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I morphed back into my 16 year old self Sunday. I slept until 3pm. I actually don't think I've done that in years. To be fair, I did get up briefly at 11, had some Lucky Charms, realized I was still very tired, and went back to sleep. Not really productive, yo. I wasn't actually going to do anything around here, even though the house is a wreck because the maid is out of commission, but still.

I did shower, however, and when Steven got home, I suggested we go to The Cheesecake Factory because I wanted a Cuban sandwich. We had the weirdest cheddar broccoli soup there. It was basically cheddar soup with diced peppers and onions in it and a few florets of fresh, lightly steamed broccoli. Steven liked it; it gave me sores in my mouth. FTW. It was a complete zoo, despite getting there at 5. This was probably wholly related to the fact that the Celtics were playing. Came home, decided to take today off from work, rang my mum and sister, and basically took it easy for the rest of the night.

Turns out that today was a good day to take off. Someone pulled the fire alarm during 7th period and that would have been a bitch to get out of the school. So in lieu of that, I slept in, had lunch, and chilled out online for most of the day before my doctor's appointment. That's where my stupid began.

I had it xrayed (like I should have already had done) and then the doctor comes in and asks how I did this. I'm all "I was sitting down." Were you doing anything unusual? Nope, just sitting down. I mean, it was kind of a low chair and it's old, but I've sat on it before. At this point, I can tell he's dying to laugh at me. I CAN TELL!

What this amounts to is that I've probably torn some cartilage, since I have a history of mediscus tears in That Knee and it looks like there's some tendonitis as well. Basically, it hurts, but it's not blown out: no ligament damage. Blah blah blah, stay off it, minimal driving, ice it, and he totally gave me permission to wear zoris to school for the next couple weeks.

He wanted to know if I had a brace from the surgery and nope, I just have this mangy ace bandage with Original! Bloodstains!, so he sends the nurse out to get this Giant Black Brace O' Doom. We heave it on and it pretty much covers my leg from mid-thigh to mid-calf. Sexy! So, it's going to be me, GBBO'D, and my cane for the next couple weeks. And I'm 80% sure this isn't going to fit under any of my pants except for one pair. FTW, again.

So now I'm home, with it up on a chair, waiting for Steven so we can go to BJ's for more soda and find something to make for dinner.


Apr. 26th, 2006 02:58 am
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Dear Knee:

I hate you. Do you think you could please stop hurting? It's been over a year since we had surgery (which I'd like to remind you was not my first choice). There is no reason for you to still be aching like it's only been three months. Second, while I appreciate having a built in weather forecaster, it is not necessary for you to let me know every time it's going to be even the slightest bit damp. Hurricanes and major blizzards would be more than enough. Third, walking is a perfectly legitimate action. I am not out kicking puppies with you. I need to walk in order to perambulate. Sitting in a wheelchair would just make us fat and put even more strain on you. Walking also helps us lose weight; that benefits you. Why do you mock me?

If you will consider scaling back your rigorous aching schedule, I will buy you the Icy Hot patches you so dearly love.



Jun. 8th, 2005 03:56 am
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Why is my knee so bitter tonight? I took a whole painkiller because it felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat. Actually, I know why my knee is so bitter. I've done too much on it over the last couple of days. I should know better. Tomorrow, I am calling the physical therapy place.

Bleh, what else..? I'm going to type up a belated entry about this week-end. I'm getting kind of tired, but my knee is being a beast. I just put a new Icy Hot patch on it, so maybe soon it'll stop hurting like crazy. Oh, and tonight is XFiles marathon night on TNT.

That's it. Onto the next entry.
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Under a cut for the easily grossed out.

My knee )


Apr. 28th, 2005 08:34 pm
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The birds in the trees outside our apartment have been all a-twitter today. They've also been all over the porch and generally driving me nuts today. I haven't been able to figure out why until about an hour ago. I was talking on the phone to my gramma when I saw something move in one of the trees. I thought, at first, it might have been a squirrel. It moved again. Nope, too big to be a squirrel... maybe one of our feral cats? I watched the as yet unknown creature further move down the tree. Suddenly, it hit me.

"Oh my god," I say to my grandmother. "I know why the birds have been so nuts today! There's a raccoon in the tree!"

Sure enough, it was a fairly small (around 10lbs.) raccoon-- probably one of the babies we saw when we first moved in here. It watched us for a little bit before fully getting out of the tree and waddling across the parking lot to go back into the park behind our complex. At least I have interesting things to watch outside.

