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I hate when I'm so tired, but I still can't sleep. I went to bed at 11 because I was exhausted. I thought I'd just not take my Ambein and be all clever about it, since it didn't matter if it took me two hours to fall asleep on a Friday.

All I did was roll around till I got up at 3:30 and took an Ambien, which bought me about 5 hours of actual sleep. It's probably rebound insomnia, but this happens any time I'm not taking something to knock me out. It doesn't matter how tired I am; my body will not turn off.

This week has been insane. The kids are wound, which is par for the course, considering. My hand is still not great, so that makes life interesting. I did three crafts with glitter yesterday, though, which was pretty great. I love me some glitter.

I need to do some lesson plans this week-end, speaking of glitter. I'm trying to get the rest of December planned out and possibly leave something for the couple days I'll be out after Christmas. Also, I need to find some Hanukkah crafts. I'm thinking of making a toilet paper roll menorah with felt flames for each classroom.

We stopped by the mall after work, ostentatiously so I could purchase some pants. We had dinner at Dave & Busters, which was decent. I dropped in Lush to ask about face lotion and was set up with a sample of Skin Nanny and Celestial. I tried the latter today and I like it, though I completely overdid it on a couple places. Next week, I'm going to buy Mum's Humango. Bleh, Christmas shopping...

I got waylaid by JC Penney's and ended up with a pair of lower heeled, knee high, motorcycle styled boots since, much as I love my other pair of boots, I just cannot to heavy duty walking in them, like I did Thursday. Of course, I forgot my coupon and that I have a store credit. I might head back there tonight.

I picked up a pair of skinny jeans at Old Navy. I've only been trying to find them for months. They're kind of weird, though. I got regulars, which are usually miles too long for me, but these are fine. I'm not questioning it. I'm breaking them in today. I also got a Thanksgiving shirt that says Gobble Gobble. I win like that.

We're going back tonight because I have to have my Mac looked at. The screen has gone out a couple times and the latch is broken. I've barely had it four months and I treat it like my firstborn. There is no reason it should be having any issues.

It's frigid, Steven and my mother are installing a new sink, and I am banished to the living room because neither have two useful hands nor helpful suggestions.

I need to order Teh Turkey today and start a mental menu so I can grocery shop this week. I can't believe we're so close to Thanksgiving, honestly. It will be a year to the Thursday Gramma died and, in all honestly, I didn't really want to do anything this year, but it's sink or swim, you know? We're having people over, at least, so I won't have time to dwell on it. Frakking holidays.

I wish my hand didn't ache so much. I was too crafty yesterday, obviously.
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I think I'm ready to qualify vertigo as the worst sensation ever. Everything feels like it's swaying or shaking under me. Even sitting up, it kind of feels like I'm being pushed off of something.

We skipped over to the mall after I got off of work so I could cash my cheque at the Evil Empire of America. We were going to go home, but caught a case of the lazies and decided to have dinner at Johnny Rocket's instead. Sometimes you just need greasy food.

Of course I was seduced by Lush, which lies right across from the from the food court. That's the curse of needing to cash my cheque at the mall. Since this is our usual haunt, we're starting to get to know most of the SAs, which is both good and bad, usually for my wallet.

They had Ghost. And I am weak. It smells so good. I also heard the details about the other Halloween products they're putting out, which sound interesting, but not so much my thing.

I did a quick spec out of Sephora because I keep hearing great things about Benefit's creme liner/shadow in Skinny Jeans. It's been in several magazines and I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype before I waste $20 on it. I will say that it did not disappoint. The colour went on really nicely and easily and also seemed very wearable, so I will most likely pick that up next week sometime.

The last stop out was by Old Navy to check the sales rack and batter my self esteem a little. God help me, but I've been looking at skinny jeans so long they've grown on me. I figured one look at my wide ass in them should sufficiently mollify the urge.

I tried them on and they didn't look bad. Steven didn't like them, but the two girls sitting in the fitting room approved. You know, because I need teenage approval. I probably am going to give into the trend, as I have many cute, long winter tops and likewise for flats. Also: I need more pants.

Now I'm just being slothful in my flannel pyjamas, watching TLC like I've been doing, oh, for the last month. Since there's not much else to do with Steven having the car, I'm probably just going to curl up in the shower with my lovely new Ghost in hopes I'll smell omg!awesome.
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I need to stop shopping at Old Navy. I found some pants I liked that they didn't have in store in the length I wanted. I knew I had seen them on the website, so I figured I'd just order them there. I ordered those, another pair of pants, and a turtleneck. I had just clicked the check-out button and entered my account information when the next screen informs me that the pants that I had tried to order were in high demand and had been removed. I called to bitch to the customer service line and basically what happened was they oversold the pants and they went to the first person to check out.

What. the. frak? How the hell are they allowed to do that? I was in the middle of checking out. I bought the size smaller since I could have gone either way, so hopefully they'll fit.

Stupid Old Navy for only have their goddamn lengths online and making me order there. I'd rather just buy in the damn store.

I bought the size smaller, since I could have gone either way in the store. We'll see when they get here later this week. I guess I'll return them if they don't fit. Now, I mostly just need shoes for school and to unpack/sort the rest of my clothes because, oh, I did nothing this week-end besides, basically, sleep. Well, that's a lie. We went to my grandparents for a bit yesterday and I bought a down comforter for our frigid bedroom. I am so not cool with winter. I have my flannel pyjamas on now.

