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It's 75* as of this moment and I am going to head into the city to take pretty photos soon as my iPod and batteries are all charged up. Yay for the weather finally picking a good season.
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  1. I have a dozen hardboiled eggs to devil.
  2. Leftover CrackBaked Ham
  3. It's sunny and there are crocuses.
  4. I don't have to be in super early tomorrow.
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...I am allergic to Easy Off. I've been feeling sick since we started cleaning and I couldn't figure out why. When my mum came over this morning, she took one look at my kitchen and said "Oh no, you weren't cleaning the oven, were you?" I'm all well, yea, it needed it. She proceeded to tell me that she always had to use that stuff when I wasn't going to be around or just use the self-cleaning cycle because I always got sick from it.

...Thanksgiving shopping sucks. Total cost for our dinner was $38 and change. That included little incidentals I needed, like butter flavoured Crisco, which I will use throughout the holiday season. People move like cattle in the grocery store and no one knows what they want. I will be the only person who knows what they want and it will be damn near impossible for me to obtain things.

...The Toyato Highlander commercial is the exact same beat as that cheating song by Carrie Underwood. It's just a smidge faster and more upbeat.

...I only need to cook onions and two pies tonight, plus turkey, spuds, and veg tomorrow. That makes me a very happy badger. Uncomplicated Thanksgivings are bliss. I do not need to cook for an army because Steven and I are not Mongolian hordes and all it will do is encourage us to eat lots of leftovers and waste food. Also, it will encourage me to gain weight which is Not Cool.

...Those stupid little flies are called coffin flies and apparently, bleach is the only thing that does them in. As a bonus, my bathroom is the cleanest it's probably ever been since it was built. Scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush is also surprisingly therapeutic.

...On the other hand, bleach is not killing my mildew the way I want it to, so I will Tilex things. Then, I will spend the evening high on Easy Off and Tilex fumes.

...Begging will not make my favourite boots that I've had since high school fit, ever again. Begging my mum, however, will mean I can borrow her really nice boots for the week-end.

...Packing tomorrow is a good thing. It will make the trip up to Vermont much easier and much more pleasant.

...LJ is a great way to procrastinate.
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I fail at being an Art Major today. I had no idea that Andrew Wyeth was still alive. I'm sure, in part, it's because I'm not a huge fan of his work, but I really thought he was long dead. I'm pretty sure the problem was that I had my wires crossed with Whistler. I can't think of a good reason, besides though probably the W sound and that they're kind of the same colours.

In other news, Les Paul is also not dead. Thank you, evening news.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I think I'm percolating the creeping crud that's going around school. I'm trying to just sleep extra and hope that I'm not going to be sick over next week's break. We have so much to do before Thursday. The house needs a lot of cleaning, the rack needs to be taken down,  and we still need to go buy our damn table. As long as the weather doesn't blow, we're going to go to IKEA tomorrow and buy it.

How is that I have also never heard of Love in a Time of Cholera? Has anyone read it? Is it any good? I never seem to get around to reading fiction novels anymore.

I should probably do something useful, other than sitting around here on the internet, but I just don't feel well. Is it the week-end yet?
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[ profile] coffeewench69 was kind enough to message me to make sure I hadn't totally disappeared, so I figured I should update.

I have food poisoning. I ate leftover shrimp fried rice what sat on the counter for several hours and then dumped Peking ravioli sauce I left out all night on it. It was totally delicious, but I knew I was in for trouble later. The main issue here is that I am stupid. So when I started feeling queasy and like I drank a gallon of fryalator grease about 4 hours later, I knew. I knew.

Amusing interlude: Now, I can eat this and be generally ok. I once had very bad rotissere chicken and didn't yak, but any time I ever ate at MIL's, I yakked and was down for a good 24 hours. Shows you how incredibly bad her food was.