As for the knee, I'm now 9 days post-op. Things are progressing, but really damned slowly. There's still a fair amount of swelling in and around the joint, it's still fairly painful, especially at night, and sweet jesus, does it fucking itch! I've been assured that this is all normal. It also looks like whoever wrote my post-op instructions wrote them for a straightforward knee scope, rather than what I had, which is essentially full on knee surgery, with fewer cuts. At least my foot's not swollen anymore.

Steven's bringing me home cheesecake. Yay for Steven!
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I am not very interesting right now, mainly because I am sleeping a ton (10 hours a night, with a 2-odd hour nap in the evening) and not really going anywhere. Anyhow... on to the knee updates.

The itching has set in. I know that means it's healing, but it's so fucking frustrating. The skin in the outside of my knee is still numb to the touch, so itching does nothing, at all. Steven also took the fork I was using to get some relief away. Damn him.

I did, finally, however, cajole him into sex. I've wanted it since Wednesday morning and he's been putting me off because he was afraid of hurting the knee. I think the knee would have been fine, no matter what. I was more afraid my kitty would fall off or something in the interim. It has literally been more than two years, I think, since we've gone more than three days without sex.

And here's some TMI... )

I started putting a little weight on my leg this evening while using the crutches. It hurts like hell and feels like the whole thing is going to fall in. I can only imagine this is what having a pegleg would be like. Arrrrrr!

My leg also had a huge spasm this morning that hurt like hell. I don't know if that's normal or not. I've been following the exercises he gave me, so I guess it's probably a side effect or something. The stretching alternatively feels great and really shitty. Right now, it's aching like hell from the dampness, though.

I think things will be a lot better when some more of the swelling goes down. I honestly think that's where a lot of the residual pain is coming from.

I'm super tired all of a sudden. We've been watching Cirque du Soliel all day and it puts me in this really groggy trance. Bleh.
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I got to take a shower today. I never realized just how damned important showering was until I couldn't do it for, like, 48 hours. I probably would have killed someone if I wasn't allowed to shower today. I felt so gross and itchy.

Anyhow, since I'm semi-coherant, I might as well update on the condition of the knee. It hurts way the fuck more than it did yesterday or Tuesday. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought I was going to throw up because it hurt so bad. What's really scary is that not all of the anaesthetic the doctor pumped into my knee is worn off. I still have huge numb patches. It's swollen like crazy, along with my lower leg and foot, and I can't move it at all. It doesn't even feel like part of my body. It's the wierdest feeling.

I never threw up from the anaesthesia, but I've had to pee a million and a half times. Steven said I got up something like 10 times last night. My grampa said the same thing happens to him after anaesthesia, too. It still beats vomiting, though.

I have no appetite, really, still. I've been living on soup, KFC mashed potatoes, and saltines... mostly saltines. I'm still sleeping a ton (so is Steven because I keep him up at night with my potty trips and attempts to find a comfortable position to sleep in). I'm already bored, even though I don't really feel like doing anything, except for showering. I'm almost done reading my second of 4 "women's mags". I'm trying to convince Steven to rent the second Bridget Jones' Diary tomorrow. My attention spans sucks.

Oh, and I hate Polar diet Ginger Ale. So gross.

I live.

Apr. 19th, 2005 09:01 pm
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I'm falling back asleep, but I wanted to get in a quick update. I'm home from the hospital around 2:15. The surgery went well. From what Steven saw (there are pictures and if I can get, oh, will I post 'em.), my plica was rolled up over my kneecap. Steven described it what happens when you try to roll out too sticky pie dough and it ends up all over your rolling pin. I guess there was a lot to remove and reshape. Steven told me that it looked like two different knees.

I'm going back to sleep now. Anyone who wants our address or anything can get in touch with Steven on AIM : Stubnachen or Yahoo!: steven_shuman. Or leave a comment and I'll get it to you guys.

Thanks for all the prayers and stuff. Xoxoxo
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T-minus 5 days and change until the surgery date. I'm not sure if I posted the date, but if not, I am having surgery on Tuesday, April 19th., at high noon. I will be leaving my apartment around 10:45 that morning, so there should be a bit of time for to catch me online between 9 and 10:45, if anyone's interested. I don't expect that I will be online much at all Tuesday or really Wednesday. I'm highly considering having the computer off, rather than trying to keep up an away message.

