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It seems someone has forgotten to tell my cats that their ancestors were hunters. I am nearly sure that if they were thrown outside now, they would be sad to realize that hunting the mighty tinned can is not a native species. Case in point, Racetrack will chase bugs, but today, when faced with a vicious earwig, she gave Steven a look that essentially said "Dude, you have thumbs, you kill it." She will eat spiders and moths like they're going out of style. I think they're the cat equivalent of protein bars.

There's another flaw in our naming of the cats. Namely, Racetrack has no idea what her name is. She thinks her name is Kitty-Cake. She also thinks her name is the sound of the cat yummy jar rattling.

I have another job interview coming up at a theatre company. Hopefully, I won't spend the whole summer unemployed, now that AAA never rang me back. I've been applying for everything that looks interesting to me, so something is bound to come up. Both jobs are in Providence and most likely bus accessible. I need to go get my license done this week, perhaps, too, now that my cheques have arrived with the appropriate information on them.

We're still living in Boxtopia down here. I unpacked 10 more boxes today, mostly kitchen things. Mum and Bruce came down, but Bruce was sick and therefore, none of her things got moved. I really would like to set up the damned living room area so I can sit around in my underpants and watch BSG on DVD or hook up cable or something. Steven and I are shooting for this week-end, at least, to have things at least 75% done.

I have to stop reading design blogs and [ profile] saucydwellings because I badly want to redecorate. We've never really settled anywhere long enough to decorate well, other than in hand me downs. I mean, we still have them here, but I wanted to make covers for our couches and so on. I wish I had money.
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Woot! We are officially downstairs instead of the guest bedroom! I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I am going to be sleeping in my own motherfrakking bed tonight. This was not without its catastrophes: we lost not one but two fill kits during the move, someone walked all over the bed's bladder, the surround shrinking, and a garden hose which leaked and did not fit in the bed, but it's done and made now and I can't wait to more than roll around, trying to rearrange the fibrefill.

We broke out the shoji screens tonight, too, so not only are we down here, but we have a blocked off area as well. Of course, that means the toilet still isn't screened off, but I will walk upstairs to pee for the time being, as long as it means we have a door. We also put our books away, all eleventy billion of them, and set up the mini-fridge and the microwave.

Priorities: we has them.

The kitten was possessed by a slightly more competent demon tonight. As soon as the 23:00 news is over, the hallway turns into Kitty International Speedway, in which Racetrack is the sole participant. Most of her trials include hurdling the furniture and trying not to get a) strangled by me or b) smacked by Boomer. Periodically, she stops for minimal petting or to stare at one of us like we're going to eat her. It runs till about 2am, at which point it returns to Kitty Siesta Time.

Tomorrow looks like more unpacking, lawn mowing, and maybe more laundry. I still have no idea where 90% of my clothing is nor do I know where the rest of our clean sheets are. I do, however, know where most of my shoes are. Like I said, priorities: I has them.


May. 10th, 2007 06:19 pm
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Apparently, my week was going to well and needed something to piss me off. I was having trouble with the internets this morning, so I hopped on another network and figured I'd resolve it when I got home. I checked my email 7th period and noticed that I had several new voicemails, which is kind of odd considering the answerphone usually gets everything. So, whatever, I deleted them and headed home.

I forget who I wanted to call when I got in, but I picked up and got a message that Vonage couldn't connect to the server. So I'm standing in the kitchen, it's a million and 40 degrees in my apartment and I'm muttering what the frak at the phone. I got over to the iBook and check my internet connection. Nope, nothing there. I reboot. Still nothing. I finally hooked into someone else's network (which I am still using) so I could get online.

Bloody frakking Verizon, with whom I've been warring over about phone service because I opted to switch to Vonage. I was paying $65 a month for the same thing I'm now paying $25 for. That was the price with the alleged package deal. The only thing that was a good price in that "package" was the DSL. Everything else is above what I'd be paying independantly. I pointed out to the woman I spoke to that I'd pay less if I went through plain old DirecTv and she, quite rudely and indignantly, informed me that wasn't possible because they "were DirecTv".

