Nov. 2nd, 2006 01:05 am
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What the frak is up with the Gary Jules's cover of Mad World being used to promote some war video game? Seriously. That doesn't strike me as a shoot-em up kind of song.

I still feel pretty lousy today. Steven ran late today, so I ended up picking up Elliott from school. He had almost all gold stars today and I had to pee, so I told him we could drop by the new Target, ostentatiously to just buy deodorant since I used the Adidas stuff once and immediately broke out into a rash. Back to Mitchum I go. So, of course, I go by the dollar spot and find some snowflake ribbon and snowflake paper and grab that. Then Elliott asked if he could get a small toy. Yea, all right. He picked out a baby giraffe which was thankfully under $4. Then we made the mistake of going by ornaments. I was really good and did not yet buy a Hello Kitty ornament, but I did Elliott pick out his one ornament for the tree here. $17 later...

Even better, as we were leaving, Elliott saw the popcorn, which I admit smelled awesome. Elliott asked and I said no, since we were running late for karate already. He looks at me and says "But Sam, I love food! I'll die without it!" Good try and I thought the woman next to us was going to burst, but maybe next time.

Blah blah blah, karate... Dinner for the kid and McD's and a very late lunch for us. I was tired by then, so I headed home. Part of the drive smelled eeriely of spray fix, which cracked me up for some reason, probably from inhaling way too much of it in high school. Ahh, working the joys of working with charcoal...

I had a fit of inspiration tonight when we got home, so I finished the kissing ball and the toss bouquet. We're meeting with the DJ and the photog next week. Things are finally pulling together a little. Ugh, and I need to make an appointment sometime next week for my first fitting, around the middle of the month. I also need to start breaking my shoes in.

Ugh. Something's outside screaming, probably the fishercat again.

Teh Dumm

Sep. 17th, 2006 12:27 am
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I've been using this icon a lot, but I'm so bloody tired.

Took the kid out for ice cream and McD's the other day (because I'm Stepmom of the Year) and we were talking about the hurricane that was coming up the coast. He was all kinds of nervous about it, so I was telling him it had been ages since we'd been directly hit because the water's too cold and plus we had the cold front, etc. The last one I remember was Bob in, I think, 1992 when I wasn't much older than him. Conversation goes as follows:

Me: I wasn't much older than you when Bob hit.
E: Was it scary? Did you die!?
Me: (not thinking, sarcastically) Yes, E, I died.
E: (misses sarcasm, gets very excited)  Really!?
Me: No, E, not really.
E: (massively disappointed) Oh. (gives me a a look like I just kicked a puppy with a lolly in its mouth)

E is definitely Steven's son. The following conversation happened sometime later that day:

Me: (yammering on about something I've forgotten, makes a speading/shooing motion with my hands) Blah blah blah PANTIES!
Steven: (repeats gesture) What's that?
Me: (again, sarcastic) That's the international sign for PANTIES.
Steven: (gets excited) Really!?!?
Me: No. Not really.
Steven: Oh. (pause) You know, I would've believed you if you said yes.

[ profile] pinkandsilver's heard this story 14 times now. I think we all were drinking the margaritas when it was first repeated. Christ on a stick but I'm tired.


Sep. 11th, 2006 12:14 pm
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Totally forgot to post this last night. Our little guy lost his first tooth and has a second loose one! How exciting is that?
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Elliott just informed me that Boots (from Dora) is a good monkey. I asked why and he told me that it's because he doesn't fling poo. Best quote EVER!

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I forgot to post this last week-end because I had the dumb really bad.

Elliott's Aunt Lois bought him a little cassette player with a microphone and a couple cassettes. It's cute, but the microphone is kind of crummy. Elliott got tired of listening to the tapes and we were looking for another microphone for him. We couldn't find one, but when we came back out, he was rocking out without music...

...Singing Vertigo and mimicking Bono.

Cutest thing ever. I wish I had a camcorder.

Cute story

Feb. 28th, 2005 03:21 pm
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I totally zoned on posting this. As I've mentioned before, I've started knitting. My first project is a scarf for elliott that's a little over halfway done. So, Saturday, we brought out the knitting to explain to Elliott about what they were and that he should be careful if he sees them because they are sharp and they are not toys. We wanted to make sure we talked to him about this as my knitting needles are purple, could look like drumsticks to a small child, and Elliott sometimes tends to think everything in the house is a toy and is his to grab and play with.

Anyhow, so he was sitting and watching me knit. I let feel the scarf and was showing him how you make the stitches and he was getting more and more excited. So he says to me that when he's bigger, he wants to knit too! So I told him that I'd see if I could find a kid's knitting kit online (no luck thus far, but if anyone knows of a good one for ages 4+, I'd be very grateful). Besides that he's so excited about it, I think it would great in helping him with his hand/eye co-ordination, as well as his concentration skills and patience.

That said, here's a picture he drew this week-end:

(This will open in a new window.)

That's pretty much all that's going on here that I want to write about now. I'll update about school and other not fun crap later. Blah.


