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Okay, wise and mighty FList, does anyone know about AmeriCorps? There is a job I would like through them. Anyone served? Is this a bad idea? I know nothing about them at all.
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O hai.

Why am I so easily sucked into watching crappy movies. I just can't resist them. I'm watching Never Been Kissed now and it's cringe-worthy. Worse is that it's set the year I graduated. I remember when it came out and I think I remember why I never bothered to see it. But no, it's on TBS now, and I have to watch it. I'm all about the inappropriate teacher/journalist cum high schooler. Oh my god, it is painful and so wrong.

I will say that at least, my junior and senior years were pretty good, so I didn't get to experience teenage hell. Middle school, on the other hand...

I think I used up all my productiveness yesterday. I went out with Laura in the afternoon for chinesey goodness (glorious) and then later to Friendly's for ice cream with Beth and Rich (not so glorious, since Friendly's wants my death). I kind of still want to go to IKEA too, but it closes surprisingly early.

I think Steven and I are going to the cheapie theatre to see Atonement today because I obviously need to stare at pretty costumes for several hours. Also: at $4 a ticket, I can justify just about any move.

I really need to replace my Hole CDs. Or at least redownload them or something since my CD-ROM shit the bed. I can't wait till I get get my MacBook of doom.

High School Art Stuff )

Well, whenever this movie ends, I'm going to go shower and hope that I have enough hot water, unlike the last few days. Also, it would be nice if I started assembling pieces for my portfolio.

No School!

Jan. 13th, 2008 08:54 pm
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In the face of Impending Snow Doom, there shall be no school tomorrow. I'm doing a little dance right now because I can go take pretty, pretty pictures.


Dec. 17th, 2007 06:38 am
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Dear School:

It's cold, it's dark, it's VERY icy... So why are you open? I know I went to bed at the normal time, just in case, and I figured that we'd have school, but seriously? Can't we have a two hour delay? I'm tired and I'd really like that extra hour or tow of sleep, not to mention, oh, having the sun melt some of the damn ice before I have to slip and slide my way in.

There is no love here.

~Very Grumpy Teacher

PS. Dude, Randolph is closed. They're two towns over. That is so not fair!


Sep. 4th, 2007 12:28 am
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AKA Back to work week. End of my summer vacation... And I spent it not feeling good. Yay. I actually still don't feel great, so I'm guessing I had a little stomach bug. Good times. Oh well, I don't have really high expectations for this week not sucking anyway. 6am is going to blow hardcore.

Since I've been feeling craptastic, there's a whole bunch of shit which did not get done this week-end, including sealing the windows (need more caulk), regrouting the tub (need grout), cleaning the bathroom (I did just scrub the tub, so that's a partial), cleaning the kitchen, sorting out my school clothes, and hanging pictures among other things. I had hoped to get a lot of this stuff done before school started, but whatever. I guess my new goal is going to be Columbus Day to get all this done.

I'm also kind of failing at replying to comments that aren't on my own entries. I'm reading, I'm trying to comment, but it's going to be a busy, lousy couple weeks till I readjust to school time. I must quit apologizing to my journal all the time. Sigh.

I'll eventually get a chance to review the Lush things I bought too.
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Today sucks. I didn't get the job I applied for. I guess I should've worn that push-up bra after all. Hopefully I'll get called a little more for subbing or I can get in doing something artsy over the summer. But that's too far for me to think right now. I'm not into thinking much beyond the week-end, if that.

You know there's something wrong when they're playing a Best of Raffi ad on SciFi at quarter of 1 during the X-Files when it cuts off halfway through and is replaced by an ad for the best of Depeche Mode. Although, my brain seems to retain the best information. The girl who plays Lisa Kyte in the Shadows ep looked and sounded really familiar, so I IMDB'ed her. Her name is Lisa Waltz and she was in Brighton Beach Memoirs as Nora in 1986 which I watched in 1996 English class. I can't do math to save my life, but damned if I can't remember a bit actress who was in a movie I haven't seen in 11 years. Go figure.

Speaking of, that new show on SciFi, Special Unit 2, looks like a cheesy X-Files rip off that I'll never watch. It kind of makes me bitter for no really good reason. However, SciFi is playing one of my favourite movies of all time on Thursday (at 9, so I remember). I really need to eventually just buy it on DVD, especially since it was only $20. Maybe I can find a good deal on it used.

