Dec. 24th, 2005 09:33 am
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Oh my god, 9am can fuck itself. I slept so badly last night and I don't have any idea why. I went to bed around 1:30 and then I just tossed and turned all night. Why do I have such bad insomnia. I swear to god, it doesn't matter how tired I am or when I go to be, I don't fall asleep before 5am. I'm going to make a doctor's appointment this week because I just can't take the lack of sleep anymore. I feel like I'm going to die.

We're going to my grandparents' today and my cousin's, too. Of course, this had to be the day I sleep like complete shit. Apparently, Laura did too. Damn you, Saturday. I finished up my pies and just need to put whipped cream on them and figure out how to get my pie to Karyn's.

I must obtain a 6oz graham cracker crust and lemon juice today. I need to make candied sweet potatoes and apple sauce tonight for our Christmas dinner. We obtained The Piggie yesterday. Does anyone know if I can just shove all two pounds of it into the oven tomorrow? Stupid pamplet only really gives directions for the 8+ pound variety. I would think I could just stick the whole ham in there or I suppose I could do the slice thing.

Steven takes forever in the shower. He seriously showers like a woman.

I definitely think I have my period. I checked my strings and my cervix this morning and it's much lower and softer than it has been in the last few weeks. I kind of figured it would come a week early or a week late, since I vaguely remember my period always coming on week-ends Elliott wasn't here. It's actually not even has heavy as the spotting I was having on the ring. I can handle that.

My eye hurts so much. Ugh. I seem to have a clogged up tear duct for some reason. I hope showering will make it feel better. And why does my evil computer want to restart again? How many updates can it possibly install?
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The Mirena is totally the best thing I've ever done for our sex life. I was actually able to get dripping wet while I was blowing Steven and we went for it again. No real crampies this time and my body is definitely adjusting to orgasming. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to go for clitoral orgasms, since that would make my uterus contract, but I'm all about the G spot right now.

So, yep, twice in one night and no need for artificial lube. I'm more excited than anyone probably cares to know.

Anyhow I should get some sleep now since I'm going out with Laura tomorrow afternoon. (Laura, I'm actually not going to need to be dropped at work at all, since apparently, I'd have no ride home if I went. I totally forgot about this, so we can do something after the airport thing, if you'd like.)


Dec. 7th, 2005 10:00 pm
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Since everyone on my flist needs to know this...

Cut, just in case it's TMI )

I had a little cramping today when I had pants on, so I guess I shall just not get dressed for the few days. I still needed some kind of painkiller, but it was only Tylenol or Aleve and that was only twice.

I still look fucking pregnant, though, from all the bloat. Boo on that. Plus, I keep rubbing my belly when I get the little crampies.

Oh, and my Old Navy order came, but I need to go down to the front office to get it. Bah. It's cold outside, too. I really want my stuff though. Sigh.

Okay, must bake cookies now.
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So the Mirena has been in for 24 hours. I checked my strings for the first time today and everything feels a-ok. It's a little wierd to feel fishing line up there, but I'm happy as long as it stays where it belongs. I've been a little crampy today, but it's not constant. Anything tight around my belly is uncomfortable, so I picked up a pair of nice, comfy yoga pants I can wear and not look totally schlumpy. I have a pair of comfy shorts to wear around here too. Mom bought me a nice white layering tank, too, but that had nothing to do with needing comfy clothes.

Anyhow, yea, so life goes on. My cervix feels pretty normal, though it's still a little soft. I'm thinking about maybe trying sex tomorrow if Steven feels up to it, since he's actually sick, too. Otherwise, I can wait till the week-end. I probably should wait till the week-end. It's only two more days, but this is seriously the longest I've every gone without sex since we started dating. I don't know what I'll do when I have a kid.

My mom told me I looked pregnant today, since my belly is all  bloated and I kept rubbing my poor, crampy tummy. She made it up to me though. She bought me a heating pad.

