May. 23rd, 2008 03:27 pm
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I just arrived home to find that what I thought might be termite holes really is! My whole door jamb was CRAWLING with the little winged bastards. Luckily, I am not especially creeped out by bugs and I promptly did what any sane person would do: I grabbed my can of Raid and SPRAYED THE FRAK out of them. As a bonus, it smells pleasantly lemony in here now, until the nerve toxins due me in.

Rock and roll, mass insect homocide. I guess I shall be ringing the landlord tonight.
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There is nothing more awesome than being able to actually do laundry in my own damn house. Nothing.

We finally decided that, as our big Christmas present, to buy a portable washing machine. BJ's had one that we had been looking at since September, but it was kind of expensive, so we had been holding off. The other night, we went in to buy cards and they had the last model for a good discount. The washer came home with us for $120.

I finally decided that I would ruin some of my own clothes first as an experiment. First try, I got sprayed in the face because the hose wasn't tightened. It took me a minute to get used to the way it works, but I think I have the hang of it, now that I am on my second load.

Most of my stuff is hang dry anyway, so this completely eliminates having to go to the laundromat today. It is so worth every cent we paid.

And now I'm going back to cleaning.
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I'm still hurting like a bastard today. I'm hoping tomorrow things will start feeling a little better. My bruises started to colour up just a little today. I have a couple stair prints on my mid-back, a banister bruise on my right ribside, what looks like a stair corner bruise on my left ribside, and a couple touchy point on the front of my ribcage. That's not counting the bits of rugburn and bruises on my knees and shins. I can't stop thinking how lucky I am that I fell forward and not sideways. If I hadn't fallen the way I did, I would have fallen directly on top of the telly. So as much as falling down the stairs sucked, it would have been way, way worse.

At least the headache is lessening, finally. Same with the goose egg on the back of my head.

I've pretty much been sleeping on and off since Saturday. I probably shouldn't be with the concussion and all, but eh, I guess I need the sleep. I went to bed at 11 yesterday, got up at 11 today and took a couple hour nap in the afternoon. I'm pretty tired now, but I totally wanted to catch up on LA Ink.

This is my week of extended telly awesome: Dancing with the Stars started yesterday, new SVU tonight, Bionic Woman tomorrow... I need to stop getting so sucked into watching things. I can't believe I let myself go sucked into LA Ink. It totally competes with SVU, though. At least I can watch the episodes online.

I totally need a haircut this week-end. It was never as short as I wanted it in the back and it's just kind of mangy right now. Mum was sort of making the face when I mentioned it to her Monday. She was hoping this was "a phase" because she liked the the length I had it when I got married. Can't please everyone, it seems. My long hair was way too much of a pain in the ass.

What do you think, FList? Did I took better with long hair?

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I'm going shopping with my mum Thursday for housewares things. Apparently, my clumsiness has inspired her to buy me Rubbermaid bins and helps me organize.
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[ profile] coffeewench69 was kind enough to message me to make sure I hadn't totally disappeared, so I figured I should update.

I have food poisoning. I ate leftover shrimp fried rice what sat on the counter for several hours and then dumped Peking ravioli sauce I left out all night on it. It was totally delicious, but I knew I was in for trouble later. The main issue here is that I am stupid. So when I started feeling queasy and like I drank a gallon of fryalator grease about 4 hours later, I knew. I knew.

Amusing interlude: Now, I can eat this and be generally ok. I once had very bad rotissere chicken and didn't yak, but any time I ever ate at MIL's, I yakked and was down for a good 24 hours. Shows you how incredibly bad her food was.

I think my sinuses are frakked tonight. I was playing the tooth pain game earlier: popcorn, cavity, or sinuses, and I'm pretty sure it's the latter. I really should go to the dentist, but I'm so freaked out by them and their 8 foot needles. Plus, I think my teeth would hurt a lot more if I actually had a cavity. I probably also wouldn't've been blowing my nose every 15 seconds like I have been all day. Damn my eternal nememsis, the maple.

Steven totally hates me. Last week, I was watching 13 Going On 30, tonight I found Save the Last Dance (which is one of my favourite movies), and he was making The Face so bad. He just doesn't understand my love of bad teen coming of age movies. Alas. I bought

Oh, what the frak, giant wolf spider? You are so icky, but your skitter-skitter-FREEZE "Oh shit, she saw me. Maybe if I don't move, she'll forget I'm here," made me feel guilty about killing you for a moment. Now I have to clean your squished corpse off the floor. When will you learn that seeing you = death? I am not a T Rex, spider. Your holding skill does not make you magically invisible to me.

