30 and snuck into the back door to get our stuff set up in the ready room. Dawn headed to the bathroom to start curling her hair and I made my way to the snack table to stuff my face with goldfish crackers because I was starving. Most of this was done while walking around in my garters, my bra, and panties since I didn't want to get into my dress till the last minute.

The best example of me not wearing much was when Alex, the best man, came in to ask me a question for Steven. He had surgery on his eyes just a couple days before the wedding, so he couldn't see much of anything. He mentioned to me that he hoped he was talking to me since he couldn't see anything and I told him it was good he couldn't because I pretty much wasn't wearing anything. He immediately turned bright red and asked if I was kidding. Nope, I was walking around in my garters, bra, and panties. He fled.

I finally threw my petticoats on after that because I was starting to get chilly. After a quick time check, I started putting on my make-up so we could hopefully get a few pictures done. I'll happily let anyone who's interested know what I used. I waited till the last minute for lippie since I knew that could be a huge potential mess. We rallied the girls to hoist my dress and get it on. Dawn and her mum started pinning me in while I held very, very still.

We only got a few pictures in before the guests started arriving and it was time for me to disappear back into the ready room. The girls stayed out to take pictures so I had a couple minutes to myself. Bruce came back to ask if I wanted to put a 10 minute hold on the ceremony so our last reader could arrive and I okayed that. And then... we waited.

The way our church was set up, all of us girls had to walk around the outside of the church to make our entrance through the main door. We put all our hands in, had a quick moment, and then it was go time. We walked down the handicapped ramp, across the little lawn, and started our line. The boys were good enough to tulle the screen door so each girl could go in, remove their coat, and not be seen. Steven's entrance music (Raiders of the Lost Ark theme) kicked off and the wedding began. The girls made their way down the aisle, starting with Joy, Jenna, Nicki, and finally Dawn to the love theme from Somewhere in Time. Haille followed them up. Brendan rang his bell between songs. Then, my entrance to Ravel's Bolero. It wouldn't have me to come in to anything else.

Our ceremony was only about half an hour. Jenne did an amazing job as the officiant. I am so glad that she offered to do this for us because I can't think of anyone else would I would rather have had that day. She was so calming and wonderful, spending time with me before the ceremony and guiding us perfectly into our vows. She didn't even give me to hard a time when we were trying to decide where to hide the glass and I suggested next to Baby Jesus in the manager since it was the closest location.

The coolest part? In the middle of our vows, the church bells began to ring. I think we both started laughing.

Steven broke the glass, Jenne read the peace, and then said he could kiss the bride. I'll have to say all I could think of at that moment was "Church Tongue". Jenne later said she was thinking the same thing. We made our recessional (The Throne Room/End Credits) and formed our receiving line. Things were good!

We had our final round of pictures right after the receiving line and then we got ready to pile into Mum and Bruce's car to be taken to the reception. It was great because it was my first chance to really sit down all day. Steven and I chitchatted during the ride from church to reception and it was so great to be able to relax. I was so pumped on adrenaline that I wasn't even tired at that point, just very hungry. We arrived at the reception almost exactly on time (6:30ish), but had a little bit of time organizing and getting my toss garter on and getting info to the DJ.

We made our grand entrance and I had just enough time to sneak out of my cloak before we started our first dance. If I had it to do over, I would have had dinner first and then done our first dance later. Still, it was awesome to lose sight of everything and have that quiet moment to ourselves while our song played. By the time we were done and sat back down, our salads were ready and waiting. Our caterers were awesome. They were worth every dime we paid for them and probably then some. The food was amazing and they had it literally ready and waiting when we sat our heinies down. The directed the tables to get up and eat and were ready and waiting with the coffee for us. The only thing I wish I had arranged was for Steven and I to have plates brought to us. Steven got my plate because once I was down, it was almost impossible for me to get up and going again.

In between dinner and cake, our friend Sam bellydanced. I am so incredibly glad that Steven asked her to do that. It was a really cool way to break up the monotony of dinner and I'm pretty sure 90% of our guests really enjoyed it. After that, our DJ played Happy Birthday for my nephew, who turned 5 that day, and then we pulled out the last stop. We were married on my grandparents' 61st wedding anniversary. I spent a couple weeks tracking their song down on the internet so that Steven and I could play it for them. While we were playing it, I presented my grandmother with a bouquet made from the flowers in mine. That moment, right there, was the highlight of the wedding for me. Making my grandparents that happy was the reason we did the whole formal shebang. Steven and I had a chance to dance to their song, as well.