In less fun news, my great aunt Helen has slipped into a terminal coma as of yesterday. They're expecting her to go any time between now and next Sunday. All they're currently doing for her is giving her a morphine drip, per her end of life instructions. She turned 88 in May. Steven and I are going to have to take a day off to go to the funeral when she goes, which will probably be down the Cape. I need to get my suit dry cleaned in preparation for this. I'm not sure how I feel about this-- I haven't seen Helen in almost two years, even though she lives behind my grandmother. She didn't really want people in the house these last couple years. I told Steven I might end up very upset, I might not. I don't know how I'll take it. Right now, I'm ok.

Frak. This means I need to call my father tomorrow and let him know about Helen.

Steven's father is getting better, at least. He's still pretty out of it; he told Steven today he was "doing work in Paris", but he's off the breathing tube and they think he's going to live, which is good. No word on the kidney, but my guess is that he's going to be on dialysis probably permanently. But dialysis, I assume, is preferable to dying.

MIL is being her usual self. )

That does remind me of a really funny story about Mum. We went to Target a couple weeks ago and, because I am 5, I was touching everything. Mum's kind of staring at me and says "What the hell was wrong with your mother? Didn't she tell you not to touch everything you see?" I kind of shrugged and said it was hard, since the wolves didn't exactly have hands. She responds with "Goddamn wolves. Can't they evolve opposable thumbs?" Then we both started cracking up, prompting quite a few people to stare at us. The weirdness is genetic. Our kids are doomed.

I am so tired. I need to find our door snake tomorrow because it's damned cold down here. I can feel the breeze creeping in under the door.

Had coffee with Beth, Rich, and the munchkin and I think we're having dinner with them at Ikea Friday because we both need to do stuff there and also it's very cheap. Plus, Friendly's is still trying to kill me and I'm not even going to get into that. The company was lovely, though.

New nail polish this week: Suzi Says Da! It's a nice, deep garnet. The black lasted really well last week, so maybe I'll be able to keep polish on my nails for a while. Kind of plays in with that whole "responsible adult" thing.

I think we're going to go out on a date Tuesday to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I kind of want to catch an early showing because of the whole early next day thing. Perhaps I shall wear my red pleather shoes since I am adorable and all. Now, if only I could find my pencil skirt... Maybe I'll look for it tomorrow night. I could use and excuse to dress up, not that school isn't...

I am so tired. I'm almost positive I have an ear infection, so I'm going to put some drops in tomorrow and see where life goes. This is going to be a long week.
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Today was pretty good, actually. I had an appointment to get my hair trimmed up, but I was really early, so Steven and I bought a loaf of bread and fed the goosen in the little pond next to Schroeder's in Riverside. They were, of course, delighted by the attention.

Chris took me in a little early and now my hair looks the way I wanted it to to begin with. Hooray from remembering to bring pictures. It's all cute and spiky in the back ([ profile] blackwingwolf, you'll get to see it Monday.)

Did laundry at my grandparents, loaded up a dozen CDs into iTunes for my grampa, and hung out with my gramma. I also played with her kitteh, who is tentatively being named Penelope (as in Pesty Penelope). She's really funny, she sits like a 50 year old union worker, like "Mah harbawls, let me show you them"... you know, if she had any. My gramma wasn't feeling really great today. She actually went and laid down for a bit while we were there. I felt bad I didn't bring them anything. I think when we go down in a couple weeks, I'm going to try to bake a pie or something... You know, when I can use my kitchen again. Must put things away this week.

First of all, Providence Place is the biggest clusterfrak ever to get to and going on a Saturday was a bloody nightmare. Apparently, we were not thinking or something because finding a place to park was a nightmare. At least parking is a lot cheaper now. Three or fewer hours is $1, 3-5 is $5 and anything more than that is too much time to spend in a mall unless you're working there. We had dinner at Popeye's, which was not only kind of blah, but they screwed our order up and Steven had to go back 8 million and 10 times.

Lush Run & Reviews )

Delia*s had the dress I've been having kittens over, but it didn't fit really well. Damn thick upper arms and damn boobs. I did get two cute thermally tops, one with partridges and one with owls. They were a bargain at $6.99.

We hit up JC Penney's while we were there and it was surprisingly not great. The one in Natick is way better, so I guess I'll make a trip out there, eventually. I went to Penney's originally to find a new pencil skirt for school and maybe some tops. Instead, I got some kind of slutty no show lacey knickers, some black slacks for school, and Skecher's Waterlily shoes in brown (which I saw in [ profile] easter's journal and just fell in love with. I want to get the black ones eventually too. Steven got a pair of cords and a couple nice polos for work.

Then I bought Sex with Queens from Border's because I have Sex with Kings and it was pretty good, so I figure this should be pretty awesome. Steven got some book on Abraham Lincoln, and I got another book on the real story of the Bounty.

Then we came home, I took a bath, and I am sleep as hell. We're going to brunch tomorrow before eye appointments and car inspections and visiting my intubated FIL. I'm sure there will be a MIL drama post tomorrow. It's been pretty good.

FIL Update )

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He will really need it to make it through all of this.