By the way, did anyone watch SVU last week? I missed something big. What happened to Stabler? Did he beat someone up or what?

I finally got a chance to smoke the Honduran cigar I bought over the week-end. Maybe they're going to be the next Cuba because it was really good. No really bitterness, no weird funky aftertaste, almost kind of sweet. It was a Saint Luis Rey Toro, if I didn't remember to write about it before. Yesterday, I picked up a Dutch Masters on a whim while we were getting wine for dinner. It pretty much killed the salesguy, which reminded me mostly why I started smoking cigars in the first place (other reasons included more tobacco for my buck and less fibreglass/additives). We also picked up a bottle of speyside Scotch and a bottle of something called Pinot Evil, which made me laugh like a giddy 12 year old.

I ruined Nicki's works impression of me as a loud mouthed, cranky ass bitch with no fashion sense by turning up at her work in the Suit of Doom. If I could have kept my mouth shut, I definitely would have looked like an actual adult. I started a painting yesterday too. Yesterday, I was productive.

Today is my grandma's 81st birthday. Steven and I got her a little jewelry box with her initial on it. I'm going to put her snowflake pin from the wedding in it. I need to email Mum and find out of there's a picture of the two of us that we could put in it for her. Not overly useful, but very pretty and something she might like.

I actually ended up dyeing my hair again today, too. I had kind of wonky roots from having it highlighted previously and my usual routine of semi-permanent colour didn't do much. I ended up going with Garnier Nutrisse instead of what I usually use because it was permanent and a dollar cheaper than the Natural Instincts. Oh my god, I wish I had done it sooner. The colour is totally gorgeous and exactly what I wanted. It also totally covered my happy crop of white hairs. It went on perfectly evenly, as well, without the overly bright just-dyed thing that I usually get from Natural Instincts. Now it's just a matter of seeing how it fades or behaves over the next month or so.

My feet are really cold. I just finished painting my toenails seafoam green, so I don't want to put socks on yet. I'm tired, but I don't want to go to bed yet. The nightmares were pretty bad again last night and I think that's a lot of what's leading me to stay up, subconsciously. Last night's involved spiders. It sounds so stupid when I type it out here, but I had to get out of bed and sit up for a good 45 minutes before I could calm down.

I hate winter. 
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I'm sick of looking at my tags the way they are, so I am systematically deleting and reorganizing my whole LJ. For those of you keeping count at home, I've been on LJ for 6 1/2 years and there are nearly 1300 posts to wade through. I could probably better spend my time calling my student loans people, but I really lack motivation today.

In other news, I am applying for a job tomorrow.


May. 19th, 2006 12:41 pm
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I got the job!! I start May 30th.! I also have a week off July 3rd through 10th. (unpaid this year, paid next year).


Dec. 8th, 2004 09:39 pm
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I am officially an employee of the Honey Baked Ham Co. I'm not working a shitload of hours, but it should be enough to tide me over until I can sub for a couple weeks. Well, like two weeks, but still. So yep, I make de hams!

That's all I did today, except bum money of my mum for petrol and lunch tomorrow. I really hate being broke and begging. Anyhow, I got my Mrs. Claus shirt and it's happy. Laura-- 2x in baby doll fits the boobies wonderfully. It's a touch loose elsewhere, but I can deal with that.  I'm still debating if I should wear it to the in-laws Hanukkah thing on Sunday. It's not like they can hate me more.

I should feed the fish. They're staring again.


Nov. 16th, 2004 09:52 pm
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I really should have more substantial updates. I applied for a job. Again. Hopefully, I'll actually get called back this time. I need a job.

Bah, I need tea.


Sep. 22nd, 2004 03:22 pm
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I actually have a lot to update, but I really haven't felt like it. I'm striving to keep up with this journal, however, because journaling is one of the requirements for my Writing II class. This way, I can just print things out at the end of the semester. I like writing, I just haven't found a journal I've wanted to write in, yet.

So anyhow... I'm back to being a professional student, thanks to Barnes & Noble and their minions of Satan. I'm not getting into the whole sordid account on my front page, but you can read about it here. )

Sunday, we went up to the North Shore Spirit vs. the New Jersey Jackals championship game, as we are friendly with one of New Jersey's pitchers. It was actually a super afternoon for a game, which they won in extra innings. We ended up talking to Jackson for a bit after the game was over and he asked if we were coming tomorrow [Monday] night to see the final game. We told him that we probably weren't because we had just gotten sacked and didn't know if we'd have the money. He immediatly offered to get tickets for us to sit in the New Jersey fan section,  as long as we could tell him how many we wanted.

