Jul. 9th, 2006 08:25 pm
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May. 18th, 2005 02:31 am
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So.. fucking.. sick..

How is it that I always manage to get sick in fucking May? The same damned thing happened last year, too. I swear to god, I must be programmed to get sick in May and again right at Christmas time. I guess I should be glad I only get sick like twice a year, but at the same time, I am vaguely bitter because Steven is like Typhoid Mary: he doesn't get sick, but he brings things home to me all the time. I have taken so much crap to try and get rid of this sooner.

Thus far, I have taken:

  • 1 24 hour Sudafed
  • 2 dyefree Benedryl
  • 1 Claritin
  • 1 12 Hour Drixorel
  • 1 multivitamin for the zinc
  • 2 Cranberry pills for a little extra C
  • 2 Tylenol for the fever I seem to have developed
  • 1 15mg oxycodone painkiller to dull both my hideous sinus headache and to quiet my pissy knee.

I am a walking pharmacy today. And damned if the fever isn't making me itchy too. Ugh, it's not just feeling itchy. I looked at my foot and seem to have hives. I must have touched something that didn't like me. I hate being sick. I am one cranky badger tonight, but a badger with lots of low acid OJ, nonetheless.

Enough about my being sick. I went for my very exciting gyno trip yesterday. Of course, I forgot all about it and had sex less than 24 hours before Ye Olde Pap Smear. Whoops.

The appointment wasn't too bad. She was very quick and very gentle. I voiced my concerns about the menstrual migraines and she was rather surprised that I did not get them when I was off the pill. We went through and ticked off the other methods I couldn't or wouldn't use (patch because of latex adhesive and my super sensitive skin, cervical cap and diaphram because they are latex, both shots because of weight concerns and my needle phobia, and possibly the ring because I guess something in it is similar to latex and could potentially be a problem) and which could be possible (pill and IUD).

She was not totally comfortable with automatically saying ok to the IUD since I have not had kids. However, after I mentioned I was engaged, she said she felt more comfortable with considering it. As for now, though, she is going to perscribe a continuous birth control regime, as well as some extra estrogen pills in case I get massive spotting or want to have a period. Not that I can really envision wanting a period or anything.

She was quite pleased with how timely I take my pill and told me that I am very close to being perfect usage. She also confirmed what I originally thought, which is that I have a fairly small pelvic outlet (and she needed to use the smallest speculum, too, because the others were hitting my pubic bone). She warned me that there would be a good possibility that I would either require a c-section or other medical intervention, should I have kids. I guess I can also give up those fisting dreams.

All in all, she was in and out in less than 10 minutes. I didn't feel any of the swabs or the pap smear thingy. She was really pleasant and very personable, which helped relax me. The only thing I didn't like was that she used a lot of lube. Even after wiping off, I still glopped onto my knickers. I suppose that worked out all right, too, as I convinced Steven to help me ...fix... that problem. He was certainly happy to help me out.

We went to the first exhibition game of the season afterwards. I'm not sure why, but going really depressed the hell out of me. It was also freezing yesterday which made my knee act up really badly. It didn't much help my cold, either. We got there late, missed Oil Can Boyd's pitching, and left in the 8th, with the Rox leading 17-5. I hope this year will be better than last. We've moved our seats, so hopefully that will keep away the drunks and other undesirables, such as obnoxious children who beg for balls, step all over me, and spill things on me. The staff was mildly accomodating and did ferry us to and from the car with their golf cart. It's going to be a while before I can trek all the way from the back of the parking lot to the stadium. Even with that, I still overdid it. I also mentioned to Steven that, until my knee is much better, I don't want to try and bring Elliott with us. I need too much help getting around still that it would make it difficult to try and rein him in and help me at the same time. That or if he fell asleep, it would be impossible. Stupid knee.

I'd like to go to bed, but I'm not really sleepy, only medicine heady, and I also don't want to keep Steven up with my snuffling and nose blowing. Speaking of, one of his (maybe our, she seems pretty cool) friends sent us a survey, he filled it out and sent it back, and wrote what I thought was a really sweet line:

whats the last thing you stole? - Probably Samantha's heart.

It struck me as really sweet and, actually, when I thought about it, quite true. Maybe I'm just wierd.

Now that I've rambled lots, I'm going to check my email one more time and then head off to sleep.


Apr. 11th, 2005 04:06 pm
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I have a load of pictures from the week-end, but my frigging stupid FTP programme crashes every time I try to upload something. So... Everyone will have to wait.