We put up the tree tonight. Let this be a lesson to you: never, ever try to put lights on a tree with someone who has a degree in lighting design. Our tree looks damned good, though. I'll probably take a picture of it tomorrow. I'd do it tonight, but I'm kind of sleepy now. I did not sleep to well last night after the painkiller worn off and I never took the nap I wanted today.

I should work on Steven's Mistake Scarf tomorrow. I need to start Mom's when I'm done. Bleh. I need to sleep is what I really need to do.
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I'm IUD'ed! The whole thing, from sitting down in the waiting room until I walked back into my complex was 48 minutes. 78, if you want to count the drive over. 

As prep, Dr. McCue had me take two 220mg of cytotec (misoprostol) 24 and 12 hours before the procedure. That made my cervix feel really gross and mushy, like the bubbles in bubble tea. It was really squishy. I had some not fun side effects with the cytotec, like cramping, gas, and diarrea, but it was livable. I also took a valium and a Tylenol 3.

I got in, found out that I didn't have to pay another copay, since they weren't charging me for Friday's failed appointment. That was good, anyway, since I don't think I had cash on me. I barely sat down in the back waiting room when the nurse came in and brought me into the exam room and had me undress from the waist down and hop on the table. This is why I love my OBGYN: her exam tables are heated. Steven and I waited about 5 minutes more and the doctor came in and chitchatted a little with me about the wedding and such. I was telling her about my StD (save the date) cards, which she thought was the funniest thing ever. She tried to surprise the nurse by calling them StDs, but the nurse already had heard it and we had a good laugh about sending our future mother-in-laws StDs. I felt a little more relaxed after laughing a little.

She had me scooch my butt down and got out the speculum. I swear to god, that was the worst part. She checked my cervix, which she said was perfect and then got down to business. She swabbed me with betadine which didn't feel like much, and then got the tenaculum ready. That wasn't too bad, it just felt like a pinch and an ache. I started doing my breathing and squeezed Steven's hand. Next item up was the Mirena sound. That didn't hurt at all getting it in, though I could feel it sliding through my cervix. (For those interested, my cervix is 6cm deep.) Next, she told me she was going to put the Mirena in and that actually hurt a little more. It felt like a really big cramp, sort of like when you have very bad gas or have to really go to the bathroom. After that, the only thing that kept being uncomfortable was the damned speculum. As soon as she got that out, all I feel was a little crampy.

I laid down on the table for about 5 while my wonderful fiance washed down my kitty and thighs and dried me off. I sat up for another 5 before he helped me get my pants and shoes on and we went to make my two week check up.

I'm still a little crampy, occasionally, but it's more of an achy/burning sensation than out and out cramps. I haven't used a heating pad or anything yet, but I am going to put looser underwear on and take a quick nap.

All in all, though, it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I think last night's cramps and diarrea were far worse than these. I'm very happy to finally go in and be off the pill!


Dec. 5th, 2005 02:00 am
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Misoprostol's side effects can totally suck my ass. I guess it's working the way it should, since I'm sure as fuck bleeding more than I was earlier. I'm also crampy and having innard issues. I took a couple Immodium, so hopefully that will help. I get to take one more at 6am, so yay for my morning/afternoon.

We got our tree tonight. Laura let us use her car to pick up the tree, which is apparently a "good tree, lots of sap". Actually, it's a really nice tree that Laura found while wandering. I'm watching it settle right now. I think Steven is going to put lights on it tomorrow, while I lay around and am crampy. Well, and while I download Christmas music and whine, too.

I need to get some frames this week so I can finish our presents. My parents, my inlaws, and my grandparents are all getting copies of our engagement photos. We never had time to do a family portrait this year, before it got all cold and crappy.

We actually got snow all day today. We have like 2" and I guess we're in for 6"+ Tuesday. I'm still not feeling very Christmasy yet, though. I played Christmas music all day and I helped the kid write a letter to Santa. I actually need to print out the reply so I can send it out on Wednesday with my Christmas cards. We also glued together the little foam things I bought for him to make for his mother and for my inlaws.