Why does Gwen Stefani's perfume have to smell so good? I tried a little sample today and damn... I am going to have to buy a little bottle when I eventually have money again. God, I despise her, but this and that song Sweet Escape? Might sway me just a teensy bit.

I need to not get sucked into watching Alfie. Yet another movie I wanted to catch and for whatever reason, never did. I really do like Jude Law, even if he did nail the nanny. Of course, If I were dating Sienna Miller, I probably would have gone for the nanny too. I can't stand her skinny blonde ass.

I met our new neighbours yesterday. Very nice, newlyweds like us, and parents of a Sphynx cat. I don't envy them for being in the moving process. We still have loads to unbox and I really, really want to seal the crack in the house to get cut back on our spider/bug problem. I think I should also spray round the doorframes too.

This just got rather boring, rather quick.

I took inventory of my stash tonight. It's filled a crate now, 32 skiens. I cast on for a new scarf for Steven, but I'm going to have to frog it since after a couple rows, it's way too big. It's cool, though, because I think I'd rather knit on circs than straight needles. Yarn of choice is Moda Dea Vixen in Green with Envy. I'm thinking it may end up being a scarf and hat combo, since I have 5 50g balls. I'll see how it shapes up. But yea, knitting season has started for me. Plus, it gives me something to do at school when not reading.

I think I might as well just watch the rest of Alfie. I've got the week-end off.


Sep. 4th, 2007 12:28 am
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AKA Back to work week. End of my summer vacation... And I spent it not feeling good. Yay. I actually still don't feel great, so I'm guessing I had a little stomach bug. Good times. Oh well, I don't have really high expectations for this week not sucking anyway. 6am is going to blow hardcore.

Since I've been feeling craptastic, there's a whole bunch of shit which did not get done this week-end, including sealing the windows (need more caulk), regrouting the tub (need grout), cleaning the bathroom (I did just scrub the tub, so that's a partial), cleaning the kitchen, sorting out my school clothes, and hanging pictures among other things. I had hoped to get a lot of this stuff done before school started, but whatever. I guess my new goal is going to be Columbus Day to get all this done.

I'm also kind of failing at replying to comments that aren't on my own entries. I'm reading, I'm trying to comment, but it's going to be a busy, lousy couple weeks till I readjust to school time. I must quit apologizing to my journal all the time. Sigh.

I'll eventually get a chance to review the Lush things I bought too.


May. 4th, 2007 06:49 am
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Dear Mice:

I understand you enjoy living in my kitchen. There are lots of delicious things to eat and I'm not a fan of kill traps, but must you have Mouse Wars so loudly that I can hear the squeaking in the living room over the noise of the telly? Not cool.


Feb. 8th, 2007 03:20 pm
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Dear Thermostat:

We really need to stop meeting like this. You run too hot and cold for me. Lately, it's cold and you know I just can't resist you when you're giving me the cold shoulder. That means there's something fundamentally wrong with our relationship. I can't keep you turned on and most days I have to jump through hoops just to get a little spark out of you. It's not fair to either of us and it's not fair that I need to wear hobo gloves in the house to keep my fingers from going icy.

We've tried everything to fix this, including breaking you down to basics and building back up from there. Maybe it's time for you to seek professional help. I can only do so much and you're not my only concern. The bathtub needs me too. You're not the only appliance in my life.

So I guess this is it. I know you've warmed up to be for the moment, but how do I know it will last? How can I trust you when you've proved time and time again that as soon as I start to depend on you, you'll go cold on me again. Please straighten your act out.



Jul. 7th, 2006 08:31 am
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I am 478 kinds of cranky. I don't appreciate being woken up at 7:30 by pounding so loud that the workers next door sound like they're coming through my wall and I can't even get more sleep with a pillow over my head. I am not fucking impressed. Not at all. I understand I was getting up in a little while anyway so we could go to the beach, but this was more than an hour before I wanted/needed to be up At least I can sleep on the beach.

Ugh, so off we go to Newport for the day.


May. 21st, 2006 05:34 pm
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The town houses we looked at were really nice. They come fully applianced, too, which would mean all Steven and I would need to buy was a washer and dryer. The price is decent. All said and done, we'd be paying about $50 a month more to live there than to rent here. The bedrooms are big, the master bath has a jacuzzi tub, and it would take very little to finish the attic and basement.

We're going to go see the mortgage broker sometime this week to see if we can get approved for a loan. I should know by the end of the week.


