Jul. 11th, 2008 11:24 pm
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Hellboy II was made of win. It was totally worth full price to see it.
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We did the date night thing tonight. Since the Cameo has $4 Tuesdays, we decided to go see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls again. Still good and I definitely caught more things. Ending was still a little hinky, but no less than Last Crusade, I guess. We now have two collectible popcorn buckets in case LolCats steal one, I guess.

Since it was still warm and muggy, we opted to have dinner out and headed towards the Plaza by way of Newbury Comics and Mattress Giant. We found out that essentially 90% of mattresses have latex and I'm also allergic to synthetic latex. The salesman put something near me and I started wheezing. But hey, I had my benedryl this time!

One of my former students works at Newbury, so we chatted with her a bit and played catch up on the latest school news. She's in art school and looking forward to her next year, which is good. She was one of a core of very talented kids last year. On a whim, we ended up buying the Indiana Jones box set since it was under $40 before we headed out to the Plaza. Dinner, more friends, and a MAC gloss later, we headed home to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I haven't watched in through in forever and I'd forgotten a lot of what happened. Having seen it, though, all I have to say is: Damn, I will never be able to watch Pirates of the Caribbean the same way again.

The sheer amount of scenes they ripped off in the three movies was unreal. The boat scene, the knife thing, Indy running from the natives... A lot of others that I've forgotten because I have goldfish brain. It was so close, I'm surprised Spielberg and Lucas didn't sue... similar casting, near identical blocking, hell, even similar dialog. I understand having scenes evocative of classic movies and I always enjoy that, but this was nearly verbatim. I'll have to make a list next time I watch it.

Today, as it's after midnight, is Mum's birthday. I gave her her pressies today since I knew I wouldn't be in because senior prom things involving balloons. I think we're going out to lunch after school, though, since my stepdad and stepbrother are going to clean his apartment out in Fitchburg. I haven't been out with her in ages, so it will be really nice.
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We went to see this last night. I loved the book, so I assumed I would at least enjoy the movie. I have a special place in my heart for Tudor/Elizabethan history, so I usually try to see movies about it. Generally speaking, as long as a movie is good and entertains me, I can get over it not being 100% historically accurate. I liked both Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age and, like I said, I loved the book as entertainment.

I didn't walk out because I kept hoping that it would get better, but I considered it strongly at the halfway point. This is the second movie I have ever considered that in. I really, truly feel like I wasted my money going to see it. I didn't expect it to be akin to a historical documentary nor did I expect it follow the book exactly, but I at least expected that I would see where it was adapted. It's really bad when I am lost watching a movie about this.

The guy who wrote this also wrote The Queen. I don't know how he managed to do well enough with that to win an Oscar and then sunk to this level, but my guess is he was very, very drunk and watching General Hospital when he wrote it.


Jan. 27th, 2008 11:59 am
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We did end up making it to the theatre yesterday.

Atonement review )

We went out after for Tibetan food with Sam, which was ok, but not great. I started getting the beginnings of a migraine which is still lingering today, though it's not unbearable yet. I'm hoping I slept through the worst of it. We rolled in around 4:30 in the morning.

Anyhow, I have two books coming soon and I got my replacement Baby G which I have managed not to set the unholy, chirpy alarm on. I've done nothing else this week-end, though I should do a bit of laundry so I have things to wear tomorrow. I still need to finish my hair today and repaint my nails, too.

Of course, instead, I am going to sit around and watch Evita again and be lazy for the rest of the day
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I forced Steven off to bed at 11:30 today by watching Clueless and then Dirty Dancing. Steven kept shaking his head at me. I like bad movies. I love Jerry Orbach. More than that, I like watching Patrick Swayze dance. And I also like looking at Jennifer Grey's really tight pants.

I can't understand why Steven doesn't like this movie.

I bought three wedding planning/wedding on a budget books from Overstock and a bra back extender thingy from Figleaves. Rox won and it rained like crazy for the last two and a half innings. My knee hurts. We need to buy soda tomorrow and I'm tired.

Mm, Pepcid.
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This made my night.

Actually, lots of things made my night. I'm back on the hormones, so all in my life is good again-- no more headache, no more nausea, only a little leftover bloating.

I found my red vinyl devil dress and the good news is it fits and it fits better than it did two years ago. Well, except across the boobs. I seem to have gained a cup or so since then. That's a damn the hormones moment.

And, because everyone wants to know about my sex life, I got laid and it was great. Thank you, little red vinyl dress. I love when things all fall into line and move smoothly.

And now, I'm going to sleep the sleep of the satiated.
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If you haven't seen the movie and care not to have it spoiled, ignore what's behind the cut. )

Survey )
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I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to fix the damned DVD/Home Theatre system we have without the benefit of instruction, room, or any help. This is all because I have to watch Farewell My Concubine for Asian Theatre. My midterm is tomorrow and this is part of it. I have about thismuch interest in seeing it.