Needless to say, Jackson is cool beyond words. Also tall, but that's not the point.

The game Monday night was fantastic. The New Jersey fans are amazing. I felt more like a fan of their team than I do the Rox and we've had season tickets for 2 years! Highlight of the game was their rather large (I mean tall and muscular, not fat) first baseman doing a split to get the thrid out of an inning. I wish I had my camera out.

Surfice to say, they won 4-3 in the regular 9 innings. We were pulled onto the field by the Jersey fans to celebrate.

By celebrating, I mean being hugged by most of the players who were sweaty and somewhat dirty. I was patted, hugged, and shaken hands with by many people I did not know. The only person I vaguely knew that hugged me was Jackson. "Give me some love!" How Californian of him...

That's been the highlight of the week. I should have pictures eventually.

We went down to Rhode Island to see my grandparents earlier that day. One of these days, I need to bring down the XP disk and reinstall XP on Grampa's computer. Hopefully next week-end. He gave us a nice CD played for the apartment (which needs to be cleaned). It's a 5 disk changer with speakers and two cassette players. We had apple pie with them, which makes me want to cook like you can't imagine. I wish I could get to the kitchen.

School's going well.. I'm still liking the classes, which is a totally novel experience. I have a paper I should be working on, but meh... I'm doing homework here. I'm also going out with my mom in a little bit to dress shop for Donna's wedding. I'm not too into that, but I need a dress. I slept badly last night. That idiot hum I mentioned a couple entries ago kept me up on and off all night.

Laura, you need to update with more surveys! I need content for my site.


Sep. 12th, 2004 12:28 am
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Dawn, Mike, Brendan, and Danni came down today. They arrived around 11 this morning, since there was evidently a shitload of fog in Vermont. We trotted around the aquarium for the better part of the day and my feet are killing me. I wish we got into Boston more. I love walking around the city. I totally want to go in once the leaves start turning and just walk around. It's sad how close Steven and I live and we never go in.

Anyhow, the aquarium was good. It's always fun to go to and I love seeing the sharks. Elliott was pretty well behaved, except right at the end, when he was licking his fingers and smearing them on the glass, getting Christ knows how many awful germs in his mouth. We traipsed through Faniuel Hall and I saw a couple rings I liked. Much as I love mine, the marcasites are falling out and Steven's been talking about upgrading my ring anyhow. Of course, everything I liked was too big or too small. Figures.

We had dinner in the Pru, at California Pizza Kitchen, because Cheesecake Factory had an insane wait. No way did I want to wait an hour for dinner. If anyone goes there, their new Shrimp Scampi pizza is pretty good. I think I liked it more than Steven. We also had an awesome glass of merlot that put me well on my way to under the table.

I didn't get to the Kitty House, but maybe next week-end if I still have money? I have to pay the cable bill probably Tuesday. The electric bill is due Oct. 4th, but I want to pay that before then, too. I wish the store had more set up to do. I'm going to miss the regular money. Hopefully someone will leave cafe or music or something and I can get some more normal house than 4 to midnight or 6:30 to midnight. Annoying. Like anyone in Hingham will come in after 9. I hope the decide to change the hours after Christmas.

My feet hurt. Boo. I'm also super tired all of a sudden.

First Day

Sep. 8th, 2004 01:18 pm
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So the classes went basically well, except that I have a huge walk between Geology and Writing II. Evidently, I may be able to catch a shuttle, which would be fantastic. I don't mind walking, but a long walk when it's cold and icy is not my idea of fun. The english professor is about 5 years older than me, which is a little depressing. I should be out of college by now, not going in as a freshman. At least after this year, I can start right into the main part of my major.

Adding to my consolation is the fact that my laptop should be in this week-end. I need to get my wireless network set up soon, but still... I can't wait to get it and start customising programmes. I think I'm going to keep Firefox as my main browser. I can't imagine going back to IE anymore. Plus, I love Thunderbird's junk mail filter. Mm, I should check for updates today, while I'm thinking about it.