May. 16th, 2006 01:52 am
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Why must the downstairs neighbour be vacuuming now? WHY!?
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The day we all knew would come has. Our beloved paposan chair has broken. We are, understandably, heart-broken.

The chair begans its life with Steven. It was a gift from his parents for his first apartment. It lived with him for 4 years until, one day, it had to move back home with his parents' basement. I had always had a soft spot for the paposan and told Steven that I would adopt it in a heartbeat. After all, I have lots of adopted furniture, including my grandfather's comfy old chair.

When we moved into our apartment in Weymouth, we happily welcomed the paposan back into our home. It quickly became a favourite place to curl up in, whether reading, knitting, or just watching TV. It was with us through the adoption of our next piece of furniture, my grandparents' couch. Maybe the strain of a newer, bigger piece of furniture was too much, because the other night, while curled up in it with a book, the paposan gave up with a loud crack. We didn't realize the severity of the problem until the next night, when Laura sat down (the paposan is her favourite) and announced something was poking her in the ass. On closer inspection, we saw that, after years of use, one of the joints had given way. A sad end for a beloved chair.

Calling hours will be until we can afford to buy a new one. Interrment will take place in our dumpster at a later date.

RIP, Paposan chair.
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We're getting a real couch! We're finally going to get rid of my 10 year old futon and have a real couch! Ignore that it's 40 years old, it's a real couch!

My grandmother decided to get rid of her couch and wasn't sure what to do with it. Mom mentioned it to me and I told her we'd take it. Seriously, the couch is in better shape than our futon and I could easily just get a slipcover for it, if I wanted to change the appearance. Of course, that leaves the problem of what to do when we have company, but we do have an air mattress. My grandmother was kind of horrified about us taking it because she says it's so old and "dirty" (it's not), but it's really a step up from what we have now.

We're also probably getting a nice formal dining room table from them. My grandfather found a teak table at a yard sale and hasn't been able to sell it, so my grandmother offered to us. They have chairs for it, too. So now I can finally get rid of the much hated Cape Cod butcher block table that Steven had in his first apartment with the ex. I've always hated that table. Plus, it only has three chairs and there's barely enough room for the two of us to sit and eat, let alone if we wanted to have guests over. This way, we could seriously have Thanksgiving without having to run into the kitchen to get more food. We could put the turkey and some of the sides on the table. I'm so excited.

Of course, this means that we'll have to rearrange the apartment, but that's fine. I'm so excited to have real furniture. I should go look at slipcovers now.


Sep. 22nd, 2005 02:37 pm
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One of the baby cardinals this year is on the porch. He hasn't totally matured yet and his sort of grown in crest makes him look like he has a mohawk. It's kind of cute looking. That is all.


Sep. 9th, 2005 08:00 pm
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I located the source of the smell in the bathroom. It's actually the bathroom itself. There is so much mold behind the walls that the whole bathroom smells like moldy towels. So fucking gross. When we come back, I am so making a complaint to the state about the conditions.

Off to Vermont and the fair. Back Sunday night.
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Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Wand vs. the Toiletbowl of Doom:

Scrubby Bubbles: 0
Toiletbowl of Doom: 2

I wish I could find the Clorox Bowl Replacement heads. I swear my toilet flushes on pond water. There was stuff growing in there. Yes, I clean it weekly and we have a block o' Clorox bleach toilet blue in the tank. Thank god we don't drink that shit.

I need to shower, touch up my hair, shave my legs, and clean the bathtub, but I so don't want to.


Apr. 28th, 2005 08:34 pm
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The birds in the trees outside our apartment have been all a-twitter today. They've also been all over the porch and generally driving me nuts today. I haven't been able to figure out why until about an hour ago. I was talking on the phone to my gramma when I saw something move in one of the trees. I thought, at first, it might have been a squirrel. It moved again. Nope, too big to be a squirrel... maybe one of our feral cats? I watched the as yet unknown creature further move down the tree. Suddenly, it hit me.

"Oh my god," I say to my grandmother. "I know why the birds have been so nuts today! There's a raccoon in the tree!"

Sure enough, it was a fairly small (around 10lbs.) raccoon-- probably one of the babies we saw when we first moved in here. It watched us for a little bit before fully getting out of the tree and waddling across the parking lot to go back into the park behind our complex. At least I have interesting things to watch outside.

As for the knee, I'm now 9 days post-op. Things are progressing, but really damned slowly. There's still a fair amount of swelling in and around the joint, it's still fairly painful, especially at night, and sweet jesus, does it fucking itch! I've been assured that this is all normal. It also looks like whoever wrote my post-op instructions wrote them for a straightforward knee scope, rather than what I had, which is essentially full on knee surgery, with fewer cuts. At least my foot's not swollen anymore.