Oh god, apparently my MIL has relented on having their Hanukkah party on Christmas Day. She was super pissy that Steven told her she could go right the fuck ahead, but none of us would be there since, well, it was Christmas Day and I am Catholic, as well as his divorce decree specifies that Elliott spends Christmas with the ex. Of course, we all know that only my MIL matters. I should totally post that to [ profile] stuck_with_them. I think I shall. I guess she's having the thing on Wednesday now. I kind of wish we could just have it here. She always pisses and moans about how Steven and I should come over and clean her house for her. You know, because we live in a self-cleaning apartment or have a maid or something. We still have plenty of cleaning to do here before our holiday party.

Yep, mark December 18th off on your calendar. We're having our party the Sunday before Christmas. If you want an eVite, let me know and I'll get that and directions to you. The more the merrier. I'll be sending the eVites out by Wednesday or so. I think we're doing potluck again this year, so if you want in on that, just let me know what you're bringing.

IUD hopefully goes in tomorrow. I'll be super pissed if I can't get it after all the misery from the goddamn misoprostol. I'm going at 6pm, so please think good thoughts for me and my cervix.

I should have Steven make chicken soup out of the delicious chicken leftovers. I roasted a chicken for dinner tonight, complete with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and peas. I tried to feed Laura, but she gave me some lame ass excuse about having to work tomorrow. Pfft, who needs work? We actually didn't eat until like 11, since I fucked around with the chicken until like 9:30. I called Dawn, at least, who's now in on the lovin' my pie thing. We've got a pie threeway going here. We're going up in January and I told her I'd bake a pie for everyone while I was up there. What I might do is make it all here and then just bake it there. I'm not sure yet.

Blah, I got no knitting done today. I guess I at least accomplished a few other things. I'm going to go print stuff now and then head to sleep, if my innards will knock it the fuck off. 


Dec. 2nd, 2005 04:11 pm
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I didn't get my IUD today because I didn't want a shot of novacaine in my cervix. Dr. McCue gave me a script for something to soften up my cervix and I'm going back on Monday for another go around.

I'm in such a bad fucking mood.
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45 minutes to go and I just took my painkillers. I'm a little nervous, but I'm trying not to dwell on it. I think the stupid Headache That Shall Not Die is helping me be bitter and cranky about something else.

Next entry shall be about the appointment.

Go me.

Nov. 28th, 2005 07:46 pm
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I'm making a lemon meringue pie as we speak. Actually, it's cooling and I'm eating the delicious extra filling. I'm all domestic this week.

I'm going Friday at 2:45 for my IUD. I'm nervous.


Oct. 28th, 2005 02:22 am
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Well, I'm one step closer to finally getting my IUD. I went back to the gyno today and told her that I really, seriously can't take the Pill induced misery anymore. I've had this lingering headache since the spotting stopped, I still get killer migraines (which are getting worse) every time I have a placebo week, and I hit a weight loss wall. The rest of it is Pill weight. I consistently gain 20lbs every single time I take the Pill. As soon as I go off it, I lose it. But like I've said a million times, I hate using condoms. We go through too many because they always come off and they're expensive since I can't use the latex ones with out dying. Female condoms are more expensive than the male version, so that's out. Plus, nothing makes me feel like I'm 16 again and trying to sneak in sex before my parents get home than using condoms.So yea...

Dr. McCue definitely agreed that the Pill is no longer a really viable option for me. It's causing too many problems. She nixed the patch right away because of my latex allergy, as well as both versions of the shot (possible latex contamination, as we all my horrible needle fear). However, because of my age and my lack of birthin', she wanted to make sure that we exhausted all options in case my insurance company bitches. So, she put me in for preapproval for my IUD and sent me home with a perscription for the NuvaRing. That way, if my insurance company kicks about getting the IUD, she can tell them that she explored every other viable option. She also though that the lower dosage of hormones may get rid of my perpetual headache.

