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Mah nephews: they has a a kyoot.

Logan first, Brendan next )
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Today was moderately better than before. Steven made steak tips last night and we split a bottle of wine. Wine makes A LOT of things better. I finally managed to sleep well through the night.

The day can't got great, of course, so I woke up to a randomly overflowed toilet. I plunged it a few times and mopped up the water, but things seem ok, so far. My cousins from the Czech Republic were visiting, so I spend some time chatting with them. Took a couple pictures and they left just around 14:00. I snarfed down a quick lunch and decided that I was going to go out for a bike ride because it looked nice out. I hit the post office and then decided I didn't feel like going home, so I biked down towards the library. There's a neat little antique store there. I bought a pretty art deco ring and bracelet and had a nice chat about cameras with the guy. I might go back next week and see if I can find a matching necklace. Pictures when I can use my camera again.

My books were in at the library, so I loaded up on those and came back here, fed the cats (who hadn't so much as smelt food since the early 90s), repotted our second tomato, and here I am, snarfing down lotus cakes and vitamin water leftover from my ride. At some point, I will make it off my ass and put clothes away and pick something out for my interview tomorrow.

[ profile] lauraxmarie might be coming to visit me tomorrow!!

We're getting a grill Thursday, $30 from Le CraigsList, so there be grilling in store for my birthday week-end. I can't believe my birthday is in three days. I'm really bummed out about it, not because of my age, but this is the first one without my grandmother. I told Steven I don't know what I want to do. I think we're going for Indian, but who knows.


May. 17th, 2008 05:05 pm
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Article on Rich in our local newsrag.

The funeral was today. It was very, very surreal. Rich was the first person in my peer group to really die, aside from Dawn's high school boyfriend who I didn't know well. I had said to Steven before we left that the whole thing was just fucked up; we should be making plans for coffee, not going to see him buried. When I was fishing through my closet for my default funeral dress, I found it hanging right next to the dress I wore to their wedding 3 years ago.

We're going back to see her in a little bit, after I ice down my knee. It's about the size of my head right now and I can still see shoe imprints on my foot. I shall be enjoying zoris for the rest of the week now. School will get over it and it's MCAS week next week, anyway.

Well, tomorrow is a new day, right?
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My cousin Beth's husband passed away this morning, very unexpectedly. If you guys can, please keep her and their little girl in your prayers.
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Sometimes it really amazes me how incredibly dull my life is. It's comfortable, like fleece pants, but it's not exactly something you'd wear out in public, unless it was a quick trip to the shops. I'm not dissatisfied with it, but reading my entries must be like watching paint dry sometimes because it's dull, dull, dull, stretch of now entries, dull, DRAMAZ!, dull.

This definitely was not how I pictured my life a decade ago. I don't think I'd want the same things now that I did then, but still... Sometimes it's hard to make the two mesh. It reminds me of looking back on my years in Vermont. It's like remembering a movie or hearing about someone else's life. Everything's kind of familiar, but not. There's no emotional connection with anything. That's kind of how I feel about things I wanted in high school. I have the memories, but I can't connect to them anymore.

Jesus, I'm maudlin right now. I blame my unhappy belly. It is full of EVIL.

I did not work on pictures or my painting today. I made a valiant effort, being all showered before noon, but it just died right after. The reason? I wasted my whole day listening to it and my bonus time-suck that is LJ and crafty blogs. It was slightly better than watching television, I suppose, though. I did think about baking a pie, but the bowl wasn't clean and the table succumbed to entropy, so no motivation there. I also considered the following things: sweeping my kitchen floor, cleaning the bedroom, putting dishes away, and working on my portfolio.

I'm in such a slump, it's not even funny. At least my eating is not in a slump or it wasn't till dinner.

