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It's been like a week since I updated. I'm kind of blah today.

We have been doing a lot of nothing in the last week. The tree fell over on New Year's and broke six of my grandma's ornaments, so that kind of spoilt the day for me. We went out to dinner with Sam and then came back here and drank far, far too much champagne and ate leftover wedding cake. The rest of the week I just kind of did nothing.

We've seen Sweeney Todd and The Golden Compass over the vacation. Both were very good.

I went to Mum and Bruce's Little Christmas party yesterday, had an awesome panic attack when someone started asked about the anniversary, horfed up my dinner, and then promptly drank too much wine. Mum gave us $20 for Epiphany. I have a set of earrings for her that I forgot to give to her yesterday.

I have the day off tomorrow courtesy of The Sears Appliance Fairy who will sprinkle magical appliances on my life tomorrow between 7:30 and 9:30. Because "after 4pm because we have to work" really means early in the morning, yo. But hey, at least we will have a new stove tomorrow and we can stop having to eat out ALL THE TIME. First thing Imma do tomorrow is bake damned bread. Steven wants to make tuna noodle casserole. We are lame because we've been fantasizing about what we'll cook first when we have a stove again. I am making a chicken this week-end :)

We are not going to discuss my lush addiction behind the cut )

I also bought three filters for my camera: a star filter, a neutral density filter, and a diffusion filter because Ritz was having a buy two, get one free and my grandfather gave me an AWESOME tripod, so now I just need to, you know, do something with my pictures/website. It was make Samantha's wallet cry day at the Mall. We had dinner at Johnny Rocket's and then headed home, where Steven had to watch American Gladiators.

I'll have kitteh pictures tomorrow when I dump the camera. I love my huge memory card so very much. Kitteh couldn't decide whether she wanted OMG!LUVINS or to try and chase the squirrels through the glass. It is a hard life.

Funny Kitteh Story: My grandfather has one of those liquor cabinets that one side is a curio and it rotates to reveal the bar behind it. I had been playing with the cat and I went to show Steven the bar. I thought the cat had just sort of wandered off till I closed it back up and relocked it. Soon as I moved, she was over there, nosing around, pawing the sides, trying to figure out how I made the magics happen. When she couldn't do it because she has no opposable thumbs, the look she gave me would have frozen water in July. It was all ...Humans... Opposable thumbs... When I rule the world... Damn them... It was great.

There's some potentially really big news that I'll probably post about soon. We just kind of found out today, so I'm still kind of ruminating about it.

Blah. Tired.
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I suck slightly less today than when I posted the other day which is why I am posting today.

School was mostly ok. This is Homecoming week, so it's been insane there. There's been sigh vandalism in the class hallways (not good), but all the kids are really into the activities which is kind of fun to see. I'm still going to be glad when it's over though. I will not be attending the pep rally tomorrow; I don't want to spoil my perfect record of in-attendance (really, there will be way too many balloons there.) I've never been to a pep rally.

I hung out with [ profile] lauraxmarie for a while after school. I owed her a belated birthday lunch and for once, it took me under a week to produce. I am on top of things this year.

Steven and I went to the Plaza after in hopes of buying shoes. They didn't have any of the shoes I liked in my size, so I blew my gift card on make-up. You know, stuff I obviously need for work, right? I bought Maybe Baby perfume from Benefit because it smells just like L.A.M.B. and isn't supporting Gwen Stefani's thieving ass. They gave me a free gloss (Her Glossiness in My People Your People/Don't Here It From Me) because it was some kind of magical party night at Macy's.

[ profile] nowitsdark0 and [ profile] justsurvive will also be glad to know that I finally visited a MAC counter. I bought a liquid eyeliner in Point Black and an eye shadow in Black Tied. Haven't tried either yet because 6am will not be the time for experimenting, but I might try it out this week-end when I have time to screw up.

I was a good doobee and did not go to the Mac store to pet the pretty, pretty iMacs.

