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[ profile] coffeewench69 was kind enough to message me to make sure I hadn't totally disappeared, so I figured I should update.

I have food poisoning. I ate leftover shrimp fried rice what sat on the counter for several hours and then dumped Peking ravioli sauce I left out all night on it. It was totally delicious, but I knew I was in for trouble later. The main issue here is that I am stupid. So when I started feeling queasy and like I drank a gallon of fryalator grease about 4 hours later, I knew. I knew.

Amusing interlude: Now, I can eat this and be generally ok. I once had very bad rotissere chicken and didn't yak, but any time I ever ate at MIL's, I yakked and was down for a good 24 hours. Shows you how incredibly bad her food was.

I think my sinuses are frakked tonight. I was playing the tooth pain game earlier: popcorn, cavity, or sinuses, and I'm pretty sure it's the latter. I really should go to the dentist, but I'm so freaked out by them and their 8 foot needles. Plus, I think my teeth would hurt a lot more if I actually had a cavity. I probably also wouldn't've been blowing my nose every 15 seconds like I have been all day. Damn my eternal nememsis, the maple.

Steven totally hates me. Last week, I was watching 13 Going On 30, tonight I found Save the Last Dance (which is one of my favourite movies), and he was making The Face so bad. He just doesn't understand my love of bad teen coming of age movies. Alas. I bought

Oh, what the frak, giant wolf spider? You are so icky, but your skitter-skitter-FREEZE "Oh shit, she saw me. Maybe if I don't move, she'll forget I'm here," made me feel guilty about killing you for a moment. Now I have to clean your squished corpse off the floor. When will you learn that seeing you = death? I am not a T Rex, spider. Your holding skill does not make you magically invisible to me.

Why does Gwen Stefani's perfume have to smell so good? I tried a little sample today and damn... I am going to have to buy a little bottle when I eventually have money again. God, I despise her, but this and that song Sweet Escape? Might sway me just a teensy bit.

I need to not get sucked into watching Alfie. Yet another movie I wanted to catch and for whatever reason, never did. I really do like Jude Law, even if he did nail the nanny. Of course, If I were dating Sienna Miller, I probably would have gone for the nanny too. I can't stand her skinny blonde ass.

I met our new neighbours yesterday. Very nice, newlyweds like us, and parents of a Sphynx cat. I don't envy them for being in the moving process. We still have loads to unbox and I really, really want to seal the crack in the house to get cut back on our spider/bug problem. I think I should also spray round the doorframes too.

This just got rather boring, rather quick.

I took inventory of my stash tonight. It's filled a crate now, 32 skiens. I cast on for a new scarf for Steven, but I'm going to have to frog it since after a couple rows, it's way too big. It's cool, though, because I think I'd rather knit on circs than straight needles. Yarn of choice is Moda Dea Vixen in Green with Envy. I'm thinking it may end up being a scarf and hat combo, since I have 5 50g balls. I'll see how it shapes up. But yea, knitting season has started for me. Plus, it gives me something to do at school when not reading.

I think I might as well just watch the rest of Alfie. I've got the week-end off.
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Here's a novel real update!

I've been working fairly steadily the last couple weeks, so this is a good thing. It's also allowed me to get a good chunk of [ profile] princessbunny's blanket done. Getting up at 6am every day, however, is not so good, especially when I'm still recovering from bronchitis. I've pretty much been sleeping whenever I haven't been at work, so that's part of the reason for no updates. I actually am kind of considering napping now, but I'm doing about 47 other things, so I probably won't get a chance to.

Dawn and Mike came down this week-end on Sunday. She wasn't sure she was going to be able to come because she's had a couple bouts of preterm labour, one of which had her spending the day in the hospital. She felt ok, though, and Steven, Nicki, and I met them in the city at Faniuel Hall. We walked around a little and ended up going to Cheers for booze and food. I actually was surprised how reasonable the prices were, considering it's a huge tourist trap. We walked them down to the Garden for their Celtics game before heading to the North End for pastry. And, of course, once we were there, we were seduced by the lure of good coffee at Cafe Graffiti. Nicki'd never been, so that was even more of a reason to stop in. We hit Modern on the way to South Station, but I'm thinking we should have gone to Mike's instead. They didn't have the florentines that Steven likes and my tiramisu was only so-so. We have a box of cookies no one's looked at either. Lesson learned.