Steven stopped in on his way to tutoring to watch the ring ceremonies on telly. I had no idea who half the people were. I'm hoping Dawn, Mike, and Dani were able to to get tickets.

It is nice that they got a lot of the guys from past teams out there. And for anyone who cares, here's a funny story:

Boys will be boys. )

I'm taking it easy today. I definitely overdid it this week-end-- I can tell by the crutch bruises on my sides from where my underwire dug in. I'm also having one of the leftover beers from the fridge. It's a little wierd tasting, though... it almost tastes like olives. It's Hoegaarden Belgian White beer, in case anyone likes olivey beer.

I need to get motivated to shower. Bah.


Jan. 1st, 2005 08:07 pm
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I got my cheque from school today which means Monday, I can get our digital camera. I also picked up tickets for us to see CATS in February and I have to cough up some money for my end of the the Rox tickets. That I am less than thrilled about, but whatever. Maybe this won't be as sucky as last year. I don't know. I might get a pair of the custom jeans I was ogling yesterday, but I think that's it.

We're going out for pizza tonight, since neither of us feels like cooking. We also have coupons. I like coupons. I need to get laundry together for tomorrow and I kind of want to vacuum the rug, but Steven has to unclog it first. Stupid new cream coloured carpet.

My entries get more and more boring. I have nothing to do until Monday.

Monday, I need to:
    1. Call the physical therapist for my knee.
    2. Call the Registrar and figure out why the christ I was withdrawn from a class.
    3. Call the Health Services Centre and bitch about my vaccine hold.
    4. Potentially register for classes.

Let's see how much I accomplish, all while taking my painkillers for stop my evil knee pains.
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So, they won the World Series. I'm watching the riots from the comfort of my own home, after listening to my neighbours hoot for about 15 minutes.

They're going to buuuuuuurn the city down. I'm glad I don't work there anymore.


Sep. 22nd, 2004 03:22 pm
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I actually have a lot to update, but I really haven't felt like it. I'm striving to keep up with this journal, however, because journaling is one of the requirements for my Writing II class. This way, I can just print things out at the end of the semester. I like writing, I just haven't found a journal I've wanted to write in, yet.

So anyhow... I'm back to being a professional student, thanks to Barnes & Noble and their minions of Satan. I'm not getting into the whole sordid account on my front page, but you can read about it here. )

Sunday, we went up to the North Shore Spirit vs. the New Jersey Jackals championship game, as we are friendly with one of New Jersey's pitchers. It was actually a super afternoon for a game, which they won in extra innings. We ended up talking to Jackson for a bit after the game was over and he asked if we were coming tomorrow [Monday] night to see the final game. We told him that we probably weren't because we had just gotten sacked and didn't know if we'd have the money. He immediatly offered to get tickets for us to sit in the New Jersey fan section,  as long as we could tell him how many we wanted.

Needless to say, Jackson is cool beyond words. Also tall, but that's not the point.

The game Monday night was fantastic. The New Jersey fans are amazing. I felt more like a fan of their team than I do the Rox and we've had season tickets for 2 years! Highlight of the game was their rather large (I mean tall and muscular, not fat) first baseman doing a split to get the thrid out of an inning. I wish I had my camera out.

Surfice to say, they won 4-3 in the regular 9 innings. We were pulled onto the field by the Jersey fans to celebrate.

By celebrating, I mean being hugged by most of the players who were sweaty and somewhat dirty. I was patted, hugged, and shaken hands with by many people I did not know. The only person I vaguely knew that hugged me was Jackson. "Give me some love!" How Californian of him...

That's been the highlight of the week. I should have pictures eventually.

We went down to Rhode Island to see my grandparents earlier that day. One of these days, I need to bring down the XP disk and reinstall XP on Grampa's computer. Hopefully next week-end. He gave us a nice CD played for the apartment (which needs to be cleaned). It's a 5 disk changer with speakers and two cassette players. We had apple pie with them, which makes me want to cook like you can't imagine. I wish I could get to the kitchen.

School's going well.. I'm still liking the classes, which is a totally novel experience. I have a paper I should be working on, but meh... I'm doing homework here. I'm also going out with my mom in a little bit to dress shop for Donna's wedding. I'm not too into that, but I need a dress. I slept badly last night. That idiot hum I mentioned a couple entries ago kept me up on and off all night.

Laura, you need to update with more surveys! I need content for my site.


