Oct. 1st, 2008 02:06 pm
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Steven's dad passed away this morning. Please keep him in your thoughts.
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I need to stop shopping at Old Navy. I found some pants I liked that they didn't have in store in the length I wanted. I knew I had seen them on the website, so I figured I'd just order them there. I ordered those, another pair of pants, and a turtleneck. I had just clicked the check-out button and entered my account information when the next screen informs me that the pants that I had tried to order were in high demand and had been removed. I called to bitch to the customer service line and basically what happened was they oversold the pants and they went to the first person to check out.

What. the. frak? How the hell are they allowed to do that? I was in the middle of checking out. I bought the size smaller since I could have gone either way, so hopefully they'll fit.

Stupid Old Navy for only have their goddamn lengths online and making me order there. I'd rather just buy in the damn store.

I bought the size smaller, since I could have gone either way in the store. We'll see when they get here later this week. I guess I'll return them if they don't fit. Now, I mostly just need shoes for school and to unpack/sort the rest of my clothes because, oh, I did nothing this week-end besides, basically, sleep. Well, that's a lie. We went to my grandparents for a bit yesterday and I bought a down comforter for our frigid bedroom. I am so not cool with winter. I have my flannel pyjamas on now.

In less fun news, my great aunt Helen has slipped into a terminal coma as of yesterday. They're expecting her to go any time between now and next Sunday. All they're currently doing for her is giving her a morphine drip, per her end of life instructions. She turned 88 in May. Steven and I are going to have to take a day off to go to the funeral when she goes, which will probably be down the Cape. I need to get my suit dry cleaned in preparation for this. I'm not sure how I feel about this-- I haven't seen Helen in almost two years, even though she lives behind my grandmother. She didn't really want people in the house these last couple years. I told Steven I might end up very upset, I might not. I don't know how I'll take it. Right now, I'm ok.

Frak. This means I need to call my father tomorrow and let him know about Helen.

Steven's father is getting better, at least. He's still pretty out of it; he told Steven today he was "doing work in Paris", but he's off the breathing tube and they think he's going to live, which is good. No word on the kidney, but my guess is that he's going to be on dialysis probably permanently. But dialysis, I assume, is preferable to dying.

MIL is being her usual self. )

That does remind me of a really funny story about Mum. We went to Target a couple weeks ago and, because I am 5, I was touching everything. Mum's kind of staring at me and says "What the hell was wrong with your mother? Didn't she tell you not to touch everything you see?" I kind of shrugged and said it was hard, since the wolves didn't exactly have hands. She responds with "Goddamn wolves. Can't they evolve opposable thumbs?" Then we both started cracking up, prompting quite a few people to stare at us. The weirdness is genetic. Our kids are doomed.

I am so tired. I need to find our door snake tomorrow because it's damned cold down here. I can feel the breeze creeping in under the door.

Had coffee with Beth, Rich, and the munchkin and I think we're having dinner with them at Ikea Friday because we both need to do stuff there and also it's very cheap. Plus, Friendly's is still trying to kill me and I'm not even going to get into that. The company was lovely, though.

New nail polish this week: Suzi Says Da! It's a nice, deep garnet. The black lasted really well last week, so maybe I'll be able to keep polish on my nails for a while. Kind of plays in with that whole "responsible adult" thing.

I think we're going to go out on a date Tuesday to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I kind of want to catch an early showing because of the whole early next day thing. Perhaps I shall wear my red pleather shoes since I am adorable and all. Now, if only I could find my pencil skirt... Maybe I'll look for it tomorrow night. I could use and excuse to dress up, not that school isn't...

I am so tired. I'm almost positive I have an ear infection, so I'm going to put some drops in tomorrow and see where life goes. This is going to be a long week.
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There is something on Taboo about gross food. Currently, there is a lady who is making something called "stinkheads". It involved burying fish in a pit for two weeks, letting botulism flourish, and then eating them. Apparently, they are creamy.

What I find amazing is that this show does not feature my mother-in-law. Sandi does much the same thing, except instead of burying food outside, she puts it in her freezer. I imagine if medical science were to study my inlaws, they would find such a concentration of toxins that they could cure death and Republicanism. Actually, not Republicanism because Steven ate there for years and still votes Republican occasionally. He has some of these hard-won immunities. I don't.

When we were first dating, I attempted to eat things Sandi cooked. Invariably, I would become ill. I kind of assumed it was because my stomach hated me. Slowly, I just stopped eating things there. Then came the day I understood: Sandi gave us hot dogs for 4th of July. Originally, I assumed that she gave us a block of permafrost that she claimed were hot dogs. I chipped away at the ice until the semi-opened packet of weenies. Steven tried to suggest we cook them for dinner, but I was skeptical. I continued to chip. I saw the date of June emerge. Then: the year. Sandi had purchased these hot dogs back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

I immediately contracted food poisoning and died. Then I informed Steven that I would never, ever eat anything that came from his parents' house again. I love my stomach that much.