I finally finished all the pro wedding photos we have Monday, so now I'm working on the two CDs of candids. They won't get done for a bit, though, since right now I'm helping out with the Arts Festival. I volunteered a couple hours today gluing down little kid artwork and so far, it looks like I'll be doing the same tomorrow. Hopefully, though, it won't be snowing tomorrow. Stupid New England weather.

I just looked outside. It's actually accumulating. Dammit.

So now, I kind of have a headache, I have too much stuff to do over the next three days, and I'm tired to boot. The only really good thing is that I've gotten quite a bit done on my painting today. Steven still hasn't moved his shit off the table, so I hadn't been able to work on it. I finally got sick of waiting and shoved a few things around so I could put the painting on top of things. So far, so good.

I think, in fact, I'm going to go do a little more work on it before he gets home.

Mm, cheap

Feb. 27th, 2007 01:24 am
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I win at bargains this week. Steven and I went to the mall tonight to look for yarn and decided to meander around while we were there. I struck out on yarn; they're restocking for a big sale this week-end. Boo.

We bopped down to Sears on the off chance they had any cute knickers and I stumbled upon the $2.99 clearance rack. I found two really adorable skirts. I am going to have to do a little repair on one, it has a loose button, but I can sew that back on for that price. They're adorable circle skirts, too, which makes me stupidly happy. I wish I could find some cute vintagey shirts that fit, but my luck doesn't seem to run that well. I don't know which is worse, my stupidly long waist or my ginormous boobs. Anyhow, the skirts are still damn cute. I'm planning on wearing the brown one I bought next week, possibly, since I'm working two days at least.

I got a new toner to try out for my face: C.O. Bigelow's Rose Water Tonic. It's cheaper than the Clinique stuff I've been using and it smells a hell of a lot better. So far, it hasn't made my face cranky, so I might end up buying a full size bottle eventually. I also checked out the new Tranquil Mint stuff they have. I liked it, though not enough to buy, even if it was $5. Maybe when I got back to the mall later this week, I'll pick some bath gel up. The Red Currant Vanilla was also nice.

We've just been chilling around here since we got back. We watched Hidalgo, which we meant to see when it was in theatres, but never got the chance too. It was pretty good, though the scene where the horse gets hurt made me cringe. Steven went to bed, leaving me to watch Romancing the Stone by myself. I've loved that movie since I was a little kid. Mum and I used to watch it all the time when it was on telly and I believe we had it on Betamax. It was up there with JAWS for movies that we watched together.

I sent payment out for the iBooks today, so I assume they'll be here in a week or so. I'm all antsy to get it and see if I can make it work with our current set-up. They're going to Mum's since we've had too much mail theft here recently. My cigar cutters never arrived. I hope whoever stole them gets cigars full of tobacco beetles. </bitter>

I worked a little on my painting last night. I mostly just did the eyes and teeth, since I'm not sure how I want the colours to go quite yet. I'm happy with what I've done so far though. I also did a bit of research on the Art Programme at Bridgewater, in case I want to go back there next year.

Wasn't terribly impressed with last night's Battlestar, much like I haven't been impressed with the second half of the season. Maybe it was because the first half was so good, but everything up till now, including the Quadrangle of Doom has just kind of made me very meh. Well, except for The Woman King. I'm all for gratuitous Helo shirtless. And the Adama/Roslin thing is also pretty cute, so that kind of saves it. Next week's ep looks quite good, although I'm sure it's going to end with me breaking up with Battlestar some more since that's allegedly Starbuck's last ep of the season.

Ugh. I was chewing on a popsicle stick earlier and I'm convinced that I have splinters in my throat. I should start on Dawn's baby blanket tomorrow. I should also call her sometime soon. She texted me a couple weeks ago, but I've been in such an awful haze that I haven't had a chance to call her. I suck as a sister. New goal: have blanket done in a month so I can bring it up when we hopefully visit over April break. Ooh, and if I start on it, I can bring it and knit during my two days of subbing for Mum. I'm going to rifle through my stash tonight and see what I have.