Excellent... Looks like a convoluted plot, too.

I can't wait until we get into kabuki and noh.
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It looks like the power is actually back on once and for all. It seems to have remained on all night. MassElectric was here until about 9 last night, screwing around in the transformers. All in all, the power was only out for 17 hours. We lost about $100 worth of food, which really sucks because we can't afford to replace it. We have to go pick up a couple essentials today, like milk and cream.

Hey, but at least we have chinese food to be thankful for.

We ended up going to the movies yesterday, since there was no point sitting around, with no power, just looking at each other. We saw A Shark's Tale, which was cute, but it certainly wasn't Shrek or Finding Nemo. I'm glad we only saw the matinee. I wouldn't have wanted to spend $9.50 a head to see it. Movies are so damned expensive these days... I remember why we basically never go to them, now.

What else... We went to Ocean State last night to get useful things for the presumed blackout conditions. I picked up my Christmas cards and some gift tags while I was there, as well. I also picked up a box of Madagascar Vanilla Red Tea, which is actually really good. Then again, it's nice to just be able to make a cup of tea in my house again.

I need a shower. I have no clue what we're doing today, only that I need to shower before we do anything else.
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So, I still don't have DSL, predominantly because the people at Verizon are total idiots. Evidently, they exclusively hire the incompetant. I'm not going to be hooked up until like the 21st. I'm currently waiting on the supervisor's supervisor to call me back. I want to be compensated for my inconvenience, dammit.

On the other hand, I'm totally in love with my digital cable. Sunday, at 1030 at Sunday night, I watched Animaniacs. Today, I watched Aimee & Jaguar entirely in German and now I'm watching Splash on one of the godforsaken Love Movie channels. I love Splash. I should remember to eventually buy it on DVD.

God, Tom Hanks used to be young and not hugely potbellied once. I forgot about that.

Oh, jesus. Splash came out 20 years ago this year. I feel wicked old.

Anyhow, I think I'm going to take up space on the couch for a while I'm watching the movie.. That and I need to print out a couple cards. There is no rest for the wicked.
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It's beautiful, sunny, and is, in reality, only about 50. This is ok, because it's going to be gorgeous all week-end, through Marathon Monday. Actually, it's supposed to be in the 80s that day. I'm psyched.

I need to shower, but I don't want to in case I miss any phone calls. Evidently, my grandfather really hurt his back yesterday and ended up in the hospital this morning. I've talked to my mom and to Steven, but haven't heard back from anyone yet. Not the best way to spend a morning...

We watched The Fifth Element last night after bowling. It was really good and, of course, Milla Jovovich is not exactly hard on the eyes. I think we are potentially planning on watching it again tonight.

What else..? We bought some more art for the apartment and got a new shower curtain and bath mat, which brightens up the bathroom immensely. No luck finding another place yet, but I'm still looking. I'm thinking next week we'll go see a couple places. I was going to call a couple places today, but after the above news, I'm just sitting and waiting.

All right. I need to shower.

Yay, LXG!

Feb. 9th, 2004 11:10 am
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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen rocks my socks. We rented it last night and it's soooo good. I'm actually planning on picking it up sometime this week. I loved all the references to novels in it and I love Sean Connery in general, anyhow. I'm so delighted with this movie.

Finally got around to replacing my mom's china, with it's wierd little stains on it. It's pretty cool looking. It has a square pattern of dots on a white background. The dots are light grey, medium grey, and black. I haven't unpacked it yet, but I think we're going to tonight or tomorrow day.

Wow.. I'm suddenly super-tired, all of a sudden. Damned Wolfgang Puck chicken soup. I'm going to have a bit of a nap before I shower.
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It's goddamned cold outside. It supposed to get to something like -10, before the wind chill tonight, and I think -30 to -40 with the wind chill. I should be taking a nap right now, but I can't sleep at all. I was trying to take a nap before bowling, but my mother had to call, for no good reason, about 1/2 an hour into the nap and spoil things. My mother seems to forget about this neat invention called "email". It allows you to contact people without rudely dragging them out of their warm beds. Boo.

So, here I am eating oyster crackers and watching The Two Towers, killing time while Steven finishes up bowling. On a side note, Viggo Mortensen (for anyone one who lives under a rock, that would be Aragorn)looks far more attractive with longer, dark brown hair and a beard than he does without. I'd actually like to go and see Return of the King again, hopefully without having to pee wicked bad for the last hour and a half of it. Kind of spoiled the experience.

I'm actually also probably going to expend the extra cash when the extended trilogy comes out. I'd like to see all the extra jazz, but why pay for each one separately? I mean, I know there are a lot of people who will, but I haven't that kind of cash.