I think my sinuses are frakked tonight. I was playing the tooth pain game earlier: popcorn, cavity, or sinuses, and I'm pretty sure it's the latter. I really should go to the dentist, but I'm so freaked out by them and their 8 foot needles. Plus, I think my teeth would hurt a lot more if I actually had a cavity. I probably also wouldn't've been blowing my nose every 15 seconds like I have been all day. Damn my eternal nememsis, the maple.

Steven totally hates me. Last week, I was watching 13 Going On 30, tonight I found Save the Last Dance (which is one of my favourite movies), and he was making The Face so bad. He just doesn't understand my love of bad teen coming of age movies. Alas. I bought

Oh, what the frak, giant wolf spider? You are so icky, but your skitter-skitter-FREEZE "Oh shit, she saw me. Maybe if I don't move, she'll forget I'm here," made me feel guilty about killing you for a moment. Now I have to clean your squished corpse off the floor. When will you learn that seeing you = death? I am not a T Rex, spider. Your holding skill does not make you magically invisible to me.

Why does Gwen Stefani's perfume have to smell so good? I tried a little sample today and damn... I am going to have to buy a little bottle when I eventually have money again. God, I despise her, but this and that song Sweet Escape? Might sway me just a teensy bit.

I need to not get sucked into watching Alfie. Yet another movie I wanted to catch and for whatever reason, never did. I really do like Jude Law, even if he did nail the nanny. Of course, If I were dating Sienna Miller, I probably would have gone for the nanny too. I can't stand her skinny blonde ass.

I met our new neighbours yesterday. Very nice, newlyweds like us, and parents of a Sphynx cat. I don't envy them for being in the moving process. We still have loads to unbox and I really, really want to seal the crack in the house to get cut back on our spider/bug problem. I think I should also spray round the doorframes too.

This just got rather boring, rather quick.

I took inventory of my stash tonight. It's filled a crate now, 32 skiens. I cast on for a new scarf for Steven, but I'm going to have to frog it since after a couple rows, it's way too big. It's cool, though, because I think I'd rather knit on circs than straight needles. Yarn of choice is Moda Dea Vixen in Green with Envy. I'm thinking it may end up being a scarf and hat combo, since I have 5 50g balls. I'll see how it shapes up. But yea, knitting season has started for me. Plus, it gives me something to do at school when not reading.

I think I might as well just watch the rest of Alfie. I've got the week-end off.

Good times!

Sep. 2nd, 2007 01:52 am
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Dirty Jobs' Goose ep is full of teh lulz, especially considering I find myself cackling at the telly and nodding in rememberance of how to corral the goosen.


Jul. 12th, 2007 01:08 am
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I really didn't need as much coffee as I had today. I'd really like to go to bed, but I'm wide awake and my shoulder is aching from slowly starting to use it again today after a week of forced rest. It doesn't help that's been damp all day and it just started raining. At least it held off most of the day.

I spent most of my day working on Ze Website. I really am a cave troll especially when a) it's hot out and b) I can't drive myself anywhere good and Steven's doing stuff. I really did need to do work on it, though, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I shall also be doing that tomorrow.

I am going to see Tool tomorrow. That was my early birthday pressie for myself. I hope they're as awesome as they've been purported to be and I hope it doesn't rain.

Sweet. X-Files are on. I love when Mulder periodically actually sounds like he's a Mass native.

Anyhow, when Steven got home, I demanded he take me to the beach because I was sticky and frustrated. The tide had just started coming back in, so we shooed the gulls away and claimed a patch of sand before we went in for a quick dip. The currents seem to have shifted a bit and the water isn't as warm as it was a couple weeks ago. There actually was a bit of a rip tide when we were leaving, which struck me as really unusual for a harbour that's as sheltered as Wessagusset.