Beth, Rich, and Munchkin called to request our company. It was originally going to be tea at Borders, but it ended up becoming a trip to the Old Country Buffet because, since I have never been to one, it became imperative that I eat there on the off chance I die in a meteor accident tomorrow. The nearest one is in Brockton and, lucky for us, all the hoods are rolling at the Randolph Cinemas and we did not have the chance to become the latest shooting victims.

It wasn't bad. It reminded my of Ponderosa, except bigger and everything is one price instead of adding your drink and entree on, if desired. I'm the worst person to go to buffets with because I find less and less I want to eat every single time I go. I horfed down mucho potatoes and spinach salad, but also gave into several fried things and ice cream, so my stomach, after a week of healthy eating, has declared war on me. Despite what Steven says, I am not developing a dairy allergy, I just don't like it that much, and it's the greasy/lardy/fried things that hate my innards.

That aside, friends are good, baby is cute, Steven should really have been born a woman because he's perfect Mommy material while I am really ideal Dad material (Bath? Hosing the kids off in the kiddie pool with some dish detergent will work!*). Plans were extended for Borders later in the week because it was getting past everyone's crib time and my belly, it was plotting.

And that's it. I'm on teh intarwebz, Steven napped, we watched news and SNL because I <3 Tina Fey, and he went to bed. All in all, it was a chill day, which I needed considering I managed to trigger myself good last night.

We wash clothes at my grandfather's sometimes and it's alternately very comforting and upsetting since it's her detergent, the same stuff she used for years, and it smells so much like her house.  I'm actually starting to tear up again just thinking about it. A couple nights ago, it was fine. Yesterday, no. I have two bags of her clothes that are sitting in my living room because I can't actually move them or bring myself to go through them. The worst has to be her bathrobe; it still smells like her and I just can't bring myself to do anything with it yet. I'd like to wear it, but I'm afraid it will stop smelling like her. It's been better, recently, but this has been a rough week, being home by myself with nothing to do.

What's it they say? One day at a time?

*True story. My mum went out with a friend once and asked my father to give me a bath before she got home, as well as clean out the kiddie pool. My father decided that he could kill two bird with one stone: child in pool, dishwashing soap to clean the pool, hose, voila! My mother was absolutely livid with him. I was rashy with a head of snarled hair and the pool kept sudsing when we refilled it.


Dec. 9th, 2007 03:18 pm
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We went on our first solo trip to see my grandfather yesterday. It was hard, as expected. The house seems really strange. It's very empty and sad feeling. My grandmother always had tonnes of lights on (to my grandfather's dismay; he likes to save electricity), so it was dark, too. I've never been in the house without her there. We'd been times when my grandfather was in the hospital, but it never seemed so empty, then. It wasn't creepy, like at my grandmother Takacs's house after she died, just sad and muted.

We mostly sat in the office, with my grandfather, talking. I wrote out a couple bills for him to sign, since he has tremours and can't write very legibly and balanced the chequebook. It was hard to see my handwriting under hers in there.

I was in the house less than two minutes before the cat came tearing from the other room and flopped on her back for bellah rubbins. She haunted me throughout the house for the whole day. Anywhere I went, she was half a step behind, meowing at me. Any time she got ahead of me, she kept looking back to make sure I was still there. She wouldn't go outside and any time I sat, she was in my lap.

I think the hardest thing was that my grandfather kept calling me Lee or Ohnie. Steven caught it a few times and it made my heart catch every time I heard it. Eventually, they went downstairs to check out a clogged sink in Grandpa's workshop and the cat and I continued to kind of haunt the upstairs.

Her ashes are in the back bedroom. I saw the box when I went to check out the scale. I've lost a little more than ten pounds since the last time I was there. The cat had gone into their bedroom and wanted me to sit with her on the bed, which was more than I could handle. Ma cleaned off her bureau, so that was just strange, too. I know it's so it doesn't look like she's just run to the store and will be coming home, but it was hard to look at. I remember looking at her photos and her telling me about them when I was a kid or how sometimes she's let me use a little of her make-up.