Steven's bringing me home cheesecake. Yay for Steven!
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Today has been shit since pretty much the since the morning. I'm going to make a second post about the good points, but I damn well want to vent first.

We slept off the bacon flavoured haze and got up rather early. Steven's parents called three times before 9:30, but that was a fairly minor irritance. We chilled out, watched the special on wine on the History Channel. After that, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean. When that was over, I decided I'd take a shower. Well, that's where things started going downhill. After my shower, I sat down on the side of the tub to shave my legs. I finished one and went to start the other when the foot I had placed against the tile suddenly went right through it. I knocked out 4 tiles and a huge chunk of sodden sheetrock that I could crumble in my hands. I also managed to slice up my foot pretty well. I took an assload of pictures, in case I need to prove anything. I'll post those when my computer is less fucked up.

After that, I came out to find that my computer had fried itself. It had shut down and I could do nothing with it. Finally, I had to reformat C:\ and reinstall everything on my computer. I lost so many damn files, it's disgusting. I sat and cried for like 20 minutes. However, three Atavan later, I'm finally feeling less would up.

So, not sure what's going on, but please email me your name and email address, since mine's decimated.

Post 2 is going to be friends only. Comment if you want to be added.
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We had our "annual apartment inspection" today and, like all things annual, it was a delight. The latest in a host of maintenance guys (third or fourth in 9 months; I can't remember) seems really nice... except for the language barrier. I had an idea there would be a problem when I couldn't understand a word of the message he left this morning, even after listening to it 6 times.

We have a ton of irritating little problems in our apartment. It's nothing that can't be worked around, but on the same token, for what we're paying, I'd like them to be fixed. We prepared a list, so that when Senor Unintelligble arrived, we could just fork over this list and be done. Oh, if only it had worked that easily...

To start with, our thermostat has died. I can't regulate the temperature without opening and closing the door or window, depending on the room. It's, on average, between 80 and 85 in here without the door open. So, Senor U. turns it up, checks the radiator, and tells me there's no problem with the heat. I try and explain that the thermostat is broken and we can't turn off the heat. Later, rinse, repeat. Finally, he takes off the cover to show me how to turn on the heat, sees that it is broken, and says to me "Oh, I see the problem. Your thermostat is broken. You can't turn off the heat."

Well, no shit, Sherlock! What clued you, ring around the bathtub? Maybe that I said three times that it was broken?

This problem was repeated with everything else on the damned list. I got frustrated and left Steven to deal with him. That was all well and good until he started discussing coming back to fix the bigger problems. He tells Steven he'll come sometime during the day tomorrow. That's a big no, right there. I'm home all day and, because of the combo of things I'm taking for my knee, I sleep the sleep of the dead. I don't hear the phone, the buzzer, knocking at the door, and so forth. That means I wouldn't hear maintenance, which would make them think no one was home, and they'd just come right in, which is unacceptable. The only people I want here while I am asleep are people I know... not Senor U.

Steven told him tomorrow was not good for us, which made him get rather uppity. "Well," he tells us. "I'm not used to making appointments. I don't have time for that. I don't have time for that." Sorry, buddy, making time for reasonable accomodation to do maintenance is what you're paid for. It's not like Steven's asking him to come and work at like 8:30 at night or something. He's home by 3pm at the latest.

Then, Senor U. informs us that maintenance has the right to enter the apartment any time they want to fix problems-- with or without notice!

I've read my lease and I've also checked up on the Mass General Laws. Tenants have every right to be present for routine maintenance, if they want, and the landlord cannot randomly show up and enter, excepting an emergency, without proper notice and making reasonable accomodations for the tenant to be present. I'm personally not comfortable with maintenance randomly showing up without notice or if someone's not home. We have too many stealable things. Yes, it's paranoid, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, not to mention I have no love for the new building super.

We finally convinced him to set a date, but we have to call and remind him to come by Monday. Promptly after that, Steven called the super's office and bitched them out, as well as insisted that there be a note put on our file that, unless it's a dire emergency, maintenance will call first and one of us will need to be present. At least, we got the reasonable part time super, today, instead of the other woman who doesn't know her ass from her elbow.

This really reinforced our interest in moving to another place as soon as it's feasible. Unfortunately, that probably means next June, once Steven gets a full time job. We may consider renting a house, depending on how close the rent works out. I wish we could just buy. I hate apartment living.

