Aug. 2nd, 2008 05:08 pm
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We survived Newark. We spent today wandering in New York doing tourist things. I'm updating from Tasty Cafe on W 71st, with their free wifi. Full update late-- I'm typing this on my iPod. We're planning on staying with friends in CT tonight, so full report and pictures sometime tomorrow night.

Jessica, I'm sorry we weren't able to catch up this time. Hopefully next trip!
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So I'm talking to Steven about if he missed me yesterday. He said he did, so I think asked if it was cold and there were wolves. It took him a minute, but he responded "Well, actually, there was a coydog that ran right by him, all lab friendly, except for the coyote gait." I win. He missed me, it was cold, and there were, indeed, so variety of wolves.
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Our trip to Tanglewood was a huge waste of money. Everything we planned went by the wayside and, with one exception, we definitely could have just stayed home.

The ride to there was terrible. It took us 4.5 hours to get out to Pittsfield, where we stayed. We got a little lost finding our hotel, but it wasn't too bad. We were about 20 minutes outside of Tanglewood. Literally, everything else was booked up and even our hotel, a Travelodge, was expensive. Anyhow, the hotel manager was a friendly, but crazy Serb who asked if we were part of the wedding. What wedding? Turns out the rest of the hotel was full of wedding guests. Ok, great.

We had dinner at the IHOP cum thai restaurant and the food was pretty rough. I like salt and I couldn't even eat half of my pad thai. It was that too salty. It also was too late to send it back and get something else, so we packed it up and headed back to our room. Steven discovered our heat lamp wasn't working, so he got the Crazy Serb to come and fix it. It was unfixable, but the guy worked very hard trying. We left around half past 7 for the concert and proceeded to get lost because Pittsfield has no roadsigns. On our way there, I noticed a sign for Herman Melville's house and squee'd at Steven. He said we could go, but with the kind of reticence reserved for moments like eating bugs or starving.

We parked in Upper Northwest Bumfuck and had to walk what I think was seriously a mile to the venue. It was full of people. We barely got a seat right on the trail. There were no mosquitoes, which was really nice. That's where the niceness ended, though. I shall preface this by saying the music was amazing, but they only played two short sets and one encore. Last year, there were three. People started leaving in the middle of Yo-Yo Ma's performance and continued all through the Star Wars set. They played ET as the encore. Steven Spielberg was somewhere in the audience and I bet he was disgusted. I sure was. Some jackass was standing up, watching the concert with opera glasses and blocking everyone's view. Steven told him to sit down, so we got to see some of the screen.

I went to use the bathroom during Across the Stars. Because I am lucky, there was a pervert standing in front of the bathroom. He passed up the four, older women who went in and asked me to help him find his wife, who was in there. I told him, in german, I didn't speak english. Better still, when I went into the bathroom, no one was there except the aforementioned women. I waited for a bit and then snuck out the back door. The police where finally getting ready to move him when I was almost back at our seats. Great.

It took us more time to leave than we spent watching the concert. We also discovered that there is nothing around to eat in Pittsfield after 11pm. Even the many Dunkins are closed. We raided Cumby's before heading back to our hotel and finally, around 12:30, had a real meal. We watched Clerks before going to sleep in the not altogether uncomfortable bed.

We got up around 10 to check out. The Crazy Serb was still there and informed me that he hadn't gotten any sleep and was going to quit his job. Steven offered to buy him a cup of coffee, but he declined. We then went in hunt of breakfast. One place was a dive, the second place had a plague of fruit flies, and we finally ended up at Friendly's who gruesomely undercooked my bacon and had eggs that made me cry. We then made our way to Herman Melville's home.

This was the best part of our trip. The tour was very cool, we got to see where Moby Dick was written, I bought a mug, and then peed in his barn. I've been kind of excited about that all day. I peed in Herman Melville's barn! That's revenge for having to read Bartleby the Scrivner in high school. All kidding aside, it was the nest part of the trip.

We headed home after that, I slept in the car, and we went to the grocery store. I'm damn tired and I have to work tomorrow. I need like two more days of week-end.