Now I'm home, I'm damned tired, and my feet are cold. I'm going to bed in a half hour or so and we're watching the Red Sox.
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The week still sucks, I need to take my suit to the cleansers tomorrow ([ profile] mom_o_cass, [ profile] maa3120, or [ profile] littlestarletta, do you know anyone who could do a one day turn around? The skirt is fine, but the jacket isn't. I'm leaving too early to pick it up Saturday morning.), I'm 47 kinds of tired, and I can't seem to find anything wake appropriate that a) fits or b) matches. I only have one black skirt and it's a Tripp one that I wore at my bridal shower. It has lacing down the front, but is otherwise mostly tame. I wear it to work on a regular basis.

Pictures behind cut. Plz to b advising )

I wish my ass would pick a size (preferably the smaller version) and just stay there. Right now, 90% of my clothes are too big. The things that fit are old and not really flattering. I could go to the mall tomorrow and buy something, but I am whingy and don't want to, especially not alone. And I have a headache right now and need a nap. And some tylenol.

Meme )


Oct. 5th, 2007 11:36 pm
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I'm too tired to make a real post, but I figured I would post a few pictures.

My nails are trendy black right now. Steven's dad's still not doing to well; he's on the ventilator and developed pneumonia. He's responding to stimuli, but still on dialysis. I've been working all week and am achy. I can't wait to sleep in. It was so hot in school today, hence the icon.

I'm hungry because I've been barfing since about 8. Genius had a coffee at the mall. I know better and I know how sick I will be if I do. It was tasty though. I found no shoes to fit my flatter, longer feet. I need 9s now, all my shoes are 8s or 8 1/2s. I feel drugged up from yakking so much. I just wolfed down a rice krispy treat because of it.

So tired and so achy.

I am going to caulk the tub tomorrow after my shower, I think. That or Sunday. There are creepy bugs in the mould. Stupid knee hurts.

Pix: me, my whale shirt, and my trendy nails )
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I'm boring now that there's no wedding. That's a lie, actually, I've just been insanely busy all week to the point I haven't even eaten dinner at home. I've been painting sets all this week and doing all the drama things I swore off in college. This, sadly, does not include a) drinking, b) smoking, or c) any kind of crazy, newlywed sex (except, apparently, unless it's with [ profile] pinkandsilver because sets = sex). I didn't swear those off in college.

It seems I also will never, ever get to smoke my cigars because the cutter I ordered is Never Going to Come. Ever. I will spend the rest of my natural life smelling the box and wishing.

I am destined to do a lot of laundry because I am out of underpants and society believes I should wear them, along with shirts that don't smell like roadkill.

I want a lion cub. Someone buy me one?

I'm getting my hair cut all off on Saturday. I need pictures to bring to Chris. I want the long, sideswept bangs everyone and their frakking uncle has now because I am, as always, late to jump on the bandwagon. Right now, my hair is to the top of my bra strap, wavy, and very fine. The curl may pick up a little when it's cut, but I am going to grab a straightening iron this week-end too. Anyone have picture-suggestions?

Tree's coming down tomorrow. I am not so good at this housewife thing. And I want waffles because [ profile] plunkybug mentioned Waffle House and I am a fat kid today. Except not because I lost like 4lbs from this awful flu that I still can't totally shake. I have an ear infection now, actually.

So yes, there is an update for me for the week. Sets, still sick, [ profile] pinkandsilver, and haircut.

So busy...

Dec. 23rd, 2006 05:11 pm
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Quick update.. I got beautiful cards from so many people on my FList. You guys are all awesome and I will send cards next year. We paid for our Xmas ham with the turned in cans we've been hoarding. I petted a duck today while we went to relieve ourselves of extra bread. 5 days to go.

Not dead

Dec. 18th, 2006 05:06 pm
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Worked today. There were bunches of field trips, so classes were quiet. I slept like shit last night though. I finally put all the ornaments up I was willing to and arranged our pressies under the tree. I'd take a pictures if there weren't two baskets of dirty laundry stacked next to them. Tomorrow's my hair trial and the last dress fitting... 10 days and hours now. Can't really believe two years of planning have gone by this quick.

