Mar. 18th, 2009 10:57 pm
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Ok, flist, I have nasty, burning, cracking eczema on my hands from using the work soap. Obviously, I am going to not use industrial soap anymore, but how do I get rid of this ASAP? I am putting loads of lotion on, but what else? It looks gross and hurts.
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Okay, flist, I know some of you must've worn false lashes at some point. I have a pair and I'm going to try them.

Please to give me advice and pointers.

(Also, please recommend me red lipsticks. I need to get one.)
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I shall be cutting this since I know some of you don't care about make-up. I'm just psyched that I managed to create something and have it actually look good. Also behind is the outfit I wore to the open house.

Clothes and make-up )

Advanced apologies for the fluffy hair. We're having weather like woah and my hair is sucking up the moisture like no tomorrow.

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New glasses from Zenni Optical. They were 12 frakking dollars for perscription. Can you believe that? Last pair I got from Lenscrafters were almost $400.

Close up:

$12 Intartoobz Glasses

Full Face:

$12 Intartoobz Glasses II

What do you think, flist?
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I suck slightly less today than when I posted the other day which is why I am posting today.

School was mostly ok. This is Homecoming week, so it's been insane there. There's been sigh vandalism in the class hallways (not good), but all the kids are really into the activities which is kind of fun to see. I'm still going to be glad when it's over though. I will not be attending the pep rally tomorrow; I don't want to spoil my perfect record of in-attendance (really, there will be way too many balloons there.) I've never been to a pep rally.

I hung out with [ profile] lauraxmarie for a while after school. I owed her a belated birthday lunch and for once, it took me under a week to produce. I am on top of things this year.

Steven and I went to the Plaza after in hopes of buying shoes. They didn't have any of the shoes I liked in my size, so I blew my gift card on make-up. You know, stuff I obviously need for work, right? I bought Maybe Baby perfume from Benefit because it smells just like L.A.M.B. and isn't supporting Gwen Stefani's thieving ass. They gave me a free gloss (Her Glossiness in My People Your People/Don't Here It From Me) because it was some kind of magical party night at Macy's.

[ profile] nowitsdark0 and [ profile] justsurvive will also be glad to know that I finally visited a MAC counter. I bought a liquid eyeliner in Point Black and an eye shadow in Black Tied. Haven't tried either yet because 6am will not be the time for experimenting, but I might try it out this week-end when I have time to screw up.

I was a good doobee and did not go to the Mac store to pet the pretty, pretty iMacs.

Now I'm home, I'm damned tired, and my feet are cold. I'm going to bed in a half hour or so and we're watching the Red Sox.


Oct. 5th, 2007 11:36 pm
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I'm too tired to make a real post, but I figured I would post a few pictures.

My nails are trendy black right now. Steven's dad's still not doing to well; he's on the ventilator and developed pneumonia. He's responding to stimuli, but still on dialysis. I've been working all week and am achy. I can't wait to sleep in. It was so hot in school today, hence the icon.

I'm hungry because I've been barfing since about 8. Genius had a coffee at the mall. I know better and I know how sick I will be if I do. It was tasty though. I found no shoes to fit my flatter, longer feet. I need 9s now, all my shoes are 8s or 8 1/2s. I feel drugged up from yakking so much. I just wolfed down a rice krispy treat because of it.

So tired and so achy.

I am going to caulk the tub tomorrow after my shower, I think. That or Sunday. There are creepy bugs in the mould. Stupid knee hurts.

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I'm still hurting like a bastard today. I'm hoping tomorrow things will start feeling a little better. My bruises started to colour up just a little today. I have a couple stair prints on my mid-back, a banister bruise on my right ribside, what looks like a stair corner bruise on my left ribside, and a couple touchy point on the front of my ribcage. That's not counting the bits of rugburn and bruises on my knees and shins. I can't stop thinking how lucky I am that I fell forward and not sideways. If I hadn't fallen the way I did, I would have fallen directly on top of the telly. So as much as falling down the stairs sucked, it would have been way, way worse.

At least the headache is lessening, finally. Same with the goose egg on the back of my head.