We meandered our way over to the cake after that so we could get dessert going and then get down to business: dancing. Unfortunately, our cake was a MESS. Literally half of the decorations were missing, the frosting was diveted, and the piping was uneven and poorly applied. I was literally almost in tears when I saw it. The place we went to is supposed to be the best of the best and I've had better looking cakes from Stop & Shop. When we cut into the cake, there was over an inch of buttercream on the outside and almost no cake on the inside. It was predominantly filling and frosting. Because of the lack of actual cake in the middle, the layers were starting to sink inbetween the dowels. It was mostly bland and not nearly as good as the one we had during the tasting. That was the one big culinary disappointment at the reception. What was worse was that quite a few people noticed and asked what was wrong with the cake.

The dancing started off slow, which is why I say I wish we had saved our first dance till after the cake cutting. I don't think anyone had any idea of when to start dancing. Chad's little sister and her fiance did get up and dance for a while, which was very nice because they are both professional dancers. A lot of the older guests left right around the beginning of the dancing, so there was a lot of confusion. What mattered, though, is that the dancing kicked off and a great deal of fun was had.

I threw my bouquet shortly after. Our friend, Amanda, who caught it, was actually planning on leaving when we announced we were going to throw it. Steven dragged her back in. It took me three tries to get it to someone, but she was the lucky winner. We opted to do the garter right after and it took Steven quite a bit of effort for find it under my three crinolines, but he did. Of course, he had the same issue as I did. Brendan caught it straight out TWICE. Steven finally had him throw it and one of his college buddies, Gerry, caught it.

Gerry put on quite a show, dancing around Amanda before he got on on her leg. I have a couple pictures of it, but oh man, I wish I had a video camera. It was so amazingly funny. He put the Chippendales to shame. It was a magical moment.

We actually had a far better time dancing once a few of the people there had left. Our DJ cranked the music and we really kicked things off. I wish we had spent more time dancing, but I think when you're the bride, you never get to do everything you want. I came pretty close. We had scheduled the reception to end around 11, so everyone pulled in for the last dance, which was to U2's Beautiful Day. After it was over, Steven and I made our final toast to our amazing friends and family who had stood by us till the end and took a last group picture. I got into my cloak and we got ready to make our final getaway. We ended up standing outside chatting with a few of our friends till just about midnight. Then, we piled into the Accord and headed to...


There was a miscommunication, so our two meals never made it to our car. We were both starving, so we went through the drive-thru. The woman working there gave us free apple pies and then we headed to the Rockland Radisson, where we were spending our wedding night. We checked in, cranked the heat, and started running water in the jacuzzi tub for ourselves. We scarfed some of our McD's, although both burgers were pink in the middle, and then just relaxed. The jacuzzi was the smartest thing ever. My feet were killing me, even though I had eventually switched to my awesome sneakers before the end of the wedding.

We finally crashed around 3am. It took forever to wind down. We slept straight through until the next morning, when Dawn called us. It was an awesome, but very, very long day.

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I'm going to do this in two parts, 12/28 and 12/29.

Steven and I slept in on the 28th. From experience, I figured that we wouldn't have much of a chance to sleep the next couple days, so we might as well enjoy it. We had to make a couple calls, so Steven got on that while I began to burn discs for the ceremony and for the DJ. I burned extra copies of everything just in case. It never hurts to have extra copies.

Dawn, Mike, Dani, and Brendan arrived right around 1pm.  We gave Brendan his birthday and pressies and Dawn started unpacking her make-up and nail supplies. The boys got a plan going to get the money for the rehearsal dinner and hopefully also get their tuxes. Dawn and Dani headed out to Wal*Mart to get a couple last supplies for the wedding while I continued to burn CDs since I win and need to do things the last minute.

My mum called to let me know that she, Bruce, and Nicki were heading over to the Eagles Hall to start decorating just around the time Dawn arrived back with pizza, salad, and soda for all of us. Even though I had delicious Christmas ham earlier, Dawn demanded I eat something and I am really glad she did. We were snarfing food right around the time that the boys came back to finish the deliciousness.

They started packing up the car with our seating plan and the decorations for the church and the rest of the hall. We began our cavalcade over.