I gave up on swimming a lot quicker than Steven in favour of poking through the tide pools. He chose to wade a little deeper and get eaten by crabs. I'm not sure what he's so delicious, but he's been pinched by so many crabs this year. He actually had one trying to climb his leg while he was wading. He's seriously like the Pied Piper of crustaceans. He managed to have a good half dozen little hermit crabs pesting his toes while I had none.

I found a recently molted green crab and a tonne of hermit crabs. I also found two pieces of bone on the shore, which I brought home. I'm trying to figure out what they're from. It looked like they've been in the water quite some time, though one longer than the other. I'll eventually get around to taking pictures of them. They're somewhat larger than the marrowbones you can buy for pets. One of them is round and one of them is longer and flatter, like a rib bone, which is what I guess it is. Neither appears to have been cut, which makes me think they're not from someone's boatside barbeque. They also appear to have a lot of space for marrow and they're fairly light. Steven's making me leave them outside until they dry out totally. I'll probably give them a scrub in a bleach solution, anyway, before I do anything more with them. Steven had a good idea of doing quasi-scrimshaw with them. The flatter one is just begging for a nice sloop or something on it.

The highlight of the day, however, was finding an intact thorny skate. I saw a good crowd of gulls hanging around the water, so I headed down to investigate. The skate must've just barely kicked it, because it was totally intact, including the eyes. They wash up at Wessagusset pretty readily, but usually after being dinner and a couple days worth of leftovers. This one was perfect.

Of course I didn't have my camera.

I waded out so I could drag it to shore to show Steven who was somewhat unenthused. I even demanded he touch it so he could feel the rudimentary denticles, as well as the teeth. The eyes were fascinating. They weren't even clouded over, so you could see the frilled bits (not a very scientific term) which look a bit like this. In process of checking it out, I also managed to dislodge a very cranky green crab who was enjoying a meal.

I would've take it home, but Steven told me it was the dead skate or him and while the dead skate was really, really cool, Steven's a lot more entertaining and won't start rotting on a warm day and attract flies. As the saying goes, there are always more skates in the sea. Next time, hopefully, I'll have my camera. I ended up leaving it on the rocks for the gulls. Alas, the little bastards aren't appreciative.

We came home for dinner and watched telly for a bit because deciding it was a little too warm to sit around here. We headed back to the beach at 10:30. Wessagusset has a neat little floating dock for the kiddies, but it's also really cool because you can literally sit out in 10' - 15' deep water. We took out coffees and plunked ourselves down to watch the boats. The current was pretty strong tonight and coming in from two different directions, so for a bit, it felt like we were rocking in a circle. The swells were also pretty good sized and it was unbelievably relaxing to just sit and roll with the water. I still felt like I was rocking when we left. I could have sat there for hours, but we ended up just staying a bit more than an hour since my bladder pretty much demand bathroom or death.

We watched the end of the Simpsons and then caught up on what we'd missed on Le Tour today. I haven't been as viligant watching this year as I have in the past. A lot of it has to do with the move. We're still in Box City, but I'm hoping to get a little more done this week-end. I've been wearing approximately the same six things for three weeks now and I'm more than a little sick of washing stuff in the sink because I have no idea where any of my clothes are. Ashley found a hidden stash of recently bought knickers and some tees and I managed to find a few more thank tops, so I'm good till the week-end.

I also found a stash of bras/tops which do not fit, including a great tankini top that I paid $80 for originally. If anyone's interested, I might list them for sale here before I do the eBay thing.

The dozen roses Steven bought me are still living. They're blooming quite nicely by the front window. My lilies out from are blooming too. My rose bush, however, needs a good prune and I may end up getting some coffee grounds from Starbucks to see if that helps it. From what I can tell, the soil here is fairly alkaline.

I really hate Bindi Irwin. Steven's friend Rich and I were discussing that she's creepy, though not Burger King creepy. I think she's a little below Dakota Fanning creepy as well. I can't believe she got her own show because her father was idiot enough to harass sting rays. Yes, fluke accident, blah blah blah, but it was a stupid thing to be doing, especially ripping the spine out of his chest. Since, you know, gaping, gushing wounds are far easier to survive when nothing's blocking then up.

