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We did the date night thing tonight. Since the Cameo has $4 Tuesdays, we decided to go see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls again. Still good and I definitely caught more things. Ending was still a little hinky, but no less than Last Crusade, I guess. We now have two collectible popcorn buckets in case LolCats steal one, I guess.

Since it was still warm and muggy, we opted to have dinner out and headed towards the Plaza by way of Newbury Comics and Mattress Giant. We found out that essentially 90% of mattresses have latex and I'm also allergic to synthetic latex. The salesman put something near me and I started wheezing. But hey, I had my benedryl this time!

One of my former students works at Newbury, so we chatted with her a bit and played catch up on the latest school news. She's in art school and looking forward to her next year, which is good. She was one of a core of very talented kids last year. On a whim, we ended up buying the Indiana Jones box set since it was under $40 before we headed out to the Plaza. Dinner, more friends, and a MAC gloss later, we headed home to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I haven't watched in through in forever and I'd forgotten a lot of what happened. Having seen it, though, all I have to say is: Damn, I will never be able to watch Pirates of the Caribbean the same way again.

The sheer amount of scenes they ripped off in the three movies was unreal. The boat scene, the knife thing, Indy running from the natives... A lot of others that I've forgotten because I have goldfish brain. It was so close, I'm surprised Spielberg and Lucas didn't sue... similar casting, near identical blocking, hell, even similar dialog. I understand having scenes evocative of classic movies and I always enjoy that, but this was nearly verbatim. I'll have to make a list next time I watch it.

Today, as it's after midnight, is Mum's birthday. I gave her her pressies today since I knew I wouldn't be in because senior prom things involving balloons. I think we're going out to lunch after school, though, since my stepdad and stepbrother are going to clean his apartment out in Fitchburg. I haven't been out with her in ages, so it will be really nice.
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Since school blocks LJ, I just wanted everyone to know that Mum had her (hopefully) final surgery today and it went fine. As of 1pm, she was in recovery and Steven and I are going to go see her tonight.
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I should go to my mum's more often. She and my stepdad foisted london broil, shrimp scampi, a loaf of bread, eggs, and lunch meats on me before I left the house. Plus, they fed me dinner and gave me the gas monies. I win tonight!

I also picked up some flower drying stuff and three skeins of really gorgeous purple yarn that's going to make a really nice scarf for me for the winter. $2/skein. I think it was something like $6 or $7 normally.

Mum Update

Sep. 20th, 2006 06:59 am
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Can't remember if I did or did not post this before, but Mum's going to have her colonostomy reversed on October 11th. She should only be in the hospital a day or so, so it's a lot less intense than the last one. The tumour's gone already, so that helps, as well. She sounded tired from the chemo yesterday when I talked to her, but she's excited about being reconnected.

Will keep everyone posted and am going back to sleep now. For real.
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So, best night ever. Steven had an appointment at UMB today, so after it, we met up with Nicki ([ profile] pinkandsilver) and offered her a ride to the T, since we were heading back that way anyhow. She hadn't had the dinners, so I suggested Fajitas & 'Ritas since it's in Quincy and pretty close to the T station anyhow. Plus, it's got $11.91 litres of margaritas. You can't beat that with a stick.

Hilarity ensued. My lack of sleep seems to have shorted my brain to mouth filter, so I was full of awful, unPC things to say and Nicki's pretty much as bad. Steven also likes to be ganged up on quite a bit. We had a plate of nachos the size of my face and some really delicious peach margaritas. Then, we walked to Starbucks, obtained the lattes, and, ultimately, decided that Sundays are now officially Margarita Night. Steven has to work Mondays, but Nicki and I don't, so there shall be much drinking and rejoicing on Sundays and much lamenting on Hangover Mondays.

I also justified tequila as a vegetable and margaritas as a meal. I'm pretty sure bloody Marys might also count as a vegetable or possibly a fruit. After all, if Reagan could declare ketchup a vegetable, I can do the same for margaritas.

The girls' dresses are in and we're making the trek over tomorrow to pick them up. I imagine I'll have pictures, so we'll see if I actually stop being lazy long enough to post them.

Really, I think that's all. Mum's doing well; she's started her 6 months of chemo and things are all right so far. Stella's going to be reattached sometime in October, most likely. She's still kind of driving me batty with the wedding, but that's all right. My father's still being a troll about the money he promised us a year ago. I sincerely doubt we'll see that. Kind of pathetic that all it seems I can count on him for is to be unreliable.

I'm so tired.


Aug. 28th, 2006 01:37 pm
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My mum started her six month course of chemo today.
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I don't usually pimp out charitable causes in my LJ, but this is something really different and close to my heart. Mel, the woman these bracelets are in memory of was a friend of my mom's ([ profile] lauraxmarie, I think you might have known Mel, also). The lady making them donates all the money to cancer research. The bracelets are $15 each.

Let me know if you guys want more information. 


Jun. 13th, 2006 10:59 pm
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Mom went in to the OR around 11:45 and didn't come out until 3:15. They removed the section of her rectum with the tumor in it, but had to put in a temporary colostomy bag. She'll have that for 3 to 6 months, hopefully less. Next week she'll meet with her oncologist about the chemo and radiation she'll have for follow up. She's pretty sure she'll have lost her hair by the wedding.

She was really groggy when we went to visit, so we didn't stay very long. We'll visit tomorrow before my doctor's appointment.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers.


Jun. 13th, 2006 07:27 am
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Mom's surgery is at 11am today. Please keep her in your thoughts. I will update how she is when I get home.