A couple months ago, Steven decided to clean out the cupboards and the freezer. After throwing out chicken that had seen the Civil War and something that might have been cow, might have been mammoth, he found cans, bent out of shape from gases and the contents begging to be set free to take over the world, hiding behind somewhat recently expired food. When he went to throw them out, my mother-in-law yelled at him. She said they were still good.

I think the canned goods have been talking to her a little too much recently.
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I forgot to mention this. MIL, after her attack of the bitchies the other day, send me the nicest thank you note for baking her a cake for her birthday. She basically was thanking me because no one's made her a homemade cake since Steven's nana died. I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but I guess it meant a lot to her, which is cool.


Jan. 21st, 2006 12:23 pm
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For those of you who were concerned (which is likely no one, since I totally forgot to mention this), Herb, my FIL, came through his surgery fine and was all right as of 8 last night.

He has his kidney removed yesterday because it had a 10cm growth on it. That's about the size of a tennis ball. They're going to send it to the lab to make sure it's not cancerous.

I mentioned to Steven yesterday that since, you know, I have pneumonia and he has a cold, that it would probably be better if he just called his father rather than going to see him. There are too schools of thought behind this. 1. Herb doesn't need Steven to come in, all covered in my pneumonia germs and 2. I don't need Steven coming home covered in all the hospital germs. Steven agreed, but his mother kind of complained.

She called back later and said that Steven better not visit his father if we're all sick here. I guess it makes it ok now that she thinks it was her idea.
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I know everyone's been waiting on bated breath to find out how my MIL is doing, so here it comes.

MIL's surgery did not go well, at all. She decided to be combative during the cathetization and started moving her limbs and generally flipping out. Doing that, she restarted a bleed, which got into her lungs, so they intubated her. This was Saturday night. Steven and I headed in around 11:30 to figure out what the fuck was happening. I overloaded while we were there and had a wicked dizzy spell because we had been going going going for so long. We didn't eat dinner until like midnight that night. Ultimately, we decided that we couldn't keep going in every single day. We can't afford it, for one, and for another, we were both getting burnt out.

I coined the phrase "clown car of hate" referring to Steven's aunts and his father who've been kind of a clusterfuck with everything. Steven's been snickering about this for days.

Oh, and Steven's brother has only been to see her once out of the week she's been there. Sorry, but that sucks. Both he and Tracie could afford to go in; we can't. I blew a good chunk of my birthday money on shit like parking, eating, and stuff because we were in so much.

So anyhow, she was tubed until today, when they transferred her down to a less critical floor. She was in good spirits when we saw her... except for she has no fucking clue what's going on at all. It kind of seems like she might have had a stroke at some point because she's confused about who's who (talking to Steven, but it seemed like she was thinking his brother), she thought she was going to watch the All Star game, was telling us the Red Sox won 63-4 or something crazy, and kept calling her sitter, whose name was Mark, Dave.

She came down from CCU with a sitter. That's someone who's basically there to make sure she doesn't act out or pull out tubes, or just plain try to leave, which I guess she tried to do earlier. Her nurse doesn't want her alone at all.

I think Steven's going to call the doctor tomorrow at some point and try to get the real story, not the story his father's giving. Steven's been kind of annoyed with him, since we seem to really be left out of the loop and they've been a little rude about the fact that we essentially aren't spending 24/7 with her like they are.

Oh, and the keys were found. They got knocked off while Steven was doing shit for his father yesterday and I guess the paperboy found them. This is good, because Steven seems to have lost my security door key tonight while we were at Donna's. I told him he cannot wear the keys while he's carting around things. This is twice in two days. This is why, by the way, we need a break from all the havoc. Our shit is getting messed up a lot. Not to mention our apartment is gross looking because we haven't been home pretty much at all in the last week to clean, do laundry, do dishes, or anything else. Seriously, we need to do some things for ourselves now. Blah.

Oh, and Laura totally left me the best message on my machine this morning. Too funny.
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So, MIL has now been moved from Brockton Hospital to New England Medical Centre as of last night because she started bleeding again and subsequently lost another 2 pints of blood. They transfused her 4 units at NEMC and she's currently stable.

Now for the fun part. NEMC is part of Tufts University, which is a really good med school/hospital. In fact, it's one of the best. They want MIL to have an embolization to patch up the "guilty" blood vessel. The other choice is she can stay indefinitely till the bleeding stops and then go home, but if she starts bleeding again, it'll be ten times worse and she could essentially bleed out before someone could get her somewhere.

