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Today was moderately better than before. Steven made steak tips last night and we split a bottle of wine. Wine makes A LOT of things better. I finally managed to sleep well through the night.

The day can't got great, of course, so I woke up to a randomly overflowed toilet. I plunged it a few times and mopped up the water, but things seem ok, so far. My cousins from the Czech Republic were visiting, so I spend some time chatting with them. Took a couple pictures and they left just around 14:00. I snarfed down a quick lunch and decided that I was going to go out for a bike ride because it looked nice out. I hit the post office and then decided I didn't feel like going home, so I biked down towards the library. There's a neat little antique store there. I bought a pretty art deco ring and bracelet and had a nice chat about cameras with the guy. I might go back next week and see if I can find a matching necklace. Pictures when I can use my camera again.

My books were in at the library, so I loaded up on those and came back here, fed the cats (who hadn't so much as smelt food since the early 90s), repotted our second tomato, and here I am, snarfing down lotus cakes and vitamin water leftover from my ride. At some point, I will make it off my ass and put clothes away and pick something out for my interview tomorrow.

[ profile] lauraxmarie might be coming to visit me tomorrow!!

We're getting a grill Thursday, $30 from Le CraigsList, so there be grilling in store for my birthday week-end. I can't believe my birthday is in three days. I'm really bummed out about it, not because of my age, but this is the first one without my grandmother. I told Steven I don't know what I want to do. I think we're going for Indian, but who knows.
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Happy Pi Day!

And an especially happy birthday to my darling [profile] mermaidinblack! May you have many returns.
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Happy birthday, Cat! I hope it's a great day!
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Today sucks. I didn't get the job I applied for. I guess I should've worn that push-up bra after all. Hopefully I'll get called a little more for subbing or I can get in doing something artsy over the summer. But that's too far for me to think right now. I'm not into thinking much beyond the week-end, if that.

You know there's something wrong when they're playing a Best of Raffi ad on SciFi at quarter of 1 during the X-Files when it cuts off halfway through and is replaced by an ad for the best of Depeche Mode. Although, my brain seems to retain the best information. The girl who plays Lisa Kyte in the Shadows ep looked and sounded really familiar, so I IMDB'ed her. Her name is Lisa Waltz and she was in Brighton Beach Memoirs as Nora in 1986 which I watched in 1996 English class. I can't do math to save my life, but damned if I can't remember a bit actress who was in a movie I haven't seen in 11 years. Go figure.

Speaking of, that new show on SciFi, Special Unit 2, looks like a cheesy X-Files rip off that I'll never watch. It kind of makes me bitter for no really good reason. However, SciFi is playing one of my favourite movies of all time on Thursday (at 9, so I remember). I really need to eventually just buy it on DVD, especially since it was only $20. Maybe I can find a good deal on it used.

By the way, did anyone watch SVU last week? I missed something big. What happened to Stabler? Did he beat someone up or what?

I finally got a chance to smoke the Honduran cigar I bought over the week-end. Maybe they're going to be the next Cuba because it was really good. No really bitterness, no weird funky aftertaste, almost kind of sweet. It was a Saint Luis Rey Toro, if I didn't remember to write about it before. Yesterday, I picked up a Dutch Masters on a whim while we were getting wine for dinner. It pretty much killed the salesguy, which reminded me mostly why I started smoking cigars in the first place (other reasons included more tobacco for my buck and less fibreglass/additives). We also picked up a bottle of speyside Scotch and a bottle of something called Pinot Evil, which made me laugh like a giddy 12 year old.

I ruined Nicki's works impression of me as a loud mouthed, cranky ass bitch with no fashion sense by turning up at her work in the Suit of Doom. If I could have kept my mouth shut, I definitely would have looked like an actual adult. I started a painting yesterday too. Yesterday, I was productive.

Today is my grandma's 81st birthday. Steven and I got her a little jewelry box with her initial on it. I'm going to put her snowflake pin from the wedding in it. I need to email Mum and find out of there's a picture of the two of us that we could put in it for her. Not overly useful, but very pretty and something she might like.