I should take a picture of my stash one of these days.

All right, back to aimlessly wandering the internets...
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Reprinted from [ profile] jesheckalynn by request:

 Ok new program. For all you crafty people out there.
Around the holidays we sometimes think only of ourselves and what we will get while people out there are suffering. They are cold they have no home.
now I am not asking you to donate your old blankets or money (both would still be nice though.
I am asking yout o have some thought. To do something that shows you actually care.

I am asking you to knit, crochet, or sew a scarf. Thats it. One scarf. And then sometime this holiday season take it downtown or to your local homeless shelter and give it to someone. This should take maybe an hour or two of your time. Its not much, Its cheap, And it really makes you think.

Please please do this. I dont care if you live in seattle or las vegas, unless its completely stupid to have a scarf (like it stays 80 degrees at night) Most everywhere a scarf will be welcome.

A scarf can be used as
1. A hat
2. A pillow
3. a small blankie (if its big enough)
4. a scarf of cource
5. a hand wrap
6. a wrap for a small child.
7. a holder for belongings

And so many more things.
Please please

Something to do with those oddball stash ends, maybe. God, I can't wait till I have leisuretime again.

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I win tonight. On a whim, I went looking to see if Manray, the local Goth club, had a link still. It does and it's apparently reopening in the summer. They had an events things, which I clicked, and noticed that the Pet Shop Boys were playing here on Friday. Unfortunately, the cheapest tickets were $42.50, plus a $2.50 venue charge each, and another $9.55 per ticket convenience charge. No thanks. Neither of us wanted to see them that much. Since Halloween is getting close, I figured I'd see where Alice Cooper was playing. I'm signed up to get alerts, so I figured he wasn't touring this year.

I was so wrong. He's playing a 13 date tour, ending here on the 29th.

I squee'd. Seeing Alice Cooper is always a treat, but it's really awesome on Halloween. We went, oh, four years ago and it was a lot of fun. The Orpheum is awesome to see concerts at, too. I saw Hole there almost 10 years ago. Anyhow, the most expensive tickets for Alice were $36.50. A quick search pulled up seats in row J. We're so there. Now I no longer have to complain about doing nothing for Halloween. Of course, now we need costumes, but that's cool. I can also go back to paying off my credit card again. Still worth it.

I didn't doing anything today. I watched Bring It On, which is the worst movie ever, but it's so much fun to watch. It was crummy and cold, so really, why bother going out? It's going to be really, really cold over the week-end. We have too much to do Saturday, with a party and Haille getting her dress. Sunday, I think we're blowing everything off and spending the day in the city. Ooh, we could totally go see the dead body exhibit at the Museum of Science.

Steven bought me a little stuffed badger toy tonight. I was excited because it's a badger and he was excited because badger toys are hard to find. Right now I have it wrapped in my scarf and I took pictures.

I'm roasting a chicken for dinner tomorrow. I need to go to the market and get things for stuffing and a veg and whatnot. I really wanted mashed potatoes now. Thanks Cat. I have two huge yams, but I can cook them with something else.

Oh, I actually had fluff go bad today. It seperated out. I've never see that happen before. I thought fluff was indestructible like twinkies.

Without further ado, badger and finished scarf )
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I should go to my mum's more often. She and my stepdad foisted london broil, shrimp scampi, a loaf of bread, eggs, and lunch meats on me before I left the house. Plus, they fed me dinner and gave me the gas monies. I win tonight!

I also picked up some flower drying stuff and three skeins of really gorgeous purple yarn that's going to make a really nice scarf for me for the winter. $2/skein. I think it was something like $6 or $7 normally.


Sep. 12th, 2006 09:26 pm
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Fall Knitty is up! And I have tonnes of yarn. I needs me a sweater.
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For [ profile] angelwifey

5 balls of yarn (I used Berraco Plush)
US 10 circulars (I think 24")

Blanket will be approximately 27" x 36"

Cast on 90 stitches and work in stockinette. I worked the first 4 rows in seed stitch to keep it from curling.

