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Ok. I made nearly a gross of cookies tonight, including gingerbread men, which I decorated and are drying now to bring to work tomorrow. That's the good part.

What sucked is that my clutch blew out while Steven was in Savin Hill, stranding me at work and him in Dorchester. Donna gave him a ride home and Becca gave me a ride home, so that was doable. Car's being towed to Kevin's tomorrow for work.

Then, checking my email, I get a note that my account is negative and I've been assessed $50 in fees. I can't figure out why it's negative since I should have had $30 in there. Well, turns out that something I bought was run twice. That was the $30 I had. BoA was good about opening a claim and I emailed the company for a refund. I will be getting a temporary credit and the fees removed for the time being.

Now I'm super tired. I have to work at 10am and I need to ring Becca in the morning, ride pending.

Also: my cats like sugar cookie and cream cheese dough.


Dec. 20th, 2008 12:43 am
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Merry frakking Christmas. I had my wallet lifted sometime this afternoon. I'm hoping I'm stupid and left it at a restaurant, but meh. Time to go cancel everything I own.


Oct. 30th, 2008 12:01 pm
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I get woken up at 8:30 by yelling down the stairs that the plumber is coming today, within the hour, and he is still not here. I got almost no sleep last night. I am not pleased.


Sep. 17th, 2008 06:45 pm
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I totally just saw an advert for HFCS while watching What Not To Wear justifying why it was perfectly fine for you. This seems kind of wrong to me.

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Dear Asshole Drivers:

I wasn't a teenager that long ago. I know how exciting getting your license is. You can cruise around with your friends, you don't need a ride to the mall, hell, you can make out in the privacy of your own car. How exciting.

I also understand that it's very exciting being Away! At college! No more Mum or Dad telling you when to come home, to do your homework, to not drink so much that your stomach need to be pumped out... You're free!

So, really, it's very tempting to drive like complete douches while on your want back to your own little dorm and really, I know I'm a miserable adult who's just going tell you what to do and leave you alone, but listen...

Cars? Still huge and deadly. I can live with tailgating while you guys bounce in your car like epileptic chihuahuas (psst, people can see you and no matter how cool the song is, you look stupid). Yes, you need a car length to stop and no, the speed limit isn't the same as how fast the drums are in your song. It's 20mpg. 2-0. No, I am not going to speed up; I like my clean driving record.

But what really pissed me off was you trying to pass me on the left WHILE I WAS TURNING LEFT WITH MY BLINKER ON. I'm sorry it's a one way and there are cars parked on the other side so you couldn't get to your wretched little dorm party even faster. And no, it wasn't worth laughing when your car missed my (turning) car by mere inches. Let me clue you, those words I was saying? They weren't "Cheerio, chaps, mighty good show!"

Nor was it cute when you decided to wait, like I was going to drive up after you and I don't even know what... Maybe slam into your car? Start a fist fight? I save those for bars (which I am old enough to get into, thanks.) Congratulate you on your especially stupid driving?

Oh, and the people staring and gaping? A word to the wise, chickadees, we call those witnesses in the real world. If you'd hit me, they would have all told the nice police (those guys who break up your parties) that you were driving to endanger. That means you get a ticket, your insurance goes up, and I get a cash payout because you frakked up my car. Also: your parents will probably be pissed, since they'll end up paying for it.

And you wonder why people complain about teen drivers. Here's hoping you don't kill someone, cuntbags.


Apr. 27th, 2008 12:08 pm
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Went out to start my car this morning and my clutch died. Awesome.

Dear Week-End: Please stop sucking, kthnxbai.


Jul. 13th, 2007 01:55 am
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I hate that my cute little badger has become my default cranky icon. I need a different one.

I did not get to see Tool tonight and I am all sorts of cranky, the kind of cranky that $50 worth of books and a cookie only abated a little. The kind of cranky that means I listened to Nick Cave and sulked on the way back from the god-forsaken hellhole of the Tweeter Centre. The kind of cranky that means my husband spent over an hour apologising for the following on the way home: the concert, the crappy parking, dirty old men, the weather, breathing, and the Teapot-Domes scandal. Also: several wars, the internet, bad porn, and lack of Britney Spears on The Superficial today.