Aug. 19th, 2004 04:53 pm
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Not quite sure what, exactly, it was, but there was just some absolutely horrible screaming coming from the woods. Surfice to say, I think I am definitely avoiding walking in the park next to the apartment.

Dawn and Mike went home yesterday. It's been insane the last couple of days. They got here Saturday morning. We ended up going to the beach and having dinner with my mother and Bruce that evening. Sunday, we went out to lunch and I took them to the Plaza for a couple hours. Monday, they went into the city and we were rained out of the Rox game-- not a horrible loss, though they actually won that one.

That screaming is still coming up in fits and starts and it's starting to creep me out. It only sounds like one person now, not a bunch.

Tuesday night, we went to my first professional baseball game. Fenway Park is a complete zoo, but I had a pretty good time. I have a picture from the game and Dawn's going to burn me a CD of a couple other ones she took. The Sox beat the Blue Jays 5 to 4. I'd go back. We're somewhat talking about possibly getting a 10 game package for next year.

Yesterday, we went to the Aquarium and the North End in the afternoon before we saw them off. I haven't been to the city this much in ages.

I have a calligraphy sample to get done for Joan and Donna at some point. It's been so damned busy, I haven't even had a chance to find my pens.

We have a funeral to go to Sunday, as well. Steven's uncle died Tuesday night.

Speaking of, I wonder where he is...
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T-minus two days to go. Right now, I am not packing, but using the USPS website to forward all my mail to the new place. Dammit, I'll pay $3 for the convenience of not having to go anywhere. Can you tell we're not as packed as I wanted to be at this point? This, now, cuts down on one more thing that we have to do after I pick Steven up from work. We still have a shitload of things that need to be boxed up and put in the living room to be moved Saturday morning.

Of course, we only have until about 7:45 to pack and clean, because Steven has an 8:00 meeting to go to and won't be home until about 9:15. We have a baseball game tomorrow night. Nothing like cutting down on the amount of time to do things around here.

Wow. I have to leave for work in 6 minutes. I suppose I should brush my teeth and head off to work.


May. 31st, 2004 06:23 pm
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You know, I seem to have had this same damn cold last year. I feel like ass. I've been stuffed up and sinusy since Friday. I actually was sent home sick from work Friday, as well, because I was running a fever along with with my exciting stuffy nose. Blah.

We actually did get a lot done this week-end, despite my nose running like a faucet... a green, slimy faucet. We've, so far, donated 7 huge contractor bags of clothes and shoes. That's not counting the stuff Steven has that we need to go through and thin out the ranks. We can, however, see the floor of the middle room and most of the rest of the things we have to do involve just packing clothes and such up. Soon, soon...

I need a drink. I tried to take a nap when I got home from work (yes, we worked today.) but I kept waking up choking because it's so fucking dry in this place. I will not miss this heating system.

Anyhow, 630. Time to rouse Steven and head out to our ball game.
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We went to see Shrek 2 last night. It was actually really funny. I almost liked it better than the first one. I'm definitely buying it when it eventually comes out on DVD. If you go to see it, wait a couple minutes for the little extra after the first credits. You'll be glad you did.

The packing is still going. We packed up our set of glasses, a couple more mugs, and some other miscellanous dishware, as well as cleaned out the pantry and started on the spices. I think we actually need to make a checklist now for the rest of what we need to pack. We also are going to have to lay out the floor plan so we can sort of have an idea of where things are going to go when we get there. Blah.

We may or may not have one more baseball game to attend before opening night tonight. This is dependant on whether or not it rains all day, like it's supposed to.

Ugh, I need to get off to work in about ten minutes. I still need to brush my teeth and grab a quick snack for my fifteen minute "lunch". And the stupid computer is being pissy, probably because of the storm last night.

Okay, off to begin a new week. And... today is payday!!


Apr. 9th, 2004 11:34 pm
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So, I still haven't uploaded the flower show pictures from 3 weeks ago, but I do have a few pictures of my new glasses. Wicked exciting. I'm incredibly tired tonight, probably because all we did today was eat. We had lunch at the International Buffet in Quincy which is absolutely amazing. I totally wish I had been hungrier because they had so much different food, both traditional and Americanized. From there, we picked up El Kiddo and went to get our season tickets for the Brockton Rox, where we had typical ballpark fare. Then, after an exciting trip to Wal*mart and the gym, we then went and had pizza for dinner. I'm going to weight 9,000 lbs. more tomorrow.

On to the pictures:

New glasses
Front view.

Side View
Side view.

My sexy white strips
My sexy white strips.