I'm sure I offended someone with that, so I preemptively apologize that I was speaking ill of the dead, even though I bet he'll get a Darwin for his actions.

I think that's my cue to bop off to bed. I love Planet Earth, but it's the deserts ep and I don't care enough about that to stay up till 4am to watch all of it.
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Hey Flisties. Now that I have fringe, I ever need to purchase a curling iron or a straightening iron. Does anyone know what would be better for straightening and curling my fringe under? I am not competent enough to do it with a round brush.
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I'm boring now that there's no wedding. That's a lie, actually, I've just been insanely busy all week to the point I haven't even eaten dinner at home. I've been painting sets all this week and doing all the drama things I swore off in college. This, sadly, does not include a) drinking, b) smoking, or c) any kind of crazy, newlywed sex (except, apparently, unless it's with [ profile] pinkandsilver because sets = sex). I didn't swear those off in college.

It seems I also will never, ever get to smoke my cigars because the cutter I ordered is Never Going to Come. Ever. I will spend the rest of my natural life smelling the box and wishing.

I am destined to do a lot of laundry because I am out of underpants and society believes I should wear them, along with shirts that don't smell like roadkill.

I want a lion cub. Someone buy me one?

I'm getting my hair cut all off on Saturday. I need pictures to bring to Chris. I want the long, sideswept bangs everyone and their frakking uncle has now because I am, as always, late to jump on the bandwagon. Right now, my hair is to the top of my bra strap, wavy, and very fine. The curl may pick up a little when it's cut, but I am going to grab a straightening iron this week-end too. Anyone have picture-suggestions?

Tree's coming down tomorrow. I am not so good at this housewife thing. And I want waffles because [ profile] plunkybug mentioned Waffle House and I am a fat kid today. Except not because I lost like 4lbs from this awful flu that I still can't totally shake. I have an ear infection now, actually.

So yes, there is an update for me for the week. Sets, still sick, [ profile] pinkandsilver, and haircut.

So busy...

Dec. 23rd, 2006 05:11 pm
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Quick update.. I got beautiful cards from so many people on my FList. You guys are all awesome and I will send cards next year. We paid for our Xmas ham with the turned in cans we've been hoarding. I petted a duck today while we went to relieve ourselves of extra bread. 5 days to go.


Dec. 21st, 2006 06:35 am
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Shortest day of the year, folks, and I have been up since 5am. Why isn't it light out yet?
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RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

Stolen from wickedshadow )

And a quick story, because he called tonight: Most of my tales are about what a jerk my father is or how many times he's let me down over the years, but it wasn't always like this. There was a period of time between 5 and 10 where he took an interest in me. Sometimes, he'd call me in sick to school and take me to whatever he was working on that day. He made me a covered wagon and a jail out of boxes once. I loved it. Another time, he left me with some scraps of wood and asked me to build a stool. I remember looking at and just knowing where the pieces would go and it was the best feeling in the whole world. I feel the same way when I fix computers or tweak the code on my site.

I love how powertools feel. I love sawsalls and radial saws and drills and everything. I love the power in my hands and I love building things. When we finally buy a house, I can't wait to start fixing things. My hands itch here because there is nothing to make or fix. I want a garden. I want to build a bench, a shelf, anything. I want to wire my own thermostat for each room.
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I was totally just drunk dialed. It was awesome, especially since I'm doped up in Benedryl and an ambein. My night is MADE!
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From here on, I would like to be known as a woman of abandoned virtue. We were watching something about Jack the Ripper and they referred to the prostitutes as women of abandoned virtue. I am a fan of this phrase since it kind of intimates that you tried virtue, it wasn't loads of fun and has too much costly upkeep, so you abandoned it.

Battlestar is totally on, so no more thought function. Not that I had any since I'm getting a cold.