Aaaand that's my day, folks.
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I seem to have become a cave troll. Steven's had to literally pry and bribe me with liquer to leave the house the last few days and I've been living up to every last bit of my nickname. Why? I don't know. I'm just a really cranky person, I guess. I think I need a minimum amount of time in the house and right now, I have 14 billion and ten projects that are screaming for my attention, a brain full of pictures that want to be painted and not in the watercolours I have DAMMIT, and a website that needs to be redone.

I don't actually want to do any of this, except maybe the painting. What I really want to do is lay around on my floor, listen to Nick Cave, and troll the internets. This is probably because I have an ear infection right now and aside from feeling like I have a skewer shoved in my ear, it's causing me to have a perpetually drunken wobble and crash into things like walls and telephone poles.

Am I an idiot? The latin for sperm whales is Physeter catodon, right? I googled it and that's what it said, but Wikipedia's saying that it's Physeter macrocephalus. Does it have two names or what?

This is all coming about since I bought a cotton candy pink shirt with sperm whales spouting hearts. Since I am secretly 5, I started squeeing "Physeter catodon!!!! And it's pink!" in the middle of Target, leaving Steven to shrug at the people around us and mumble things about all the lead paint chips I ate as a child.

I bought knickers with a mermaid on the rear too.

We spent the day with my grandparents for the early Father's Day thing. I bought Steven a pair of Rush tickets for Father's Day because I am Wife of the Year. My mum and Steven fixed the porch, I fixed the computer, and then we all had strawberry shortcake. Yay!

Yesterday, we went out to dinner with Miss N and her mum in a late birthday celebration.

Tonight, we went out with Steven's friend Sean and I killed the waiter because I ordered bourbon, neat, with lime. He seriously looked like I ordered a glass of baby's blood with a side of gizzards. Are women not allowed to drink hard liquer? Am I going to grow a tarse now or what?

I bought 4 new tank tops, 2 pairs of shorts, and a dress.

Can someone explain to me why all the shorts at Old Navy kind of look like maternity pants this season? They main difference was that the non-maternity's stretchy waistband was covered in lineny material and $5 more expensive. While that's being explained, could someone also tell me why everything kind of vaguely resembles maternity clothing and why everyone under than age of 22 seems to be pregnant? Maybe it's my ovaries working their evil magic, but I swear, there are a lot more pregnant women than I remember seeing and they all look younger than me.

I am thisclose to shoving a fork in my ear.

I was also a bad doobee and bought myself two CDs. I can't remember the last time I actually bought a real CD for myself. Then I horded candles from White Barn because they were $10 each instead of $26 for one. My BPAL order should be here in the next couple weeks and hopefully, I will have finished my tattoo design and that will be my big birthday pressie. Since I totally need more tattoos.

My sister is thinking of getting her nose pierced. I told her she absolutely should since I love mine. I hadn't talked to her in a couple weeks since between my shit and her with the new baby, everything's been batfrakked crazy. I'll be calling her tomorrow, though, or Monday because we're due for a marathon chat. I hope we'll be able to get up to see her soon. I haven't even seen a picture of Logan, though I have cooed at him on the phone.

How the hell is it 3am? No wonder I'm getting sleepy.

Bah. These next couple of weeks are going to be crazy. I might have good news, but I don't want to jinx it. Stay tuned.
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I'm marginally productive these days. I worked all last week, so it's been nice having a couple days off this week, even if it is making me amazingly dumb and I forgot to tune in to watch Dancing with the Stars last night. Boo on me. I'll make sure to watch it tonight.

Steven and I went to the magical land of the Plaza Monday. We had to return Joy and Alex's wedding gift which was both a duplicate and broken. I've never seen Corningware shattered like that. We ended up getting a stick blender/food processor that we've both been coveting for a while. Now I can make my own hummus because I'm a loser like that. A loser who really loves hummus. We had dinner at Johnny Rocket's and kind of just puttered around the mall. On our way back out through Macy's, I stopped to check out the Benefit counter and picked up a Benetint/gloss combo. I forgot how much I love Benetint. I can slap some on and look 87% put together for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, we went Pier One because my jerk BIL had gotten us a gift cert for there. I'm pretty sure we're never going to use it, though, since we spent an hour there and couldn't find a single thing we liked except one lone candle which I didn't buy because Steven kind of made the face at the smell. It was Aspen Flower, if anyone's interested. Dejected, we went to Michael's where I pretended I had lots of money and looked at the oils and felt guilty about ignoring the watercolour I'm working on.

Yesterday was free coffee day at Dunkins, so we partook in that before deciding, spur of the moment, to go to Independance Mall. I actually hadn't been there in a good year, so it was kind of fun to see what's changed. Which was actually nothing, except there's a Steve & Barry's there now. I found a $3.99 skirt that was pretty damn cute, as well as a couple other things I might eventually go back for (including but not limited to a Badgers shirt). We finally made it to Target for cough syrup and I ended up getting a cheapo tote with swallows on it and a couple pairs of socks.

Why did I need cough syrup? Because I woke up yesterday feeling like someone kicked me in the chest. I spent all last night coughing till this morning my throat started bleeding. I called my doctor for an appointment this morning and told them that I would need a round of sulfa drugs and some cough syrup since I was pretty sure I had brochitis. I indeed do have bronchitis. My doctor was impressed that I managed to call it in less than 24 hours. I say it sucks that I've had it so much I can tell that quick.

So now I'm going to spend the week-end drinking cough syrup and popping Mucinex, which is the greatest thing known to man. Go me.