Not that you can tell since the pictures are minimised, but, god, I have a lot of freckles. I didn't realise just how many freckles I had, but of course, how often do I really just look at my face for its freckles?

So, we're going to my grandparents' for Easter. It should be fun. I've got to remind Steven to pick up a potted plant of some kind for them from us. Either that or we'll get one on the way over to the seder his parents are having tomorrow afternoon.

I'm too tired to post more. Boo.
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I have returned from the promised land and it was ...smoky... Conneticut looked a lot like Mass, really, except with pissier, uglier people (sorry to anyone from CT who's not pissy and ugly. Maybe it was just the casino?)

The boxing matches, which I thought would be total shit, were actually a lot of fun. The prize fight of the night actually lasted a full 12 rounds. I say this because the first two were, respective 27 seconds into the second round and a minute-odd into the first round, two KOs. The whole thing lasted until 10 past 11, at which point we vacated the arena and pottered around the Swarovski Crystal shop, which was very glittery. I beat Steven at skeeball-like bowling, which is pretty amazing, considering he's a much better real life bowler than I am. I guess I would be really good at shuffleboard...

I also had a Krispy Kreme raspberry filled donut. It was ok. I liked the filling, but it was generally too sweet for my tastes.

I also did my first gambling since I've turned 21 and discover that...

I hate it.

I played the slot machines. We decided to throw in $5 each. I won like $15 and got a 7-7-7, which technically should have been a jackpot, but evidently I didn't get enough coins in, or something. Technically, I should have won between $100 and $300, but who the hell knows why it did nothing. I personally think it was a rip-off.

We loaded up and headed out after that and now, here I am updating and trying not to totally fall asleep. That was the adventure.

Actually, I need sleep, because I have to work tomorrow. Evil Julie alleges it will be busy at night, but I think she's full of shit, because it's Valentine's Day and people with be doing things with their respective wives/girlfriends/mistresses. Bah.
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Yay, early long week-end. I'm done with classes until next Wednesday! I'm psyched. I'm also very sleepy and my stomach is bothering me, but that's probably from breakfast (2 brownies and a convenience store cappuccino).

So, I am indeed a mature adult. I have Hello Kitty sneakers. In case the link goes away, they look like this:

HK Sneakers

They match the blue HK sweater that I bought a few years back. I need to remember to throw that in the hamper when I do laundry this week-end. It's grubby looking.

I'm still astounded by my maturity. I needed Hello Kitty sneakers. Besides... they're super cute.


We're going to see a boxing match at Mohegan Sun tonight. Steven won tickets from HJY for that and to the premiere of Eurotrip, which I know nothing about, but free is free. I had to do some scrambling to get Tuesday off, since Evil Julie said that a week was not enough time to change the schedule. Luckily, someone was willing to cover for me.

I think I may have found a place to apply for, though, which would make me really happy. I hate my job.

Anyhow, I'm getting tired again, and I want to take a nap before I need to pick up Steven.

I wish I were in the Caribbean.

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The Patriots certainly are bigger than god right now. I've been watching the foolishness since about 1pm. I guess when you only have one winning team out of four potential teams, you might as well go nuts. It's not like the Red Sox will ever win anything. I'm waiting to see what the final tally is. It was something like 1.2 million last time. All I know is that I'm glad not to be taking the T later.

Ha, and seeing Belachick dance was way worth it.

Bleh.. Still tired. I had another cold shower today. 10 fucking minutes of hot water. I wonder if that son of a bitch turned the water down more. All I know is that I'm sick and tired of having to rush through shaving my legs. Evidently, my 10 minute shower is a long one and 15 minutes is exhorbitant. Fucking annoying. I hope I can find a place this summer.

I need more sudafed.
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So the riots have already begun. Looks like Northeastern was the epicentre of Superbowl madness last night. Un-effing-real. I mean, yea, it was a good game, but running over pedestrians and overturning cars? It wasn't that good.

It was weird déja vu. The last time the played in the Superbowl, I was over at Steven's apartment in Weymouth with his ex-wife and the kiddo before he moved. It was totally eerie, because we realised we were eating the same thing (jambalaya) and drinking the same thing (red wine) as we had been the last time. It was very, very strange. It also didn't seem like there had been a year in between because neither of us really watched the Superbowl last year.

But, uhm, yea... Go Pats! One out of four Boston/New England teams has to do something.