I bought Tool tickets for myself as a birthday present with most of a pay cheque. I've wanted to see them for years and there have been many reasons why I haven't gone, most of them involving lack of money, rides, or available tickets. I did a gleeful little dance when I actually managed to obtain Real!Tickets to the tune of $139 and change. (The tickets were $100; the rest was venue and inconvenience charges) . I was even willing to ignore my long running hatred of the Tweeter Centre (formerly Great Woods) because I really, really wanted to see Tool. I have been looking forward to this for weeks now.

I was so excited that I picked an hour long fight about marriage with my husband on the way to. I do this on all car rides and he will confirm this. It's one of my endearing personality quirks. I hate car rides. I also forgot our mosquito wipes and my sweater. I should have realized that these were signs from God that tonight was Not Meant To Be.

We didn't time our arrival correctly, so we were directed to Lot 13, which is located in the woods, next to the fourth circle of hell on former wetlands. It's an awesome place to park. There are absolutely zero lights, tonnes of woods, mosquitoes that could carry off dogs under 25 pounds and lots of places to hide if you are one of the following: axe murder, mugger, rapist, pervert, or interesting in smoking and drinking in the woods. If I were to murder someone, I would hide the body in lot 13, next to the guy who was already passed out from too much tailgating. No one would notice since lot 13 has no parking attendants.

The only way to get safe parking is to pay an additional $35. Then you only have to sit in traffic for two hours instead of 4.

We walked a good 3/4 of a mile back to the entrance where we had to wait in line to be searched. I will say this, at least they had same sex searches. I will also state that I nearly always carry a bo'sun's knife. It has two kinds of potential weapons on it: the blade itself which is damn sharp and the marlin spike, which is pretty much a stiletto. Since we just moved, I have it either in my bra or in my bag at all times because it's really good for opening boxes and undoing knots. I forgot to remove it from my bag before the concert. I was not attempting to sneak it in.

It was not concealed and it was on the bottom of my bag, under my keys, and there was no way you could mistake it as anything but some variety of knife. The young lady who searched me insisted I open my bag to she could sufficiently rummage through it. She must have seen said knife because she questioned me about my keys. She wanted to know if they were dangerous, if I had a camera on them, or was hiding something in them. I told her that the worst thing on my keychain was a pink pig with blue LED lights in the nostrils that oinked.

She did not ask about the knife that was under the keys. She lifted the keys up to inspect them and ignored the knife. That little pig keychain, it's a dangerous one.

I snapped at the half a dozen poor college interns who tried to foist free latex condoms at me. I apologize. I am not usually that big of an asshole, but I'm married, allergic to latex, and already told the four people in front of you also handing out free rubbers that I didn't need them. I think you're doing an awesome thing, even if I do kind of think that Trojans suck.

Since I only paid $50 a ticket, our seats were closer to Lot 13 than the stage. The Tweeter Centre has recently removed all video screens so that no one except the very tall may enjoy any part of the show unless you pay for the most expensives seats under the shed. On our way to our seats, which were in the dead middle of the row, we had to pass a good amount of people, three of which felt that it was their god-given right to fondle my ass. I understand I am wearing really adorable underwear, but the only person legally allowed to touch my ass is my husband and possibly some of my friends if it's in a jovial manner. Men who look like their auditioning for ZZ Top and reek of beer are not allowed, no matter how adorable my underwear might be. I don't appreciate it. If I thought it would do any good, I would have threatened to break fingers. My ass isn't even that great! Touch your friend's ass, he might appreciate it more.

We sat down and immediately discovered that the people who were searching everyone were incapable of finding the poorly concealed drugs that everyone and their uncle brought in. I haven't seen so much pot smoked in public since I went to the Hemp Fest in 1998. It was absolutely repulsive. Someone flicked still smouldering ashes on my foot. I became increasingly grouchy.

Sound check was conducted by the deaf. The opening band was so loud that my teeth actually rattled. Even in nosebleed seats, it was too damn loud and I know I am not that old. Steven suggested that we go to customer service so I could complain about things and ask if they had headphones. We chose to climb over the seats to make our exit. (Note: If I am climbing over seats, it is perfectly acceptable to look at my ass. It's the reason I wore cute underwear.)