They gave her the usual doom & gloom list, which includes a 1% risk of stroke and a 0-10% chance of blindness. Pretty good odds, though, and it seems better than the other option, right?

Well, somehow, someone spooked MIL who is convinced that she'll either die during the procedure or be left crippled and blind. She's been in and out of coherancy, so I can see where she picked up on it. So basically, she's refusing to have the procedure done, even though the other thing is basically a death sentence. Even her nurse said that there was a chance if she starts bleeding again while she's in the hospital, there was a chance that she could have a heart attack from blood lose before they could stabilize her.

So, after FIL and Steven's aunt left, Steven started talking to his mom and I put my magical hospital skillz to work and managed to get a doctor in to talk to her. Twenty minutes later, she was ok with signing the consent form and having the surgery. Now we just have to make sure that no one freaks her out again tomorrow before she goes it. Therefore, we are shooting to be in by 10am.

Hopefully, no one is going to go in and rile up MIL again. We don't have 3 hours to blow tomorrow. The plan so far is to warn the nurses that if her sisters start dooming and glooming, to get them the hell out of there.

Oh, and while I'm being pissy, Steven's brother has pulled a disappearing act, leaving all the shit to us. Sorry, if FIL wants stuff done on Sunday and Monday, he can get Mark to do it. I am entitled to have my birthday off from this shit. Bleh.

MIL update

Jul. 15th, 2005 01:29 am
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Ok. MIL's blood pressure was in reality 188/111. Steven's dad was confused, which I can understand. Anyhow, when we saw her today, she looked ok... tired, but ok.

However, they still can't stop the bleeding, so as of 1am or so, she's being transferred to New England Medical Centre. Not sure of anything beyond that.


Jul. 14th, 2005 01:30 am
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So, MIL evidently had a nosebleed that just wouldn't stop, so my FIL took her to the hospital. I guess her blood pressure was something like 280/170. She's in Critical Care right now. Steven's currently talking to her, so I guess she's stable right now.

Another exciting day!


Jul. 12th, 2005 01:59 am
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Why am I so hungry today!? I swear to god, all I've done today is eat. I had poptarts, a clam cake, some stuffing, popcorn, and chinese food. I'm sure the problem is the chinese food. You can't eat that and stay full, can you?

I love the chinesey goodness.

We went to Steven's great Uncle George's unveiling yesterday and then went to the reception after which was, in fact, at a chinese restaurant. I absolutely love that. Steven claims it's a Jewish tradition: when in doubt, have chinese. He claims it's genetic. You can't be jewish and not like chinese food.

We told Steven's Aunt Jan that we were getting married right before we left. She was very happy for and his North Shore relatives ooh'ed and ahh'ed over my (cheap) engagement ring. I love how good it looks, even if it does need a cleaning. I'm glad that we could at least brighten Jan's day a little. She's been one of the few close relatives that has supported our dating from day one. When Steven introduced me originally, all she asked was did I make him happy, he said yes, and she said that was all that really mattered. So, yes, I like her and the North Shore relatives, far more than I like some of the more immediate family. Though, hey, at least Steven's mom has been nicer to me recently. (Pod person)

I think we found a DJ for the wedding. He's going to charge us $450 for I think 5 hours, which would be amazing. I was planning on $1000. He's one of Mom's friends' son in laws, but he works with one of the more well-known hotels around here and Mom's heard him work and said he's very good. Better still is that he's willing to work with us on our music. So yea, if we go with him, that would free up a good chunk of our budget.

We also went to Michael's and mocked up my bouquet. It came out really nicely, if I do say so myself. Steven and I work well together. All I need to decide now is if I want to buy flowers now or wait. Sucks, because they're having a 50% off sale and a coupon this week. Oh well, I have till Saturday to decide.

We got the best calendar there, too. It's for 2006 and it's antique maps and it was A DOLLAR! How can you beat that? I filled in all the important info tonight and it was creepy to put our wedding on there. One year, 5 months to go...

We haven't been doing much around here. I still haven't been able to find a job, Steven's working both of his. My birthday's in a week. We've done lots of laundry and I'm going to take pictures of the hydrangeas out front tomorrow because they're really pretty.

Oh, and I'm really achy and that's why I'm still up. I need more surveys so it can look like I update more.



Jan. 26th, 2005 02:06 am
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Well, I just got snapped at because after Ugly, our 7" pleco died this evening, Steven decided to flush him, rather than throwing him out. I asked him if he was sure, that we had had problems before when I was younger with flushing big fish and having them go down sideways and clog up the toilet. I also reminded him that we had to bury Uncle Creepy (our last large pleco) because he was too big to be flushed. He assured me he was positive that it would be ok to flush the deceased fish.