I actually ended up dyeing my hair again today, too. I had kind of wonky roots from having it highlighted previously and my usual routine of semi-permanent colour didn't do much. I ended up going with Garnier Nutrisse instead of what I usually use because it was permanent and a dollar cheaper than the Natural Instincts. Oh my god, I wish I had done it sooner. The colour is totally gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. It also totally covered my happy crop of white hairs. It went on perfectly evenly, as well, without the overly bright just-dyed thing that I usually get from Natural Instincts. Now it's just a matter of seeing how it fades or behaves over the next month or so.

My feet are really cold. I just finished painting my toenails seafoam green, so I don't want to put socks on yet. I'm tired, but I don't want to go to bed yet. The nightmares were pretty bad again last night and I think that's a lot of what's leading me to stay up, subconsciously. Last night's involved spiders. It sounds so stupid when I type it out here, but I had to get out of bed and sit up for a good 45 minutes before I could calm down.

I hate winter. 
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] trixasaurus! Hope it's a great day!


Oct. 19th, 2006 02:53 am
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Happy 26th., [ profile] lauraxmarie. Hope it's a good one.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] prettygolucky!

Sup FList

Oct. 10th, 2006 12:38 am
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Happy birthday, [ profile] angelwifey. Did you get your gift?

I really thought about updating yesterday, but instead, I redid my website. I apparently code better after taking two Ambien. I actually managed to get 90% of the site done before bed. I only really made one error, which probably means more like 15 that other people will notice and I won't. The only thing that sucked is I could not remember how to make a non-repeating, fixed background image that isn't CSS.

We had Elliott this week-end and he was ground. 'Nuff said there.

We went to see my grandparents today. Steven and my grandfather holed up in the basement doing something with a tape recorder, while my grandmother and I sat upstairs and talked. I finished my scarf while I was there, but I left it in the car, I think. It looks good, though, and I'm really glad I decreased in the middle (ends are 30 sts and the middle is 21 sts). It would've been too thick otherwise. Anyhow, it's about 5' long, 4 skeins of Bernat Galaxy, running me a grand total of $8.

91 days till Christmas. No one's getting cards this year, I think.

We fed the weird goosen in Riverside. They've all moved from East Bay to the little pond by Schroeders and we had leftover bread. They were surprisingly chummy and chatty, versus the usual hissing and honking. One of them let me pet her. Anyhow, there was a group of about 9 that were log-rolling in the water and splashing, feet skyward. I'm not sure what was with because, seriously, it's not a behaviour I'd ever seen and I had the goosen as pets for 7 years. Apparently, it felt really good, since they and a good number of ducks were doing it.

We stopped at glorious Emerald Square Mall on the way home because I needed pants. $156 later, I left Penney's with two pairs of pants, a couple tops, some jewelry, and a new sweater. Steven and I had lots of fun playing "Cute or Maternity?" since there are so many empire waisted, flowy tops and dresses this season. Torrid was having 50% of clearance, so I found a really cute corset laced skirt and a pair of polka dot PJ pants there. I saw shoes I liked, but they only had sizes 10 and up. I then went on a mostly fruitless quest for threader earring which, despite being allegedly very popular, are no where to be found. The cute, punky girl in Claire's found me one pair and I ended up buying two more pairs, one to match a necklace I bought a couple weeks ago and some little 3D snowflakes. Steven found a couple shirts and some cheap ties.

I really need a new wallet. I saw a nice one, but I was not about to pay $18 for it. So cheap.

I think I'm going to be a pin-up girl for Halloween, even though we probably won't go anywhere. Well, Alex and Joy invited us to their Halloween party, but that's not on Halloween. Anyhow, yes, cheap costume from things I already own.

Oh and I saw the cutest puppy ever at the mall tonight. I know mall pet store are evil, but oh my God, the kyoot, it burned. This yellow lab had fallen asleep on his back and it was the most adorable thing over. I love puppy bellies. We also saw a sleeping Boston and a little Cairn terrier that was 547 kinds of excited!puppy, but nothing will ever rival the kyoot of the lab puppy. Seriously, if cute cured sickness, this puppy would've been the next coming of God.