Mom Update

Mar. 20th, 2006 07:00 pm
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It's been posted privately, but for those who don't know, my mom was diagnosed with Stage II/Stage III rectal cancer. She started her chemo today and will be on it for the next six weeks. She'll have a month off and then she'll be having surgery to remove the cancer.

Please forgive me if I'm not commenting a lot in everyone's journals. I am reading, but sometimes, I just can't put together enough thought to write something coherent. I'm not sure how much I'll be updating either. My motivation level is around 0.
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I'm sorry to post again in so many days, but I haven't been in the right frame of mine to get more than one thought going.

Last Friday, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. We aren't putting the wedding on hold, at her request, even though my concentration is completely shot, but that's a post for elsewhere. FH and I were talking about making a donation in the name of our guests as favours. I checked out the American Cancer Society's website, but it seems that you have to make a donation for every single person if you want a card for them. Does anyone know if there's a more efficient way to do this? I'm sure this is a really easy question, but I just can't think straight.

Sorry again for the numerous posts.
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Steven and I went to see my mom graduate from Bridgewater State College tonight. She officially has her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies. I have pictures and I will post them when I get them off the memory card. So, even through she'll never read it here because she never reads my LJ:

Congrats Mom! I'm proud of you!

And about my school )


Jan. 23rd, 2004 02:33 pm
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How stupid of me to think that my mother would do something supportive of me. Here I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, after Steven talked to her last night, she might be a little more empathetic, so I called her today. I should have fucking known. I shouldn't have even bothered calling.

She launched right into the "Maybe you should just give up and quit college already. You've dicked around long enough." speech. This is the one that she gets that condescending tone in her voice and tells me that "not everyone's cut out for college" and "maybe (I) should just look for a full time job." Because, of course, we all know that I have tons of marketable skills that will make it so easy for me to get a job in this economy. Brilliant, I have an idea! I'll work full time in retail and have a nervous breakdown. Score! Or I'll find a demeaning job as a secretary and the end results will be the same! Yes!

Then she dropped the big one. Even if I take off a semester and work, I will still have to go back to Massasoit in the fall. She will not pay for classes at UMass. Period. She never intended to let me take just one class this semester, either. She's all maxed out on her credit card because she had to buy a brand new Mac laptop that she basically didn't really need. Thanks, mom. Couldn't buy my one when I needed it for school, but you sure can buy you one for yourself.

My favourite was when she insinutated that I would somehow like Massasoit better if I work a semester and go back in the fall. What a fucking crock. I've hated the school since I started there. I've taken semesters off to work full time and, you know what? I still hated it when I went back. There are days when I can't even force myself out of bed to go because I hate it so much. I would honestly rather kill myself than ever go back there again.

This means nothing to my mother. She thinks I'm being melodramatic.

Oh, right, and she'll not pay for books this semester, either.

I'm too fucking miserable to write anymore.
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My mother decided that she needed to talk to me today. She told me that it hurts her to see me this upset about everything and she's sorry. Fucking wonderful. Gee, everything's all ginger peachy now that you said you were sorry. Let me tell you, that makes it all fucking better. "I'm sorry" totally makes up for the fact that you're completely abandoning me without, basically, a second thought.

I was looking online today to see if I could find an apartment. I found nothing that was less than $875 a month, even for a studio. I'm working part time and I have no credit. Gee, I'm a great risk to rent to. No one is going to rent me an apartment.

So I'm completely stressed about where I'm going to be in a few months. Steve said his parents would take me, but I don't want to intrude on them. Seriously, it shouldn't be their problem to take me in. I can't leave Mass until my lease is up. I don't know what I'm going to do...

Funny that I'm the one being a bastard because I'm mad. Doesn't that make a ton of sense?
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I've been really neglecting this lately. At least life is not boring when it's busy...

So far this month, Matt has been promoted to assistant manager of Lids, I've been made into acting manager as of 9:31 tomorrow night, and I've seen both Spiderman and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Attack of the Clones I could definitely have done without seeing. The special effects were awesome, probably worth my $9, but the acting sucked with the notable exception of Ewan MacGregor, who is pretty much good in everything I've seen him in. I don't think Matt cared too much for it, but Steve was fairly impressed.

I liked Spiderman... what I saw of it, at least. If you ever want to cut a two hour movie down to half an hour, take a five year old. Haille, like most five year olds, is the centre of the universe and she knows it. She is also one of the most adorable kids I've seen. I'm inclined to believe that I might be very good with small children: she wanted to sit on my lap for basically the whole movie. Of course this meant I fielded all her questions rather than Steve, but what the hell... He paid, I can answer questions.

I also got to see Elliott for a couple hours this week on, I think, Wednesday. I never realised how much exercise you can get pushing a stroller. I should totally become a nanny. I would be very good at it.

Mummy's birthday is tomorrow. She will be 50. I think later in the summer, she and I are both going to get violet tattooes from Buddy's. Matt's and my anniversary has passed. We went out to dinner at Chili's and generally bummed around all day, which was nice. There is a lot to be said about relaxing.

We went to the beach yesterday. We got there right at low tide and I got the chance to wander out on the rocks and watch the currents. I could literally spend hours doing that. There is no place that I feel more at home than at the ocean, on the rocks. No matter how bad things are/have been, I feel completely at peace watching the sea. Can we tell what my element is? I think not.

I have to go finish getting ready to go to Rhode Island. Yay for my day off!


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