No one's cleaned up anything in what used to be my room there. Her shoes and stocking are still on the box where she took them off the night before she died. There are a couple of cards addressed on the bureau and other things where she'd put them down. Her clothes are all folded on the ironing board, ready to be put away. I thought that room would be the hardest, but the living room's actually the one that I really can't stand being in. I went in long enough to get some Vaseline for the cat, but I couldn't stay in there.

My grandfather shooed us out around 3:30, so we went home. We picked up some of our Christmas stuff from Ma's and then we came home and mulled apple cider with vanilla schnapps in it. It seemed to help the laryngitis I've had for the last couple days.

I've mostly just felt sick all day. I did a little work on my charcoal, but I was antsy and didn't like what was coming out. I'll take it back to school and do work on it tomorrow. I did lightly fix it so it won't get smeared.

I guess we're going to try and get our tree today, after Steven brings in his end of the laundry and I finish watching some stupid programme on some weird dog-thing up in Maine.
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So it'll be a week tomorrow. I can't believe that. I don't remember much of the last week, so it seems like it just happened yesterday. Ma's going to Rhode Island tomorrow to spend the day with my grandfather so he doesn't have to be alone. I'll be teaching her classes and Cheryl's on Friday. I guess it will be nice to end the week in the Art Dept. It's at least something I know how to do instead of, say, maths.

I'm so cold. I can't get our heat to work right. I need to call the landlord or get a space heater or something. I don't want to know how bad the electric bill will be this month.

My stomach hurts. I still don't really feel like eating and it's still kind of a crap shoot if I'm going to get sick or not. It's not even like I feel hungry; it's more I just have a stomach ache and I feel queasy all the time. I had a bagel this afternoon that mostly stayed down, as opposed to yesterday when I had a mozzarella and basil sandwich that didn't. It's funny, the half I ate in the afternoon made me sick, but the other half I had at dinner was ok, as far as things go.

I started working on the eulogy last night and then promptly cried for 15 minutes in the bathroom. That and the poor, soggy cat are kind of my default ok to break down locations. The shower's a close third. I'll look at it again over the week-end, probably. I'm sure it will need editing.

I need to get a black cardigan and I need to get my black dress dry cleaned in the next two weeks. Two weeks from today, I'll be married a year. Fifty-four weeks ago, we were just arriving at my reception. Two weeks today would have been my grandparents' 62nd. anniversary. Two weeks from today, I'll be reading her eulogy. It should have been a happy week-end. A week ago, she was still alive. Tomorrow, her ashes will probably come back from the funeral home. I don't know what I'll do tomorrow.

As a post-note, I got my IUD two years ago today. I just remembered what else this date meant.

Photo Post.

Dec. 4th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Didn't feel up to posting yesterday. I had a really bad day. Today's been better, I guess. I'm posting family photos from over the years.

More Photos from Better Times )

I'll probably post tomorrow. We're meeting with the priest this Saturday about the Mass, we need to pick out music and readings, and I need to work on whatever eulogy I'm going to be reading. This week will suck.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 02:51 pm
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Obit's in the paper today:

I should go out and get a copy of the ProJo, I guess. I don't even know where around here there'd be one.

I thought I was doing ok this morning, but I'm really not. I kind of almost wish stupid MIL would call again so I could have something to be angry about.

Edit: The family, at a happier time. Mum and I do not look similar.
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We went down to my grandfather's today and it was difficult, as imagined. Ma tried to make it as normal as possible, but it just wasn't. She ordered Chinese food from the place that we had lunch at the last time I saw her. She sat in Gramma's seat and she tried to switch me to the other side of the table, next to Steven, instead of the seat I've sat at since I was a child. I had to excuse myself; I couldn't take it.

My grandpa was talking about how they took her out in a body bag. He started crying and I had had to leave the room then, too. I sat in the spare room with the cat and cried. Poor kitty, I've cried on her so much over the last few days. I'm grateful for her, she just purrs while I'm losing it and licks my face.

