Mar. 5th, 2009 11:55 pm
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Steven and I got back a little while for our first night of swing classes. We've been talking about learning to dance for a while and I've occasionally tried to teach Steven a couple of the basics. I love dance; I danced for 10 years as a kid, ballet, jazz, and gymnastics, and took swing lessons the summer I graduated.

Brown Uni has a swing dance club. It's open to the public and, the best part, it's FREE. The class tonight wasn't exactly beginner, but we did talk to the instructors and got a tip about coming to the Monday free dance for more instruction. I know what we'll be doing next Thursday.

I still don't have much of an appetite, so the Flu Diet continues, as well as the weight loss. Good thing about this: losing weight. Bad thing about losing weight: none of my clothes fit anymore.

I had more to write, but I am dead tired.
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Things are starting to fall into place. Steven and I have started telling our friends about our engagement, which is kind of funny because he still hasn't actually proposed. It's one of those formalities that he wants to do. I keep telling him that at least he's guaranteed a positive answer.

We sort of looked at a caterer the other day. We've eaten at B&D Deli a million times, so we're really familiar with what they make. It also looks like it may be our most reasonable option for food. I've got a list going of all the places that we like and want to check out for reception locations, so we're going to start doing that soon. I'm hoping to find a place and get a deposit down by January or February.

I'm going to a local bridal salon with Laura on Wednesday, I think, and am bribing her with knitting help. Thursday, Mom and I are going back to David's Bridal so she can see The Dress. I think, if all goes well, we are going to probably put a deposit on it. Joy wants to go out potentially shopping the week-end before my birthday. Lots of plans...

More happiness: I lost 6 pounds since my last doctor's appointment, which is a total of almost 15 since December. I am officially floating somewhere around 175 to 178 (scale said 179 with clothes and big, chunky leather sandals on). That means I have about 20 more that I'd really like to lose. Hopefully when we start being able to bike and such, the rest will come off. I've got a year and a half, as of Wednesday.

Holy shit, that seems wierd. I'll be married in a year and a half. I may not even be out of college by then. There's so much left to do.

Anyhow, I've read two out of three of the wedding books we got and I started filling in stuff in the third, which is our organizer. Steven and I talked about what kind of wedding rings we're going to get. I will probably going with platinum, plain, and very thin. He's kind of torn between platinum and titanium. I think he should go with titanium, since it's more durable and lighter, which would be better for him during bike races. It's also not as expensive as platinum, which we have to get for me. Stupid gold allergy.

We're going to check out jewelry at some point, soon, too. He wants to upgrade my ring. I actually suggested we just upgrade the setting to platinum, so we may look into that. I also want to have a pair of earrings made for the wedding. I'd really like a pair of Asscher cut moissanites on french hooks. Oh, and I found a necklace I totally want to make part of my wedding jewelry. Clicky! I potentially could wear it pre and post-wedding, too. I'm going to hint massively for that for my birthday. Steven did bookmark it, so there should be hope.

Laura and I looked at some flowers the other night. Being an office monkey at a landscaping company is super helpful. I also think that I am going to make watches for the girls as one of their gifts. Oh, and we touched all the yarn while we were at Michael's too. I needs me more yarn so I can knit a beautiful scarf for this winter. I should get extra needles and knit Laura something too.

I keep feeling like this isn't real. It's kind of like playing make believe. I mean, we have the date, I have some of my wedding day gear and I very well may buy a dress on Thursday, but it's almost like I keep waiting for the bubble to burst. I haven't even put it on our calendar, yet. I'm not sure why. It feels very surreal, especially when Steven starts talking about it. You know, since this is obviously just a fantasy in my head. I never actually thought I'd get married, let alone to Steven.

Heh, they're playing our recessional on TV. Gotta love Star Wars.

I'm so tired. I took one of my new happy pills (tramadol-- I recommend it. It made the knee happier) and stuck on and Icy Hot patch, so I should go to bed soon.

OH! And in more good news, Steven is probably going to have a position for summer school! I'm so incredibly happy for him. It's really good money, too. Hopefully this will really set him up to get a permanent position for the fall. That would alleviate a lot of our stress.

Yes, bed now.
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I've hit my second goal. Today, I got my ass into some size 12s from Old Navy. I haven't fit into these in a year and a half. I'm wearing them now! I offically also need to retire my larger Levis and get a second pair of dark denim ones in my current size.

That's all.
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I've been really trying to lose weight since this summer. Steven and I switched gyms in an effort to be motivated more. (Of course, this is where I hurt my knee, but I can still use the pool.) Steven's been fantasically supportive about keeping my motivated, keeping my spirits up, and eating healthier with me. Not to mention telling me I look great and he loves me, no matter what, when I feel shitty about my body.

Also helping is the fact that I gave up regular soda. It's diet or water now. It's amazing how many useless calories I was adding by drinking soda. I also found I like the taste of diet better, anyway.

I know I've been losing weight because of what the scale says, but honestly, I hadn't noticed much of a change. Sure, my jeans were a little looser, but I chalked it up to stretching out. Same deal with having to tighten my bras up in the back.

Sunday, though, I fit into a pair of jeans that haven't really fit since April. Last night, I was traipsing around naked while getting ready for bed, I looked in the mirror and finally saw a difference. I look thinner from a side view and my curves are more defined full on. Not to mention my tummy fat is finally lessening a little. It totally made my night. Here's hoping that I can keep up the loss, especially when I am laid up from surgery and unable to do much.

Here's a little more TMI )

I'm so effing tired. I was yakked this morning around 7:30 and continue to feel dizzy as hell. I'm intending on taking a nap when Steven gets home.

I wish this cold would die.


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