Mum, Bruce, and Nicki already had most of the hall done when we got there. There was a tiny frak-up with the linens, so they adjusted them all to the same length and they looked fine. They were sprinkling snowflake glitter when I got in. I filled Nicki in on what had been happening up until that point while Dawn did what she does best: take over. Mum, Bruce, Steven, Brendan, and Mike got ready to leave as our advance party to the church while the rest of us finished up the hall. Dawn did an amazing job getting the rest of it up.

We got to the church right around 7. The guys were just getting the chuppah up when we walked in the door. I got a chance to chat with [profile] mom_o_cass, our amazing reverend, and a few other people while Dawn directed the tulleing and garland of the chuppah. They lit it up and it was definitely everything Steven and I had hoped for. Miss Cass made several new friends by way of her unyielding cuteness. We had a couple quick run throughs of walking up and back, as well as run-throughs with the music. By 8:30, we were pretty much ready to head to dinner at the Ming Dynasty, which was great because I was starving. I probably would have been dead on my feet if Dawn hadn't demanded I eat that slice of pizza earlier.

I hitched a ride with Jenne and Cass and it was definitely one of the more relaxing rides I'd had over the last couple days. I am so incredibly glad that Jenne volunteered for the job of orchestrating our crazy wedding. We discovered our mutual love for Battlestar, among other things. The restaurant was about 25 minutes from the church and it was a little hectic getting us all in and seated. They didn't set up much for us, so we all ended up scattered. I sat with Mum, Bruce, Gerard, Allison, and Chris. I don't think I would go back there again because service took forever for simple things like beef lo mein. There was also a lot of MSG in the food and poor Jenna ended up not feeling well for most of the night. Other than that, I was so starving that there were no leftovers.

We said our goodbyes and reminded everyone to be at the church around 2pm the next day for pictures. Dawn and I had to pile in with my mum, Bruce, and Chris so we could head back to the Eagles and get my car. It was nice because it gave us a couple minutes just to hang out by ourselves. We made a pot of tea and just kind of relaxed and organized things for the next day. I finally got a chance to take a shower around 11:30. I think I finally fell asleep around 1am. It was all kinds of a long day.

I'm glad I spent the night with Steven. We didn't bother splitting up since we both knew we would need a good night's sleep. I would not have been as comfortable if I had slept at my mum's or just alone in general. I'm also really glad that I took an Ambien. I was so wound after the day that I would not have gotten any sleep otherwise.

Anyhow, this ends the first part of the wedding update. Time for me to try and keep down some lunch before the next update and pictures.

Holy Shit!

Dec. 29th, 2006 09:08 am
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I'm getting married today!


Dec. 20th, 2006 02:28 am
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Frak frak frak! Nine days. When the hell did it become 9 days? I don't have our programmes printed, menus aren't frakking done, and neither are bloody seating cards or table numbers. Who wants to kick my ass into motivation?

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OF DOOM! (not really)

I hit my point of being beyond stress this week-end. I have a bridesmaid who still hasn't picked up her dress yet. It resides in my closet and I often grumble and curse as I walk by. Saturday, I walked by and just kind of sighed. She'll get it or she won't and I no longer care. Sadly, I can probably attribute that to finding more exciting things to stress about. Like my MIL

Cut so Steven can skip )

I finished the kids' gift bags on Friday during Battlestar. They're getting colouring books, ColourWonder markers, bubbles, a Darth Tater, and a royal blue and white elephant that donated some of the proceeds to Make A Wish. I did the girls' gift bags tonight. Nicki's going to see the before the wedding anyway, but they are as followed: blue satin bag with silver lining and beads filled with their necklace, their gloves, and chocolate hazelnut coffee. Groomsmen are getting their yarmulkes (blue with silver edging) and Jack Daniels coffee.

My next round of dress fitting is Tuesday. I should be doing a hair trial this week, maybe Thursday after my gyno appointment. I have my shoes in the car so I won't forget them. Steven and I are going to start dancing soon as we fold the rest of the laundry and get our tree or we'll go to Mum's and use the studio. Centrepieces are done and are amazingly beautiful. I should take pictures eventually. I should charge my batteries.

We're doing the catering on Thursday, too, and our tasting. I have all my make-up except a lip liner now and a brush for the eye gloss. It's awesome because it was free and also idiot-proof, which I definitely need. I kind of need to do a trial run of the makeup and take some pictures to see what it looks like. Oh, and insoles for my dancing shoes.