The customer service woman who I originally talked to was awesome. She empathized with me, apologized on behalf of the venue, and got me a complaint sheet without even having to be asked. She deserves a raise. While I was bitching about how many things were wrong with the venue, the crowd, like drunken roaches, increased. A lot. The hooting commenced. Apes would have been proud. The awesome customer service lady called the general manager for me and I thanked her profusely.

Then, we waited. And waited. And waited just a little bit more. All in all, we waited almost an hour because Audrey the GM seemed to not be capable of answering her little walkie-talkie. Finally, she showed up and I repeated my list of complaints (people touching my ass, holy pot smoke Batman, parking in Satan's backyard, and having to pay top dollar for all of this.) She Doesn't Get It.

Listen, sister, I know I have hot pink hair and could pass for 18 if you happen to be drunk, near-sighted, or just plain stupid, but DO NOT treat me like I am a fucking moron and patronize me. I've been going to concerts for almost 15 years and I know a good crowd from a bad. I have been going to Tweeter Centre since It was Great Woods. I know what I'm talking about. Don't try and placate me by telling me if I had a problem, I could get an usher. The ushers don't give a shit and are the average age of the kids I teach. Do not tell me that Tool is your favourite show to work because I bet money that you've never even so much as seen them before because you're easily at least four years younger than me. And God help me, do not look at my husband like he's going to talk some sense into me. It's not going to fucking happen. Ever. He hasn't done so in all the time we've dated, he's not going to start, and he probably agrees with me because he's been going to concerts for more years than you've spent in school.

She grudgingly told us she would upgrade our seats to the middle of the walkway and that we could leave early if we'd like to beat the crowd and be mugged/assaulted/murdered in relative peace. Fine. I didn't want an upgrade, I'd like things to change, but fine. Steven had the tickets, so he waited for them to find someone to sign off on them. I went to survey the crowd on the way back to our seats. Approximately 1.3 million people are attempting to crowd through while simultanously maintaining a high level of drunkeness and whooping like this was a Limp Bizkit concert. Essentially, it was human version of Cape traffic. I watched security half drag/half frog march someone who looked suspiciouly like they were OD'ing past me. So I did what seemed the most logical thing to do in that situation.

I had a full blow panic attack.

I told Steven I could not, for any reason, make it through that crowd, hyperventilated, and got upset because I was having a panic attack in public which made it worse and left me on the verge of tears. I guess this attracted a lot of attention because staring at someone having a panic attack is absolutely the best thing to do. I didn't noticed because I was too busy trying to calm myself down. Audrey finally waved Steven back over and told us that she would refund most of our money if I really wanted to leave. We'd have to eat almost $40, but we could have most of it back in a couple weeks. Steven graciously accepts because the Tweeter Centre never, ever gives refunds and he figured it was best to get us out of there before the sun set. This was at 9pm and Tool had yet to even have taken the stage.

Getting out was just as much of a nightmare. No one seemed to be capable of understanding that we were actually leaving. People alternately hooted and heckled us, depending on their state of inebriation. When we made it back to the car, we noticed there were already creeps hanging out in the woods and one couple having sex in a car. We were barely capable of backing the car out because of the drunken parking. There was no exit set up and traffic was still backed up to the highway an hour and a half after the show was supposed to start.

I will never go to another concert at the Tweeter Centre. Ever year I go, it gets worse and worse. Security is so lax that they missed a fucking knife. The amount of pot being smoked there is enough that I've come home smelling of it. They're so busy trying to cram a few more tickets in that the venue is severely overtaxed. The only two concerts I've ever walked out of have been at the Tweeter Centre. The crowd was horrible. Most of them were intoxicated to the point where I wouldn't've felt comfortable going to the bathroom by myself and some of them could barely walk before the concert even started. The concert was mostly male and what seemed to be stereotypical college frat boys.

I'll probably never see Tool if the fans are like this. I don't even know if these are typical Tool fans or just people who were going because they have too much spare money and wanted to drink and do drugs in public. It sucks because I really wanted to see them.