I win

Nov. 5th, 2006 02:44 pm
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Is it bad that the minute Steven goes out, I immediately turn to watch When Surgical Tools Get Left Behind?
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I called my gyno and made an appointment today, since I should've had my yearly this month, but had to cancel. Now, I'm going on Pearl Harbour Day at 10 for an IUD check and yearly bruising. I had way too much coffee earlier, so I'm all shaky and eugh now. Doesn't help that I still feel lousy.

I swear, I'm going to do things tomorrow, like the RMV and dropping by school. I'm just not motivated this week.

I just ruined the birdies' day by going out to sit on the porch for a while. I can hear them chirping bitterly in the trees. My knee's aching like crazy too and I'm not sure why.

And when is my new bank card going to arrive? It only took them two days to get the last one out, why over 10 now? How come it takes so much longer to fix mistakes than to make them? Bugger. I just found out something that they should've changed and didn't.

And now I'm running a fever to boot.
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That would be me. I have a whole host of errands to run and I'm just not inclined. I'm not dressed, not showered, watching the news, and still kind of sleep, which I shouldn't be, considering I basically went to be at half past nine last night. I have to go to the social security office today seeing as I've lost my card, I should probably stop by Trader Joe's since I'll be there anyway, and I kind of need pants. I probably should go to the Post Office and buy stamps, too, but I can do that tomorrow. I have to take the car and get it inspected at some point, too. Oh, and bloody laundry. Bah.

I think I'd really rather just go back to sleep for a couple hours.

How is it the best way to promote animal rights by killing a whole bunch of animals in an exotic pet store? Stupid eco-terrorists.
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I should go to my mum's more often. She and my stepdad foisted london broil, shrimp scampi, a loaf of bread, eggs, and lunch meats on me before I left the house. Plus, they fed me dinner and gave me the gas monies. I win tonight!

I also picked up some flower drying stuff and three skeins of really gorgeous purple yarn that's going to make a really nice scarf for me for the winter. $2/skein. I think it was something like $6 or $7 normally.
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So, best night ever. Steven had an appointment at UMB today, so after it, we met up with Nicki ([ profile] pinkandsilver) and offered her a ride to the T, since we were heading back that way anyhow. She hadn't had the dinners, so I suggested Fajitas & 'Ritas since it's in Quincy and pretty close to the T station anyhow. Plus, it's got $11.91 litres of margaritas. You can't beat that with a stick.

Hilarity ensued. My lack of sleep seems to have shorted my brain to mouth filter, so I was full of awful, unPC things to say and Nicki's pretty much as bad. Steven also likes to be ganged up on quite a bit. We had a plate of nachos the size of my face and some really delicious peach margaritas. Then, we walked to Starbucks, obtained the lattes, and, ultimately, decided that Sundays are now officially Margarita Night. Steven has to work Mondays, but Nicki and I don't, so there shall be much drinking and rejoicing on Sundays and much lamenting on Hangover Mondays.

I also justified tequila as a vegetable and margaritas as a meal. I'm pretty sure bloody Marys might also count as a vegetable or possibly a fruit. After all, if Reagan could declare ketchup a vegetable, I can do the same for margaritas.

The girls' dresses are in and we're making the trek over tomorrow to pick them up. I imagine I'll have pictures, so we'll see if I actually stop being lazy long enough to post them.

Really, I think that's all. Mum's doing well; she's started her 6 months of chemo and things are all right so far. Stella's going to be reattached sometime in October, most likely. She's still kind of driving me batty with the wedding, but that's all right. My father's still being a troll about the money he promised us a year ago. I sincerely doubt we'll see that. Kind of pathetic that all it seems I can count on him for is to be unreliable.

I'm so tired.


Sep. 8th, 2006 05:14 pm
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You know what I love? I love that I can sit with my door open and smell the seabreeze wafting in. Seriously. It smells awesome.


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