I went to use the bathroom around 11. The toilet gurgled a little and I told Steven about it. He ignored it. He went in, used it, and came back out complaining that it seemed clogged-- had I plugged it up? I indignantly informed him that I had just peed and had told him it was making funky gurgling noises. At this point, I realised it was the goddamn dead fish who evidently was not ready to go yet.

I am going to interrupt myself here. We have no plunger. When we left Rockland, my mother made off with ours. Steven has one at his parents and has been doing the gunna dance about bringing it over for the last 7 months. We have lived here for almost 8 months without a plunger of any sort. I gave up nagging him about it 4 months ago. Let him suffer if something happens. He's the one who's been refusing to just buy a replacement because we "already have one".

So, I get up around 1:30 to have a last wee before bed. Steven worked a plastic bottle which he claimed had fixed the problem enough to get through till tomorrow. Stuff, he said, was going down, albeit slowly. My painkiller addled brain did not collect the dots to said stuff collecting and more fully blocking up the toilet. So I blissfully flush and... nothing happens. The water drains. My TP just sits soddenly, clogging up the little hole. I wait and flush again, thinking maybe.. just maybe.. it will work this time. Nope. Let's flush once more, third time's the charm. Maybe in Vegas, but sure as fuck not in Weymouth. I am now left with two options. I can a) ignore it and go to bed. This means the toilet will go unfixed until about 6 tomorrow night because the Evil InLaws have ordered Steven to go over to their house tomorrow (also-- this means I cannot go to Bridgewater to resolve anything until Thursday, missing another two days of classes I don't yet have. I also have to attend a wake on Thursday. That's another damned story.) With this option, we can either have a gruesome, wet build up of toilet paper or we could throw said used TP in a bucket until 6pm tomorrow. That's more than 12 hours. Option B is wake up Steven, send him out to the 24 hour Walgreens, and have him get a plunger. I go with this option. It is 1:45am.

Of course he is cranky. This somehow my fault. I am yelled at muchly. He back now, half asleep, asking me to please stop apologizing because it's just making him grumpier. I've offered to plunge, but no word back. I'm a good plunger, too.

This is on top of being aggravated at Steven's mother who, since Friday, has bitched about me being stupid for going up to Vermont in The Blizzahd with my "little knee problem" and then bitched at me for being lazy and no better than Other People for not taking the trash out. She bitched that what was wrong with me that I couldn't do it. Were my legs broken?

I also got a letter, sent to my old address, informing me that I am more than three months overdue sending payments on my Verizon Citibank credit card. Want to know the magical thing? I don't have any credit cards. Can't get any. I have horrible credit, thankyouassholeex. So how can I be late!? I called, bitched, and found out the place that I need to talk to is, of course, closed for the day. I will have to call tomorrow. Add that to the list of funness for today. I guess we should have called, found out about school, and stayed that one more extra day.

Of course, I can't sleep now and Steven's still not answering me about plunging. Bah.
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Just to illustrate how different MIL and FIL are, my FIL called just a little bit ago to ask how my MRI went and when was my appointment with the orthopaedist was. Sometimes, I don't understand how come they're still married. He's so nice and she's so ...insane...
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I attempted to return The Blouse. Evidently, the saleswoman must have had no sense of smell, thank god, because after spending time in my MIL's residence, it smelt horribly of smoke. After the hour we spent there yesterday, when she was not actively smoking, I still came home and changed because of the smokey smell. I, in fact, must FeBreze my jeans before I wear them again. This is why I hate wearing clean laundry over there.

Anyhow, The Blouse was evidently was on clearance. Now, that's a huge effing surprise! Who would ever have thought that such a lovely item would be on clearance!? Sum total: $13.76... Which I now have as a merchandise credit because my MIL does not believe in gift receipts (only for me, though). She was pestering Steven as to whether or not I liked it. He told her it didn't fit, but I appreciated the sentiment. He also (not so) subtly suggested that if they felt like they needed to get me something, gift cards would be best because I have a hard time finding tops which fit.

This is true. One can obviously see I was blessed by the titty fairy from that photo. I don't actually buy any shirt unless I can try it on, with precious few exceptions.

This probably makes me sound like an evil, ungrateful bitch, but I assure you, my MIL is not a kind yet misguided lady who tried her hardest to find something nice. She did not, at any point, ask Steven my size or what sort of things I liked. She did not mention anything, in fact, until a day before the Hanukkah Party and that was along the lines of "Well, I already bought her something." Yep, sure did. It's pretty obvious that she picked the cheapest thing she could find on the clearance rack. I assume she had a coupon for extra money off, but I can't be sure. Ultimately, I got this, rather than a gift card, because she would have had to spend $20 on a gift card. I'm also guess that, from the smell of it, that she probably bought it for one of her sisters (who would wear it) and decided that it was just as good to pass on to me.