I couldn't eat my lunch. I played with it till Ma told me to just put it away.

I programmed Grampa's new phone so he can call us whenever he wants. It has an emergency system, too, so he can hit a button and call all of us till someone answers. There's even a recorded message in case he has to call 911 and can't talk. We set up his new telly too. I guess we're going down next week to start cleaning out her things.

I fucking miss her so much. I don't know how I'm going to live through this... I really don't. It was so painful to be there without her.

I still can't keep anything down. I tried to eat a little dinner tonight and I yakked it right back up. We're going on 72 hours since I've been able to eat anything without getting sick. I can't believe I'm not even hungry. I ate earlier because I figured I should, but I guess I wasn't ready.

Ray called today to tell us that she'd been cremated. The ashes will be there on Tuesday or Wednesday, as well as the photo they're putting in her obituary. That will be another hard day. No one's really talked about what to do with the ashes. She wanted to be spread down Narragansset, so I guess we'll do that. I'd like to have some to keep here too, but I don't know. I know nothing anymore.

My hairdresser was amazing today. She did Gramma's hair and I guess Gramma was supposed to go in the day she passed. She fit me in today and when I went to pay, she wouldn't take my money. Her mum was my gramma's hairdresser before she started doing hair, so we've known them for years. She's been doing my hair since I was a child.

I fed the geese, too, even though it was frigid and for a minute, I could pretend everything was ok.

When is this pain going to stop? Does it ever? I just want it to go away.

Still here

Dec. 1st, 2007 01:00 am
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Today was another not so good day. I've been throwing up on and off all day and my throat is getting sore from it. Tried to eat pizza, since it was the only vaguely appetizing thing I could think of, but that wouldn't stay down either.

The house is still a mess. I ventured out twice, to BJs and for pizza, but I really wasn't up to being out in public. I felt really woozy and out of it while I was walking around and everything seemed way too loud. I just wanted to come home and hide again.

Steven and I got into an argument and the second he left, on my insistence, I picked up the phone to call Gramma. I got as far as dialing the numbers and the I realized that she'd never, ever pick up my calls again. I can't ever call her for a recipe or a quick question or just to talk and that floored me. She seriously is the most important person in my life; she's always been there for me. How do you go on when someone like that is gone?

I have the jewelry box I gave her for her birthday on my table, next to the last issue of Good Housekeeping she read. I haven't been able to ready it yet. I keep just touching the cover when I walk by or opening the box because some of her hair is still inside. Ma gave me a little container of her face powder and a earring container that she painted for her almost 20 years ago. More cat fur, more of Gramma's hair on it. I can't stop looking at it. Same with the ornaments she bought for us just a little bit ago. She got Steven and me our first "grown-up" ornament: a Lenox and crystal star. She always got those for Ma and she had just bought me what turns out to be my last granddaughter ornament. I can't believe this is the last year I'll ever have one of those from her.

We're supposed to go to Rhode Island with Ma and Bruce tomorrow. I don't know how to do this. I can't even talk to my mum on the phone right now because she sounds too much like Gramma and it hurts so bad. I'm having a hard time even listening to myself right now because I sound too much like her. How am I going to go to her house and not see her sitting there. Her pillow smelt just like her last time I was there, her bag was on the floor exactly where she left it, her crosswords half done, reading glasses by her chair... I just can't do it. I just want to curl up in a little ball and sleep. I can't believe she's gone.

I guess I'll pop in at Chris's and see if I can get a pity hair cut while I'm there. It would give me a break, which I know I'll need.

I know this is God's will and I know He has a reason, but I wish I understood and He would see fit to not make this hurt so much. I wasn't ready to lose her. I wanted her to meet my children, I wanted her to seem me graduate from college, I wanted her to be there for my first real job. It's not fucking fair. I wish God understood how much I needed her. I feel like I lost my rudder.