Steven and I cooked a real meal together tonight. We made vieja ropa with oven roasted plantains. It was damn good, though I think I'll add some hot sauce next time. It wasn't spicy enough for me, despite the four jalepenos. The plantains were delicious. We're going to have them again this week, since I bought 6 and we only used three tonight.

We're having tuna noodle casserole for dinner tomorrow, since it's still Lent, and I've been craving it something unholy. Steven and Nicki have never had it, so they're game. Saturday, I think we're having cranberry pig chops from the [ profile] what_a_crock. I kind of want to make veg soup or pasta for Sunday's dinner. There were a few other really tasty looking things that I might try crockpotting soon as well.

Oh my god, I love blue footed boobies. They're on telly right now and I just squee'd as much as I can with the sick.

I'm applying for a job no later than Monday for the summer. I'm waiting till I stop sounding like a 60 year old cocktail waitress named Flo to do it. I'll post more details if I get it, so until then, keep finger crossed for me. I really don't want to have to do a 9-5 data entry gig unless I absolutely have to. Ideally, I'd like to do something involving the arts and kids.

Mum's taking my car to Rhode Island on Saturday. I had a completely moment of role reversal while talking to her on the phone today. I told her to make sure to be careful with my car and not to blow out my clutch, something she said to me if I so much as looked at her car as a teen. I could actually hear her rolling her eyes over the phone before we both had a good laugh over it.

Lily Allen is indeed well and sold out here, so we're going to venture in next Saturday and see if we can get day of tickets. Steven seems to think there's some sort of Mass law that states they must release day of. I say it's a nice excuse to spend the day in the city, so long as it's nice.

My hair feels especially awesome today. It's very soft and not frizzy and I have no idea why, since it's been raining on and off all day. Figures my hair looks amazing on the day I'm too sick to go anywhere.

I wish I had Steven buy a couple mags when he was out picking up my meds. I'm not up for reading a real book, but I don't really want to stay up and watch telly either. Such dilemas... Anyhow, at least it was semi-warm today. I was outside for a bit in zoris and shorts and didn't die, so maybe we will eventually see spring.

I suppose I am just going to go to bed, though I think I shall also sleep with the window a bit open and enjoy the fresh breeze. Night, El-Jay!


Mar. 17th, 2007 10:31 pm
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I feel kind of eugh right now. I wish I knew exactly why. I started feeling really sick in Border's and it's not any better now. Looks like the glorious boiled dinner I made is going to get shoved in the fridge and be dinner tomorrow. Oh well.

We ventured out into the frozen wasteland to visit my grandparents as well as obtain haircuts. Steven's looks awesome and mine's a little shorter than my shoulders, so I am also happy. I love my hairdresser. I don't know what I'm going to do when she retires eventually. She's been doing my hair since I was a child.

My grandparents were all right. My gramma looked tired and she said she wasn't feeling very well this week. Steven checked up on Grampa's computer and I had a cup of tea. I think I'm going to give my grandfather the Dell since I'm not using it anymore now that I have the iBook and will probably be getting a MacBook over the summer before I venture back to school. It works out since he's been looking for a laptop, too.

We had drinks with Jenna on our way home. We were originally going to meet at the Longhorn, but there was an hour wait for a table which was ridiculous. We went to Ruby Tuesday's instead since they have a delicious salad bar. I also have leftover white chili for lunch tomorrow. Jenna was good. I haven't seen her since the wedding. As usually tends to happen when I'm in public, there was much rowdy laughter and bawdy conversation about celebrities. I'm perpetually offensive.

i'm so tired. Ugh.

We stopped by Border's on the way home since I had to pee. Then, sadly, we got sucked into their dollar clearance. We picked up stationary and several frames, as well as an illustrated children's book of Moby Dick because dear God I am a sucker and I love that damned book. Then I died because my stomach hates me. Twice.

Now I'm mostly killing time till Robin Hood goes on. I need to put away the crockpot, but I think I'm going to lay down on the couch and feel sick instead.
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Since I was moderately less itchy and grumpy today, Steven cajoled me into leaving the house with promises of vintage clothing and Mexican food. I agreed since I really should leave the house more than once a week. Plus, it was nice and sunny out.

We headed straight for the Garment District, since I haven't been there in forever. Aside from reinforcing the fact that nothing cute and vintage will fit either my boobs or my ass, I did find a couple really cute things. I bought two vintage cardigans, one black and a handmade cream coloured one, to wear over dresses, a handmade Irish fisherman's sweater (only $10!), a black studded leather bag that looks almost exactly like the Coach bag I was coveting, and a white leather American bag that looked almost exactly like an Yves Saint Laurent bag from a couple season ago. Steven found a couple of amazingly tacky shirts, a couple ties, and a nice pair of shoes.

There was no parking in the rest of Cambridge, so we headed over to Brookline to have Boca Grande for dinner. I think I'm officially allergic to something in Mexican because my throat is back to swelling again. Yay for Benedryl, at least.

We then decided to be all drinky-drinky and purchase cheapo wine from Trader Joe's. We stocked up since it's a giant pain in the ass to get in to Brookline. In theory, we have enough wine to last for a few months. Can't turn down a case for $36.

And now, T-minus 2 hours to Battlestar,
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It sure is chilly here in Hell today.