I did have a stroke of luck today. I was randomly googling vintage marriage certificates and found this one. I did a double take. That's the same one my great-great grandparents have, the woman whose South Sea circlet I will be wearing down the aisle. I also came across this tiara. I have one for the reception, but this caught my eye weeks ago and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Mum ordered both for me. I suck because my mummy still buys me things.

Oh and Sam the Bellydancer is all set music and costumewise. She went over the 4 songs she's doing for us and we helped her decide on her costume. We got delicious chinese out of it as well.

Steven and I broke down and bought a new shower curtain and hooks for the bathroom. It's pretty and it definitely matches everything else we already have, as well as our burgeoning colour scheme. We also bought a discounted Mistletoe candle. Oh and a shower organiser. Works amazingly.

Ok, must go to sleep. Ambien is kicked in.
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Going to get my dress fitted today! Hopefully I will remember to put batteries in the camera.
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Rockland decided to have no school today and tack one on to the end of the year so, because I am a supremely awesome and responsible adult, I begged my mum to make me an eye doctor's appointment so I can get contacts before the wedding. My eyes seriously got really worse. My "good" eye needed a 4.25 up from a 3.75 a year ago. When I told Mum she laughed, because my eyes are finally worse than hers. Thanks, Ma.

I totally hit up [ profile] pinkandsilver to meet me there for lunch. After some baby-mama drama, Steven decided he could use a break and tagged along for lunch. We went to Brighams because Johnny Rockets was a clusterfuck. It was tasty, but we established early on that I definitely woke up on the bitchy side of the bed and needed a handler. Steven took off after to pick up the kidlet and sleep, so Nicki and I ventured off into the mall. We eyed Build-A-Bear and poked puppies before my bladder died and I had to go pee in Sears. As we were meandering out, I saw some Hello Kitty sheets. Steven had previously informed me on no uncertain terms that if I ever bought HK sheets, he would never sleep with me again, so I called. He was distracted and told me to get whatever I wanted. We're sleeping on pink HK sheets tonight.

Officially, we were looking for shoes for the wedding. We hit The Maxx where I bought cute silver flats and a wallet, but Nicki struck out. We went to Coach after and I became the worst influence ever. She bought a cute wristlet. I bought Steven's Christmas/wedding gift at Sharper Image and we lugged things to the car/froze to death. We hit Claire's after, where I got leggings and earrings and Nicki accomplished wedding earrings. Yay! Macy's was also a shoe strikeout and the shoe guy definitely wanted to eat both our souls, but I did get wedding lippie. We petted pretty dresses before The Body Shoppe and their magical vanilla spice lotion. Then: smoothies for not killing anyone.

We tried to be good do-bees, but were seduced by Aeropostale because everything was 50% off. Like seriously everything in the whole bloody store. I bought shirts, socks, and fleecy pants. We swung by Starbucks for coffee and headed back here. I justified my purchases to Steven by reminding him of Nicki's Coach bag. And with bribery!

I dawdled more about cooking after since I had to pick up a script for tramadol and we needed a bottle of wine (read: 3 and beer) for tomorrow. We also ended up going to Shaw's because I forgot to buy chicken stock to make the gravy tomorrow. I cooked most of the dinner tonight, including our onions, sweet potato casserole, and the squash, plus one of the pies. Oh my god, I'm leaving Steven for our new KitchenAid mixer. Holy god. It made making the pie sooooooo easy. I pretty much turned it on and left the room to make the bed. So much easier.

We still have a tonne of cleaning to do, which kind of blows, but we're eating way late and just having people here for dessert, so we have all day and we can shove things in the bedroom, I guess. I'm so tired. I'm going to bed after I check LJ again and finish talking to [ profile] mermaidinblack.

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I apparently am never going to sleep because there's a cool shark programme on Discovery, so I may as well update the ElJay.

I crawled out of bed at 10. Our apartment is frigid because the heat is broken and I've pretty much given up on it being fixed before we move. Second winter running, no heat. Luckily, they keep the hallway around 90 degrees and the place below has like 5 people living there, so it's not unbearable here. I was ready to go fairly early because of the LJ outage. That's really sad, but true.

Dawn and her mum got here around 10:40 just after we got Elliott changed up from soccer. We went off to find breakfast, struck out at the first two places, and ended up at Stokesy's Egghouse, across from the Venetian. It was really good and I had approximately a metric tonne of hash, most of which is now in my fridge to eat later. The kid desperately wanted french toast, which he decided he didn't like because it tasted like scrambled eggs, and ate most of Dawn's and my homefries. Our delicious homefries. I also saw pictures of my niece/nephew the gummy bear.