I told Steven she doesn't need to get anything for me. In fact, I would really prefer that if she's going to do what she did this year, she not get me anything at all. From what I've gleaned, she used to actually ask what Steven what his ex wanted.

I must say, though, the MIL shirt tops the expired, nut candies I got for my birthday. (The nice people at Russell Stovers were nice about replacing the expired box with non-nuts, since I am allergic, after all.)


Ugh, well, tree fiasco is over for the night. It was crooked, so we rescrewed and it seems to be ok for now. Unfortunately, I have been bitten by one of the obnoxious little tree spiders in process, so I have a huge rash on my arm. I love the holidays.


Nov. 22nd, 2004 11:09 pm
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Here's today's amusement factor. We haven't yet told Steven's parents or mine, but today, we told Jack, the chef at B&D Deli. That way, when Steven's parents blow a gasket that they weren't told first, we can tell them it was ok, we didn't tell my parents first, either.
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My mother-in-law should die. Well, not die, but at least spend most of her time heavily sedated. They've been pestering Steven as to why we haven't stopped by recently, so we figured that we'd do it Sunday, on our way back from Rhode Island, before we go to the game. You know, drop in, say hi, pick up a couple of Steven's suits for a) the wake & funeral we have to go to and b) in case he has any job interviews.

She couldn't even say Hi to me, after I said Hi, how are you. Keep this in mind, it will be important later. She immediatly stops in telling Steven he looks awful and bitching that he didn't get a haircut and a shave and he could have gotten one for $20. He told her that he was waiting until after jury selection to clean up. That would be a week from now. She told him he was stupid. She made a nasty hand signal behind my back as I was going upstairs and she pointedly told him that she bought some food for him.

She also announced that Friday, she hadn't been able to find the apartment. She had planned on just dropping in, uninvited, not calling. I pointed out to Steven that this might be bad if a) he's not home and they would want to wait, which would be miserable for me and b) what if we were having sex or napping?

He went back in, after I went out to the car. She accused him of abandoning his religion (probably because we live together and have no immediate plans to marry until I get my Bachelor's and [hopefully] a job), abandoning his family, latching on to my family (he spent my birthday with them), and that she just plain doesn't like me. Her reasons were that I'm rude to her (I guess because I won't have one-sided conversations when she's ignoring me and because I've asked Steven to leave a couple times when she's been going off on him with Elliott there.), I have a nose ring, and I wear my hair like a schwaertze (a yiddish term that basically means nigger). Ironically, Mark, her other son's wife's hair is curly like mine. Obviously, all people with curly hair are black. I also want to point out that when she mad that comment, my hair was in a pony tail and it was so humid, you could have cut it with a knife.

She also bitched that Steven needed to come over and clean his old room for when his brother came in from Arizona for an overnight. The room has been piled with shit since before Steven moved in and most of it is his parents. We cleaned it out so he would have a place to stay when he left Karen. The room, which is stuffed to the hilt, was certainly not appropriate for Elliott. They didn't care. But now that Mark, the biological child, is coming, Steven must clean it. Mind, we still need to do a lot of cleaning here, we have a wake & funeral to go to, and I have to get down to Quincy Court on Wednesday. I'll also need to get to Bridgewater to register for classes and find out how many more classes I need.

Bleh. Now I need to shoot off to Quincy for my damned unemployment thing. I'll post more later about the Alice Cooper concert we went to last night. Ha, he pointed at me during Poison. Makes me happy. I'm poison.


Feb. 4th, 2004 11:34 am
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Well, it seems like Steven's parents have extended us the proverbial olive branch for now. Evidently, his mother, in a fit of maternal love and charity, bought us both socks. Spaulding socks, no less. Mine are all coloured and stuff. She also gave us a box of Hamburger Helper.

Mercury is definitely in retrograde.

I presume Steven must have defined what "emergency" is to them, as well, because they no longer call at 4am to see what's going on. Because, you know, if I'm going to have hot monkey sex with their son, it would be at 4am, when I could be sleeping blissfully. Yep. Especially on days when I have 8am classes. I like no sleep.

So, I guess there is hope that they will someday realise that I, in actuality, do not have fangs and grow hair in funky places as soon as the full moon rises. Perhaps I actually might like their son for who he is, rather than being the brazen floozy and homewrecker they presumed I was. I'm still not holding my breathe, though.

Classes = over for the day and I'm going to take a nap, now having wolfed down some pizza. I slept like hell last night and I have no idea why. I was achy, actually, and no matter which way I moved, I could not get comfortable. I should have taken some Tylenol, but it never clicked. I knew how rotten the rain from the storm would make me feel. Dumb, dumb, dumb...