I should go to bed. I consoled myself with a book about The Essex, as well of a couple other inexpensive books, so I'm going to continue being a cave troll and read for the next few days.


May. 10th, 2007 06:19 pm
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Apparently, my week was going to well and needed something to piss me off. I was having trouble with the internets this morning, so I hopped on another network and figured I'd resolve it when I got home. I checked my email 7th period and noticed that I had several new voicemails, which is kind of odd considering the answerphone usually gets everything. So, whatever, I deleted them and headed home.

I forget who I wanted to call when I got in, but I picked up and got a message that Vonage couldn't connect to the server. So I'm standing in the kitchen, it's a million and 40 degrees in my apartment and I'm muttering what the frak at the phone. I got over to the iBook and check my internet connection. Nope, nothing there. I reboot. Still nothing. I finally hooked into someone else's network (which I am still using) so I could get online.

Bloody frakking Verizon, with whom I've been warring over about phone service because I opted to switch to Vonage. I was paying $65 a month for the same thing I'm now paying $25 for. That was the price with the alleged package deal. The only thing that was a good price in that "package" was the DSL. Everything else is above what I'd be paying independantly. I pointed out to the woman I spoke to that I'd pay less if I went through plain old DirecTv and she, quite rudely and indignantly, informed me that wasn't possible because they "were DirecTv".

No, bitch, you have a partnership with them. They're not an exclusively Verizon service.

Anyhow, they shut off my DSL because I told them, after trying to be pleasant and listening to the woman (who wouldn't give me her name) all but tell me I was an idiot for switching, that Vonage was dicking me around (I was calling because Verizon refused to approve transfer for my number), and offer me packages that I couldn't get in my area, where they could stick their phone service.

This isn't the first time they've frakked something up beyond words. We were without DSL (still paying for it, no less) for over three months when we first moved here. They still had it hooked up to our old place and for some reason they were completely incapable of fixing it. How hard was it to turn off one number and turn on another. Same frakking account, just a different place. I finally wrangled six months of free service for that clusterfrak.

My contract is up in June. We'll have moved, so I'll be cancelling DirecTv and I'm pretty frakking sure I'll be switching cell providers as well. I'm paying frakking $145 for our phones, right now. I could do a family plan elsewhere for less. They won't let me split up my bill, I can't seperate the cells, it's frakking insane.

Moral of the story: Not only is Verizon incompentant, but they're also vindicative if you try to leave their monopoly.

Therefore, I'm not ignoring comments or emails, I'm just not very capable of getting online. School blocks LJ, so that cuts down potential time. I'm going to try to get to some of it tonight, but I'm also doing 14 million other, internet-required things, none of which involve LOL!cats. Really.

In not cranky news, I'm so not going to be getting new shirts because instead I blew my monies on Tool tickets since I can buy shirts any time and Tool tickets are like finding hen's teeth sometimes. I'm so claiming that as an early birthday pressie, since it's less than a week before my birthday. This is ignoring that I'm pretty much planning on using all birthday money to get my next couple of tattoos, which is another of those things I should be designing. Luckily, I have a decent picture in my head, so it shouldn't be too hard to sketch out. One good thing about having my own art tattooed on me: I'm less likely to get tired of it.

Actually, I'm still completely in love with my stars, so there's not a lot of bearing. I think this time I'll make an appointment, though and see if I can get Buddy himself to do it. He did all of Mum's, so I'd like to have one by him. Not that Mike wasn't awesome, because he was, but really, if I'm getting a very old school tattoo, I'd like to have it done by someone experienced in it.

Tomorrow I'm getting paid to go eat lunch and shop at Faniuel Hall. I love my job! I was originally supposed to teach Art tomorrow, but Mum decided last minute that she wasn't up to going, so I'm going to sub for her as a chaperone. Did I already say how much I love my job? Even today, all my classes were awesome, despite the oppressive heat and humidity. Better still, I can sleep in. I don't have to get up till 7!
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The iParty this happened at is about 3 miles from where I live, so I feel extra compelled to comment on this. It's been all the news can talk about today and it's driving me batfrakking crazy because everyone's making it about breastfeeding. It's not!

