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I hate when I'm so tired, but I still can't sleep. I went to bed at 11 because I was exhausted. I thought I'd just not take my Ambein and be all clever about it, since it didn't matter if it took me two hours to fall asleep on a Friday.

All I did was roll around till I got up at 3:30 and took an Ambien, which bought me about 5 hours of actual sleep. It's probably rebound insomnia, but this happens any time I'm not taking something to knock me out. It doesn't matter how tired I am; my body will not turn off.

This week has been insane. The kids are wound, which is par for the course, considering. My hand is still not great, so that makes life interesting. I did three crafts with glitter yesterday, though, which was pretty great. I love me some glitter.

I need to do some lesson plans this week-end, speaking of glitter. I'm trying to get the rest of December planned out and possibly leave something for the couple days I'll be out after Christmas. Also, I need to find some Hanukkah crafts. I'm thinking of making a toilet paper roll menorah with felt flames for each classroom.

We stopped by the mall after work, ostentatiously so I could purchase some pants. We had dinner at Dave & Busters, which was decent. I dropped in Lush to ask about face lotion and was set up with a sample of Skin Nanny and Celestial. I tried the latter today and I like it, though I completely overdid it on a couple places. Next week, I'm going to buy Mum's Humango. Bleh, Christmas shopping...

I got waylaid by JC Penney's and ended up with a pair of lower heeled, knee high, motorcycle styled boots since, much as I love my other pair of boots, I just cannot to heavy duty walking in them, like I did Thursday. Of course, I forgot my coupon and that I have a store credit. I might head back there tonight.

I picked up a pair of skinny jeans at Old Navy. I've only been trying to find them for months. They're kind of weird, though. I got regulars, which are usually miles too long for me, but these are fine. I'm not questioning it. I'm breaking them in today. I also got a Thanksgiving shirt that says Gobble Gobble. I win like that.

We're going back tonight because I have to have my Mac looked at. The screen has gone out a couple times and the latch is broken. I've barely had it four months and I treat it like my firstborn. There is no reason it should be having any issues.

It's frigid, Steven and my mother are installing a new sink, and I am banished to the living room because neither have two useful hands nor helpful suggestions.

I need to order Teh Turkey today and start a mental menu so I can grocery shop this week. I can't believe we're so close to Thanksgiving, honestly. It will be a year to the Thursday Gramma died and, in all honestly, I didn't really want to do anything this year, but it's sink or swim, you know? We're having people over, at least, so I won't have time to dwell on it. Frakking holidays.

I wish my hand didn't ache so much. I was too crafty yesterday, obviously.
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I think I'm ready to qualify vertigo as the worst sensation ever. Everything feels like it's swaying or shaking under me. Even sitting up, it kind of feels like I'm being pushed off of something.

We skipped over to the mall after I got off of work so I could cash my cheque at the Evil Empire of America. We were going to go home, but caught a case of the lazies and decided to have dinner at Johnny Rocket's instead. Sometimes you just need greasy food.

Of course I was seduced by Lush, which lies right across from the from the food court. That's the curse of needing to cash my cheque at the mall. Since this is our usual haunt, we're starting to get to know most of the SAs, which is both good and bad, usually for my wallet.

They had Ghost. And I am weak. It smells so good. I also heard the details about the other Halloween products they're putting out, which sound interesting, but not so much my thing.

I did a quick spec out of Sephora because I keep hearing great things about Benefit's creme liner/shadow in Skinny Jeans. It's been in several magazines and I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype before I waste $20 on it. I will say that it did not disappoint. The colour went on really nicely and easily and also seemed very wearable, so I will most likely pick that up next week sometime.

The last stop out was by Old Navy to check the sales rack and batter my self esteem a little. God help me, but I've been looking at skinny jeans so long they've grown on me. I figured one look at my wide ass in them should sufficiently mollify the urge.