I finally can breathe again. Yesterday was touch and go; I really thought I was going to end up in the ER because I just couldn't get enough albuterol in my system to make my lungs open. I need to get back to the doctor and get something different.
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It's too early for this shit and too cold. I wish I had gone to bed earlier, but I was up talking to to Steven. We still have 55 jerks who haven't RSVP'ed ([ profile] mom_o_cass tells me that means really scary vampire party), including Steven's asshole brother, who we asked to read the hebrew prayer. I'm going to have to ask someone else because I can't stand around on ceremony for him. It just sucks that people have no manners these days. I never imagined I'd have to be chasing down more than half the people we invited.

I need to get going soon. Today's the last day before Thanksgiving break, so woohoo. The kids are a little loopy because most of the other school's still have a half day tomorrow. I think this makes more sense, realistically, even though it makes it a two day week for me instead of a three.

Mum's doing well. She sounds better than I do half the time. Anyhow, off I go. Hopefully today will go quickly and I can come home and sleep.
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I couldn't move my arm at all when I woke up today, so I made an appointment to visit the doctor today. Since it's my shifting arm, I had to call my mum for a hop over. I haven't seen Mum in a while, so it worked out. Turns out my shoulder was partially dislocated, so they popped it back in and sent me home with a consolation prize of painkillers and muscle relaxants. I win. I also get to go have an xray tomorrow.

That aside, we popped over to the glorious mall so I could fill my scripts. I got a super cute pair of shoes at Payless that I'll wear for Halloween and a couple lotions from Bath & Body Works, since Mum had a coupon. They have a lot of cute snowflake things that I may eventually get. I'm not sure I like any of the holiday scents this year, though the pomegranate one wasn't too bad. I usually like the apple scent, but I was kind of meh about it this year.

My toes are cold. It barely made 50 here today, which is quite a bit below normal. It's going to be really bloody cold this week-end when we go to Alice Cooper. Oh gross, and we're going to get weather this week-end too. Yuck. Sunday doesn't look too bad, but Saturday looks miserable.

I finally made a Halloween icon. Better late than never.

We're going to finalize cake hooey this week-end. I think I know what flavour we're going with and the design, but I'm trying to get a few more options for a design. I also need to pay down our catering this week and send James the DJ a bit of money, too. I started tracking our RSVPs, as well. Frakking wedding. I need to finish up Haille's kissing ball and my gramma's bouquet soon, too. I planned on doing that this week, but we'll see how my shoulder goes. I need to get around to making an appointment for my gown and Haille's to get altered and I really need to start breaking in my shoes.

Bugger. I need to get a garterbelt and stockings, as well. What I really need to do is make a list. Which I won't do because I can't write currently. Bah.

So instead, I'll read the interwebz and browse cakes for the next couple days and have Steven write cheques. At least I don't have anywhere really to be and I can put off having lunch with Beth for a couple days. Laundry can wait till the week-end, as can flowers. I may trot around in my shoes for a bit, though, or walk to the library or something.

I wish I knew where my book went.

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It looks deceptively nice outside today, but it's coooold here. Yesterday, it was warm, but it poured all afternoon.

Beth and I went to Borders for tea yesterday afternoon. They have a full pot of tea for $2.50, which is about three cups a person. Their jasmine was really good, the Earl Grey, which I usually love, was only so-so. After two pots, we decided to head up to  Burlington Coat Factory to see if she could find a new outfit to wear out that evening. She found a very nice brown suit and shirt to wear and it was under $50 as well.By that point, we'd totally lost track of time and it was closing in on 6pm, so I dropped Cynthia and her off at home and headed back to my house.

I wore my new push-up bra and kimono top yesterday and holy christ do my boobs hang out if I don't wear a cami underneath. It totally became part of my Halloween costume, probably the one I wear to Alice Cooper. I seriously have knockers in that shirt. I mean, not that I don't to begin with, but this shirt makes them look amazing.

We got the Alice Cooper tickets the other day. Woo. 