I've pretty much been sleeping on and off since Saturday. I probably shouldn't be with the concussion and all, but eh, I guess I need the sleep. I went to bed at 11 yesterday, got up at 11 today and took a couple hour nap in the afternoon. I'm pretty tired now, but I totally wanted to catch up on LA Ink.

This is my week of extended telly awesome: Dancing with the Stars started yesterday, new SVU tonight, Bionic Woman tomorrow... I need to stop getting so sucked into watching things. I can't believe I let myself go sucked into LA Ink. It totally competes with SVU, though. At least I can watch the episodes online.

I totally need a haircut this week-end. It was never as short as I wanted it in the back and it's just kind of mangy right now. Mum was sort of making the face when I mentioned it to her Monday. She was hoping this was "a phase" because she liked the the length I had it when I got married. Can't please everyone, it seems. My long hair was way too much of a pain in the ass.

What do you think, FList? Did I took better with long hair?

Photos for comparison )

[Poll #1061330]

I'm going shopping with my mum Thursday for housewares things. Apparently, my clumsiness has inspired her to buy me Rubbermaid bins and helps me organize.
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I still don't feel very cute, but I'm wearing an adorable black crochetted and guaze skirt, this top, and white wedge sandals. Too bad I still hurt like a bastard.

Reminder to self: call doctor and schedule follow-up, refill pills.

Hope everyone has a good day, kidlets.


Aug. 24th, 2007 01:40 am
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Want to know what's a really bad idea when your back is hurting? A long car ride. Guess what I did today?

Steven and I went to Rhode Island to see my grandparents. I was dying by the time we got there, so I split my time between laying on the floor and standing. It was nice to see them, though. Because of my stupid back, I hadn't had much of a chance to see them since the beginning of the month. I also got my hair cut while I was there.

New Hair, Still Pink )

I was looking for school clothes, but that was all I could find. I did buy a couple candles for the house. There's a gross cat piss smell in our bedroom from the previous residents and since I can't get down to clean it, I've been lighting candles. I can't remember which ones we bought, though.

Heather interviewed mean. You guys know the deal, leave a comment if you'd like me to do the same.

My answers )
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Hey Flisties. Now that I have fringe, I ever need to purchase a curling iron or a straightening iron. Does anyone know what would be better for straightening and curling my fringe under? I am not competent enough to do it with a round brush.


Oct. 19th, 2006 03:23 am
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Since my wedding is quickly approaching, it's occured to me that I need to obtain and learn to use make effectively. I'm asking you, O Mighty FList, what would you recommend: brands, products, tips, pictures, and website. I will be eternally greatful. I'm going for kind of a 40s/glam look, if that helps.

I am very grateful in advance. 
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Too bad the white streak in the front sucked up the dye like there was no tomorrow. S'ok, except for that, I rather like them.

Margarita Sunday. Tomorrow.

Cute Hair

Jan. 11th, 2005 07:43 pm
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Now that I've bitched about how sucky my PT appointment was, I'm going to post about how much I love my haircut.

My hair cut is amazing because:
  • I don't have to braid it before bed to prevent mats one would need a curry comb to get rid of.
  • I can use a normal sized amount of conditioner.
  • I don't have to brush knots out on the shower anymore.
  • I can use way less product.
  • I can wear cute barrettes and butterfly clips!

That's really all. I'm going to lay down.


Jan. 9th, 2005 12:13 am
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I love my hair dresser. Steven and I got haircuts today for $14. Chris, who's been doing my hair since I was little, shaved Steven's beard and shaped his brows for free. Steven's cut is very nice, very debonair. Mine is just damn cute. Right after we left my grandparents', I went to Target and bough some really cute, teeny butterfly clips and some barrettes to play around with. It feels funny being so much shorter after I grew it out for so long. I think I'll love the wash & wear aspect of it a lot.

Oh, and I am drinking a lovely white bordeaux. Yay for wine and painkillers. All the pain from walking around at Target is gone.
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Just finished typing up a letter of interest and trimming Steven's résumé for another job application. I should eventually redo mine, now that I've used his as my proverbial guinea pig. Then again, mine is neither as long or as verbose as his was. I could still probably trim it down, though.