How am I going to get through this?
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My grandmother passed away this morning at 8:30. I am not handling it especially well, so I'm not sure how much I'll be on (probably a lot) or responding to people (probably very little). We're heading down to RI right now to be with family.
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The week still sucks, I need to take my suit to the cleansers tomorrow ([ profile] mom_o_cass, [ profile] maa3120, or [ profile] littlestarletta, do you know anyone who could do a one day turn around? The skirt is fine, but the jacket isn't. I'm leaving too early to pick it up Saturday morning.), I'm 47 kinds of tired, and I can't seem to find anything wake appropriate that a) fits or b) matches. I only have one black skirt and it's a Tripp one that I wore at my bridal shower. It has lacing down the front, but is otherwise mostly tame. I wear it to work on a regular basis.

Pictures behind cut. Plz to b advising )

I wish my ass would pick a size (preferably the smaller version) and just stay there. Right now, 90% of my clothes are too big. The things that fit are old and not really flattering. I could go to the mall tomorrow and buy something, but I am whingy and don't want to, especially not alone. And I have a headache right now and need a nap. And some tylenol.

Meme )
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My great Aunt Helen passed away at 9:30 yesterday evening without regaining consciousness. She was 88. I'll be on and off for the next couple days and I won't be on most of the week-end.
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I need to stop shopping at Old Navy. I found some pants I liked that they didn't have in store in the length I wanted. I knew I had seen them on the website, so I figured I'd just order them there. I ordered those, another pair of pants, and a turtleneck. I had just clicked the check-out button and entered my account information when the next screen informs me that the pants that I had tried to order were in high demand and had been removed. I called to bitch to the customer service line and basically what happened was they oversold the pants and they went to the first person to check out.

What. the. frak? How the hell are they allowed to do that? I was in the middle of checking out. I bought the size smaller since I could have gone either way, so hopefully they'll fit.

Stupid Old Navy for only have their goddamn lengths online and making me order there. I'd rather just buy in the damn store.

I bought the size smaller, since I could have gone either way in the store. We'll see when they get here later this week. I guess I'll return them if they don't fit. Now, I mostly just need shoes for school and to unpack/sort the rest of my clothes because, oh, I did nothing this week-end besides, basically, sleep. Well, that's a lie. We went to my grandparents for a bit yesterday and I bought a down comforter for our frigid bedroom. I am so not cool with winter. I have my flannel pyjamas on now.

In less fun news, my great aunt Helen has slipped into a terminal coma as of yesterday. They're expecting her to go any time between now and next Sunday. All they're currently doing for her is giving her a morphine drip, per her end of life instructions. She turned 88 in May. Steven and I are going to have to take a day off to go to the funeral when she goes, which will probably be down the Cape. I need to get my suit dry cleaned in preparation for this. I'm not sure how I feel about this-- I haven't seen Helen in almost two years, even though she lives behind my grandmother. She didn't really want people in the house these last couple years. I told Steven I might end up very upset, I might not. I don't know how I'll take it. Right now, I'm ok.

Frak. This means I need to call my father tomorrow and let him know about Helen.

Steven's father is getting better, at least. He's still pretty out of it; he told Steven today he was "doing work in Paris", but he's off the breathing tube and they think he's going to live, which is good. No word on the kidney, but my guess is that he's going to be on dialysis probably permanently. But dialysis, I assume, is preferable to dying.

MIL is being her usual self. )

That does remind me of a really funny story about Mum. We went to Target a couple weeks ago and, because I am 5, I was touching everything. Mum's kind of staring at me and says "What the hell was wrong with your mother? Didn't she tell you not to touch everything you see?" I kind of shrugged and said it was hard, since the wolves didn't exactly have hands. She responds with "Goddamn wolves. Can't they evolve opposable thumbs?" Then we both started cracking up, prompting quite a few people to stare at us. The weirdness is genetic. Our kids are doomed.

I am so tired. I need to find our door snake tomorrow because it's damned cold down here. I can feel the breeze creeping in under the door.