I should go and start up my car in the not to distant future. Bowling's usually over somewhere around 8:45 or 9. I so don't feel like cooking tonight, either.. I think I shall strongly suggest chinese. Yay for chinese on ass-biting cold nights.
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I've been really neglecting this lately. At least life is not boring when it's busy...

So far this month, Matt has been promoted to assistant manager of Lids, I've been made into acting manager as of 9:31 tomorrow night, and I've seen both Spiderman and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Attack of the Clones I could definitely have done without seeing. The special effects were awesome, probably worth my $9, but the acting sucked with the notable exception of Ewan MacGregor, who is pretty much good in everything I've seen him in. I don't think Matt cared too much for it, but Steve was fairly impressed.

I liked Spiderman... what I saw of it, at least. If you ever want to cut a two hour movie down to half an hour, take a five year old. Haille, like most five year olds, is the centre of the universe and she knows it. She is also one of the most adorable kids I've seen. I'm inclined to believe that I might be very good with small children: she wanted to sit on my lap for basically the whole movie. Of course this meant I fielded all her questions rather than Steve, but what the hell... He paid, I can answer questions.

I also got to see Elliott for a couple hours this week on, I think, Wednesday. I never realised how much exercise you can get pushing a stroller. I should totally become a nanny. I would be very good at it.

Mummy's birthday is tomorrow. She will be 50. I think later in the summer, she and I are both going to get violet tattooes from Buddy's. Matt's and my anniversary has passed. We went out to dinner at Chili's and generally bummed around all day, which was nice. There is a lot to be said about relaxing.

We went to the beach yesterday. We got there right at low tide and I got the chance to wander out on the rocks and watch the currents. I could literally spend hours doing that. There is no place that I feel more at home than at the ocean, on the rocks. No matter how bad things are/have been, I feel completely at peace watching the sea. Can we tell what my element is? I think not.

I have to go finish getting ready to go to Rhode Island. Yay for my day off!
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Blah... It's been a while since I've pulled an all-nighter. Nothing like finishing out 2001 with a bang.

I went to see Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring tonight with Matt and Sloan. Dear god, is that a long involved movie. I was actually really impressed, despite my original misgivings. It was definitely worth the $9 my ticket cost. I would indeed maybe even want to see it again sometime.

I left my pocketbook in the theatre, though, which is not something I'd like to do again.

I sincerely doubt that this makes a hell of a lot of sense. Everyone is sleeping but me and I don't feel very well. My bronchitis doesn't seem to be getting a lot better. In fact, my chest feels like it has a vice around it now...

Dawn still has not had the baby. She was very upset when I called her tonight. I wish that they'd just effing induce her or something instead of making her wait and suffer and get nervous. We might potentially drive up and see her on Friday. She sounded like she could use the company.

I have an hour to kill before I need to rouse Sloan. Fifty-five minutes suddenly seems like a lot of time.
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I just came in from the movies. Oh. My. God. Moulin Rouge is the best movie ever and I would definitely like to molest Nicole Kidman.. Mmmm....

Anyhow, the movie was very good. However, because I am anal retentive, I am going to point out its flaws. Firstly, dammit, Ewan McGregor is supposed to be British, not Scottish.. I understand he's lovely and all, but that bothered me throughout the movie. Second, whereas the whole consumption angle was pretty novel, it still made it waaay to easy to guess the ending. Third, rip off Titanic much?

Other than that, awesome cinematography, beautiful costumes, good acting/singing.. It was definitely decadent (god, I love that word.) *drooldrooldrool*

Other than that, Kir got her nose pierced today and she promised to show me images tomorrow. Everyone should go to her site and sign her gbook because she's adorable and (I think) she looks like Kirstin Dunst, but not blonde.

Thank you, Samantha. That makes little to no sense.

I also owe Alex and email. I'm chatting with Jenn right now and she was sharing with me a story about some sad excuse for a guy who got some girl pregnant. He now wants nothing to do with said girl, excusing his porcine behaviour by saying that she "followed him 24/7" and "she kept bugging me and well when you are a guy and a chick asks for it you give it".

Of course, this sparkling gem of manhood wasn't aware that sex causes pregnancy. Such trials he must have to live through, with all his belchin', drinkin', and the scratchin' and rearrangin' of his genitals in public places. And god knows, men have no control over their sexual urges and must fuck everything with a vulva.

Hey asshole, there are these really novel things called condoms... They prevent pregnancy. Do the world a favour and use one, so you never spawn again.

De-evolution at its best, right there. That's my proof that we, as a species, are getting less and less intelligent.

I'm moving to So. Pleasant street because I am just so pleasant.

Right now, actually, I am going to eat my donut, take a Clartin, and go to bed thinking dirty thoughts about Nicole Kidman.


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