May. 3rd, 2008 12:18 am
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Well. I'm pretty sure I don't like The Blonde. [personal profile] plunkybug, I think you're right. My hair is a lot drier since I started using it. It's not touching the colour, obviously since you can't bleach out bleach, but my hair does seem a lot crappier. Back to Shine for me and the sample of Blonde to my mum. I am loving Demon in the Dark soap, though. It smells pretty damn good. I'm still loving Sweet Japanese Girl, too. It seems to fit pretty well with my lack of use of a moisturizer.

I pulled a muscle in my shoulder today coughing and it HURTS. I am so all done with this. I'm also way over the Prednisone. I woke up still buzzing this morning and I still feel it now, even though I'm really tired. My house is a wreck, too, and it's driving me insane because I can't clean it. I tried to clean up the couch a little and it was not a good scene. Steven made me extra rice for lunch tomorrow, at least, if I can get to the microwave.

I think I might break up with Battlestar for the first time this season because of the motherfrakking TBC tonight. I want to know what happens and I don't want to wait a week *whinge*

At least next week looks good. 5 more eps in this half!

Tomorrow looks like more couching here and working on photos again. Hopefully, I can get through a few more, but my comp has been lagging a little. Some of them are pretty awesome though. Worse comes to worse, I'll clean out my thumb drive and work on them at school Monday and Tuesday, since I am Le Art Department.

I finally got it together and downloaded the new Nick Cave. I like it; not as much as some of his other stuff, but it's good. I listened to it twice today and burnt Steven a copy. Since I haven't listened to Grinderman, I can't say how much it's like that (as the review said), but it's definitely much quicker paced.

Time for my next round of drugs. Wee.


Sep. 6th, 2006 03:20 pm
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I'm a techno-idiot today it seems. Does anyone know if there's a way to get music on my MP3 player back onto my computer? I'm sure there is but what can I say? I haven't slept much in days; my brain is fairy floss.
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I should be collecting the rest of my laundry to do tomorrow, but I'm being super cool and listening to Toto's Africa on Netscape Radio. I'm tiiiiiired.

We stayed out way too late last night because we went to see Crystal Method last night at Lupo's. Lupo's, despite claims that moving it from the Heartbreak Hotel to the Strand, did nothing. It's still a complete dump. And the bouncers are all assholes. Crystal Method, however, was really good. They played an hour and a half set which was well worth the $20 a ticket I ultimately paid. The DJ before, DJ Hyper, was pretty good, too, actually, though we missed most of his set because we visited my grandparents and left the tickets there. Of course, in reading the paper, I found out that they were playing tonight, in Boston, at Axis. Boo. But, at least tickets there were cheaper and I got to go to the same place my mother saw America play for the first time.

Oh, and we have the Legion of Boom CD signed by the DJs. You're jealous.

Other than that, I listened to FNX's Day of Nirvana yesterday. It's hard to believe that it was 10 years ago he died. I was 12 and had missed out on seeing them on their last concert because my father was being a complete ass about letting my mom take me. Not that he knew Kurt Cobain was going to bite it, but still... I continue to be bitter. I was in the backyard of my old house with Dawn listening to the radio when I found out. I remember going in and putting on MTV after. Like a week later, I convinced my mother to buy the People with him on the cover. I think I still have it somewhere.

Bah, phone...
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I finally was able to download the Swans cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Jarboe has such a gorgeous, rich alto. I actually like this version better than I like Joy Division's. Hers just has such a personal, intimate tone, rather than the almost mechcanical one Joy Division does.

I need to get a CD rack so I can find my Jarboe CDs and the organise the rest of them. I've actually got to get my act together on that. I don't have too many more excuses now that I have a job and can conceivably afford a CD rack.

My tummy hurts. Chorizo does not ever sit well with me, even though I do like jambalaya. I'm hoping the immodium I needed to take will kick in soon.

I'm actually wicked sleepy, but I have to much I need to do. I need to write out a packing list for next week-end, as well as get an idea of how much I'll need. I wanted to print a couple more pictures for my gramma, since I'm going to see her tomorrow. I need to get my return stuff together for tomorrow so I can exchange jeans and return shoes.

And I'm working Tuesday. Hooray!

I need to sleep.


Jul. 6th, 2002 12:29 am
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So I'm wicked cool. Friday night and I'm up fairly late downloading big band music to make a mix CD for work tomorrow night. Today was pay day, as well, which was good because I was completely and utterly broke. I picked up hair dye at CVS. I keep debating on going bright fucking cherry red, but I think it would just make me look sicker at this point.

I've been getting wicked dizzy spells, lately. I feel all heavy and drugged and sluggish and then I get wicked dizzy. I fell on my ass today while I was in Target. Exciting.

I'm working tomorrow night, too, and Sunday. I got a surprising amount of work done tonight. Saturday night should be fairly busy and Sunday is perpetual day. Ugh.

I also finally got my air conditioner... just in time for the heatwave to break. Of course. My birthday is coming up in 12ish days. No damn clue what I'm doing yet. With my luck, I'll probably be working.