No, bitch, you have a partnership with them. They're not an exclusively Verizon service.

Anyhow, they shut off my DSL because I told them, after trying to be pleasant and listening to the woman (who wouldn't give me her name) all but tell me I was an idiot for switching, that Vonage was dicking me around (I was calling because Verizon refused to approve transfer for my number), and offer me packages that I couldn't get in my area, where they could stick their phone service.

This isn't the first time they've frakked something up beyond words. We were without DSL (still paying for it, no less) for over three months when we first moved here. They still had it hooked up to our old place and for some reason they were completely incapable of fixing it. How hard was it to turn off one number and turn on another. Same frakking account, just a different place. I finally wrangled six months of free service for that clusterfrak.

My contract is up in June. We'll have moved, so I'll be cancelling DirecTv and I'm pretty frakking sure I'll be switching cell providers as well. I'm paying frakking $145 for our phones, right now. I could do a family plan elsewhere for less. They won't let me split up my bill, I can't seperate the cells, it's frakking insane.

Moral of the story: Not only is Verizon incompentant, but they're also vindicative if you try to leave their monopoly.

Therefore, I'm not ignoring comments or emails, I'm just not very capable of getting online. School blocks LJ, so that cuts down potential time. I'm going to try to get to some of it tonight, but I'm also doing 14 million other, internet-required things, none of which involve LOL!cats. Really.

In not cranky news, I'm so not going to be getting new shirts because instead I blew my monies on Tool tickets since I can buy shirts any time and Tool tickets are like finding hen's teeth sometimes. I'm so claiming that as an early birthday pressie, since it's less than a week before my birthday. This is ignoring that I'm pretty much planning on using all birthday money to get my next couple of tattoos, which is another of those things I should be designing. Luckily, I have a decent picture in my head, so it shouldn't be too hard to sketch out. One good thing about having my own art tattooed on me: I'm less likely to get tired of it.

Actually, I'm still completely in love with my stars, so there's not a lot of bearing. I think this time I'll make an appointment, though and see if I can get Buddy himself to do it. He did all of Mum's, so I'd like to have one by him. Not that Mike wasn't awesome, because he was, but really, if I'm getting a very old school tattoo, I'd like to have it done by someone experienced in it.

Tomorrow I'm getting paid to go eat lunch and shop at Faniuel Hall. I love my job! I was originally supposed to teach Art tomorrow, but Mum decided last minute that she wasn't up to going, so I'm going to sub for her as a chaperone. Did I already say how much I love my job? Even today, all my classes were awesome, despite the oppressive heat and humidity. Better still, I can sleep in. I don't have to get up till 7!
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I have to go to the post office tomorrow and fix my forwarder. My mother, in all her well-meaning glory, went and forwarded her mail, again, from Rockland. This is the second time. The last time, either she or the post office fucked up and forwarded all the mail to her new place. Great. Now, because she didn't want anything send to my new address, she tried (that's the key word) to forward just her mail.

No one is getting any mail forwarded now.

I went to the old apartment yesterday to find mail from jury duty there, in the box. They also haven't forwarded any of Steven's mail, including his important letter from the NEC.

Ugh. Well, at least my jury duty was cancelled. Steven is now up, so I have need to get my shit together, shower, and do something useful.
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Laura, Steven just left to go back to Rockland.. Is he with you!?! ^_^

We're in the new place. We have digital cable, but no DSL and no sound on the computer yet.

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T-minus two days to go. Right now, I am not packing, but using the USPS website to forward all my mail to the new place. Dammit, I'll pay $3 for the convenience of not having to go anywhere. Can you tell we're not as packed as I wanted to be at this point? This, now, cuts down on one more thing that we have to do after I pick Steven up from work. We still have a shitload of things that need to be boxed up and put in the living room to be moved Saturday morning.