Yes, the woman in question has every right to breastfeed her child. I support that, even if it's not my cup of tea. What she does not have the right to do is plunk her ass down in the middle of an aisle and cause a fire hazard.

If I were to plop down in the middle of an aisle, I would be asked to get up and move or be told to leave the store. The media wouldn't care that I was tossed because I shouldn't've been sitting in the middle of an aisle in the first place.

If I were the manager of that store, I would likewise have informed the woman, baby or no, breastfeeding for no, that she could not sit in the middle of an aisle. If she gave me a hard time about a safetly rule, I would have asked her to leave, much as I imagine this manager did. I would've done this doubly so if she had a baby because it's NOT SAFE to sit on the floor of a shop with an infant in your hands.

This isn't about lactivism, it's about safely, plain and simple. Could the store manager have handled things better? Maybe. Could this woman have used a whit of common sense? Definitely.

For the record, when I was working in retail in different levels of management, I've had a few women breastfeeding in the store and I've never asked one to leave. I have asked many, many people to leave for abusing safetly policies, such as climbing things, horsing around, and yes, blocking aisles up.
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I dragged my sorry bum out of bed at half past 12 today. How said is it that I actually set my alarm clock for it? It was balmy and nice out, so much so our neighbour was out working on his classic car. In fact, it would've been a perfect Halloween if I hadn't, you know, been sick. The drive wasn't too bad since they finally finished construction on 53. Good thing too, since Construction Season is practically over.

The ladies at my doctors' office were teasing me about missing them, since I was there literally a week ago with the dislocated shoulder. I know I've been going there for almost 10 years, but they know me by voice on the phone, even all sicked up. They were asking me to bring in photos from the Bridal Shower O' Doom next time I come in. Must remember my camera for this.

Mind, I took sick Friday, began coughing and started having a wet cough Monday. I made the appointment Monday for today. In that short period of time, I have bronchitis. I could feel the rattle in my lungs this morning. I am getting way too good at diagnosing this. I have a week of sulfa drugs and a bottle of cough syrup to hopefully nip the cough before I cough my throat raw or separate cartilage.

Since we were out of all important TP, I figured I'd fill my scripts there and be able to turn my trip into just one stop. I did break down and buy both Aquafina balm and the new Carmex Cherry. I know I can never have enough balms, but this was a bit much, even for me. To be fair, though, it was $3.86 for the 4 tubes. I also got Halloween candy in case we had trick or treaters (didn't). I figure I'll bring a couple for Elliott tomorrow since Steven asked me to pick him up and take him to karate.

There's more MIL drama, but I'm not getting into that crap again. There's probably going to be father drama soon, too. I haven't heard from him in a month and I suspect he's dodging me because of the money he promised for the wedding. Last October, when we announced our engagement, he told us that he would give $1000 towards its costs. I was surprised, but pleased. Now, a year later, he still hasn't sent us a dime, gets pissy when I remind him if things that must be paid, and all out dodges me when I ask when he might have it. If he couldn't afford it, he could at least tell me, instead of lying about it. Currently, I'm wondering if he's going to find a reason not to come.

Well, there's that tangent. Recap: I have bronchitis and am going to die. Nicki-- sorry about having to cancel tonight. We shall have to reschedule.
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Did you guys see my awesome new icon that [ profile] princessbunny made me? She winks! So awesome.

My cell phone died today. Absolutely died. It got to the HelloMoto screen a couple times and now it won't even get that far. Better still, I'm just barely over warranty, too. Not pleased.

Oh wait, Steven might've fixed it. Sweet. That gives me something I don't have to do tonight.

I don't think I mentioned it, but Mum's surgery's been pushed back to the 14th of November because the site of the second surgery hadn't healed completely. Anyhow, I called her on my magical venture to Wal*Mart and she told me that my cousin, the only one on my father's side that I still talk to, said she's not coming to the wedding, after pretty much telling me she'd be going, no matter what. Whatever. I don't even know why I bothered inviting his half of the family. I haven't seen them in over 10 years and, realistically, I probably will not see them again. They really stopped talking to me after the divorce and I chose to live with Mum.