I tried them on and they didn't look bad. Steven didn't like them, but the two girls sitting in the fitting room approved. You know, because I need teenage approval. I probably am going to give into the trend, as I have many cute, long winter tops and likewise for flats. Also: I need more pants.

Now I'm just being slothful in my flannel pyjamas, watching TLC like I've been doing, oh, for the last month. Since there's not much else to do with Steven having the car, I'm probably just going to curl up in the shower with my lovely new Ghost in hopes I'll smell omg!awesome.


Feb. 10th, 2008 12:35 pm
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Here's another week-end mostly down the tubes. I can't believe we're almost halfway through February. This year is barreling on.

I cleaned up the house a little yesterday, watched Across the Universe, which was great, and then when Steven got in, we headed to IKEA since we were bored and IKEA is cheap entertainment. Also because we were almost out of napkins and I really love the IKEA ones. We also bought a cheap pillow and a spare blanket for when we have guests because we had to throw out our old blankets. I also wanted to look at area rugs and lighting because there is nothing I love more than Swedish furniture.

What we ended up doing was looking at mattresses.

Gross bed story! )

When we priced out a mattress there, for about the same amount, we could get a new mattress, a frame, and the slats. I'm sort of leaning towards just replacing the whole thing because, really, our bed is almost a decade old. It's probably time.

So, flist, does anyone have an IKEA mattress? Are they any good or will our backs both implode if we do this?

Today looks like another blah day. The weather is having a case of MPD. We managed to get rain, snow, and sun in the span of about 20 minutes and it's starting to get dark outside again. We had snow last night which was fairly heavy in spurts and the lying weathermen are predicting we're going to get thundersnow this afternoon. I love me some New England weather. Isn't it spring yet?

I finally used some of my Snowcake stash today and I think I finally found the one soap from Lush that doesn't make my skin want to whimper liked a kicked puppy. It doesn't give me that sticky, tight feeling that most soap does. I wish the smell would linger a little longer and be a bit stronger, but them's the breaks. Up close, I can smell it faintly off my skin, but it smells more just non-descript clean than like marzipan as it does in the shower.

Only one more week till vacation and a week of feverishly doing artwork for my portfolio that I should have done, oh, three or four months ago.

Photo Post!

Jan. 7th, 2008 11:32 pm
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Because I need to post 8,010x today.

Kitteh )

Kitteh actually needs a name of some kind (especially since she's apparently "my" cat now.) Preferably something from Battlestar Galactica, for the few of you guys who watch. Kitteh is a girl.

Charcoal Portrait of my grandparents )

And last, but not least: Lush Porn )

I have to work tomorrow and I am tiiiired. Enjoy the photos. Also, separate art photo blog, eventually? Y/N?
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It's been like a week since I updated. I'm kind of blah today.

We have been doing a lot of nothing in the last week. The tree fell over on New Year's and broke six of my grandma's ornaments, so that kind of spoilt the day for me. We went out to dinner with Sam and then came back here and drank far, far too much champagne and ate leftover wedding cake. The rest of the week I just kind of did nothing.

We've seen Sweeney Todd and The Golden Compass over the vacation. Both were very good.

I went to Mum and Bruce's Little Christmas party yesterday, had an awesome panic attack when someone started asked about the anniversary, horfed up my dinner, and then promptly drank too much wine. Mum gave us $20 for Epiphany. I have a set of earrings for her that I forgot to give to her yesterday.

I have the day off tomorrow courtesy of The Sears Appliance Fairy who will sprinkle magical appliances on my life tomorrow between 7:30 and 9:30. Because "after 4pm because we have to work" really means early in the morning, yo. But hey, at least we will have a new stove tomorrow and we can stop having to eat out ALL THE TIME. First thing Imma do tomorrow is bake damned bread. Steven wants to make tuna noodle casserole. We are lame because we've been fantasizing about what we'll cook first when we have a stove again. I am making a chicken this week-end :)

We are not going to discuss my lush addiction behind the cut )

I also bought three filters for my camera: a star filter, a neutral density filter, and a diffusion filter because Ritz was having a buy two, get one free and my grandfather gave me an AWESOME tripod, so now I just need to, you know, do something with my pictures/website. It was make Samantha's wallet cry day at the Mall. We had dinner at Johnny Rocket's and then headed home, where Steven had to watch American Gladiators.