Does anyone have a horror story to tell me about the ring? She gave me a sample, so I don't need to go out and buy one from the pharmacy. I'm kind of nervous about that tiny thing protecting me from getting pregnant. I'm also a little nervous about it falling out or something. Steven said the same thing: "That's it?" I can keep using my actives if I want, since I have two more months of packets or I can use the NuvaRing.

I think that's it. I'm super tired.
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Because I get horrible estrogen withdrawal migraines, I take continuous birth control. All has been good for the last four months. I spotted a little right after my surgery, but I sort of expected that, what with all the stuff they pumped into me.

I went for my gyno appointment Monday and it's been downhill since then. Today, I actually needed to use something because I had really started bleeding. I guess this is a hint that when I get to the inactives this week, I should take them and have a period. Not fun.


May. 18th, 2005 02:31 am
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So.. fucking.. sick..

How is it that I always manage to get sick in fucking May? The same damned thing happened last year, too. I swear to god, I must be programmed to get sick in May and again right at Christmas time. I guess I should be glad I only get sick like twice a year, but at the same time, I am vaguely bitter because Steven is like Typhoid Mary: he doesn't get sick, but he brings things home to me all the time. I have taken so much crap to try and get rid of this sooner.

Thus far, I have taken:

  • 1 24 hour Sudafed
  • 2 dyefree Benedryl
  • 1 Claritin
  • 1 12 Hour Drixorel
  • 1 multivitamin for the zinc
  • 2 Cranberry pills for a little extra C
  • 2 Tylenol for the fever I seem to have developed
  • 1 15mg oxycodone painkiller to dull both my hideous sinus headache and to quiet my pissy knee.

I am a walking pharmacy today. And damned if the fever isn't making me itchy too. Ugh, it's not just feeling itchy. I looked at my foot and seem to have hives. I must have touched something that didn't like me. I hate being sick. I am one cranky badger tonight, but a badger with lots of low acid OJ, nonetheless.

Enough about my being sick. I went for my very exciting gyno trip yesterday. Of course, I forgot all about it and had sex less than 24 hours before Ye Olde Pap Smear. Whoops.

The appointment wasn't too bad. She was very quick and very gentle. I voiced my concerns about the menstrual migraines and she was rather surprised that I did not get them when I was off the pill. We went through and ticked off the other methods I couldn't or wouldn't use (patch because of latex adhesive and my super sensitive skin, cervical cap and diaphram because they are latex, both shots because of weight concerns and my needle phobia, and possibly the ring because I guess something in it is similar to latex and could potentially be a problem) and which could be possible (pill and IUD).

She was not totally comfortable with automatically saying ok to the IUD since I have not had kids. However, after I mentioned I was engaged, she said she felt more comfortable with considering it. As for now, though, she is going to perscribe a continuous birth control regime, as well as some extra estrogen pills in case I get massive spotting or want to have a period. Not that I can really envision wanting a period or anything.

She was quite pleased with how timely I take my pill and told me that I am very close to being perfect usage. She also confirmed what I originally thought, which is that I have a fairly small pelvic outlet (and she needed to use the smallest speculum, too, because the others were hitting my pubic bone). She warned me that there would be a good possibility that I would either require a c-section or other medical intervention, should I have kids. I guess I can also give up those fisting dreams.

All in all, she was in and out in less than 10 minutes. I didn't feel any of the swabs or the pap smear thingy. She was really pleasant and very personable, which helped relax me. The only thing I didn't like was that she used a lot of lube. Even after wiping off, I still glopped onto my knickers. I suppose that worked out all right, too, as I convinced Steven to help me ...fix... that problem. He was certainly happy to help me out.