Of course, we only have until about 7:45 to pack and clean, because Steven has an 8:00 meeting to go to and won't be home until about 9:15. We have a baseball game tomorrow night. Nothing like cutting down on the amount of time to do things around here.

Wow. I have to leave for work in 6 minutes. I suppose I should brush my teeth and head off to work.
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We went to see Shrek 2 last night. It was actually really funny. I almost liked it better than the first one. I'm definitely buying it when it eventually comes out on DVD. If you go to see it, wait a couple minutes for the little extra after the first credits. You'll be glad you did.

The packing is still going. We packed up our set of glasses, a couple more mugs, and some other miscellanous dishware, as well as cleaned out the pantry and started on the spices. I think we actually need to make a checklist now for the rest of what we need to pack. We also are going to have to lay out the floor plan so we can sort of have an idea of where things are going to go when we get there. Blah.

We may or may not have one more baseball game to attend before opening night tonight. This is dependant on whether or not it rains all day, like it's supposed to.

Ugh, I need to get off to work in about ten minutes. I still need to brush my teeth and grab a quick snack for my fifteen minute "lunch". And the stupid computer is being pissy, probably because of the storm last night.

Okay, off to begin a new week. And... today is payday!!

Mm, bagel.

May. 21st, 2004 08:08 am
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So, things have been really busy here recently, hence the lack of updates. All we're doing is sorting and packing. I packed up mugs the other night and there were 26 of them. This isn't counting the ones we haven't packed up yet, the travel mugs, and the mugs that are still in Steven's parents' basement. I know we drink a lot of tea and coffee, but that was unbelievable. I think we're going to have a cabinet of solely mugs.

Yea, so, I also set up our phone service and new number today. It's unlisted and unpublished, so if you want it, email me and I'll get it to you. Cable's almost set up. I just need a time. We decided on digital, since it's only like $10 a month more than basic and barely $14 more than what I'm paying for crappy basic in Rockland. We get a shitload of channels, too. I have to call and set up electricity today, actually. I'm obviously not going to do it now, since I have to leave for work in like 10 minutes. Oh, well.

If I get sent home from work again early, I'll do it then. Work's been quiet, to say the least. I've gone home early every day this week because there's just no phone volume and I don't want to do outbounds.

I need to go brush my teeth and head out the door.
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For once, I'm not bitching about the upstairs ones. The House of Retarded next door is the object of my ire this morning. I came home from dropping Steven off at work to find, at 7:20 no less, a landscaping truck parked in my driveway. It was parked right in the centre of the driveway, behind both my neighbours' cars, and totally blocking my parking spot. I feel I showed remarkable restraint, considering A) I could not get into my driveway and B) I'm pretty sure there's a noise ordinance that prevents one from lawnmowning at 7:20.

After questioning the lawn guys, I found out that the asshole who runs the House of Retarded told them that they were not to park in his driveway and that they could park in mine because it was a thorough-thru! What the fuck? Obviously, this is a driveway, not a fucking thorough-thru. The spot where we back around is a FIRE LANE, not part of asshole's property. It's not my fault that he was stupid enough to landscape all of that.

About a month ago, the asshole decided that he was tired of us backing up on "his lawn" and attepmted to put a barrier and a no parking sign up. I think the upstairs neighbour ended up running it over with her enormous SUV. Serves that jerkoff right. They're freaks. They water their lawn at like 3am.


That said and done, we rented our UHaul yesterday. We got the 17' one, so hopefully we can get everything done in one day.

Bah, I'd write more, but I just realised that I have about 5 minutes before I have to get going.

I feel sick

May. 6th, 2004 08:30 am
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It figures I would get sick the first day of my new job. It's probably all that goddamn stress that Evil Julie was giving me about leaving the other job. So I have felt like total ass for the last couple days. Bah. I haven't even wanted to have sex for the last two days. I hate being sick.