I need that nap now.
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Can't sleep. I'm going to have a stress induced aneurysm if things keep going the way they have been. I wish there was someone up to talk to, because I feel so incredibly by myself right now.

Steven was going to stay tonight because of the storm. It made sense. There's no long commute home, there's no long commute here in the morning, and I live only 10 minutes away from his school, particularly since the storm's supposed to be worst in the early morning. He called them around 10, right after I got home from awful work, to let them know. So, what do they do? They have a huge fit, as in threatening that if he didn't come home, they would throw all of his stuff out in the street and he would no longer be allowed to live there.

Fucking nice people, huh?

He knew he was going to walk into a fight when he got home. And he had to go home. I hate that. I hate how they keep trying to force him to choose between them and me and how they threaten and manipulate him all the time. After all this, they still have the nerve to beg for money off of him, when they know he hasn't been paid and still has to make child support payments. They don't care. All his mother cares about is her damn cigs and lotto.

I hate this. All their shit is going to give me a nervous breakdown. I cannot handle the fact that they keep trying to run our relationship. I hate how they can't accept that they can't control everything and that Steven is certainly a grown man. Who expects their child, at 31, to stay home all the time and to not want to have friends or a signifigant other.

This is probably the only point Steven's ex and I would agree on. It seems that they treat everyone, including Steven's brother's wife, like shit.

They're selfish, awful people, and I hate them. Completely. I wanted to like them; I used to like them, but they're really changing my opinion quickly. I can't accept that they really love Steven if they'd be willing to hurt him that much just to get their own way. No, you know, they don't love him; if they did, they would be happy that he's happy with me. I don't care if they like me, but I want them to butt out. I want to be allowed to have a normal, adult relationship without his miserable, insane parents butting in every five minutes or calling 9 million times from 4:30 in the morning on. Is that too much to ask!?

I wouldn't ask him to choose, but it's getting to the point where my sanity's becoming an issue. I hate gambling and I'm scared to death to lose this one. I don't want to have to chose either...

I need to be held, now, until I can fall asleep. This is so unfair.


Jan. 24th, 2004 12:35 pm
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Quick update while Steven's in the shower...

Registered for classes yesterday. They'd be a decent selection, if they weren't at Massasoit. I just didn't ever want to go back there again and I'm so unbelievably depressed that I have to. Anyhow, here's the murderer's row:

1. 8-8:50 - English Comp II

2. 9-9:50 - Oral Interpretation

3. 10-10:50 - Creative Writing

4. 11-11:50 - Production

I've already lost my schedule, so I'm kind of screwed. I'm planning on dropping the 8am. I only need 9 credits and, to be honest, I don't want to be bothered with a class I have to do papers for. I want my minimum and I want the fuck out of there.

So, laundry tonight.. We're about to head over to Steven's parents' to do some cleaning. I need to clean here, but it's going to have to wait. I think we're potentially going to Chinatown tomorrow for the New Year's Celebration.

Still feeling bleh and I think I'd like lunch. Boo.

Sore feet

Jan. 3rd, 2004 11:00 pm
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My feet hurt. I'd soak them if I had a pan big enough, but I don't. Someday, I'm going to buy a foot spa. Though I hope to be long out of retail by then, I'm sure Steven or I could still use it, since we'll both be in education and therefore, on our feet a lot.

Eh, they feel a little bit better now that I've rubbed some lotion on them and put my Hello Kitty slippers on. This is one of the many reasons why I love Target: adult sized Hello Kitty sneakers. I've also put on water for a cup of mint green tea and am surfing the 'net "window shopping". This all should help me relax from the mind-bendingly stupid couple of days I've had.

Yesterday was only midling on the irksome scale. Finally met Steven's brother, Mark, and his wife, Tracy. We went out to brunch (brunch because Steven's mother picked a huge fight with him about the fact that my mum bought the kid a pair of pants for XMas, as well as the fact that I was coming, which is another story...) with them, Steven's nephew Laine, and his parents. The latter are mad with Steven because a) he's not home, doing their beck and call 24/7, b) he's dating me. This is a no-no because we all know that people who divorce curl up and die, and c) they're cranky, miserable, old people who have nothing better to do than make everyone else unhappy. You know these kind of people: they refused to give your ball back when it fell in their yard accidently and possibly baked it black out of spite. These are Steven's parents.

I digress. Even though they knew when Steven left, post-argument, and we called to let them know we'd be a bit late because the roads were snowy, they had ordered by the time we got there. I think we spent a combined 20 minutes with them there and it was the most uncomfortable experience of my life. I'm telling you, having a pap smear would have been more fun. His mother is not speaking to me for some unfathomable reason. His father follows his mother's lead because she's an unimaginable pain in the ass. On the other hand, after they left, I did comiserate with Tracy about being driven nuts by them. Yay! An ally!