Boldly on to work, which sucks. Despite giving them an availability schedule, they have managed to totally fuck up my hours. I'm supposed to be in at 4 on Tuesdays. This poses a huge problem: I have a lab until 5, which means that I don't even get into Weymouth until 5:30, at the earliest. If I go straight to work, that means no time to eat, either. They also have me working until close a bunch of nights. There's no way I can work until midnight, come home, have to eat dinner/do homework, and get to bed at a reasonable hour. I go to bed around midnight, for christ's sake!

I get to go in tonight, with a typed letter this time and once again remind Peter that 10pm availability does not mean midnight. School is more important than a crappy part time job. Plus, I was promised that I would not have to stay that late when I was hired and I would still have about 20 hours. Whatever.

I just had a burst of inspiration. I'm going to go start on my website redesign.
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Just ordered my required laptop for school. I'm now $650 poorer than I was before, but my laptop can do everything but write papers for me. I should be getting it about a week and a half after classes start. Despite my general unease with laptops, I think I'll be using it a lot. Well, a lot after I set up my programmes. I swear, I never want to user Internet Exploder again. I'm in love with FireFox.

I'm also drunk and late for bed. I have to work from 9-2 tomorrow and I'm already upset about how the "managers" are running stuff. I hate the job right now, but I have faith it will get better. Plus, I want to get in on the health insurance for us next year, just in case Steven has any more bad luck with jobs.

Classes start a week from today and I'm going to order some of my books from Barnes and Noble. It's a lot cheaper because of my discount. Classes are Writing II, German I, Geology & Lab, and, of all things, Asian Theatre. I have awesome Fridays: one class, until noon. I damned well better like it for having had to stand in line for 3½ hours to get a schedule. Better yet, I'm a freshman this year; next year, I will be a junior. Tell me that makes sense.

Ok, more later. I must get some sleep since I have to get up damned early tomorrow. Vacation starts at 2pm!
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I'm finally feeling the burn from the last week of heavy labour. Better still, I've been telling Laura that who needs the gym with all the lifting and carrying I've been doing.

Wow, they had a huge protest in NYC. Looks like most of the people arrested were couriers. I guess that's fitting. Most of the messengers I knew were a pretty political bunch. It would make sense that they'd be against Bush, especially with his record on the economy. So goes the stock market, so goes the business.

I'm going Tuesday to register for classes, get my ID, and other assorted and sundry things at Bridgewater. I'm working the night shift at work that night, as well. Nothing like trying to squeeze in as many hours as I can right now. This week's cheque should be pretty decent, which is really good since we're going to Vermont for the week-end. It's been a couple years since I've been to the State Fair and I'm really looking forward to it... in particular, the maple cotton candy. I need maple cotton candy. It's a Vermont thing.

I've got to call Dawn, in fact, and get her some details for the trip. This also means I need to start thinking about packing. Bah, and doing more laurndry before we leave. I hate doing laundry. We just did a shitload yesterday.

Mm, making tea, then (hopefully) breakfast/early lunch plans. I have an assload of stuff to do today.
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Today concluded my first week of work at Barnes & Noble. I have two thoughts to this: 1) I am going to be all sort of buff working at this place. I sweated from 9am on today because I was hauling tons and tons of books. This would be unremarkable, except for the fact that I. Don't. Sweat.. Ever. I get edæma and hives and turn really, really pink. I was actually damp when we left at 3. 2) No one knows what they're doing with the shipment, at all.

We've been getting about two to three truckloads a day of books, gifts, and whatnot. I was put in one of the biggest sections in the store with one other person, who was on nights the rest of the week. I'm day only, for now. Duh. Better yet, it's reference, which means they're all super heavy. All the boxes way between 50 and 75 pounds. I can't lift anything over 20, maybe 30 if you push it. So, yesterday, I begged off on the section. I pulled a bunch of muscles in my back lifting. Now, I float between two sections. Yay!

It's not a bad thing, actually, because I got a whole section to myself. That meant I could keep everything in alphabetical order, rather than have three other people dropping shit off and screwing up my order like one of the other people did when I was working on mystery. My Current Affairs section is one of the best looking in the store. Makes me happy!

I'm off tomorrow, which means I can get all the shit that I haven't done all week done then.