I should definitely go to the registry tomorrow since I am not working. I should also shave my legs. It is not going to be as warm tomorrow, which kind of sucks. Cat and I so should swap weather. Stupid cold.

I have a new icon. I totally ganked the idea from someone who I'd credit if I could remember who it was.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] taintdblush and [ profile] plunkybug! Hope they're great!


Jul. 21st, 2006 08:29 pm
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Happy birthday to [ profile] meriae and [ profile] azraelsblade! Hope they're good ones!
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I reached my quarter century today. My birthday kicked off yesterday with meeting up with [ profile] pinkandsilver at Starbuck's. She gave me my birthday present (a bride Hello Kitty from Build A Bear) and the three of us went to see Pirates again so she and I could marvel at the glory that is Johnny Depp in kohl and Steven could ogle Kyra Knightly.

 I went to work to find that my boss had gotten me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a cake and the office manager had gotten me a pretty candle and shade. The accounts manager sang me happy birthday :)

I left at 4:30, since I stayed late yesterday. Steven and I went to Vinny T's in Natick and I inadvertently drank more than we spent on food since a) our chicken piccata was cooked wrong (sauce was too buttery/not enough lemony) and my dessert was free. I had a glass of sangria and a Vendetta, which was spiced rum, amaretto, OJ, pineapple juice, and grenadine.

After that, we popped off to the Natick Mall for a little light shopping. I visited The Body Shop and got Vanilla Spice bodywash, Cranberry shimmer lotion, some salt scrub, a lippie, pink pepper perfume, and blotting papers. I also obtained a new pair of sandals with bells on them from Bakers for $15. We headed home after that and here we are now, watching today's Tour de France recap.

On a more somber note, my father seems to have forgotten my birthday. I'm kind of depressed over that.

On a good note, Steven bought me a badger plushie from England.


Nov. 8th, 2005 12:26 pm
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Happy 22nd, Carleigh!
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My birthday was really, really good this year, which is impressive, because inevitably, something always goes wrong on my birthday and I have a hideous time.

I slept in, got my birthday present from Steven (sex, no he did not wrap it, and yes that's what I ask for on every gift giving occasion. I love Hanukkah-- 7 days!), and then we packed up and headed to Natick, ostentatiously to get my transcript from MassBay. Instead, we wandered around the mall, talked to people we knew, went to the Judaica store to find out about ordering a wine glass to break at the end of our wedding ceremony, had knishes, went to David's Bridal to look at the bridesmaids' dresses and the cloaks, and then visited another friend. I picked up a couple DVDs for around $4 each and then we headed to dinner.

Originally, I wanted Boca Grande, but as soon as it was feasible, my evil stomach changed its mind. Instead, Steven took me to Vinny T's, where we had chicken piccatta and sangria, both of which were mindbendingly good. Somewhere along the line, Steven managed to tell our waiter it was my birthday and the waitstaff came out and sang to me in Italian and I had a hideously fattening chocolate mousse cake dessert. We headed home after that, grabbed some citronella candles, and sat on the porch for a while and worked on our wedding plans while imbibing beer (Steven) and sour apple coolers (me). All in all, a very good day.

The birthday booty was money from my grandparents, Mom, Bruce, and my dad, a really awesome candle set from Laura's mommy (I wish to lick the candle, in fact, because it smells so tasty), and some camera accesories from Mom and Bruce, which we used tonight to take pictures. I also received baked beans and half a chocolate cake from my grandparents.

I shall be posting a couple pictures soon, probably. The waiter at Vinny T's took a really cute picture of us. I just need to download the camera. Anyhow, a good time was had by all and thus far, my mid-twenties seems far better than my early twenties, birthdaywise.

And yes, Laura, I am officially oooooold now. I can feel the bones a-creakin'.


Jul. 18th, 2005 11:37 am
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It's my birthday! I'm officially entering my mid-twenties today. I'm ooooold now. And I'm off to shower and get ready for lunch and shopping and stuff with Steven.

Call me/us if you want to come over later. There may be cake.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] metalchick1000  and [ profile] ragdollgirl ! Here's to many happy returns.
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Well, here we go. Today is my grampa's 80th birthday and our anniversary. Behind the cut, peektures...

Clicky.. )


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