We went out to semi-celebratory dinner tonight at Bertucci's. Steven got the sole piccatta. It wasn't bad; I had a bite of it. The artichoke/spinach whatnot it came on was ...interesting... as well. My scallops were decent, but then again, they always are. I kind of wish that I had gotten pasta, though. I totally want ravioli. Maybe we'll do that for dinner tomorrow night since I have to work until 9:30 and it's going to be stormy and disgusting.

My entire face hurts. I have a sinus infection that will not go away and I am not about to take antibiotics for it. It was getting better for a while, but now everything's all full and pressure-y feeling. Stupid sinuses only drain at inoppurtune times and leave me feeling icky for the rest of the time. I'm not getting much done around here because I feel bleh. Plus, I have this really gross taste in my mouth all the time, no matter how much I've been brushing.

Ugh. I want to drink water all the time to keep the taste away. Yuck.

I'm getting groggy. I should probably get ready to get some sleep in the not too distant future. I'm vaguely considering changing my bed linens, though, before I go to sleep. I probably should, considering that the sheets are all sweaty between Steven and me both being sick. He was covered in sweat when he woke up from his nap, earlier. We've been cranky as all get out because the last two weeks have been hell on earth, between school, work, and people we interact with. We actually had a really good time out tonight, which I think we both needed.

We were joking about getting old earlier in the night and he told me he had a headstart. I reminded him that I'm crankier, already. He jokingly told me he was going to have me euthanised if I became a cranky old person. I reminded him it wasn't a mercy killing if it was for his mercy. Ah, domestic bliss. That sounds like an awful thing for him to have said, but we were honestly laughing about it.

Friday's my gramma's birthday. We're going down at some point over the week-end, just not sure which day yet. I need to find something for her. I just don't know what she'd like. We've already gotten her a card. I presume Steven will probably get her a small box of candy. I have no clue what I want to do. Sigh.

I'm going to change my sheets and drink water until this damn gross taste goes away.
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YES! My Marlins (and I say this like I have some kind of stock in them...) beat the Yankees! This is going to give me gloating rights every time I talk to my father from now until next year.

I think that's about it. I still feel kind of gross from eating greasy crap for lunch and dinner. I think I seriously might want to just get a salad tomorrow. At least the salads from Mickey D's are pretty edible. I need to be a little better prepared if I don't want havoc wreaked on my stomach all the time.
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I am so insanely tired and I have absolutely no clue why. I'm going to blame it on the time change coming up at 2am, which I will most likely not be awake to see. I'm actually surprised that I'm awake even now. I want to see the end of the baseball game though.

Work was insane tonight. I made something like $12 in incentive tonight, which is fantastic, because I realised that I won't get my time and a half on this week's cheque, but on next week's. Oh well. I'll need the extra cash.

Shit, I just realised that's almost an extra $80, time before and after the mall opens/closes nonwithstanding, since I'll be making a bit more than $11 an hour. That's seriously more than I made working the week before last. Yay for time and a half on Sundays and holidays!

Wow, the Citi anti-identity theft commercials are scary...

I think I want to change around the colours on my page. They've been these colours for a while and I'm kind of tired of them. I actually should redo the website, too, but I don't know if I'll have time until the winter break. I'm not sure what I want to do with it, really, since I don't have too much time to update, with school and all.

Ok, off to La-La Land. Wee.
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Red Sox. Are. Blowing. It.

Grady Little is a complete and total ass and I think I'm truly starting to dislike Pedro, even more than I don't like Nomar. At least I have a reason now for not liking Pedro. I can't believe they blew a TWO RUN LEAD! Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. I should have stuck with my original idea of rooting for the Marlins. At least they won something.

Ok, done complaining about the Red Slobs. They're going to blow it, anyway.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see why I still have this cold after a week and because I need to refill a couple of perscriptions. This has not been a good week. I've been up today since about 4:30 this morning. School has me stressed to the point where I seriously woke up having a panic attack about the two research papers that I have to do. I basically have been going since then, as well, since I was working and today is delivery day.

The mall was totally dead, so I wired a ton of pictures and cut the hell out of my fingers. I think this is part of the reason that I quit playing guitar a few years ago. I didn't want to be bothered developing the callouses.

Ugh. I want to watch the rest of this game, but I'm so tired from not getting any sleep last night and not being able to take a nap after work. I have so much to do tomorrow, too.

Why do they play the same three commercials over and over again after midnight?

The phone is at least working well. I've got pretty much everything figured out, except how to make certain calls have their own specific ring, but I can handle that.

Well, they blew it. Go Marlins!


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