More work Monday, schoolness Tuesday, may also work  a little, and I'm working Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday afternoon, we're leaving for Vermont for the week-end. Yay! Bravely on into September.
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Ooh man... )

Anyhow, training started yesterday and it was happy. For 20 hours a week, after 6 months, I get a 401K option. After one year or 1,000 hours, I can option in for health insurance. Yay for a back up insurance plan. I get 30% on books and accessories and 20% on music. I can order at least some of my school books from there for 30% off, which is going to be fantastic. I get 15% off of any software I need from Gamestop. I can change my availability based on vacations, if I need to, as well. The only thing that will be a little bit of a pain in the ass is that I need to know what I'm doing 3 weeks in advance. That's not too bad, though.

I've got to call Ben, actually, when Steven gets back, so we can find out when the rest of training will be. Store officially opens the 15th. of September, but I can work many hours starting the 23rd.

Dammit. I waaaaant coffee. Stupid FoodTV has a show on coffee on and I can't have it anymore. I need to go to the North End. Boo.

I'm going to fetch the mail.
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Now introducing my newest favourite place in the world: Barnes & Noble!

As of today, I am now a happy drone of the soon to open Hingham Barnes & Noble. I found out today that not only did my interview go well, but they want me. They also want Steven for a night or so, which is good, since we accidently put down all the same info, including the same phone number.

So, yep, welcome me to the Land O' 30% Off.
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So, out of 400 job postings, I found all of six that I could apply for. Seven, if you count the one for Barnes and Noble that Laura found and messaged me this morning. I love you, Laura. One of the places is pretty close to my house, which wouldn't be bad. I have no idea how much they pay, but right now, anything is better than what I'm doing. I have to drop an application off tomorrow, anytime after 1pm.  I also emailed a résumé out to some place called Kiddie Kandids to take pictures of children. Haven't heard back from them, yet. I'm sort of not expecting to, though. It seems pretty haphazard. I couldn't even access their site yesterday when I went to check it out. I'm sure they'll also love my latex allergy.

Still no DSL. I guess Steven finally talked to someone who kind of knew what was happening. Evidently, we have DSL still at the old apartment and, for some reason, they cannot figure out how to turn it off there and turn it on here. I don't know. He was trying to get stuff fixed for us. He said we should be getting several months of free DSL for all the bullshit they've pulled. He was also pretty upset that the cunt who called me this morning told me that, after all this time, it would still be a minimum of 15 business days before they could get DSL up and running here and then asked me if I would like to call back and cancel my service. Twat.

Cable still hasn't been fixed, either. They were supposed to come yesterday between 10am and 2pm and they never showed up. Jan, the super, is supposed to call us back and let us know what day they're going to come now. Hopefully by Friday.

My birthday is coming up on Sunday, so it looks like this week-end is going to be packed beyond words. I have no clue what's happening Friday, Saturday we're going to my grandparents' for the day to celebrate and then to a baseball game, and Sunday we're going out to lunch with my mom and Bruce... I think. Sunday night, we have another baseball game at 5.

Tuesday, we're going to see the Lion King at the new Opera House, which has been one of the few things that I'm looking forward to, right now. This week has been kind of depressing. Hopefully, I'll have a new job by then. Out of the money my mom gave me yesterday, I'm down to about $60. I still haven't paid the light bill, but thankfully that's only $40 and not due right away.

Obviously no word back from the college yet, but I'm really hoping to get an acceptance letter. I'm not sure quite what I'm going to do, if I don't. I need my mom's taxes so I can file my fun FAFSA. Allegedly, she'll have them tomorrow.

It feels like autumn outside today. The bank thermometer said it was like 58. That's not July weather. Maybe this means winter will be warm.

I'm going to go look into the FAFSA again.


May. 31st, 2004 06:23 pm
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You know, I seem to have had this same damn cold last year. I feel like ass. I've been stuffed up and sinusy since Friday. I actually was sent home sick from work Friday, as well, because I was running a fever along with with my exciting stuffy nose. Blah.

We actually did get a lot done this week-end, despite my nose running like a faucet... a green, slimy faucet. We've, so far, donated 7 huge contractor bags of clothes and shoes. That's not counting the stuff Steven has that we need to go through and thin out the ranks. We can, however, see the floor of the middle room and most of the rest of the things we have to do involve just packing clothes and such up. Soon, soon...

I need a drink. I tried to take a nap when I got home from work (yes, we worked today.) but I kept waking up choking because it's so fucking dry in this place. I will not miss this heating system.

Anyhow, 630. Time to rouse Steven and head out to our ball game.


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