Mum called and said she'd be at the Venetian in 10 minutes which really meant 25, though we didn't realize it. The bartender was nice enough to let us hangout in the room early. He had set it for 30 or so. Elliott expended extra energy while we talked and waited. They came and set up an amazing array of cookies and pastry right as my mum arrived with stuff to decorate. We scattered confetti and set up a table for gifts and cards and the kidlet claimed a table in the back as the kids' table. We bribed him with paper and a pen while Dawn and I brainstormed shower ideas. I drank more coffee.

[ profile] mom_o_cass was the first to arrive with her little girl, so we played a quick round of pass the baby. My mother plotted to steal her secretly while Jenne and I chatted. My mum had the bitchies and for some reason, was really getting on Steven's mother. The phrase I caught her using was the bitch MIL from hell. I don't know what she did to piss Mum off that much because she usually isn't that out and out snarky. Must be the full moon.

Everyone else trickled in around 1:45 or so and one of Mum's friends brough her granddaughter, so Elliott had a chum for the afternoon. No one should ever say that the surveys I fill out here are useless because Jenne totally one the who knew the bride best game. My mother got honourable mentions for knowing the least about me.

Someone asked her what my favourite flower was. Mind, we both have a tattoo of a violet that she got originally drew and got because it was my favourite flower. She said white rose. She promptly claimed to not know who I am.

As I said before, our friends are awesome and so generous. We got our full set of china, all the Thanksgiving things we registered for (thanks MIL. No you're not coming for Thanksgiving this year because we've only been saying for a year we're not doing it.), and the Cuisinart coffee maker that Steven's wanted to make shiny, caffeinated babies with since Alex, the best man, got one. Most men do power tools, they do coffee makers. The best was when we got things that Steven had obviously registered for that I didn't know about. Since I don't cook, I pretty much gave him the scanner and looked at bakeware. Steven really needs to be the bride.

I totally let Elliott have 8 brownies for lunch and he was wired for sound when he went home. I also yelled at him 847 times for not listening. I was talking to him out in the hallway at one point and say "How many times have I had to ask you to chill?" and he told me he didn't know because he ran out of fingers. It's great when he pretty much saves my breathe when he automatically tells me what I was about to say. I can't keep him comfortably on my lap anymore, he's just too big now.His head is under mine and his feet are on top of mine.

My MIL arrived after parking across the street for half an hour because she was "lost". She sat in a corner and pretty much talked to no one. She's still mad because her sisters declined and the Venetian wasn't Chinese food. She was also miffed because she only had one brownie. Hi? Buffet? God helps those who help themselves. Just because Elliott only brought you one brownie doesn't mean you're banned. No one there bit or ate babies and I've had my shots. Well no, but I am housebroken.

Everyone drifted out around 4ish, we snuck food out (ssh), and it was decided we would head back to my apartment. There was a miscommunication and our bellydancer was left behind, so Steven picked her up on the way back. We made real french pressed coffee with our resident barista, Nicki and it was gooooood. Very mellow. No one took baked good. Beth's husband came to pick her up with her baby, so we had another round of pass the baby before deciding to go for Indian food.

Steven got vindaloo which is so my lunch Monday. Very good and very hot! I had tandoori chicken because I crave it like crazy. It was so busy we ended up sitting at a table in the lobby. But dinner was great and I'm still full.

Steven went to bed after the news and I've been up coughing. Next week is going to busy: Monday we meet with the DJ and Friday we meet with the photog. I need to find a place for the shower gifts besides the middle of the floor and I'm going to write thank yous tomorrow, most likely. It's bad that I like writing thank yous as much as I do. If someone gives me a cold, I will pretty much write a thank you note.

I need to take a picture of my china. It's the ever so trendy tiffany blue/chocolate brown, but it had paisleys on it and it's heavy stonewear. We didn't register for fine china because when we talked about it, we realized we'll never, ever use it. I need things I can microwave and dishwash and that are not delicate because I'm totally kitchen incompetent.

I need to go to bed for real and stop watching telly.

OH! When I reread this, my sister's gift was amazing. They just bought a house and I've been telling her to just come and that's my gift. Well, she sucks and doesn't listen. She bought me the most beautiful set of sapphire studs to match my rings and a sterling circle neck. I've got to get pictures tomorrow because they're unbelievably beautiful. She's going to be the only person I don't hate during wedding week.