We spent the day with my mother and grandparents. My grandma looked tired, which always makes me nervous. I guess her feet and her cyadica have been really acting up with the lousy weather. Lunch was a huge ordeal because, evidently, there are basically no chinese restaurants open for lunch. We ended up getting some expensive, scary food at the Rickshaw Inn in Riverside that has been disagreeing with me all night. Ergo, I had ice cream for dinner.

Ick. It's raining again. I swear, it looked like it was snowing when we left Friendly's earlier.

I need to get my books for school tomorrow. I'm really antsy about starting Wednesday. I hated Massasoit when I was there, but I really just want to get things done with and get back to UMass and accrue more student loans. Yay.

I have an 11am job interview at Mr. Tux tomorrow that I'm hoping will pan out. I don't really want to work nights at the GAP, since they're already there until 11:30. Hopefully, I can work out something with a couple little jobs, maybe. I'm feeling very low about not having a job and I'm worried about money. I need to replace some of my clothes and get some new, business friendly (e.g. khaki and black) pants. My clothes are too edgy for a lot of places.

I also need to get a somewhat better haircut. I think when I go back to Chris again, I'm going to ask her to layer it a bit so I can look like I have some more body. I don't remember when my hair got so fine and wavy.

Ambien kicks in. Must sleep.
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I'm so tired. I just got home from work about half an hour ago and I'm due back in the morning by 10:30. Yuck. I've been there every day since last Saturday and it looks like next week is going to be shaping up the same way.

I'm going to donate more blood on Tuesday. I've been dwelling a lot more on the eventuality of the appointment, especially with it being in just a couple days. I've been really cranky because of it. The anxiety about it is killing what meagre appetite I had, plus I've been throwing up pretty much everything I eat because I'm so stressed out. I keep getting nasty acid reflux, too. I can feel it burning the back of my throat now, as a matter of fact. Gross.

I treated myself to an Urban Decay lipstain, as well as a Hustler shirt because if this. The lipstain is awesome. It seriously does not budge, at all. I slept with it on last night and my lips were still red in the morning. I definitely consider it worth the $17 it cost me. I'm also treating myself to a couple new bras this week as soon as I can get over to Emerald Square Mall. Stupid big effing breasts. I want to be able to try the bras on, since I can go either a 36DD or an 34F, depending on the cut of the bra and whether or not it has pads in the bottoms. I wish that there was a Frederick's closer than Emerald Square.

I'm planning on baking a pie at some point this week. I think Steve is bringing me home some apples in addition to the apples Matt and I bought last week when we were up to see Dawn, Mike, and the baby, who has become enormous. Dawn was saying that he's 26 lbs. now, which is bigger than Elliott. Brendan is huge for a 9 month old baby. He's totally crawling on everything, too. I need to get up there more often to see him. I just wish it wasn't so far away or so tiring. I came back dead tired last Saturday night.

I'm dying. I totally need to go to bed and get a good amount of sleep before all the damn work I have to do tomorrow.


Feb. 11th, 2002 02:31 pm
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I just baked a little over two dozen sugar cookies which is ironic because I don't actually like sugar cookies. I just had the urge to cook. I'll just pawn them off on someone. They're not even burnt or anything.

I got my hair cut Friday. It sorely needed it. I'll eventually have some pictures to post here, especially when I get my project started. I'll probably scan at least a couple. Maybe. Bleh.

Sweet Jesus on a stick, I don't feel like working tonight. Then again, when do I ever feel like working? Seriously, working in retail is like having a frontal lobotomy with out anaethesia. It makes me want to stick a pen in my eyes.

I want coffee, but I can't have it because I have some kind of bladder infection and the last thing I need to do is pee more. I also would like take a looong shower, but we doubt that will happen, either.

Sinfest rocks me.
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It sure is the fourth of July. I have no plans for today, whatsoever. Actually, that's a lie. I need to clean my room... But other than that, nada. Right now, I'm sitting here downloading Bright Eyes songs off of the Saddle Creek website.