Actually, it was really nice and sunny in Badgerland. It was nice to leave the house and only really need to toss my fleece on. Sadly, it's not going to last; we're getting snow Monday night. At least it's March, though. Winter can't last forever. I'm still taking advantage of the semi-nice weather and opening the windows to let a little fresh air in.

My throat is still swollen. I keep jamming my fingers in my throat to see just how bad it is. I managed to choke down some lentil soup tonight, but pretty much everything else is out of the question. I shall be going to buy ye olde popsicles tomorrow so I can at least pretend I'm eating fruit. At least it's only the very back of my soft palate and the stupid swelling isn't interfering with my breathing. Plus, I'm popping Benedryl every 4 hours, so hopefully whatever it is gets out of my system ASAP.

Today was mostly uneventful. I went to bed really early last night and still woke up a million and twenty times. At one point, I woke up because I had frakking hives under my eyelids. I was still itchy this morning, so I woke up very very tired and cranky. We went to see my grandparents and had lunch with them before Steven fixed Grampa's computer.

We stopped by Emerald Square after, officially to buy me pants, but they're doing construction in Penney's which meant that trying to find anything was a clusterfrak. I tried on a couple very cute dresses, but the waists were all sitting right above the end of my ribcage, like every other cute dress I find. Stupid long waist. Steven bought a sweater; I bought nothing.

We dropped by Amanda's on the way home. I ate delicious popsicles while everyone else ate actual food. That made me very sad since I was quite hungry by then.

I actually think I might just go to bed and read for a while. If I can keep this early to bed thing up till Tuesday, I'll be happy. I'm going to be Mum Monday and Tuesday. Yay for money and yay for paying bills with it.

Mm, cheap

Feb. 27th, 2007 01:24 am
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I win at bargains this week. Steven and I went to the mall tonight to look for yarn and decided to meander around while we were there. I struck out on yarn; they're restocking for a big sale this week-end. Boo.

We bopped down to Sears on the off chance they had any cute knickers and I stumbled upon the $2.99 clearance rack. I found two really adorable skirts. I am going to have to do a little repair on one, it has a loose button, but I can sew that back on for that price. They're adorable circle skirts, too, which makes me stupidly happy. I wish I could find some cute vintagey shirts that fit, but my luck doesn't seem to run that well. I don't know which is worse, my stupidly long waist or my ginormous boobs. Anyhow, the skirts are still damn cute. I'm planning on wearing the brown one I bought next week, possibly, since I'm working two days at least.

I got a new toner to try out for my face: C.O. Bigelow's Rose Water Tonic. It's cheaper than the Clinique stuff I've been using and it smells a hell of a lot better. So far, it hasn't made my face cranky, so I might end up buying a full size bottle eventually. I also checked out the new Tranquil Mint stuff they have. I liked it, though not enough to buy, even if it was $5. Maybe when I got back to the mall later this week, I'll pick some bath gel up. The Red Currant Vanilla was also nice.

We've just been chilling around here since we got back. We watched Hidalgo, which we meant to see when it was in theatres, but never got the chance too. It was pretty good, though the scene where the horse gets hurt made me cringe. Steven went to bed, leaving me to watch Romancing the Stone by myself. I've loved that movie since I was a little kid. Mum and I used to watch it all the time when it was on telly and I believe we had it on Betamax. It was up there with JAWS for movies that we watched together.

I sent payment out for the iBooks today, so I assume they'll be here in a week or so. I'm all antsy to get it and see if I can make it work with our current set-up. They're going to Mum's since we've had too much mail theft here recently. My cigar cutters never arrived. I hope whoever stole them gets cigars full of tobacco beetles. </bitter>

I worked a little on my painting last night. I mostly just did the eyes and teeth, since I'm not sure how I want the colours to go quite yet. I'm happy with what I've done so far though. I also did a bit of research on the Art Programme at Bridgewater, in case I want to go back there next year.

Wasn't terribly impressed with last night's Battlestar, much like I haven't been impressed with the second half of the season. Maybe it was because the first half was so good, but everything up till now, including the Quadrangle of Doom has just kind of made me very meh. Well, except for The Woman King. I'm all for gratuitous Helo shirtless. And the Adama/Roslin thing is also pretty cute, so that kind of saves it. Next week's ep looks quite good, although I'm sure it's going to end with me breaking up with Battlestar some more since that's allegedly Starbuck's last ep of the season.

Ugh. I was chewing on a popsicle stick earlier and I'm convinced that I have splinters in my throat. I should start on Dawn's baby blanket tomorrow. I should also call her sometime soon. She texted me a couple weeks ago, but I've been in such an awful haze that I haven't had a chance to call her. I suck as a sister. New goal: have blanket done in a month so I can bring it up when we hopefully visit over April break. Ooh, and if I start on it, I can bring it and knit during my two days of subbing for Mum. I'm going to rifle through my stash tonight and see what I have.

I should take a picture of my stash one of these days.

All right, back to aimlessly wandering the internets...
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It's finally come to pass. I've sold my soul to the dark side. I've bought a Mac. I found a good deal on eBay and figured cheap was a good way to dip my toes into the non-PC world. I spent some time chatting with Bruce about the specific computers we bought and he seemed very positive about what we have. I'm even thinking about getting a cheap iMac to toy around with.