Jul. 7th, 2006 08:31 am
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I am 478 kinds of cranky. I don't appreciate being woken up at 7:30 by pounding so loud that the workers next door sound like they're coming through my wall and I can't even get more sleep with a pillow over my head. I am not fucking impressed. Not at all. I understand I was getting up in a little while anyway so we could go to the beach, but this was more than an hour before I wanted/needed to be up At least I can sleep on the beach.

Ugh, so off we go to Newport for the day.


Jun. 30th, 2006 06:07 pm
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Yay! I am officially off of work for a week! Now I'll have time to catch up on all the things I've been putting off... like sleeping.


Sep. 9th, 2005 08:00 pm
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I located the source of the smell in the bathroom. It's actually the bathroom itself. There is so much mold behind the walls that the whole bathroom smells like moldy towels. So fucking gross. When we come back, I am so making a complaint to the state about the conditions.

Off to Vermont and the fair. Back Sunday night.


Aug. 14th, 2005 01:34 am
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Tonight's going to be the last night I sleep in our bed till Tuesday. We'll be leaving between 2 and 3 for our little vacation and I'm so excited. This is the first time we've gone somewhere other than Vermont when we've gone away. Plus, this is the first time we'll be staying in a hotel. I'm not sure what we're going to do, other than seeing MeatLoaf and having dinner with Gerard and Allison. We're thinking maybe of poking around Mystic Seaport during the day and maybe checking out Foxwoods, which we've never been to.

Oh, and having lots of sex in the jacuzzi in our hotel room, but no one probably wants to know that.

After that, it's back to real life: wedding planning, getting ready for school for both of us, finding jobs, and the rest of that humdrumness.

But anyhow, I'll be back sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening to catch up on my friends list. Yay!

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Evidently Steven and I picked the right week-end to go to Vermont. Out of the storm, we only got 6". We didn't even have to shovel too much, because Dawn and Mike's place plowed everything, as long as we moved our cars.

We spent an extra night because my mother said that the snow was insane. We went to the mall, I bought an insane amount of clothing for amazing prices (I <3 Diamond Run Mall's JC Penney's), and Steven got an amazing fleece penguin hat for $10. When Mark & Shelby post their pictures from when we visited yesterday, I'll yoink them and put them up here. Or you can visit their blog and check them out. Either way, I just realised that the sweater I'm wearing tend to make me look huge because it just hangs down over my boobs. Sigh.

Anyhow, we really didn't do much on our extra day. Dawn worked on some of her portraits upstairs on her computer. I eventually had to give up and head back downstairs because my knee started killing me. We watched the Pats game and plotted the demise of Dawn's pesty, pesty kitten.

As stated above, we dropped in on the Sohmers after finding out that there was no school today, either. We finally arrived around 10:30.

Holy jesus, is there a lot of snow! I guess we're getting more on Wednesday... another 6" or so. We have about a foot on our porch, alone, that need to be cleared. There's about 30" on the ground outside. I guess it took Sue, the vice principal of Steven's school, 5 hours to get from the North End to Rockland. For those who don't live around here, that's normally a 40 minute or less trip. I'll put up with Vermont's assbiting cold, thanks.

We have no photos from Vermont because the damned batteries kept dying. I think we literally got one of my nephew, who is HUGE. He and Elliott are the same size now, except Elliott is a year older. You'd never know it though.

I actually need to shower, but I have no ambition. Steven's napping because he was on the phone until 2:30 last night with an old friend he thought might have died in 9/11. She, obviously, is still quite living. It's cool, though, because we had planned on just bumming around today. I think all we're really intending on doing is getting my crutch gel pads (I have horrible bruises and hot spots from the pressure against my bra underwires) and possibly return my Christmas present from Steven that doesn't fit.

OOH! They have the little snowcat out removing snow from our parking lot. Yay!

All right, off to shower now.
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I am so bored. I'm tired of sitting on my rear on the couch and doing nothing. My head's going to explode out of boredom.

We're going to have an insane snow storm tomorrow night. Am I a total moron for almost wanting to stay home, curl up with Steven, and watch it snow like mad? Of course, I'm sure it'll snow in Vermont. Actually, I'm all packed and ready to go, for once. How amazing is that?