We did a bit of cleaning in the basement to avoid seeing them and simulatanously see a bit more of Mark and Tracy. We're going to be doing some serious cleaning tomorrow, as well. Went to PetSmart for fish meds (the pleco has a fungue or something) and a couple more fish. We now have the diamond tetra (Jaws), the mouldy pleco, three neons (all named Karen, thanks to the kid), and a male and female pair of long finned leopard danios (1 & 2). I guess the medication is working fine. The pleco is less mouldy looking, except for the gross bubble on one eye, and is eating fine. Only 5 more days of medication. Yay. The stuff smells like an apothecary.

Hung out here, had coffee, unloaded the assload of tea, candy, and various sundry items we picked up at this discount candy store near Steven's. The place is dangerous. We picked up a couple boxes of Bigelow Tea for $1.49 each. We also picked up some funky Wimbeldon chocolates, some nice Swiss chocolate, dried apricots, 4 Bombas (energy drinks in grenade-shaped bottles) and Pfeffernuesse, which are spicier gingersnaps. Oh, and a pack of gel pens. This is a strange place, indeed.

Opened a couple of remaining presents here (pants from my mum and play-doh from my neighbour, Marilyn) and did Pizza Hut for dinner. Was dutifully impressed: there were no chicken & fries tantrums and the kid ate and enjoyed the pizza. Went from there to see Mum and Bruce, both of whom are far more interesting than Steven and me, most likely because they're new and more likely to say yes to things we've said no to. Gotta love kids.

Actually, the morning was good here, too. I got my fab absinthe calendar, which I still need to put up, but these are details. I hit Marshalls to try and find a plain, black turtleneck. You would not believe what a bitch this was. There literally were two in the whole place: one from Express in M and one from DKNY, also in M. Thankfully, the DKNY one fit, because I really wanted a black turtleneck to go with the new GAP skirt. Better still, I only paid $15 for the top. It was orginally $49.99.

Argh! Emeril just used the phrase "red gravy". This will not be funny unless you know someone from either Fall River or North Providence. Red gravy is, for the unenlightened, tomato sauce. No where else in the world is it called this. Another reason I love Rhode Island. (Also for the unenlightened: despite what Massachusetts believes, Fall River is not part of it, but part of Rhode Island. This is also true for Seekonk and other border towns.)

Digressing again. Had lunch at Friendly's, then off to my 6.5 hours of hell. It was super dead tonight and despite that, I did not read either of my newspapers or my absinthe book. I did put all my important dates on my calendar, eyed the posters that I want in the poster bin, played with the kid for a bit, and then... all hell broke loose.

I think I made the mistake of saying that my night was going pretty well. I had a woman come in with the More Butt, Less Buggy version of Sleigh Bells (aka the Horse's Ass picture) and decide she wanted a refund. She found something of for about half of what she paid and she wanted the rest of her money back. In cash. The flaw in this logic is that she paid by cheque and also that, normally, we do not give back cash refunds for anything $50 and over. She threw a fit, upsetting everyone else in the store, especially the customers behind her, who were planning on making a $100+ purchase. To quiet her, I gave her the money and sent her on her bitchy way. I, then, call my manager who launches into this tirade about how seasonal customers suck and if she wants the cash back so badly, she can come in Monday or talk to her over the phone and I am, under no circumstances, to give back the cash. I point out to the boss that our holiday return policy states anything under $100 has to be refunded, cash or charge. Only more than $100 has to be refunded by a cheque. Sigh.

As I'm finishing this fiasco, the help wanted sign falls. Just like BOOM! out of nowhere and shatters all over the floor that I have oh, so recently vacuumed. Between paperwork, cleaning up the glass, and time on the phone with Julie, I did not get out of there until 9:50. I hate retail.

This brings me full circle: drinking tea, lotioning my sore feet, and surfing the 'net. Took my codiene cough syrup and sudafed. I should probably think about getting some sleep, but I'm still a little wound up. I've volunteered to do some massive cleaning in Steven's basement tomorrow. This is either true love or I'm a gargantuan sucker. Probably a bit of both. I have ulterior motives, though. He has a disk chair that I want and also if I help him clean there, I can probably ask nicely for him to help me take the tree down here.


Well, back to reality Monday. I've totally enjoyed this vacation for the most part. Mum's basically not been home for the last two weeks, which means I have the place to myself. I love that. I can walk around naked anytime I want, I don't have to do the dishes 35 seconds after I've finished eating. I can leave things out and still have them there when I come home. It's fab.