I've got the now-titled Definitive Post Op Call List all typed up, but not printed out. If anyone wants to be added, let me know (by Sunday or so) and I will add on before I print a final copy. Steven will probably be doing most of the calling, but there's a possibility it may be my mum, as well. So, if it really sounds like me on the phone, it'll be my mum. Same voice and all...

And on to the rambling... )


Apr. 12th, 2005 04:01 pm
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I just got back from my pre-op and I feel a hundred million times better than I did after the last pre-op. I lucked out and talked to an amazing anaethesiologist-- Dr. Harris. He was fantastic about working with my phobia. I swear to god, if we have kids and he's still there, I want him as my anaethesiologist for my c-section. He was amazing.

I am not going to have an IV while awake. He is going to do a mask induction, which is essentially being gassed. After I'm out, they'll put a local anaesthetic on my arm and started the IV. They'll put painkillers, antibiotics, and possibly an antiemetic in before fulling bringing me out. They'll also remove the IV line as soon as I am out of the anaesthesia, but before I am totally congniscent. Basically, I'll never have to see my IV.

I can keep my underpants on. I can have Steven with me as soon as I wake up. I can have my glasses as soon as I wake up. I am feeling way less trepidation than I was last time. I almost feel good about this, in fact. I'm still a little nervous, as I would be about any major procedure, but I am less nervous about being put under.


Mar. 11th, 2005 01:37 am
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I'm so bloody tired recently. I sleep 10 hours a night, sometimes nap in the afternoon, and I'm still tired. I have no idea why, but my sneaking suspiscion is the painkillers are to blame. Damn knee.

I'll have some pictures of Elliott's scarf/my knitting project tomorrow when I resize and upload them. I haven't worked on it much since I got sick, but I did a little more work tonight and got the promised pictures.

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I will not be having surgery tomorrow. I decided, after all the misgivings I was having, coupled with the bad meeting with the anaethesiologist, I would reschedule. I do not want to go into surgery if I do not trust the people. I trust my doctor, but I did not trust the anaethesiologist. Most everyone I talked to urged me not to go ahead unless I was comfortable placing myself in their care. Not to mention, I also found out that our complex will be having a scheduled blackout right after I have surgery. That meant I couldn't have tea, hot soup, cold water, or a cold soda. I would be stumbling around in the dark, as our apartment is not very sunny. If it is at all cloudy, I will be lighting candles. That's how little daylight we get in here.

That week-end is also in the middle of school, which meant that someone (either my mom or Steven) would have to take time off to care for me. If Steven doesn't work, he does not make money. Steven's birthday is also on Saturday. He has told me a million times it didn't bother him, but it was an issue for me.

I will now be having surgery April 19th. at 11am. It will be during April vacation, so no one will need to take time off to care for me. I will be the only surgery in the OR that day, at all, so there will be no chance of latex contamination, as there would be if I was the last surgery of the day. I will not be stuck not eating for almost 20 hours. There's no chance of my surgery getting bumped back or postponed, since no one else will be operated on that day. I will have time to shake my nasty cold. Most importantly, I will have a different anaethesiologist. I also feel much better about this date. I do not have the bad feelings I had ever since I found out about the last date.

The list is still up, so if you want to be added, let me know.

Oh, and does anyone have Elvis's Burning Love? I have it stuck in my head so badly.


Mar. 4th, 2005 05:03 pm
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That really should say "What Should Samantha Do?". I'm having a bit of a conundrum. Anyone who's talked to me recently knows that I have been having a lot of generally bad feelings about my upcoming surgery. Nothing specific, just a general "this is not a good idea right now" feeling. I had hoped that meeting with the anaethesiologist would allay a lot of these fears.

Not in my universe, it doesn't. )
If you don't mind, can you guys take my poll? It's open to anyone, I just want to know what you all would do in my situation.

[Poll #448681][Poll #448681]

Call List

Mar. 2nd, 2005 01:00 am
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I will be having surgery for my knee Tuesday, March 8th. at 3:20 in the afternoon. I am currently putting together a to call list for Steven, since I will most likely not be up to calling or posting for a day or two.

If you would like to be added to my list, please comment with a name and contact number or, if you don't want that all over the internet, email me your name and contact number, and I'll add you in.

If there are no complications, god willing, I should be out of surgery by 4:20 and out of recovery by 6pm. I would expect calls to be starting around 6:30 to 6:45.