We went to the first exhibition game of the season afterwards. I'm not sure why, but going really depressed the hell out of me. It was also freezing yesterday which made my knee act up really badly. It didn't much help my cold, either. We got there late, missed Oil Can Boyd's pitching, and left in the 8th, with the Rox leading 17-5. I hope this year will be better than last. We've moved our seats, so hopefully that will keep away the drunks and other undesirables, such as obnoxious children who beg for balls, step all over me, and spill things on me. The staff was mildly accomodating and did ferry us to and from the car with their golf cart. It's going to be a while before I can trek all the way from the back of the parking lot to the stadium. Even with that, I still overdid it. I also mentioned to Steven that, until my knee is much better, I don't want to try and bring Elliott with us. I need too much help getting around still that it would make it difficult to try and rein him in and help me at the same time. That or if he fell asleep, it would be impossible. Stupid knee.

I'd like to go to bed, but I'm not really sleepy, only medicine heady, and I also don't want to keep Steven up with my snuffling and nose blowing. Speaking of, one of his (maybe our, she seems pretty cool) friends sent us a survey, he filled it out and sent it back, and wrote what I thought was a really sweet line:

whats the last thing you stole? - Probably Samantha's heart.

It struck me as really sweet and, actually, when I thought about it, quite true. Maybe I'm just wierd.

Now that I've rambled lots, I'm going to check my email one more time and then head off to sleep.
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I'm just going stick this behind a cut. Don't read if easily grossed out by body stuff.

TMI, ahoy! )

So, we went to see CATS Tuesday night. We borrowed a wheelchair because there was too much walking for me to do on crutches. Of course, when we got to the theatre, after having left said crutches in the car, we found out that our seats were on the third floor, fourth row from the very, very top. There was no way in hell I would be able to get there, even if I had the crutches. I was crushed. I figured we'd basically have to eat the tickets because I couldn't get to our seats. So, while I went to potty, Steven sought out the house manager and explained the situation to him. By the time I came back out, after struggling over the goddamn doorjamb-- who the fuck builds it sloped on only one side!? I couldn't get out of the alcove without someone pushing me, the house manager had exchanged our tickets for two unsold handicapped seats! They actually turned out to be better than our original seats, as well.

The performance was good, excepting that they cut out The Pekes and The Poms, which is one of my favourite pieces! Bah. The lady who sang Grizabella had a great voice, the lady who played Rumpleteazer was great, and same with Mr. Mistoffeles. The woman who sang the companion part of the reprise of Memory and the duet of Moments of Happiness, however, made me want to scream and throw things. She had a high, squeaky, nasal voice that might possibly have worked as Roxy Hart or a ganster's moll, but that was it. Actually, she sounded a little like Columbia from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wanted to beat her.

Our dinner out was fantastic. We went to the No Name on the fish pier. Holy christ, did we have amazing service. Because I couldn't get up all their stairs (see a theme here?), the I assume owner or general manager seated us downstairs and personally waited on us. This man let me do nothing. He poured water for me, tied my bib on me, waited while both of us tried our dinner to make sure we approved... It was amazing. Our meal included a huge bowl of seafood chowder, a beer, fried scrod that was about 2lbs of fish, a good size boiled lobster, a side of friend scallops and shirmp, corn, fresh french fries,  what seemed to be about a half pound of cole slaw, and all the fresh garlic bread we could eat. It totalled $43. The No Name is my new favourite restaurant.

That's pretty much it. We went to Rhode Island today to see my grandparents and we got haircuts. It's snowing again right now and I am sleepy as all get out. Steven's eating the homemade pita chips I made yesterday.

I'm off to bed.
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I went and washed my face and now I'm little more awake. Sigh.

I'm a little stressed. I stopped taking Ortho Tricyclen almost two months ago and I have yet to actually get my period. It's 2 weeks late. My doctor said it could take up to six months until I get it back, but it's still kind of creepy.

I mean, I don't feel pregnant, exactly.. Just really strange. I suppose if I don't get in a week or two, I'll take a test.

This just struck me because I was talking to a friend of mine tonight and he told me I sounded like a mom; not to be a mom.

Is fate telling me something or am I just paranoid?


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