[ profile] pinkandsilver informed me I own her soul after 11am on Dec. 26th. and Beth's volunteered for favour brigade. Now I just wish I could find the ribbon I ordered because I would like to start cutting it soon.


Nov. 4th, 2006 11:02 pm
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Real quick updated because I'm tipsy and exhausted. The bridal shower was great; we having amazing, generous friends and had an awesome time. [ profile] mom_o_cass and [ profile] pinkandsilver were awesome and so much fun, as well as lots of other people who don't have LJs. I have enough sweets and cookies to feed an army.

A couple of us went out for Indian after, so I just now got in and I need to eat a little something after the sulfa pill.

Night ElJay! 


Nov. 2nd, 2006 01:05 am
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What the frak is up with the Gary Jules's cover of Mad World being used to promote some war video game? Seriously. That doesn't strike me as a shoot-em up kind of song.

I still feel pretty lousy today. Steven ran late today, so I ended up picking up Elliott from school. He had almost all gold stars today and I had to pee, so I told him we could drop by the new Target, ostentatiously to just buy deodorant since I used the Adidas stuff once and immediately broke out into a rash. Back to Mitchum I go. So, of course, I go by the dollar spot and find some snowflake ribbon and snowflake paper and grab that. Then Elliott asked if he could get a small toy. Yea, all right. He picked out a baby giraffe which was thankfully under $4. Then we made the mistake of going by ornaments. I was really good and did not yet buy a Hello Kitty ornament, but I did Elliott pick out his one ornament for the tree here. $17 later...

Even better, as we were leaving, Elliott saw the popcorn, which I admit smelled awesome. Elliott asked and I said no, since we were running late for karate already. He looks at me and says "But Sam, I love food! I'll die without it!" Good try and I thought the woman next to us was going to burst, but maybe next time.

Blah blah blah, karate... Dinner for the kid and McD's and a very late lunch for us. I was tired by then, so I headed home. Part of the drive smelled eeriely of spray fix, which cracked me up for some reason, probably from inhaling way too much of it in high school. Ahh, working the joys of working with charcoal...

I had a fit of inspiration tonight when we got home, so I finished the kissing ball and the toss bouquet. We're meeting with the DJ and the photog next week. Things are finally pulling together a little. Ugh, and I need to make an appointment sometime next week for my first fitting, around the middle of the month. I also need to start breaking my shoes in.

Ugh. Something's outside screaming, probably the fishercat again.
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I dragged my sorry bum out of bed at half past 12 today. How said is it that I actually set my alarm clock for it? It was balmy and nice out, so much so our neighbour was out working on his classic car. In fact, it would've been a perfect Halloween if I hadn't, you know, been sick. The drive wasn't too bad since they finally finished construction on 53. Good thing too, since Construction Season is practically over.

The ladies at my doctors' office were teasing me about missing them, since I was there literally a week ago with the dislocated shoulder. I know I've been going there for almost 10 years, but they know me by voice on the phone, even all sicked up. They were asking me to bring in photos from the Bridal Shower O' Doom next time I come in. Must remember my camera for this.

Mind, I took sick Friday, began coughing and started having a wet cough Monday. I made the appointment Monday for today. In that short period of time, I have bronchitis. I could feel the rattle in my lungs this morning. I am getting way too good at diagnosing this. I have a week of sulfa drugs and a bottle of cough syrup to hopefully nip the cough before I cough my throat raw or separate cartilage.

Since we were out of all important TP, I figured I'd fill my scripts there and be able to turn my trip into just one stop. I did break down and buy both Aquafina balm and the new Carmex Cherry. I know I can never have enough balms, but this was a bit much, even for me. To be fair, though, it was $3.86 for the 4 tubes. I also got Halloween candy in case we had trick or treaters (didn't). I figure I'll bring a couple for Elliott tomorrow since Steven asked me to pick him up and take him to karate.

There's more MIL drama, but I'm not getting into that crap again. There's probably going to be father drama soon, too. I haven't heard from him in a month and I suspect he's dodging me because of the money he promised for the wedding. Last October, when we announced our engagement, he told us that he would give $1000 towards its costs. I was surprised, but pleased. Now, a year later, he still hasn't sent us a dime, gets pissy when I remind him if things that must be paid, and all out dodges me when I ask when he might have it. If he couldn't afford it, he could at least tell me, instead of lying about it. Currently, I'm wondering if he's going to find a reason not to come.