Vista was what finally scared me off. I was looking at what I'd need to do if I wanted to upgrade to it and I'd have to dump a fair amount of money into the new laptop plus the cost of software. That's not even considering if we could upgrade the other laptop or the two towers I have. There's a good chance I wouldn't be able to upgrade them, since I think the Compaq tower is maxed out. I could probably buy a brand new MacBook for the cost of upgrading all our PCs. I can install Leopard, when it comes out, with no issue. The lack of viruses also is a huge plus in my book.

Plus Photoshop! How can I go wrong with something that's basically built to run Photoshop. I can also yoink software from Mum and Bruce now and they have awesome stuff.

Bleh. Other than that, nothing good is going on. I have a killer headache, probably from not eating a real lunch. I finally broke out the popcorn maker yesterday, so I made popcorn for lunch. I should probably find some Tylenol or have something with a little caffeine in it. Ugh, and I need to quit looking at iMac desktops. I don't need to spend even more money.
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Rockland decided to have no school today and tack one on to the end of the year so, because I am a supremely awesome and responsible adult, I begged my mum to make me an eye doctor's appointment so I can get contacts before the wedding. My eyes seriously got really worse. My "good" eye needed a 4.25 up from a 3.75 a year ago. When I told Mum she laughed, because my eyes are finally worse than hers. Thanks, Ma.

I totally hit up [ profile] pinkandsilver to meet me there for lunch. After some baby-mama drama, Steven decided he could use a break and tagged along for lunch. We went to Brighams because Johnny Rockets was a clusterfuck. It was tasty, but we established early on that I definitely woke up on the bitchy side of the bed and needed a handler. Steven took off after to pick up the kidlet and sleep, so Nicki and I ventured off into the mall. We eyed Build-A-Bear and poked puppies before my bladder died and I had to go pee in Sears. As we were meandering out, I saw some Hello Kitty sheets. Steven had previously informed me on no uncertain terms that if I ever bought HK sheets, he would never sleep with me again, so I called. He was distracted and told me to get whatever I wanted. We're sleeping on pink HK sheets tonight.

Officially, we were looking for shoes for the wedding. We hit The Maxx where I bought cute silver flats and a wallet, but Nicki struck out. We went to Coach after and I became the worst influence ever. She bought a cute wristlet. I bought Steven's Christmas/wedding gift at Sharper Image and we lugged things to the car/froze to death. We hit Claire's after, where I got leggings and earrings and Nicki accomplished wedding earrings. Yay! Macy's was also a shoe strikeout and the shoe guy definitely wanted to eat both our souls, but I did get wedding lippie. We petted pretty dresses before The Body Shoppe and their magical vanilla spice lotion. Then: smoothies for not killing anyone.

We tried to be good do-bees, but were seduced by Aeropostale because everything was 50% off. Like seriously everything in the whole bloody store. I bought shirts, socks, and fleecy pants. We swung by Starbucks for coffee and headed back here. I justified my purchases to Steven by reminding him of Nicki's Coach bag. And with bribery!

I dawdled more about cooking after since I had to pick up a script for tramadol and we needed a bottle of wine (read: 3 and beer) for tomorrow. We also ended up going to Shaw's because I forgot to buy chicken stock to make the gravy tomorrow. I cooked most of the dinner tonight, including our onions, sweet potato casserole, and the squash, plus one of the pies. Oh my god, I'm leaving Steven for our new KitchenAid mixer. Holy god. It made making the pie sooooooo easy. I pretty much turned it on and left the room to make the bed. So much easier.

We still have a tonne of cleaning to do, which kind of blows, but we're eating way late and just having people here for dessert, so we have all day and we can shove things in the bedroom, I guess. I'm so tired. I'm going to bed after I check LJ again and finish talking to [ profile] mermaidinblack.

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Oct. 10th, 2006 12:38 am
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Happy birthday, [ profile] angelwifey. Did you get your gift?

I really thought about updating yesterday, but instead, I redid my website. I apparently code better after taking two Ambien. I actually managed to get 90% of the site done before bed. I only really made one error, which probably means more like 15 that other people will notice and I won't. The only thing that sucked is I could not remember how to make a non-repeating, fixed background image that isn't CSS.

We had Elliott this week-end and he was ground. 'Nuff said there.

We went to see my grandparents today. Steven and my grandfather holed up in the basement doing something with a tape recorder, while my grandmother and I sat upstairs and talked. I finished my scarf while I was there, but I left it in the car, I think. It looks good, though, and I'm really glad I decreased in the middle (ends are 30 sts and the middle is 21 sts). It would've been too thick otherwise. Anyhow, it's about 5' long, 4 skeins of Bernat Galaxy, running me a grand total of $8.

91 days till Christmas. No one's getting cards this year, I think.

We fed the weird goosen in Riverside. They've all moved from East Bay to the little pond by Schroeders and we had leftover bread. They were surprisingly chummy and chatty, versus the usual hissing and honking. One of them let me pet her. Anyhow, there was a group of about 9 that were log-rolling in the water and splashing, feet skyward. I'm not sure what was with because, seriously, it's not a behaviour I'd ever seen and I had the goosen as pets for 7 years. Apparently, it felt really good, since they and a good number of ducks were doing it.