Had coffee with Beth, Rich, and the munchkin and I think we're having dinner with them at Ikea Friday because we both need to do stuff there and also it's very cheap. Plus, Friendly's is still trying to kill me and I'm not even going to get into that. The company was lovely, though.

New nail polish this week: Suzi Says Da! It's a nice, deep garnet. The black lasted really well last week, so maybe I'll be able to keep polish on my nails for a while. Kind of plays in with that whole "responsible adult" thing.

I think we're going to go out on a date Tuesday to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I kind of want to catch an early showing because of the whole early next day thing. Perhaps I shall wear my red pleather shoes since I am adorable and all. Now, if only I could find my pencil skirt... Maybe I'll look for it tomorrow night. I could use and excuse to dress up, not that school isn't...

I am so tired. I'm almost positive I have an ear infection, so I'm going to put some drops in tomorrow and see where life goes. This is going to be a long week.
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Today was pretty good, actually. I had an appointment to get my hair trimmed up, but I was really early, so Steven and I bought a loaf of bread and fed the goosen in the little pond next to Schroeder's in Riverside. They were, of course, delighted by the attention.

Chris took me in a little early and now my hair looks the way I wanted it to to begin with. Hooray from remembering to bring pictures. It's all cute and spiky in the back ([ profile] blackwingwolf, you'll get to see it Monday.)

Did laundry at my grandparents, loaded up a dozen CDs into iTunes for my grampa, and hung out with my gramma. I also played with her kitteh, who is tentatively being named Penelope (as in Pesty Penelope). She's really funny, she sits like a 50 year old union worker, like "Mah harbawls, let me show you them"... you know, if she had any. My gramma wasn't feeling really great today. She actually went and laid down for a bit while we were there. I felt bad I didn't bring them anything. I think when we go down in a couple weeks, I'm going to try to bake a pie or something... You know, when I can use my kitchen again. Must put things away this week.

First of all, Providence Place is the biggest clusterfrak ever to get to and going on a Saturday was a bloody nightmare. Apparently, we were not thinking or something because finding a place to park was a nightmare. At least parking is a lot cheaper now. Three or fewer hours is $1, 3-5 is $5 and anything more than that is too much time to spend in a mall unless you're working there. We had dinner at Popeye's, which was not only kind of blah, but they screwed our order up and Steven had to go back 8 million and 10 times.

Lush Run & Reviews )

Delia*s had the dress I've been having kittens over, but it didn't fit really well. Damn thick upper arms and damn boobs. I did get two cute thermally tops, one with partridges and one with owls. They were a bargain at $6.99.

We hit up JC Penney's while we were there and it was surprisingly not great. The one in Natick is way better, so I guess I'll make a trip out there, eventually. I went to Penney's originally to find a new pencil skirt for school and maybe some tops. Instead, I got some kind of slutty no show lacey knickers, some black slacks for school, and Skecher's Waterlily shoes in brown (which I saw in [ profile] easter's journal and just fell in love with. I want to get the black ones eventually too. Steven got a pair of cords and a couple nice polos for work.

Then I bought Sex with Queens from Border's because I have Sex with Kings and it was pretty good, so I figure this should be pretty awesome. Steven got some book on Abraham Lincoln, and I got another book on the real story of the Bounty.

Then we came home, I took a bath, and I am sleep as hell. We're going to brunch tomorrow before eye appointments and car inspections and visiting my intubated FIL. I'm sure there will be a MIL drama post tomorrow. It's been pretty good.

FIL Update )

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He will really need it to make it through all of this.

Aaaand that's my day, folks.
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If there were one name that I would wish to be identified as, it would be She-Who-Wraps. Wrapping Christmas pressies is my favourite part of the holiday season. Despite several holidays together, Steven has yet to understand my wrapping quirk:

I like to wrap pressies so much, I will willingly chose to wrap my own.