Steven's back to work on Monday, as well. I know he'll be glad to be working again, but the vacation was nice. We've actually been spending more time at the house since it's been blissfully quiet. We visited with friends, went to a couple parties, watched movies, and generally relaxed. I'm ignoring that I was sick for some of it and work was still stressful, but things were basically low key.

I've got to call UMass Monday to have my application reactivated. I also need to register for classes and make sure my financial aid is all set. I also think I might hang out with Erin Monday.

Monday also starts my hunt for a new job. I'm tired of dealing with Julie's crap at work, I hate how the schedule is down, and, to be honest, I hate the 6-7 hour shifts with no double coverage. Because I love no breaks and it's totally legal, too. The only good thing is that my hours will be a little more truncated now. My week-ends are going to be reduced to mainly Sundays and I may pick up an additional Monday. I just can't deal with the bullshit.

I should go put up my calendar now.
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Happy New Year! My resolution is to have more sex this year. So far, so good.. I've gone about thrice today (not that anyone wants details of my sex life...) It's always good to make resolutions I can actually keep. It's sort of like giving up things for Lent. I always give up smoking or giving up something for Lent for Lent. I'm a lousy Catholic.

Actually, I did start 2004 off with a pop and a bang... literally. I'll let the double entendre infiltrate. We picked up a nice bottle of champagne (excuse me: sparkling white wine, since it was, in actuality, not from France, but Italy.) It's called DeFarveri, for anyone who is interested, and it's remarkably good, considering I normally dislike both white wine and champagne. We popped the cork... well, the cork really popped itself and we've not yet found it... exactly at midnight. How cheesy, right? Toasted, announce resolutions, had a New Year's kiss over obligatory chinese food... I don't need to elaborate over the rest. Ended up watching the History of Sex on the History Channel before conking out.

I think passing out may be a better term. I had far too much to drink last night. Went out for ice cream with Allison and her fiancé Jay. Hung out there until 10ish, then went to see Mum and Bruce for margaritas (1.5 for me and .5 for Steven because he was driving) and incidental chinese food from the scary Orient Express uptown, back to Weymouth for chinese from the Fortune Cookie, then back to here where I consumed all but one glass of champagne (around 650 mL), a spoonful of codiene cough syrup, and two sudafed.

I was not hungover this morning. I was very proud of myself. I even managed to get my ass to work on time. Evil work.

I did manage to be able to sneak out for a break, where I had the bargains of the century at the GAP. I paid $42.97 for $107.50 worth of merchandise. I love after Christmas sales. Anyhow, I got this super mod blue skirt ($19.99), a pair of pants for Steven ($12.99), and a really soft, long sleeved grey shirt ($9.99). I did not find the long sleeved shirts that I was looking for/needed. I tried on a couple of tops at Old Navy, but my breasts are so big that they just looked indecent. This meant that they were really bad, considering I was wearing a thin, white tee shirt the other day that said "Young, Willing, and Eager". Anything wrapped or split necked looks like it's practically open to my navel or half my breasts are hanging out or something. If it's not V-necked, it usually rides up in front so my navel is hanging out. I am not cool with that. Navel = no-no spot.

I digress. I went to Yankee Candle after and bought the last MacIntosh Apple votive. That and Key Lime Pie are my favourite scents in that place. I should really expend a little extra money on a couple more votive holders, since I hate spending the extra for the jars. I still may eventually break down and buy the Housewarmer in MacIntosh Apple, considering just how much I like it. The Festival of Lights one that Steven picked out smells pretty good, too.

I actually want to pick up the Citrus & Teakwood one I saw when I was in the store earlier. Ha, evidently, they have chardonnay and merlot scented candles, as well. I'd love to smell those.

I'm still not cool with having had to work an 8 hour solo at work, but since when did my opinion matter? I managed to sneak out for a break because Steven's an absolute darling and watched the store long enough to make the afore-mentioned GAP and Yankee Candle run, as well as a stop by Mickey D's so I could actually have lunch. I'd like to know what kind of manager gets the day after X-Mas off, the following week-end, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day off, especially when the 30th., 31st., and 1st. are when the store inventory is supposed to be taking place. For that manner, what manager gets to work less than 40 hours a week during holiday season? I need to find a new job. Julie's a cunt. I don't care if she did get us gifts. I'm sick of her bull.

I should go to bed. I'm going out to breakfast with Steven, his parents, his brother, and his wife at something like 10:30. This means that I need to be up around 9. Not fun when you've been getting up at 11 to 11:30 all week. It's still better than this morning, though, trying to get up at 8 after the kind of drinking I had been doing the previous night. Besides, I still want to do a little more window shopping before I go to sleep. I want to see what's out there for long sleeved shirts.

Once and again, here's hoping 2004 will be better than 2003.


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