We stopped at glorious Emerald Square Mall on the way home because I needed pants. $156 later, I left Penney's with two pairs of pants, a couple tops, some jewelry, and a new sweater. Steven and I had lots of fun playing "Cute or Maternity?" since there are so many empire waisted, flowy tops and dresses this season. Torrid was having 50% of clearance, so I found a really cute corset laced skirt and a pair of polka dot PJ pants there. I saw shoes I liked, but they only had sizes 10 and up. I then went on a mostly fruitless quest for threader earring which, despite being allegedly very popular, are no where to be found. The cute, punky girl in Claire's found me one pair and I ended up buying two more pairs, one to match a necklace I bought a couple weeks ago and some little 3D snowflakes. Steven found a couple shirts and some cheap ties.

I really need a new wallet. I saw a nice one, but I was not about to pay $18 for it. So cheap.

I think I'm going to be a pin-up girl for Halloween, even though we probably won't go anywhere. Well, Alex and Joy invited us to their Halloween party, but that's not on Halloween. Anyhow, yes, cheap costume from things I already own.

Oh and I saw the cutest puppy ever at the mall tonight. I know mall pet store are evil, but oh my God, the kyoot, it burned. This yellow lab had fallen asleep on his back and it was the most adorable thing over. I love puppy bellies. We also saw a sleeping Boston and a little Cairn terrier that was 547 kinds of excited!puppy, but nothing will ever rival the kyoot of the lab puppy. Seriously, if cute cured sickness, this puppy would've been the next coming of God.

I should definitely go to the registry tomorrow since I am not working. I should also shave my legs. It is not going to be as warm tomorrow, which kind of sucks. Cat and I so should swap weather. Stupid cold.

I have a new icon. I totally ganked the idea from someone who I'd credit if I could remember who it was.
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Before we went to my grandparents' yesterday, Steven and I actually had an hour long stopover at the Emeral Square mall because of a huge accident on I-95. Anyhow, I needed a new pair of jeans since my others are too big, so I figured we could kill two birds with one stone. I didn't find any jeans in my length (boo), but I did find two pairs of Levi's shorts. On my way to try them on, Steven spotted a dress that he liked. It was not something I ever would have looked twice at on my own, but I figured I'd try it on since, well, I was getting undressed anyway.

The dress fit like it was made for me, which is just short of a miracle, considering I have my mom's damned long torso. Dresses never fit me right. Usually the waistline is somewhere at the bottom of my ribs, making the back ripple funny. Anyhow, onto the dress:

The Dress )

How's that for good taste!?

And for further amusement, here's a couple quizzes and Laura's survey.

Yoink )
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I took Laura's suggestion and made the latest picture of us into an icon. She was definitely right, it does make a good icon. I joking with Steven that we'll make beautiful kids... though, he one upped me the other night when he said we'd end up with green eyed kids, since we both have hazel eyes and light eyed genes.

I ordered a bathing suit yesterday. I've mostly given up the ghost on my tankini top. It just doesn't fit anymore, not to mention that the nylon inside is starting to rip out. Now that I've hit goal weight #1, I'm hoping to hit goal weight #2 by the time summer really gets here. I also want to get a couple of the cute circle skirts at Old Navy before they disappear from fashion again.

It's gorgeous outside again. I'm taking the oppurtunity to break in my new capri pants. I just need to find shoes to wear now.

Steven and I are heading in to UMass Boston today. I'm going to try to transfer to UMB. I'm done with the crap from Bridgewater. I still haven't heard from my damned advisor and it's been over a month. I don't get calls back from anyone. They told me that if I took a medical leave, I would have to withdraw from school and reapply. Why should I bother? I might as well transfer elsewhere if I'm going to have to go through all the crap of reapplying.

Bah. I still need to redownload Sunbird and put all my dates back in. I'm really putting that off. I finally reinstalled Office on the computer because I needed to type something.

And now I need to put my contacts in and put some makeup on. Go me. I have no ambition, whatsoever.
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I just downloaded the best skin ever for Firefox. It's called PimpZilla and there is a screenshot under the cut.

Click for Leopard Print )

Is that not the best browser ever!?

Oh, and I found the best shoes ever on Delia*s. They're called Contre slipons and they're by Puma. That for me for future reference, since I desperately need a pair. I just don't have $70 for them. Maybe I can convince my mother that they'd be great for when I get a full time job over the summer.

And that reminds me further that I need a new bathing suit, since I'm busting out all over from tankini top. It's only a cup and a half too small for me. Bah.

Steven's bringing me home Thai food since I've been whining about how much I need pad thai for about a month now. He's craving Taiwanese, so that'll be our next trip, when we out in Metro West, since I assume by Taiwanese food, he means EO Noodle in Framingham.
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I went to the mall with Mum today to get my knitting supplies (and a couple other things because we'd run out). If I get my ass in gear tomorrow, I'll take a couple pictures of the yarn I bought and the beginnings of Project 1. Project one was me just practicing, but I think I'm going to knit Elliott a little scarf, rather than waste it. So yeah, there's a tiny little mistake I made in the beginning, but I sincerely doubt that he'll care. I think he'll just be happy that I made something specially for him.

Project 2 is going to be my super long scarf. Project 3 is going to be Steven's hunter orange hat. I still have to get another set of needles for that. Wal*Mart didn't have them.

The trip to the mall was productive, just not in the way expected. I didn't find anything to wear pantswise for the week or so post-surgery, but we did find two pairs of cords in black and sienna for $3.97 each. I got a second pair of sunglasses.

We trotted down and visited Cara and Mum tried on pants, but found nothing appealing. Then, we went to Bath & Body Works.