Well, there's that tangent. Recap: I have bronchitis and am going to die. Nicki-- sorry about having to cancel tonight. We shall have to reschedule.
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We chose cake.

Steven made an appointment at Konditor Meister today at noon. We've had a couple switch ups on the cake and finally decided to just bite the bullet and expend some cash on it (about the same as it would've cost to have one of Mum's friends make it). My stepbrother's girlfriend works there, so we figured we wouldn't get totally snowed. She actually ended up being our cake consultant, so that was even better.

We retasted everything and decided to ultimately go with banana cream filling rather than the tiramisu because it was the only one that was consistently great. Probably not the most elegant choice, but still delicious. The cake is going to be 3 layers, swiss dots on frosting, and clear pillars so it looks like it's resting on snowflakes

Glorious picture )

Total cost was $464, including delivery, which was a little more than I expected, but not much. So I put down a deposit of $400 and off we went to meet Chad for lunch at Rock Bottom. Steven had oatmeal stout and I had pumpkin ale, which I liked a lot. I took home most of my monte christo because I will never, ever learn that the food there isn't that good.

We popped over to the Plaza after because I wanted to show Steven the suits Beth and I saw when we went out a week ago. We ended up deciding to just get them, since the Plaza's going to get zooier as it gets closer to the holidays and they weren't cheaper on eBay. All the kids need now are white shirts and black shoes, which isn't bad.

We're going to see Alice Cooper tomorrow night. Thank god it won't be raining. It also looks a bit warmer than originally thought, too.
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I couldn't move my arm at all when I woke up today, so I made an appointment to visit the doctor today. Since it's my shifting arm, I had to call my mum for a hop over. I haven't seen Mum in a while, so it worked out. Turns out my shoulder was partially dislocated, so they popped it back in and sent me home with a consolation prize of painkillers and muscle relaxants. I win. I also get to go have an xray tomorrow.

That aside, we popped over to the glorious mall so I could fill my scripts. I got a super cute pair of shoes at Payless that I'll wear for Halloween and a couple lotions from Bath & Body Works, since Mum had a coupon. They have a lot of cute snowflake things that I may eventually get. I'm not sure I like any of the holiday scents this year, though the pomegranate one wasn't too bad. I usually like the apple scent, but I was kind of meh about it this year.

My toes are cold. It barely made 50 here today, which is quite a bit below normal. It's going to be really bloody cold this week-end when we go to Alice Cooper. Oh gross, and we're going to get weather this week-end too. Yuck. Sunday doesn't look too bad, but Saturday looks miserable.

I finally made a Halloween icon. Better late than never.

We're going to finalize cake hooey this week-end. I think I know what flavour we're going with and the design, but I'm trying to get a few more options for a design. I also need to pay down our catering this week and send James the DJ a bit of money, too. I started tracking our RSVPs, as well. Frakking wedding. I need to finish up Haille's kissing ball and my gramma's bouquet soon, too. I planned on doing that this week, but we'll see how my shoulder goes. I need to get around to making an appointment for my gown and Haille's to get altered and I really need to start breaking in my shoes.

Bugger. I need to get a garterbelt and stockings, as well. What I really need to do is make a list. Which I won't do because I can't write currently. Bah.

So instead, I'll read the interwebz and browse cakes for the next couple days and have Steven write cheques. At least I don't have anywhere really to be and I can put off having lunch with Beth for a couple days. Laundry can wait till the week-end, as can flowers. I may trot around in my shoes for a bit, though, or walk to the library or something.

I wish I knew where my book went.


Oct. 19th, 2006 03:23 am
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Since my wedding is quickly approaching, it's occured to me that I need to obtain and learn to use make effectively. I'm asking you, O Mighty FList, what would you recommend: brands, products, tips, pictures, and website. I will be eternally greatful. I'm going for kind of a 40s/glam look, if that helps.

I am very grateful in advance. 
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I forgot to mention this last night. I now know the real reason why Steven's marrying me. It's not because I'm really cool or he loves me or anything like that... Steven is marrying me because I can fix a toilet with a wire coat hanger.

Two and a half years living here and we still do not own a plunger. I did register for one, though.


Sep. 24th, 2006 11:29 pm
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Fuck calligraphy. That is all.
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Picked up the girls' dresses from Irene's today. [ profile] pinkandsilver models:

Yay pretty!


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