I'm going to take random quizzes.

More Quizzes )
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I'm finally feeling the burn from the last week of heavy labour. Better still, I've been telling Laura that who needs the gym with all the lifting and carrying I've been doing.

Wow, they had a huge protest in NYC. Looks like most of the people arrested were couriers. I guess that's fitting. Most of the messengers I knew were a pretty political bunch. It would make sense that they'd be against Bush, especially with his record on the economy. So goes the stock market, so goes the business.

I'm going Tuesday to register for classes, get my ID, and other assorted and sundry things at Bridgewater. I'm working the night shift at work that night, as well. Nothing like trying to squeeze in as many hours as I can right now. This week's cheque should be pretty decent, which is really good since we're going to Vermont for the week-end. It's been a couple years since I've been to the State Fair and I'm really looking forward to it... in particular, the maple cotton candy. I need maple cotton candy. It's a Vermont thing.

I've got to call Dawn, in fact, and get her some details for the trip. This also means I need to start thinking about packing. Bah, and doing more laurndry before we leave. I hate doing laundry. We just did a shitload yesterday.

Mm, making tea, then (hopefully) breakfast/early lunch plans. I have an assload of stuff to do today.
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Today concluded my first week of work at Barnes & Noble. I have two thoughts to this: 1) I am going to be all sort of buff working at this place. I sweated from 9am on today because I was hauling tons and tons of books. This would be unremarkable, except for the fact that I. Don't. Sweat.. Ever. I get edæma and hives and turn really, really pink. I was actually damp when we left at 3. 2) No one knows what they're doing with the shipment, at all.

We've been getting about two to three truckloads a day of books, gifts, and whatnot. I was put in one of the biggest sections in the store with one other person, who was on nights the rest of the week. I'm day only, for now. Duh. Better yet, it's reference, which means they're all super heavy. All the boxes way between 50 and 75 pounds. I can't lift anything over 20, maybe 30 if you push it. So, yesterday, I begged off on the section. I pulled a bunch of muscles in my back lifting. Now, I float between two sections. Yay!

It's not a bad thing, actually, because I got a whole section to myself. That meant I could keep everything in alphabetical order, rather than have three other people dropping shit off and screwing up my order like one of the other people did when I was working on mystery. My Current Affairs section is one of the best looking in the store. Makes me happy!

I'm off tomorrow, which means I can get all the shit that I haven't done all week done then.

More work Monday, schoolness Tuesday, may also work  a little, and I'm working Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday afternoon, we're leaving for Vermont for the week-end. Yay! Bravely on into September.
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No actual pictures from Vermont, since I forgot the camera. I was not too happy with myself. Honestly, though, we probably wouldn't have had time to take pictures, anyhow. I did, however, just take a few pictures of some of the things that I picked up on sale while I was up there.

JC Penney tee

I'll Do Anything Once, Twice If I Like It

I'll Do Anything Once, Twice If I Like It

Steven likes this one. Matches my Young, Willing, and Eager.

Superbowl Shirt

I joined the dark side... It was on sale.

My Suede Coat

My Suede Coat

Can you believe this was only $34.02!? It looks super cute on, too. I may have Steven take a pic of it later on.

My XMas Present from Dawn

Things not bought in VT:

HK Sneaker

Cheap Rose

Sterling, my favourite.

MacIntosh Apple Candle from Providence Place


I need to eat something for lunch. I'm thinking Ramen noodles.

The week-end wasn't what I was hoping. The time up there felt like it went by way too fast. I didn't get to hang out with Dawn as much as I had hope because Brendan wasn't feeling too well Saturday. We ended up eating dinner with my father super late, so I didn't get to see him that much, either. We did get a chance to spend a little time with Dawn, Mike and Brendan Sunday, but we had to leave around 3:30, so that meant not much there, either.

We're going to try and go up for the three day week-end in April so we can see a little more of them and do a couple of the other things that we wanted to do while we were there. We ended up both being kind of bummed out last night. We didn't get to sleep until 1:30. I'm tired.