I definitely am going to shoot Steven for ever getting me into watching Battlestar. I didn't need another addiction, but alas, I have one. We're going back and forth on picking up the second season because right now, I'm basing my knowledge off of who's fucking whom and therefore often confused because of the clones. Not to mention, we have a $25 giftcard to Borders from my BIL and I think I have a coupon for 20% off any item, so it would be like $25 for the second season. Maybe we'll do that tonight since I totally just paid down my credit card.

I threw my back out this afternoon and that really reassured me that I am making the right decision by getting a breast reduction this summer. I was leaning over the table, sorting out bank statements and my back spasmed. It's a little better now, but not much since Elliott wanted to be picked up and I stupidly agreed without thinking. O hay, back pain. I'll get out the exercise ball tonight and roll over it and see if that'll help, but probably not. Otherwise, I'll go to the doctor's Monday and document, document, document.

My cheapo pants arrived from Delia*s yesterday. I actually will be keeping both pairs, though they are two different sizes and the smaller of the two sizewise is actually the bigger physically. For $5.99 each, though, I won't question it. I'll just be happy they fit and I now have pants that aren't falling off my bum every time I move. I forgot how much I liked their clothes; I have a few things from when I worked in Natick that are very cute and very comfy. 

We're taking the kid to pick a pumpkin tomorrow. He was good for the rest of week and pretty good today, so we told him he could chose an outing for tomorrow and he wanted to pick and carve a pumpkin. Sounds good to me. I would like to see if I can obtain some apples tomorrow and possibly make a pie. I need to put the camera batteries up to charge, so I can take pictures too. Must remember.

Steven and I are off to the magical land of BJ's tonight after I finish updating this. Our fridge is barren and the cupboards aren't a lot better. We had subs last night because it was that or go to the store. It worked out because I saved half for my lunch today. Go me.

Bah. I still need to put on make-up and get ready to go. Let's see how willing and able my back is.

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I called my gyno and made an appointment today, since I should've had my yearly this month, but had to cancel. Now, I'm going on Pearl Harbour Day at 10 for an IUD check and yearly bruising. I had way too much coffee earlier, so I'm all shaky and eugh now. Doesn't help that I still feel lousy.

I swear, I'm going to do things tomorrow, like the RMV and dropping by school. I'm just not motivated this week.

I just ruined the birdies' day by going out to sit on the porch for a while. I can hear them chirping bitterly in the trees. My knee's aching like crazy too and I'm not sure why.

And when is my new bank card going to arrive? It only took them two days to get the last one out, why over 10 now? How come it takes so much longer to fix mistakes than to make them? Bugger. I just found out something that they should've changed and didn't.

And now I'm running a fever to boot.

Ugh ugh ugh

Oct. 2nd, 2006 11:09 pm
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Why do I feel so awful? I've barely done anything at all today. I slept till 11:30, took a nap from 1 to 3:30, and have sacked out on the couch for the rest of the night. The only place I went to was the grocery store because we had nothing for food stuffs. Whhhhy? I actually had to sit in an upright position because I was falling asleep on the couch. I have no right to be so tired.

Going to school tomorrow to drop off my sub app and also to see my mum, who I haven't seen in days. I'm still waiting on my new bankcard to arrive before I venture too many places. Idiots. They apparently send my cheques to the right place but not my bloody bankcard. I shouldn't grouse so much. This is only the second fuck-up in like 5 years. I had one practically every six months at my old bank.

What else? Waiting for the cheque from the insurance place to pay off the rest of the wedding hooey. Not a lot left to pay on, which is a very nice feeling.

Steven's watching wrestling.

I should go get my cup of free tea. Republic of Tea sent me a free pomegranate tea bag, so we shall see how it tastes. I want to look through the catalog (like I need more tea).

I hope tomorrow is less bleh.
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That would be me. I have a whole host of errands to run and I'm just not inclined. I'm not dressed, not showered, watching the news, and still kind of sleep, which I shouldn't be, considering I basically went to be at half past nine last night. I have to go to the social security office today seeing as I've lost my card, I should probably stop by Trader Joe's since I'll be there anyway, and I kind of need pants. I probably should go to the Post Office and buy stamps, too, but I can do that tomorrow. I have to take the car and get it inspected at some point, too. Oh, and bloody laundry. Bah.