I got my much needed haircut yesterday, after I picked Matt up from work. I'm in love with this cut. All I did yesterday was put some styling junk in it, completely wet, and it dried perfectly. I just don't have the patience it takes to deal with long, curly hair. I don't want to deal with having to braid it wet every single night, so I can wake up with it somewhat dry or only being able to brush it when it's completely sodden and full of conditioner. I don't miss going through a bottle of conditioner a week or having to use two boxes of hairdye. Yay for short hair!

I'm trying to decide what to do today. We saw fireworks last night. I'm not sure if there are anymore today. I absolutely love fireworks. I'm the biggest kid at heart. As much as I hate to see the summer half over, I do like going to all the carnivals that start popping up between now and September.

My healthy popcorn breakfast is done.
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I hate my neighbours so very much. They were clomping around like fucking elephants this morning at 4am, which, coincidently, is the time I woke up from a sound sleep. And now, I cannot get back to sleep for the life of me. I hate everything.

Anyhow... I was up in Vermont this week-end for Dawn's shower, which was fairly boring and uneventful. After that was over, we got Chinese food at the Mall and I bought a bra. Fantastic.

I finally got to see her wedding dress and, despite earlier misgivings, it really is perfect for her. Highlight of the evening: me getting under her dress to try and adjust her crinoline and joking about feeling her up. We also had a good laugh about how I was going to be her "pee buddy" at the wedding and how she'll need all her bridesmaids to help her. I told her not to drink a damn thing all day.

Instead of leaving late Monday as anticipated, we stayed over again because Dawn and Mike (her fiancé) took us out to dinner at the Olive Garden. After all I ate there, I will not eat again for a month. All we did was eat.

For your viewing displeasure, pictures of the sack:

My shouldersThe Full MontyThe Frankenboobies

See? Hideous.

New and Improved

Anyhow, I got my hair trimmed today, again, because the lady who did it a week ago didn't cut it the way I asked her to. The cut is a stacked cut and I only know this because Dawn told me to go and ask for it this way.

Ooh, ooh! I'm going to see the Faint Friday and am potentially getting in for free. How much better does life get than that? I'm quite excited about this, seeing as I haven't seen them since last August. I'm hoping to pick up the new CD while I'm there.

I'm so tired, but I can't sleep. Sigh.

I'm going back to Vermont in less than two weeks now. The wedding is the 23rd. and Matt and I are going up on the 18th. to help out with whatever we can. I also need to call Mike in regards to the bachelorette party I'm planning for Dawn.

The other cool thing that I'm looking forward to is seeing my father's kittens again. They were about six weeks old when I saw them today and they were so adorable. There were three of them and they're all part Himalyan. Two of them are grey, one with blue eyes and one with greyish-green eyes, and the other is all wildcat spotted with yellow-green eyes. I want to take them all home, dammit, and I can't have pets here.

Right, seeing my father was ok too. He was in a very good mood for god knows what reason and generously donated $35 to the Samantha Fund.

It's so loud right now. I want to go back to my nice, warm bed, but I know I won't be able to sleep because all the damned Mack trucks are driving by and being loud. I just closed the window. That's slightly better.

Anyhow, I'm going to smoke crack and rot for a while. (Can anyone tell I'm viciously overtired?)
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I'm currently dyeing my hair. (again!) The colour I picked this time is called Cinnamon and it's Feria, which is the dye I've had the most luck with. I kind of wanted to go black cherry, but I didn't have the balls. Actually, I'm still just trying to correct my oopsie with the Gerbil Essences. Sigh, it looked like such a good colour on the cute asian girl on the box...

My head is getting into the super itchy stage. I still have 10+ minutes to go, too. Sucks to be me.

I was reading geishanun's entry about nose screws. It reminded me just how much I need to get a couple more next time I'm in town. I'm wearing the original stainless steel screw I was pierced with. I used to have a few awesome gemstone ones, but I lost them.

I have, evidently, spilled dye all over my hoochie tank. I never wore it because it showed far too much chest, even for me, and was way too tight. Plus, it's sour apple green.

Five minutes and counting.. I'm so itchy I might cry. I seriously should just bookmark Feria's site, which I am looking for now.

I'm going to rinse now before I lose it from the itching.


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