And if anyone wants to say prayers for me, I will be very grateful. As the surgery gets closer, I am getting more and more nervous.
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For anyone who is interested, yes, the snow has already started and I am pathetic for being up this late. My excuse is that I really, really hurt from the dampness. I'm wearing my Icy Hot like war paint. I love the Chill Sticks. They're magic in a deoderant shaped container.


Jan. 27th, 2005 11:57 pm
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I will be having my plica removed March 8th, at 3:20 in the afternoon. Please pray/light candles/chant/make token sarcrifices for me. I am already edgy and have given myself a headache.

Steven would like for you to pray for his sanity as well, because he says I am driving him nuts already.

Maybe that should be stricken. I just looked up and he is playing Memory with a burger. I am pretty sure there's no hope for his sanity.

Kim and Haille came over today for a bit. Haille is waaaay too good at Steven's Idiot Pinball Game. (I call it this because I cannot play it to save my life.) Then, we went and housesat for Mum and Bruce while they were at the wake. This means that Steven and I set up our new camera (!!!) and watched Van Helsing. I enjoy Hugh Jackman's rear.

Laura-- we are housesitting again tomorrow morning, so I may just be on AIM unless I can network in my computer.

This means I need to pack up stuff for tomorrow. Bah. Bah, bah, bah.


Jan. 11th, 2005 07:29 pm
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I had my first physical therapy appointment today. Dear god, was it awful! I thought they were going to do ultrasound therapy, but noooo. Evidently, they're doing dislocate and torture Samantha's knee therapy. The therapist literally pulled my knee until there was separation, hoping my plica would go back. It did not. All it did was hurt like fuck. So, after pulling, prodding, and pressing, he decides to ice. The ice pack weighed about 5lbs. He put a bolster under my ankle, leaving my knee suspended in the air, and plops the ice pack on top of my knee, pushing it out of joint. I bitched, until he readjusted the ice pack. It was also way to cold. I am not a happy little kitten.

Since then, I've taken two oxycodone because it still hurt like fuck after the first. It actually is still hurting now, just not as bad. I don't dare take anymore until bedtime.

I am not going to do this till March. I'm starting to think that surgery might not be a bad idea. It would hurt less in the long run.

The only good idea the therapist had was that I should call the registry and get a temporary handicapped plate. I'm going to do that tomorrow. It would make school a hell of a lot easier. I have to call tomorrow and make some additional arrangements for walking.

Bad, I'm going to go and eat more demon clementines. So tasty...


Dec. 17th, 2004 11:28 am
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So I still have a knee. I evidently did not tear the cartilage like I had originally thought. I have something called plica syndrome. I'm not going to go into details explaining it, hence the link. This is what they do to fix it.

What all this means: No driving, no walking, no nothing. I cannot drive at all until next Tuesday and then only limited until the 30th. No long walking or standing. No gym!!! Well, I can technically use the upper body machines, but nothing that would effect my knee. I'm going back the 30th. to make sure the stupid plica has gone back to where it should be.

Oh well, I got more drugs. Yay.

Time for chinese food.
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Well, now my knee no longer hurts, but my mind is all goo. When I first went in to the doctor's, I had mentioned that my knee hurt, especially at night or when it's damp. I also have a ton of fluid on it, which isn't helping with the pain. So my doctor asked if I'd like something to help with it. I'm thinking something just a little stronger than what's normally sold OTC. What do I get? 35 oxycodone. My appointment with the orthopaedist is less than a week from today. What was really funny was that the 35 pills are a 5 day supply. There is no way I could take 7 of these things a day.

I have a new screen name. If anyone wants it, send me an email. That or I'll post it in a friends only post. I'm feeling avoidant.
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I found out how I'm spending at least the next week, if not the holiday season. I'm spending it on crutches, minimally. Almost two weeks ago, while working out at the gym, something in my bad knee popped. I do mean popped and loudly at that. I reduced weight and assumed that it just had cracked.

Back to today... It's still bugging me and Steven's "loving" reminders that I should not ignore it, prompted me to call. I figured that my doctor would just tell me that I strained it, but noooo. He's concerned I retore cartiliage and I am being bundled off to see an orthapaedist next Thursday. Until then, no gym, no long distance walking, and no weight bearing. Ought to be fun going into finals week.

But, I get percosets, so whatever.

I'm actually far more upset about this than I'm letting on. Bah.


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