I'll have kitteh pictures tomorrow when I dump the camera. I love my huge memory card so very much. Kitteh couldn't decide whether she wanted OMG!LUVINS or to try and chase the squirrels through the glass. It is a hard life.

Funny Kitteh Story: My grandfather has one of those liquor cabinets that one side is a curio and it rotates to reveal the bar behind it. I had been playing with the cat and I went to show Steven the bar. I thought the cat had just sort of wandered off till I closed it back up and relocked it. Soon as I moved, she was over there, nosing around, pawing the sides, trying to figure out how I made the magics happen. When she couldn't do it because she has no opposable thumbs, the look she gave me would have frozen water in July. It was all ...Humans... Opposable thumbs... When I rule the world... Damn them... It was great.

There's some potentially really big news that I'll probably post about soon. We just kind of found out today, so I'm still kind of ruminating about it.

Blah. Tired.
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Today was pretty good, actually. I had an appointment to get my hair trimmed up, but I was really early, so Steven and I bought a loaf of bread and fed the goosen in the little pond next to Schroeder's in Riverside. They were, of course, delighted by the attention.

Chris took me in a little early and now my hair looks the way I wanted it to to begin with. Hooray from remembering to bring pictures. It's all cute and spiky in the back ([ profile] blackwingwolf, you'll get to see it Monday.)

Did laundry at my grandparents, loaded up a dozen CDs into iTunes for my grampa, and hung out with my gramma. I also played with her kitteh, who is tentatively being named Penelope (as in Pesty Penelope). She's really funny, she sits like a 50 year old union worker, like "Mah harbawls, let me show you them"... you know, if she had any. My gramma wasn't feeling really great today. She actually went and laid down for a bit while we were there. I felt bad I didn't bring them anything. I think when we go down in a couple weeks, I'm going to try to bake a pie or something... You know, when I can use my kitchen again. Must put things away this week.

First of all, Providence Place is the biggest clusterfrak ever to get to and going on a Saturday was a bloody nightmare. Apparently, we were not thinking or something because finding a place to park was a nightmare. At least parking is a lot cheaper now. Three or fewer hours is $1, 3-5 is $5 and anything more than that is too much time to spend in a mall unless you're working there. We had dinner at Popeye's, which was not only kind of blah, but they screwed our order up and Steven had to go back 8 million and 10 times.

Lush Run & Reviews )

Delia*s had the dress I've been having kittens over, but it didn't fit really well. Damn thick upper arms and damn boobs. I did get two cute thermally tops, one with partridges and one with owls. They were a bargain at $6.99.

We hit up JC Penney's while we were there and it was surprisingly not great. The one in Natick is way better, so I guess I'll make a trip out there, eventually. I went to Penney's originally to find a new pencil skirt for school and maybe some tops. Instead, I got some kind of slutty no show lacey knickers, some black slacks for school, and Skecher's Waterlily shoes in brown (which I saw in [ profile] easter's journal and just fell in love with. I want to get the black ones eventually too. Steven got a pair of cords and a couple nice polos for work.

Then I bought Sex with Queens from Border's because I have Sex with Kings and it was pretty good, so I figure this should be pretty awesome. Steven got some book on Abraham Lincoln, and I got another book on the real story of the Bounty.

Then we came home, I took a bath, and I am sleep as hell. We're going to brunch tomorrow before eye appointments and car inspections and visiting my intubated FIL. I'm sure there will be a MIL drama post tomorrow. It's been pretty good.

FIL Update )

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He will really need it to make it through all of this.

Aaaand that's my day, folks.

Lush Run!