I think I'd really rather just go back to sleep for a couple hours.

How is it the best way to promote animal rights by killing a whole bunch of animals in an exotic pet store? Stupid eco-terrorists.
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Too bad the white streak in the front sucked up the dye like there was no tomorrow. S'ok, except for that, I rather like them.

Margarita Sunday. Tomorrow.
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I just had the grossest banana ever. It really did taste like burning. Good times had at the Melissa Etheridge show, even though I really only knew the Janis Joplin cover she did. But, seriously, why did the creepy woman behind me have to start petting my hair? I know it's pretty, but mother and child, I don't know you! I was obviously there with Steven and she was obviously there with her girlfriend (who gave her an earful after Steven shot her a look). Don't pet strange people, really. I bite and you don't know what I have, especially after being sick for a week.

I hate when strangers touch me. There is so nothing creepier.

Ok, bedtime. Full review and a story of how I took a big dent in my car uncharacteristically well at [ profile] bosbullterrier's journal.


Jun. 15th, 2006 05:55 pm
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Dear ElJay -

I've waited all day to read my friends' list. Why are you not loading half of the entries? I desperately need to see pictures of [ profile] spookygirl's baby and post comments. Do you just feel like selectively discriminating against certain users or what?

I should write an entry later. I should update because stuff's been happening, but I'm not motivated in the morning and I'm either visiting my mom or tired at night. Maybe this week-end.

I got the new camera. It apparently came with rechargable batteries and a charger. I still wish I knew where my car kit for the MP3 player was.


Jun. 1st, 2006 07:29 am
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I got friggin spam in my comments. Seriously, don't I get enough in my email?

Text behind the cut, if interested )

The irony? I already have satellite. Apparently, LJ already took care of it, since I tried to delete it as spam and the comment was already gone.

I managed to hurt my ankle while I was sleeping. I think I must've slept on it funny. Only one more day till the week-end. I got my MP3 player yesterday, so my music is all loaded up and ready to accompany me on the drive to work today. Work itself is pretty good. I have a lot to do, which is good. The day doesn't drag like it would if I had nothing to do. Oh, and week off the first week of July.

We're into the 6th month before the wedding. I still feel like I have nothing done. I need to get dressed. Blah.
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Now that it's over... We took it super easy today. I slept in, Steven napped and cleaned. I stamped 160 Thank You notes for the wedding and I wrote out cheques for the deposits.

We had Honeybaked Piggy with oven-baked sweet potato fries and blanched asparagus for dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Because it's Passover, Steven elected to purchase a poundcake instead of the usual baking powder biscuits I make. It was damn tasty. We had [ profile] thelostflamingo over, after her grueling day at Starbucks. All in all, it was a tasty, low stress Easter. If only all our holidays were so low stress.

Yesterday, we spent the day with my grandparents, since it was my grandfather's 81st. birthday. Mom, Bruce, and Mom's cousin Karyn came as well, and we had shrimp cocktail, shrimp scampi, garlic bread, and lemon chiffon cake. Steven and I went to see a movie yesterday night to celebrate our last, unmarried dating anniversary. We saw Take The Line with Antonio Banderas. It was pretty cute, but I like all things dance.

Steven's still cleaning, I'm eating more ham, and attempting to work on the guest list for the Engagement Party of Doom. That's my real update for the week.

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Our taxes are all done as of 8:40, 4/14. My macaroons are all baked as of 10:45. Now all I have left is finishing my bouquet, which I'll do Sunday or Monday, and reserving our hotel block. There are a couple other things to do, but I don't want to post about them yet.

Oh, and happy anniversary to us.


Mar. 28th, 2006 02:11 pm
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Baby blanket is almost done; pictures shall be forthcoming. In the meantime, I am tagging all of my old entries.

Too. Much. Fun.


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