Blah.. I have to drive Matt in tomorrow. Must sleep.
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My voice is still not back fully and it's been almost a full month since I lost it. It seems to be mostly a mucus thing, at least, though. Not that this makes me any happier, but at least it will eventually clear up.

I'm downloading the Moulin Rouge soundtrack right now. It's really good so far. That was such a good movie. I'm a complete sucker for anything that's, firstly, set in Paris and, secondly, set during La Belle Epoque, which is my favourite time period.

Ha, I definitely would have been a courtesan if I had lived then. At the very least, I would have been a cancan dancer.


I got my invitation for Sarah and Jay's wedding yesterday. I still need to mail my response card, though. Now I'm going hunting for a fairly nice dress to wear to the wedding. As much as I disliked Dawn's bridesmaid's dresses, at least my outfit was preordained.

If anyone would like to offer advice or just commiserate, email me. I like email.

I really hate dresses. And catholic school girls are really scary too.
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I'm going to see the Gentitorturers next Tuesday. I'm psyched because it's been ages some I've gone out, anywhere. I'm thinking it's been since before September 11th.

Once again, nothing good is going on. I had yesterday and today off, I work tomorrow. I need sleep. I wrote a short story and am working on a new part for my site.

I'm so out of it. I haven't been sleeping well and I've been getting anxiety attacks a lot. It's been impacting on my eating, too. I feel sick all the time. Blah.

I've started singing again. I forgot how much I liked it.

I feel like I'm on the edge of a precipice. Something is going to happen soon.
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For Halloween, I am going be Delerium or Death. I'm not 100% sure which yet, but you can rest assured that, at some point, there will be images. For the love of god, send me feedback.

Random thought: Gwar's Fucking An Animal is the worst song ever.

I've basically been lounging around all day, killing time. I downloaded all of the songs off of Strange Little Girls and it's startlingly good. I hadn't really liked either of the albums since Boys For Pele, but this one I'm actually going to pick up as soon as I can afford it.

Which will be never because I am going to be broke till I die.

I think I'm going to yoink Geisha's idea and set up a fund of some sort; except, instead of it being to further intellectual pursuits, it's going to be because I'm lazy and just want free money, dammit. So, yes, send me to buy the new Tori.

God, I'm starving.
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Ugh... It's been too hot to update for the last few days. Massachusetts has been in the middle of a horrible heatwave. It's seriously been at least 100 degrees here for the last four days. Beyond that, my computer has been acting up really badly. I haven't been getting messages or emails lately.

I've mainly been working a lot. Everything has finally come to fruition today: I got my first pay cheque and it was glorious. Of course, being the good girl I am, I put money into my chequing account instead of blowing the whole thing. I bought two CDs (Genitorturers- Machine Love and Weezer- Pinkerton) and two pairs of shorts from Lane Bryant. Gotta love being curvy. Tomorrow, after grocery shopping, I'm going to pick up a book and a magazine for next week and then I'm all set. Yay. Anyone want to suggest a good book to me?

I'm so tired. I don't really feel like going to work tonight, but I also like money. That and work actually tends to go by pretty quickly.

Lane Bryant models are hot. Why don't more girls want to look like them? I keep seeing all these scary girls at the mall who are painfully, insect thin and they just look gross.

I'd like to complain more about scary, twiggy girls, but I need to get a soda before I head to work.
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Ah, late nights. I just saw the videos for The Rock Show and HashPipe. I am currently nursing a huge girlie boner for both songs. Neither video was what I anticipated, but they were both interesting, none the less.

I think what makes me like both songs so much is that they remind me of being a kid, instead of tottering on the brink of adulthood like I am now. Blink 182 reminds me of the summer after I graduated. That song, What's My Age Again, was in heavy rotation and I remember cruising around, singing that at the top of my lungs. It reminds me of being carefree and, I don't know, think that being 17 was the highlight of life; of somehow all of those magical moments would be frozen in time and I would be eternally 17.

Weezer reminds me more of being, god, 15, maybe? I remember watching the video to Buddy Holly on MTV a good deal and thinking that the singer was the bee's knees. I mean, he's still pretty adorable in that sad, sensitive way that makes everyone (and I do mean everyone) wonder why their boyfriend isn't like that. Like Matt said, it's the kind of music that sad, teenager girls sit in their bedrooms and listen to.

I guess knowing so many of my friends are graduating soon is making me sappy. It kind of hurts that I've lost touch with so many people for whom I really cared. Nothing ever stays the same, as much as I really wish I could freeze frame it.

I'm really groggy right now and vaguely upset. Tonight is Faint night, which makes me very happy. I haven't done anything lately that isn't totally adult. I want to feel young and do things instead of feeling like I'm fucking 40. I hate everything. Christ, I'm whiny. If I keep this up, someone might mistake me for Weenie-Boy.

On a light note, it's time I come out of the closet...

*sniff* I'm secretly starting to like emo. Tonight, I willingly downloaded a New Found Glory song [but it was stuck in my head, really!], a Midtown song [I had to!], and a Small Brown Bike song [but I always liked them!]. It must be all the pollen in the air. There is no other real explanation [other than no one is forcing it down my throat now.]

Mm, that feels better. Is there a support group that I can join for this?


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