I guess that's two more spots for the B list, huh.

I worked on the scarf a little today. I joined the last ball of yarn last night, so it should take me a week or so to finish it. This is good because it's starting to get chilly. It's a whole bunch of colours, too, so I can wear it with a bunch of things. There are pictures in my scrapbook, if anyone want to see it.

You know, I don't even know why I bother half the time. I'm in a piss-poor mood, Steven's going to go sleep till Battlestar goes on and then he's pretty much going to go back to bed. I need to sew up the couch cushion and I need to buy kleenex because I forgot while I was at Wal*Mart.



Sep. 18th, 2006 12:12 pm
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So, can someone answer me why the Pope shoves his foot sideways in his mouth and during the protests, they burn American Flags? Seriously... He's not ours, our president didn't say it (for once), and I didn't vote for him. How'd we get mixed up in this one?


May. 16th, 2006 01:52 am
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Why must the downstairs neighbour be vacuuming now? WHY!?

Fuck PNY

May. 13th, 2006 07:42 pm
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I'll never buy another PNY product again. We bought 2 Attache memory sticks, which were advertised as $19.99 after rebate. Fine. I bought them, no problem. Nothing was said about the rebate except that the guy printed two slips for me. I get back, read the fine print, and see that 1 rebate per product per envelope. Also fine. I mailed them back using two envelopes. Almost two weeks ago, I get 1 rebate back. Today, I get a goddamned post card informing me that they will not honour my second rebate because it's supposedly one per household. What the fuck kind of shit is that!? What if I had a roommate and we both bought one? Doesn't matter, I'm out $15. Tomorrow, I'm writing a cranky letter to PNY, Best Buy, and the Better Business Bureau. I don't expect to get my other $15 back, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be lied to.

Moral: Don't buy PNY products ever again.


Mar. 2nd, 2006 02:02 pm
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I found a bunch of sparkly white hair last night. I think I'm going to cry! This isn't the localized white streak any more. These are interspersed with the rest of my hair! I have more than Steven and he's 10 year older than me. I'm so buying a bottle of dye this week-end and fixing my hair.


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Yesterday, my laptop battery wouldn't hold a charge. Today it's fine. The only reason it's fine is because I renewed my protection plan. If I hadn't, the whole thing would have blown up when I booted it.

I wasted $5 and my whole afternoon at UMass only to discover that I can't register until I take the assessment tests. So, essentially, one aggravating day has now turned into three or four potentially aggravating days. I can't find my damned W2s and until I can locate them, I have no financial aid. Guess what I'm spending my week-end doing?

(Anyone who wants to hang out under the guise of cleaning is more than welcome to. Company is appreciated.)

So right now, I'm taking a break to watch Law & Order and, if I'm a good badger and get all my cleaning done, we're going to go biking potentially with Laura. I need some more caffiene.

I think when I get the boobies reduced, I'd like them sculpted like Mariska Hargitay's or Naomi Watts's. On the same vein, one of my cousins may have breast cancer. She went for a 5 spot biopsy yesterday and we shall be hearing more on that probably by next Thursday.

This was a cranky entry.
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Yep. I am on hold with the California Attorney General's office to make a complaint about some damned collections agency who called a neighbour to find out who was living in this apartment this morning. I am fucking livid beyond words. At least I now have their information and am able to more fully file a claim against them.. This is the second time I've called the attorney general's office today.

I am not having a happy Wednesday.


Jun. 7th, 2005 02:42 am
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Well, my email is truly fucked right now. I can't get in, except through webmail and that is a giant pain in the ass. So, if anyone wants me, the email address I am using until this nonsense gets fixed is:

Just remove the "no spam" part. I'm paranoid, since it's currently the only account I don't get a shit-ton of spam on.


Jun. 6th, 2005 09:47 pm
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Why isn't my fucking email working? Is anyone else from Dreamhost having this problem?


May. 25th, 2005 02:04 am
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Dammit, the dress I fell in love with is no longer on David's Bridal's website. Everything is bloody strapless, too. The Frankenboobies will not be happy with strapless.

I should just bite the bullet and go to David's and see if they have that dress I so love. Bah.


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