I think it comes from years in a dysfunctional family. Christmas in the Takacs house was always an Affair. It would begin with my mother shopping for gifts after Thanksgiving and trying to find a suitable place to hide them. Because I was a child who hated surprises, I would immediately begin the process of "accidentally" finding my gifts. My mum would huff and sigh and then we would wrap them together, sometimes singing carols, sometimes singing Rent! at the top of our lungs. We would further make attempts to find The Perfect Tree at the same time my father would thwart us by sulking and whinging. He would go out and we would sneak the tree and and stealth-decorate so by the time he returned home, there was nothing he could do.

Christmas morning would always begin with my mum pinning my stocking to my door and me dragging into the living room for life-giving coffee. Mum would make pancakes and we would uneasily sit down at the one meal we all ate together during the year. Phase One of the Annual Family Fight was about to begin. My father would finish his breakfast, eye us, and announce it looked like a great day to go skiing. My mum would mumble something about opening gifts and I would transport to the tree in hopes of avoiding The Fight. My father would begin sulking and the tension would mount.

Opening of gifts was always punctuated with ooohs and ahhhs, this is lovely, and Jesus Christ, how the hell much did you spend on her? My father would begin to allow his gaze to drift out over the sparkling white snow while he complained that we hadn't gone to Church and how utterly amazing the skiing would be. My mother and I would slowly shift away while he continued to grumble about skiing so that we could partake in the stocking booty. Around 10 or 11, my father would interrupt whatever was happening and accuse my mother of forbidding him to ski on Christmas Day. Then, it would be on.

She would tell him she said nothing of the sort and he could go if he wanted to. He would call her a liar and say she was trying to keep us (meaning him and me) home. I would tell him I really didn't want to go skiing. He would tell me I was stupid, of course I did. What would I rather do? Sit around in my pyjamas and get fat? My mum would then yell that what he said was uncalled for and to leave me alone. He would accuse her of brainwashing me. I remind him I really didn't like to ski and he'd tell me to shut up. This could go on for up to an hour. Eventually, my mother would announce "Fer chrissakes, go goddamn skiing then!" and my father would yell back "Fine! I will!" and would stalk off. Mum and I would then have a pleasant Christmas dinner by ourselves.

After we moved, I would inevitably wrap my own pressies to put under the tree. Mum did the same. Occasionally, we would buy things and label them "From Santa" as an excuse to splurge. The first Christmas Steven and I were together was strange because he totally didn't get the things that had become routine. He actually expected to wrap pressies for me.

Last year, there was a bit of a tussle about pressie wrapping. I started in and Steven was slightly miffed because I wrapped my own. This year, he just kind of watched me. He felt that he needed to let me know he would have wrapped them if I wanted. I smiled and said I knew. That's true love, right there. 
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My father, in a fit of paternal/paternal-in-law love, sent us a cheque for $300 for Christmas. For anyone who actually knows my father, a year ago, this would have been completely unreal. My father has, evidently, decided now that I am in my 23rd year, living on my own with the Other Half and occasional Kid, to be a father again.

Not that I am complaining, because I'm not. You only get one father and I'm starting to feel a lot less gypped. I actually talked to him tonight without any lectures about my weight or anything on his part. He's been very good about Steven the last few times we've gone up. In fact, he's bordered on friendly. It's scary. It's like aliens abducted my father and replaced him.

It's all good, though. I like the newer version a lot better.

Anyhow, cleaning is still happening. So far, we have 17 people coming to our little party Sunday, as well as a snow storm. Rah. Carleigh-- hope you guys can make it, but if you're going to get caught in the nasty storm, don't worry about it.
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So, no one still knows what exactly is happening, except that he didn't strain his back, like he said. In reality, he was screwing around with something on the floor of the garage and passed out. I guess my grandmother said he has a big lump on his back and he can't get up. Last update was that he was still in the ER waiting on x-rays and whatnot.

This has not been a good day.


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