I didn't sleep well. I had a dream about being fired by Mary Ann for not showing up on my shift, even though I had told Evil Julie I was going to a concert. I think it's time to get out of there.. I also had a couple of miscellanous nightmares that made my sleep somewhat less pleasant. I need a nap...

Cooking my ramen right now, then I want to dye my hair, and after that, it should be time to pick Steven up from work. I have to go to the gym tonight and renew my membership for another year. I kind of would like to work out tonight. I'd like to tone up some by the end of the year and that's probably the only way to do it.

Some girl emailed me about a LiveJournal account that I had three years ago and never updated and she would like. I wish I could remember what it was...

My ramen should be done. Off to be slightly useful.


Feb. 20th, 2004 11:04 am
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I love having a camera. I'm trying to get motivated to pack for Vermont. Here, in photos, is what I should be doing:

Doing dishes

a) doing dishes

Folding laundry

b) folding and putting away laundry

Packing for VT

c) packing for VT

I am doing none of the above. I am trying to relax because I drank to much last night:

my hot star glasses

My star glass with margarita remenants

I am also stressing because I hate traveling. I want to go to Vermont, I really do, I just hate the packing up and going part. I love it when I'm there, but I hate having to get ready. I always have. Plus, because I was way too drunk last night, I forgot to set my alarm clock and overslept. Thank god for cancelled classes and professors who email, because I was feeling like shit for screwing things up.

We were going to eat lunch here, but I cannot do cooking with all those dishes today. Plus, I really want thai food. I've wanted it since Monday, but they're not open Mondays.

Bleh. My bank account is all sorts of fucked up. I need to deposit money into it today. Bah. I am not having a great morning.

I'm going to try and fold laundry, especially since Steven did it yesterday, I should fold it.

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Yay for long week-ends. I've totally been in week-end mode all day today. I think I told Steven it was Saturday, earlier.

Anyhow. Spent the day with my grandparents in Rhode Island. They were good, but they looked tired. My grandma's knee was bothering her, so she wasn't moving around too much. Steven spent most of the time with my grandpa in his workshop playing with the buffer that Grampa's trying to make. The traffic was horrendous, though. Everyone and their dog was driving like loons in the mad rush to return from their peeping extravaganza. Moral of the story? Never go up North on Columbus Day week-end.

We got back pretty late from Rhode Island and ended up stopping at the Plaza for a couple errands. Lady Grace had no good leftover bathing suits, but such as was expected. Came home, ate dinner, and then had to go to Kingston (2 malls! How lucky can I get!?) to return my expensive, uncomfortable shoes at Bob's Stores. They were surprisingly gracious about giving me my refund and exchanging the other item I bought. I picked up a Cosmo and that was that.

Must remember to go to the bank and deposit money in before work.

Watched the Red Sox win (!) before Steven went home and my mother went to bed. I guess it's good that they won. I hope they can do it again next time.

Working tomorrow night... Bleh. I have an assload of reading to do, which I'm planning on starting at work. Yay for finally being alone. I've got one more day with Julie on Tuesday, but after that, I'm scot free.

Ok, am going to read Cosmo while I fall asleep.
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I finally was able to download the Swans cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Jarboe has such a gorgeous, rich alto. I actually like this version better than I like Joy Division's. Hers just has such a personal, intimate tone, rather than the almost mechcanical one Joy Division does.

I need to get a CD rack so I can find my Jarboe CDs and the organise the rest of them. I've actually got to get my act together on that. I don't have too many more excuses now that I have a job and can conceivably afford a CD rack.

My tummy hurts. Chorizo does not ever sit well with me, even though I do like jambalaya. I'm hoping the immodium I needed to take will kick in soon.

I'm actually wicked sleepy, but I have to much I need to do. I need to write out a packing list for next week-end, as well as get an idea of how much I'll need. I wanted to print a couple more pictures for my gramma, since I'm going to see her tomorrow. I need to get my return stuff together for tomorrow so I can exchange jeans and return shoes.

And I'm working Tuesday. Hooray!

I need to sleep.