That's it for my bitch fest. I finally started the photo tour of our place, which you can view here.
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It's been a whole day since I updated! Go me!

It turned out to be a gorgeous week-end here. It's not snowing, like the evil weathermen said, and it may have reached 50 today. In fact, it's still like 38 now, which is practically a heatwave.

Saturday, we went into the city to have lunch with our friend, Kalen. We actually hired Kalen as a third key when we worked at Lids. She turned out to be a lot of fun to work with and, when she went back to college at BU after the summer, we kept in touch with her, mostly through instant messages and emails. Anyhow, the last time we had caught up was almost two years ago.

We met up at California Pizza Kitchen in the Pru and had a very nice lunch. I am recommending the Carne Asade pizza to anyone who likes fajitas. It was really fantastic. Anyhow, we caught up on her goings on (graduating, possibly moving out west, how we should hook up our respective boyfriends to watch sports together so we don't have to..), filled her in on our goings on (new apartment, eventual pending nuptials, Elliott..), and made tenative plans to have her and Wan, her boyfriend, over to our place and possibly to come see a baseball game with us before they move.

After that, Steven and I took a dull, bumpy, and somewhat chilly trek down Newbury Street to check out Kitty World, which was a huge disappointment. They had only one line of Chococat, tons of HK, no Japanese imports, and nothing San-X. I miss Kitty House so badly. We skipped Teavana because it was a damned zoo and if we had waited around, we would have had to pay $15 to park for the day instead of $8. Bah.

We went to my grandparents' today. They looked a little tired, but were in pretty good spirits. We ate dinner with them, made some plans for Easter, and brought them goodies. It was, all in all, a great way to spend the afternoon.


We started cleaning our apartment yesterday. Our stupid super decided that they're going to do "yearly inspections" (which no one mentioned to us when we moved in) now instead of in June. Great. They also told us that they'd show up "sometime between 9am and 4pm" on the 29th. Um, no? I'm home all day and it's a pretty undisputed fact that I can't hear the door or the buzzer if I'm conked out from the painkillers in the bedroom. I am not cool with them just showing up and traisping through the apartment if I'm sleeping. In fact, I don't really want them in here without supervision. Sorry, I'm not that trusting. I also prefer that Steven and I both be here when they're over. We called and bitched a lot (I'm pretty sure it's in our lease that we have the right to insist on being present for inspections) and they are coming a day early, after 3pm, though I am going to make sure that Steven calls and reminds them again.

That's all right, though, because when they get here, we have a list of all the problems we have here, including the water damage from December that no one even came to look at, let alone fix. Our stove needs to be leveled out, we need a new bathroom light fixture (it's causing brand new bulbs to arc), we need a new fan (waiting on that since we moved in), and our bath tub needs to be fixed so it will actually drain (this is from when we moved in, too. We've tried Drain-O and it doesn't work.) There were a few other things, as well.

Plus, our upstairs neighbour is still being a giant ass. Tonight, he was bouncing a fucking basketball on the floor. I really wish he and the boyfriend (or whoever the fuck's up there) would just die.

We've got to do laundry tomorrow and I need to get to the doctor at ...some point... before Friday, since the beginning of next week will be a zoo. Steven's working Tuesday night and I'm going out with [ profile] lauraxmarie to do something as yet undecided. We've got Elliott Saturday, so I think I'm hooking him up with some paper and having him make Easter cards.

Oh, and I think Steven's dad will be leaving the hospital tomorrow after a week's stay. I guess they're worried since he's developed some quasi-diabetic ulcerations on his legs along with the edaema. He spent the week-end because they were trying to tweak his meds. Steven's mother is still doing the fake nice shit where she pretends to remember I have a name that isn't she, her, or that girl you live with. I give it less than two weeks till she's back to her normal routine. In fact, she was back to calling a million times about the same thing today, so it may be less than two weeks.

I'm really tired now. I was watching Globe Trekker with Justine Shapiro (who is my favourite) and then I got into watching A Midsummer's Night Dream on IFC. I wish we got it in the bedroom, because I'd rather be in there watching it. If we had lots of money, I'd love to get a second digital box for the bedroom or when that TV goes, we'll get a digital ready TV or something.

Wow, this was really long. I'm going to bed now.
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Evidently, bitching to the property manager has done nothing to assuage the neighbours from throwing bowling balls at the floor and screaming at each other. I realise it's 7:15, but jesus christ, it sounds like they're going to break through the floor. Two days of semi-quiet, and they were back to screwing around last night.

I'm sending Steven down to talk to the super again tomorrow. I'm so annoyed.


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