Aug. 31st, 2007 02:23 am
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I suck. No cheques till mid-September and I made a Lush run because I was out of conditioner. Haagen

We bought:
  • Haagenbath ballistic
  • Coalface
  • Jungle
  • American Cream

  • Bathos
  • Hot Milk?

  • Enzymion
  • Gorgeous
  • Blonde
  • Reincarnate

    And then I drank a lot of bourbon which is why I am going to bed now.
  • Mm, bath!

    Aug. 21st, 2007 03:00 am
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    I definitely just had the best bath since I was a kid. Holy muffin. I actually found myself giggling in the tub.

    My back was killing me, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone: hot bath and try the Champagne Supernova bath ballistic we picked up. We have a small bathtub, so I split this one, like I have been doing. I dropped it in and it fizzed like crazy. It actually fizzed and floated around for most of my bath. There was a tonne of confetti in my half. It didn't float around, which was a teeny bit disappointing, but I had plenty of fun stirring it up, making it swirl, and generally being 5 with it. The water turned a great, rich pink. It also had a great smell that kind of reminded me of Orangina and champagne. I still smell good! I'm so buying this one again.

    It did make my back feel a little better for a bit, too. It's back to hurting now, though. I guess it will be closer to two weeks instead of one. Bah. I'm going back this week to see if there's anything else I can do.
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    I'm finally feeling human enough to sit up long enough to type something up. Yay for muscle relaxants and painkillers.

    Products used, so far, are Aquamarina, Coalface, Sea Veg, Imperialis, and Big Blue; updates on Soak & Float, Godiva, and Jungle.

    Reviews here! )

    Next trip, I think I will try the buttercremes or possibly one of the scrubby bath bars, like Buffy.
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    So today was pretty good. Dawn and Mike got here fairly late, so we kind of slept in today before heading to the mall so Dawn could buy sunglasses. I bought a new vinyl Playboy wallet for $5. It's small, which is kind of what I needed. Better than my current Hello Kitty one, at least.

    They treated us to lunch at Chili's, which Steven kind of needed because he found out his father was admitted to the ICU for high carbon monoxide levels, fluid in the lungs, and a collapsed lung. His mother was talking about a DNR, but she's a huge liar, so who knows if that's true or not. He's currently tubed right now and heavily sedated, so Steven didn't go tonight. I think he's going to call/see him tomorrow.

    We headed into Harvard after for a quick Lush trip. I got a Big Blue ballistic, a Honeybee ballistic, and Aquamarina facewash. My samples were Coalface, Fig & Leaves (for our friend's little girl and her eczema), Sea Vegetable, and Imperialis moisturiser. I will review them as we use them.

    They headed to their game after, so we decided to stick around Harvard for a while. We had Vietnamese for dinner, ice cream after, and walked around for about four hours. It was nice. We both found quite a few shops we'd not been in before. The vintage store I liked so much is still there, too, so I'm going to go back when I have more time.

    We're just waiting to go pick up Dawn and Mike now, before we hang out for the rest of the evening. I guess we're going to go out to breakfast tomorrow before they head home anyway since Steven's jury duty was put off for another week. How sucktastic is that? I hate the state.

    Why do I crave sugar? I'd sell an organ for a cookie right now.


    Aug. 11th, 2007 02:48 pm
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    I know I posted the other day about my pilgrimage to the Lush store in Harvard, so I figured it's time for me to review what I've used.

    I know Lush has groupies like whoa, but I didn't really get it. I don't have a specific brand I'm loyal to, in skincare or make-up or anything, really. So I kind of figured that this would make just be a one time thing since I was in Cambridge anyway. After using the products, though, I can see why people tend to be so fanatic about it!

    Steven and I bought two bath ballistics (Black Pearl and Champagne Supernova), two solid shampoos (Soak & Float and Godiva), Jungle conditioner, and I received a sample of Angels on Bare Skin.

    Individual Reviews )

    So yea, I'm sold.


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