Beach Day

Sep. 1st, 2003 01:38 am
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I need to do something with this computer really, really badly. It's been crashing a stupid amount lately. I'm hoping I can boost it up with more RAM, but who knows if that will work. I can't afford to buy a new computer right now, but I literally can't do anything with out running out of resources or something. So frustrating... I need to start backing up all my files in case something happens to this one like what happened to the Presario.

Shit, I just realised that I need to change the calendar and update my appointments.

Okay. That's done and I've changed over to September.I must remember to update my whiteboard as well.

I'm wicked out of it. I ended up taking two ativan for anxiety, which kind of helped, the latter more than the former. I don't know what was eating at me today... Probably that I can't find the sweater I want to wear tomorrow. Mmph.

We did, indeed go to the beach today with Sam and Abru. The water was choppy as hell, but nice. I wish I had known how it was going to be; I would have brought my boogie board and done some body surfing. I did a little, but I couldn't get past the breakers and I was afraid of losing my glasses. I'd like to go back at least once more before the season ends. Maybe next weekend, if we have the funds. Then again, we also have to find some way to afford tickets to the playoffs, since they made it in. Who knows where that cash will come from?

I need to sleep..
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Back from Vermont... That was a long trip. Brendan is, as usual, perfect. He's gotten so much smilier since I saw him a month ago. He's much bigger, now, too. I was overly tired, though, and just not in a very people oriented mood. We came back today, around 5ish, I had a nap, and then we went to Steve's parents for reason unknown.. Maybe to hook up the pumps? I'm so tired...

I am driving Matt to Natick tomorrow for work and then I am working in the evening. Joy. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday for my foot. I wish I could remember what time.

I am 56% gay.. I am open-minded between the sheets and just as balanced when out on the streets.

I am going to sleep.
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Wow.. I just saw the trailer for Spiderman and I definitely want to check it out. I'm fully intending to use that as my end-of-school reward to myself, seeing as it's coming out May 3rd.

Not much is new, other than that. I have three more days before I can start walking around on my ankle without crutches. My ankle is still wicked sore and I need to remember to call the doctor's office around 1ish today to get the medical excuse I never got from the E.R. last week.

I'm working tonight, woo! When I get home, I need to pack my clothes and get ready to head to Vermont tomorrow.
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So, I just finished reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I liked it a lot more than I thought I was going to, when I first started. The characters were really well-written. I really found myself disliking Naoko. She struck me as very, very selfish. I really felt like she was using Toru and just stringing him along and toying with him. I completely loved Midori. The ending kind of bothered me, though. It seemed too abrupt. I would have liked to know a little more what happened.

I've left this purposefully vague so as not spoil this book for anyone who hasn't read it. If you have read it, please email me and we'll talk about it.

I'm wicked tired. This was definitely one of the shittier Spring Breaks I've had. All I did was work and convalese. Next week-end, I'm going to Vermont (which reminds me- my father called to tell me that either my friend's house or her grandparents' house burned down last night... I should find out which.) I also need to get in touch with my new place of employment and find out exactly when they want me to start. Unless something changes, I am completely done with Country Marketplace on the 15th. God, I can't believe it's almost April- only six more weeks of classes.
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Tiiired. I've been dead all day and I don't know why. Well, I know why, but still... I was wicked antsy during both my classes and the between class break was pretty beastly too.

I read to Sloan today. It was pretty decent, after getting over the creep and embarassment factor. I'm so rotten at reading aloud. Mmph, I still need to write up my journal for it. Eh.. I still need to find a book to read for the next odd weeks until the project comes due. Sloan = Good Sport.

Tomorrow, I'm reading to Steve's munchkin. It's easier to read to him without worrying about him laughing at me, but at least Sloan doesn't take my glasses off and throw them on the floor.

Wedding this week-end. I still have no dress. Am I putting this off? Nah... I actually do need to go to the mall tomorrow to see if I can find a black cardigan or something to throw on over my cherry dress. I need to locate some shoes too. I'm going to do this tomorrow, I swear.

Someone should buy me bras from Bravissimo. If you're really willing to do this, email me and I'll send you my address. I wear a 35E. I'm not above whoring my breasts out to get new bras.

And now, off to start my profitable career as a porn star.


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