About 5 years ago, when their aromatherapy line came out, I bought and fell in love with the Sleep line. I have the dry mist oil, I have the massage mousse, and I had the linen spray. I ended up not using it as regularly because Asshole claimed he was allergic to it. Most likely, he just didn't like anything that smelled clean. Anyhow...

When we stopped in, I was informed that the aromatherapy body was, normally $12, was on sale for $5 with any store purchase. Happy day! I replaced my now empty linen spray and got my body wash to boot. I am a very happy bunny.

Also found out my friend had a little girl in the end of January and named her Zoe. I've got the info to get in touch with her mum, so I can at least send a card and maybe get gift over to her.

I had something else I wanted to type, but I can't remember.

Oh wait... Steven and I found some nice curtains we may get for the living room. We just need to measure the door first. Of course, I'm not sure if we should bother if we're going to move.. Bah. I suppose we'll eventually have doors like that somewhere, if not here. Whatever.
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I got my knitting book today from Overstock.Com. That gives me tomorrow to read through it and pick a project or two to work on and then Wednesday, I can go and pick out the yarn and needles for my projects, as well as a small ball of practise yarn. I am all sorts of excited! It almost makes up for the shitty earlier part of the day.

But enough about that. Onto the Valentine's Day booty. My mum got us cards (one with a chocolate lipped cow for Steven and a sentimental one for me), a box of Russell Stovers, and $25 for us to go on a date or something. We actually weren't going to go out, but after the grill incident, neither of us felt like cooking much. So, we're cool, we went to Tennessee's BBQ. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as it usually is. After that, we went to the mall to fetch Elliott's sweater, which had sort of slipped our minds after he broke out in hives near his eye.

We puttered around, I picked up a Tutti Dolce lippie because they were only $5 instead of $10, a cherry blossom hand creme, and my Burt's Bees lippie. Saw the Ex talking to a friend of ours, but we obviously didn't bother stopping. Besides, I don't really want to be within 100 yards of him. I guess Laura almost hit him the other day on accident because he ran out in front of her.

Speaking of, Laura came over for a while today and she's my valentine this year. She brought me cherry blossom tea and I have her my Imitrex that I'm allergic to. It was nice to see a real live person, other than the one I live with. Yay!

Anyhow, despite Steven's dislike of the holiday, he's been getting me little things for about the last two weeks. So, from him, I received a pair of flying Cupid piggy socks, a chocolate rose, a red heart balloon, a really niiiiice massage, and happy, happy sex. I'm not going to totally elaborate on the varieties, but that was definitely the high point of today. Well, that and the back massage. I swear to god, you know you're getting old when a massage ranks up there with sex.

Oh, and I have computer sheepies. If anyone wants them, let me know and I'll email you the programme.


Feb. 3rd, 2005 11:17 pm
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Anyone who knows me knows that I am frugal, often to a fault. This isn't so much because I hate spending money, but often because I have no money to spend. As in EVER. I haven't worked since September, when I was sacked from Barnes & Noble. I decided to work on going to school instead, which was fine. Then came the knee incident and you have me out of work (and probably school, thanks to my  idiot advisor) until April.

But I digress... I predominantly use my laptop, as it's more comfortable to sit on our couch, as well as I can put my leg up easier. Unfortunately, though, I have only basic programmes on here-- no graphics editors. Both Photoshop and PSP are on the bedroom computer, which is in stasis right now, and Steven's computer. (Yes, we have three computers. We're not total geeks. The laptop was a school requirement, the bedroom computer was mine, and Steven's is a hand me down.)

This has kept me from working much on the new layout for the massive DevilGrrl update I want to do. I have Photoshop and PSP back ups on CD somewhere, but I can't find them in the jumble of crap in our room. Hence, things are going nowhere.

So tonight, I was lurking around [ profile] nakedgirlparts  and I noticed a lot of people talking about something called GIMP. Evidently, it was a GNU graphics programme, which I believe is related to or in cahoots with Mozilla, whose Firefox/Thunderbird programmes I use. I figured I could always delete it if I didn't like it.

Well, I'm glad I did! It's a little different than Photoshop, but very close. I just started playing around with it tonight, but it's great, especially since it's FREE! If you're short a graphics editor or just plain broke, you should totally check it out.

Bleh, I didn't mean for this to be so rambly, but my painkiller has kicked in. In fact, I think I am off to bed now so I can be dry oiled before I go to sleep.
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My life is so sad. I got so excited about going to Wal*Mart today and having some money to buy things we need. Is that sad? We bought happy things such as  paper towels, Clorox wipes, razor blades (not for my hairy legs though), shaving creme, and FOOD! Then we went to Stop & Shop and bought MORE FOOD! We actually will have things to eat in the house now. Too bad it set us back $70. I also paid the electric bill with our mini-windfall, so we can have lights for another month. Yay!

I swear I have baby fever tonight. Not as in I actually want one of my own right now, but someone around me needs to have one. Is that more auntie fever? Maybe it's because I was thinking of my pregnant friend from high school. Her aunt said she was due around now...

I have her mom's number and I am thinking about calling to find out how she's doing. Would that be really creepy.

Well, now I feel randomly guilty for not calling her when I knew where she was. But things blew up with The Ex right after that and my life is just settling now. I think I'm going to sleep on calling her mom.


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