Sep. 12th, 2004 12:28 am
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Dawn, Mike, Brendan, and Danni came down today. They arrived around 11 this morning, since there was evidently a shitload of fog in Vermont. We trotted around the aquarium for the better part of the day and my feet are killing me. I wish we got into Boston more. I love walking around the city. I totally want to go in once the leaves start turning and just walk around. It's sad how close Steven and I live and we never go in.

Anyhow, the aquarium was good. It's always fun to go to and I love seeing the sharks. Elliott was pretty well behaved, except right at the end, when he was licking his fingers and smearing them on the glass, getting Christ knows how many awful germs in his mouth. We traipsed through Faniuel Hall and I saw a couple rings I liked. Much as I love mine, the marcasites are falling out and Steven's been talking about upgrading my ring anyhow. Of course, everything I liked was too big or too small. Figures.

We had dinner in the Pru, at California Pizza Kitchen, because Cheesecake Factory had an insane wait. No way did I want to wait an hour for dinner. If anyone goes there, their new Shrimp Scampi pizza is pretty good. I think I liked it more than Steven. We also had an awesome glass of merlot that put me well on my way to under the table.

I didn't get to the Kitty House, but maybe next week-end if I still have money? I have to pay the cable bill probably Tuesday. The electric bill is due Oct. 4th, but I want to pay that before then, too. I wish the store had more set up to do. I'm going to miss the regular money. Hopefully someone will leave cafe or music or something and I can get some more normal house than 4 to midnight or 6:30 to midnight. Annoying. Like anyone in Hingham will come in after 9. I hope the decide to change the hours after Christmas.

My feet hurt. Boo. I'm also super tired all of a sudden.

Damn Dishes

Mar. 3rd, 2004 01:53 pm
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Hooray! No chicken pox for El Kiddo! This means now I get to play the Holy Jesus, What Am I Now Allergic To? game. My guess is either the new detergent or the new body wash that smells like Rose Petal Place. Either that or I'm just dry as a motherfucker, which is also sincerely a possibility.

Especially since it seems like I'm a-covered with Ye Olde Stress Rash.

I'm so excited I found coupons for Aveeno lotions and that they're on sale at Walgreen's this week. Someone up there loves me good.

Wow. For an english major, those last two sentences were atrocious.

I played nice today and did about 70% of the dishes we haven't been doing because there's been no hot water. Steven promised he'd do the rest and, to boot, has also said he'll take me to lunch today, since there is no easy cooking food in the house. I don't if it's due to laziness or lack of cash, but I've got to start buying more lunchy things. Oh well, I think I'll be having soup for lunch again tomorrow.

I need to find some socks so I can go pick up Steven and eat aforementioned Thai lunch. I need Crazy Fried Rice, even though it makes me sick every single time I eat it. Gotta love willful stupidity.


Mar. 3rd, 2004 12:31 pm
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I've come to the conclusion that the worst thing someone can do is to get you to start thinking about something like "headlice" or "chicken pox" and you automatically start itching like there's no tomorrow. I personally have been itching since last night.

Evidently, despite having had the shot (without Steven's knowledge [a big no-no], I might add), El Kiddo seems to have contracted what is either a cold, prickly heat/eczema, or the chicken pox. Which one of these it is is one of life's great mysteries since she has, evidently, decided not to take him to see his pediatrician. Hey... could be asian bird flu! Who knows!

So Steven told me this last night and, coincidently, I've been scratching since then. This could also be directly related to the new detergent we're using or the new body wash I've been using. Either way, it's no fun, at all. I've taken an assload of benedryl and sudafed and I am feeling a touch less itchy.. Probably allergies. Go, me.

What else is new..? Still trying to find another job, but no one's called back. I found a note from the new girl complaining about me to one of the other girls there. She also can no longer work Sundays. There's no way in hell I'm going to go back to killing myself for full week-ends. It was way too stressful. I'll straight out quit first. Here's hoping that I can find something else before push comes to shove.

La la la, I should be doing dishes. We found an ant this morning and there's nothing I hate more than ants, except for spiders. Just gross.

Other than downloading a list of counselors to deal with the reoccurrent nightmares, I have not done anything of use yet today. I still need to call a few places about apartments, I need to call and actually make counseling appointments, I need to find food for lunch (that would be novel), and, above all, I need to check the mail.

Here's to another day.
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Yep, so I feel like a totally compentant adult. I managed to give the munchkin a post-pool bath without any tears or tantrums. I even managed to wash his hair, which I guess Steven says he hates. I let him pick out his own shampoo and bubble bath and towel, so maybe that's why things worked out. It was wierd, because the last kid I bathed was Brendan and he was way smaller.

Work was actually really busy tonight. I sold 9 pieces of stock and had a sum total of $16.50 in commission. I was psyched. That gives me almost $26 extra this week, plus the 24 odd hours that I worked, as well. I guess the insanity was worth the cash. This week's cheque should be really good. I'm glad because I need to do some serious cash shuffling.

I'm tired. I've felt kind of gross and worn out all day. My sinuses are driving me nuts. I'm going to go lay down and read for a while.


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