Pix! )


Apr. 23rd, 2006 04:37 pm
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Baby blanket is done and photos will be forthcoming on the next sunny day, since my flash is broken.

Also, I started a community for [ profile] youngstepmoms. I know a few people on my list might be interested, so please feel free to join. Right now, it's just me and [ profile] suzabelle7.
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I cast on for my first non-scarf project. Steven bought me some delicious feeling yarn while we were up in Maine. This is my first project on circs, too. Should be interesting. I should go to the gym tomorrow, but I'm probably going to hide somewhere and knit instead.

I should do some laundry.
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I think I need a cat. Everyone in [ profile] knitting seems to have a really cute cat to place their finished objects on. Logic says that if I wish to continue to knit, I must obtain a cat of my own, rather than just periodically borrowing Laura's.

Someone should inform my complex of this: I must obtain a cat for the sake of my knitting. It won't be a pet, it will be a tool, much like a wrench set or a dishwasher.

I think I'd like a siamese, though I would also be happy with a ragdoll or a nice marmalade cat.

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I haven't been online because I've been learning new things. I learned how to do a stockinette stitch, how to purl, and how to make cables. Now all I need is some nice, new yarn and I can start a project. I'm excited!
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Picture Entry #2. First one is friends only, but comment or email me and I'll link you up.

Without further ado... )

This completes the photo portion.

Cute story

Feb. 28th, 2005 03:21 pm
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I totally zoned on posting this. As I've mentioned before, I've started knitting. My first project is a scarf for elliott that's a little over halfway done. So, Saturday, we brought out the knitting to explain to Elliott about what they were and that he should be careful if he sees them because they are sharp and they are not toys. We wanted to make sure we talked to him about this as my knitting needles are purple, could look like drumsticks to a small child, and Elliott sometimes tends to think everything in the house is a toy and is his to grab and play with.

Anyhow, so he was sitting and watching me knit. I let feel the scarf and was showing him how you make the stitches and he was getting more and more excited. So he says to me that when he's bigger, he wants to knit too! So I told him that I'd see if I could find a kid's knitting kit online (no luck thus far, but if anyone knows of a good one for ages 4+, I'd be very grateful). Besides that he's so excited about it, I think it would great in helping him with his hand/eye co-ordination, as well as his concentration skills and patience.

That said, here's a picture he drew this week-end:

(This will open in a new window.)

That's pretty much all that's going on here that I want to write about now. I'll update about school and other not fun crap later. Blah.

Go Me.

Feb. 18th, 2005 11:33 pm
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I am like mother-effing Suzy Homemaker tonight. I baked a dozen chocolate chip cookies, which are cooling now, and worked on my knitting some more, which I am going to work more on after I finish bragging about how domestic I am.

Oh, and I have a gmail account now: This makes up for running a fever and barfing all day.
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Woo, I'm clever. I spent today feeling bleh. My sinuses are full from god knows what, so I'm sucking down the DayQuil like it's going out of style. Then I feel shaky because I'm not hungry. Blah.

My knitting project is coming along pretty well. Elliott's scarf is just about 2" long, which isn't bad, considering I recast it and started over because of too many dropped stitches on the first piece. I should be done with it by the next week-end he's over. I'm getting the hang of it pretty well.

I got a pound box of chocolate for $4 at Walgreens and a cute pair of socks. I rule.

I'm going to lay down.
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I went to the mall with Mum today to get my knitting supplies (and a couple other things because we'd run out). If I get my ass in gear tomorrow, I'll take a couple pictures of the yarn I bought and the beginnings of Project 1. Project one was me just practicing, but I think I'm going to knit Elliott a little scarf, rather than waste it. So yeah, there's a tiny little mistake I made in the beginning, but I sincerely doubt that he'll care. I think he'll just be happy that I made something specially for him.

Project 2 is going to be my super long scarf. Project 3 is going to be Steven's hunter orange hat. I still have to get another set of needles for that. Wal*Mart didn't have them.