So, everything is a go. We've signed our lease and are starting the official countdown. It totally doesn't feel real yet. We don't pick up our keys until 10am moving day, but we've seen the place and we're trying to plot out what goes where with the floorplan. That and we're starting to pack up the non-necessities. If you want to help out, email me and I'll let you know what's going on.

Bleh. I have to get ready to leave in 15 minutes.

I want a rice cooker.
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So I'm starting my new job in, oh, an hour and 15 minutes. Yesterday, I worked my last day at D├ęcor Images and it was... dull. As per usual. I sat on my ass all day and did nothing but read the Sunday Globe, the Monday Globe, and my book on sex and evolution. Six and a half hours of reading. And we wonder why I wanted something a tad more challenging. It still doesn't feel real about not being there anymore, though I can't wait to have a week-end off. Yay!

We applied for an apartment in Weymouth Saturday. We'll know today whether or not we have the place. I'm really hoping we get it. The apartment we're in now has way too many problems (like the lack of hot water, which is why there are two weeks of dishes in the sink. We only get water for 10 minutes at a clip.) We were talking about it yesterday while we were doing laundry at the laundromat. If we get this place, it has a dishwasher and a laundry facility. It would be far better than place, with its rotten mold and lack of hot water.

Whether we move or not, look at the amazing lamps Steven has that I'm refurbishing!

The lamps Steven is wicked sexy

Tell me those aren't the coolest lamps you've ever seen.

God, I hope we get that place. Would be nicer than putting them in here.

Meh, half hour before I need to leave and I just finished my leftover pizza from the Beerworks. Now, that's a healthy breakfast!
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It's beautiful, sunny, and is, in reality, only about 50. This is ok, because it's going to be gorgeous all week-end, through Marathon Monday. Actually, it's supposed to be in the 80s that day. I'm psyched.

I need to shower, but I don't want to in case I miss any phone calls. Evidently, my grandfather really hurt his back yesterday and ended up in the hospital this morning. I've talked to my mom and to Steven, but haven't heard back from anyone yet. Not the best way to spend a morning...

We watched The Fifth Element last night after bowling. It was really good and, of course, Milla Jovovich is not exactly hard on the eyes. I think we are potentially planning on watching it again tonight.

What else..? We bought some more art for the apartment and got a new shower curtain and bath mat, which brightens up the bathroom immensely. No luck finding another place yet, but I'm still looking. I'm thinking next week we'll go see a couple places. I was going to call a couple places today, but after the above news, I'm just sitting and waiting.

All right. I need to shower.
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So it looks like I shall be picking up and potentially moving this summer. My mother would like me to start looking for a somewhat less expensive place. I found a couple places I'm interested in looking into. I can't say I'll be altogether sorry to get out of this place, either. We haven't had enough hot water to go around for the last month. I get to decided if and what I want to shave or if I'd rather do dishes every day. It's fab.

What else..? I'm about to leave for class in about 10 minutes. I actually managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour (!) last night. Steven stayed here, as he needed to get to school early, and we both need to get more sleep than we have been. Unplugged the phone, and I'm glad I did because his parents had another crisis. Evidently, they had no heat and when they tried to restart the burner-- nothing. So what did they do? Instead of calling the burner people, they called here and left messages. What good were we going to to at 12:30am? Seriously... Ok, you hit the restart button. It didn't work. That's when you call maintenance, not your son, who knows nothing about burners. Duh. So, now they're pissed at him for unplugging the phone. Well, when they call for no reason starting between 4am and 6am, I wonder why. Mmph. I actually slept ok, which is pretty novel, considering I haven't been able to sleep at all recently.

Steven found out that today is his last day in the long term position at the middle school. Honestly, I'll be sad to see it end. Not having to wait on calls every night was really blissful. I guess all good things must come to an end, though. He's already got a couple of dates from other schools and with six weeks of long term experience, he's much more valuable.

All righty, time to get ready to go to class for the next four hours. I still want this week to just be over.


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