The trip to the mall was productive, just not in the way expected. I didn't find anything to wear pantswise for the week or so post-surgery, but we did find two pairs of cords in black and sienna for $3.97 each. I got a second pair of sunglasses.

We trotted down and visited Cara and Mum tried on pants, but found nothing appealing. Then, we went to Bath & Body Works.

About 5 years ago, when their aromatherapy line came out, I bought and fell in love with the Sleep line. I have the dry mist oil, I have the massage mousse, and I had the linen spray. I ended up not using it as regularly because Asshole claimed he was allergic to it. Most likely, he just didn't like anything that smelled clean. Anyhow...

When we stopped in, I was informed that the aromatherapy body was, normally $12, was on sale for $5 with any store purchase. Happy day! I replaced my now empty linen spray and got my body wash to boot. I am a very happy bunny.

Also found out my friend had a little girl in the end of January and named her Zoe. I've got the info to get in touch with her mum, so I can at least send a card and maybe get gift over to her.

I had something else I wanted to type, but I can't remember.

Oh wait... Steven and I found some nice curtains we may get for the living room. We just need to measure the door first. Of course, I'm not sure if we should bother if we're going to move.. Bah. I suppose we'll eventually have doors like that somewhere, if not here. Whatever.
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I got my knitting book today from Overstock.Com. That gives me tomorrow to read through it and pick a project or two to work on and then Wednesday, I can go and pick out the yarn and needles for my projects, as well as a small ball of practise yarn. I am all sorts of excited! It almost makes up for the shitty earlier part of the day.

But enough about that. Onto the Valentine's Day booty. My mum got us cards (one with a chocolate lipped cow for Steven and a sentimental one for me), a box of Russell Stovers, and $25 for us to go on a date or something. We actually weren't going to go out, but after the grill incident, neither of us felt like cooking much. So, we're cool, we went to Tennessee's BBQ. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as it usually is. After that, we went to the mall to fetch Elliott's sweater, which had sort of slipped our minds after he broke out in hives near his eye.

We puttered around, I picked up a Tutti Dolce lippie because they were only $5 instead of $10, a cherry blossom hand creme, and my Burt's Bees lippie. Saw the Ex talking to a friend of ours, but we obviously didn't bother stopping. Besides, I don't really want to be within 100 yards of him. I guess Laura almost hit him the other day on accident because he ran out in front of her.

Speaking of, Laura came over for a while today and she's my valentine this year. She brought me cherry blossom tea and I have her my Imitrex that I'm allergic to. It was nice to see a real live person, other than the one I live with. Yay!

Anyhow, despite Steven's dislike of the holiday, he's been getting me little things for about the last two weeks. So, from him, I received a pair of flying Cupid piggy socks, a chocolate rose, a red heart balloon, a really niiiiice massage, and happy, happy sex. I'm not going to totally elaborate on the varieties, but that was definitely the high point of today. Well, that and the back massage. I swear to god, you know you're getting old when a massage ranks up there with sex.

Oh, and I have computer sheepies. If anyone wants them, let me know and I'll email you the programme.


Jan. 12th, 2005 04:11 pm
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I've been thinking about this for a while. I've always wanted to learn how to knit. I love sweaters, shawls, and so on. One of Mom's friends knit when I was little. A couple of my great aunts crochet. Dawn's great grandmother did both. I've just never got around to asking how or to trying to teach myself.

Last Friday, when Steven and I went up to New Hampshire on our fool's errand, we stopped in on his friend Mark, his wife Shelby, and their three kids. After two out of the three children had gone to sleep, Shelby pulled out some crocheting (which I mistook for knitting. Shows what I know!). After asking chatting with her for a while about knitting and crocheting, she gave me the name of good book for clueless beginners. It's called "The Knitting Experience Book I: The Knit Stitch" by Sally Melville. I'm looking for it on Overstock.Com right now.

Anyhow, my mum just called to let me know she's on her way over, so I'm off to leave the Other Half a note and put shoes on. Maybe ice cream will make my knee hurt less.


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