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Nov. 15th, 2008 12:26 am
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My running tally of things I can't do with three essentially broken fingers:

* Wearing pants with buttons and zippers or that can't be just pulled up.
* Write or apply make-up properly
* Button or zip my kids' coats/pants/etc
* Crack a lobster
* Eat with chopsticks.

This has really limited my options for clothing. I've really looked like a hobo this week. I'm on my 3rd round of wearing the denim skirt/Steven's early 90s concert tees/motorcycle boots. At least I blend with the RISD students and they're a step above yoga pants.
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So they're not broken, but I did crush them good and, as I suspected, most likely had dislocated them. They still hurt like a bastard, though. Dr retaped them so I can type moderately better.

Work called, not enough kids came in, so I get the day off till the staff meeting later.

Also, I have Tylenol 3s, so no more fingers throbbing all damned night. Could be worse.
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I'm on internet vacation. I fought the drawer and the drawer won this week-end. Typing is a bitch with three splinted fingers. I haven't bothered to sign on to AIM because of.

So this is what's up. Finding out tomorrow if they're broken.
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I couldn't move my arm at all when I woke up today, so I made an appointment to visit the doctor today. Since it's my shifting arm, I had to call my mum for a hop over. I haven't seen Mum in a while, so it worked out. Turns out my shoulder was partially dislocated, so they popped it back in and sent me home with a consolation prize of painkillers and muscle relaxants. I win. I also get to go have an xray tomorrow.

That aside, we popped over to the glorious mall so I could fill my scripts. I got a super cute pair of shoes at Payless that I'll wear for Halloween and a couple lotions from Bath & Body Works, since Mum had a coupon. They have a lot of cute snowflake things that I may eventually get. I'm not sure I like any of the holiday scents this year, though the pomegranate one wasn't too bad. I usually like the apple scent, but I was kind of meh about it this year.

My toes are cold. It barely made 50 here today, which is quite a bit below normal. It's going to be really bloody cold this week-end when we go to Alice Cooper. Oh gross, and we're going to get weather this week-end too. Yuck. Sunday doesn't look too bad, but Saturday looks miserable.

I finally made a Halloween icon. Better late than never.

We're going to finalize cake hooey this week-end. I think I know what flavour we're going with and the design, but I'm trying to get a few more options for a design. I also need to pay down our catering this week and send James the DJ a bit of money, too. I started tracking our RSVPs, as well. Frakking wedding. I need to finish up Haille's kissing ball and my gramma's bouquet soon, too. I planned on doing that this week, but we'll see how my shoulder goes. I need to get around to making an appointment for my gown and Haille's to get altered and I really need to start breaking in my shoes.

Bugger. I need to get a garterbelt and stockings, as well. What I really need to do is make a list. Which I won't do because I can't write currently. Bah.

So instead, I'll read the interwebz and browse cakes for the next couple days and have Steven write cheques. At least I don't have anywhere really to be and I can put off having lunch with Beth for a couple days. Laundry can wait till the week-end, as can flowers. I may trot around in my shoes for a bit, though, or walk to the library or something.

I wish I knew where my book went.

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My luck sucks. My shoulder started hurting yesterday, so I originally thought "Ok, pinched nerve.. No biggie." I get pinched nerves a lot from the weight of my boobs. I figured I'd just go to the doctor Tuesday. Unfortunately, it just started hurting more. I ended up going to the ER around 8:30 last night. An hour and a half later, it turns out that I have tennis elbow... in my shoulder. So I'm going to be home for a while, suffering. I can barely lift my stupid arm up enough to put deoderant on. Taking a shower today was horrible. Of course, I can always use this as an excuse to have Steven help me, but it would be more fun if it didn't hurt. Bah.

So yeah, I shall be home for a few days, doing nothing. Feel free to message me. Just forgive me for typing slow.
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We went yesterday and now I'm super sore. Plus, I smell like tiger balm, which Steven used last night and ended up rubbing off on me, making me burn. Boo. But, it'll eventually be worth it. I think. Last night was the last chance we had to use the pool before they close it for repairs. I tried swimming laps, but my knee and I aren't on speaking terms, still. I ultimately sat in the hot tub.

God, the holiday "safety" tips are depressing. Whatever happened to actually watching your kid during the festivities?

I'm cold. We still haven't gotten our tree yet, though maybe tomorrow, if we find a stand. Otherwise-- Saturday. It's not like the apartment's clean enough yet, anyway.

7 minutes till I leave for german.

I can go pick up a magical black cartridge tonight and once again print things now that Steven's gotten paid.  Oh well, time to power down and motor out.
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I took a huge slice out of my thumb today and, boy, did it fucking hurt. Goddamn Steve's computer. Anyhow, being the tough guy I am, I put a band-aid on it and took a couple Tylenol. So what if I could see the fat from the pad of my thumb and it hurt so bad I couldn't even curse.

Sweet, I just found a tylox. Good-by pain!

Today, other than being record breakingly hot, has been uneventful. The aftermath of the move continues... Matt and I went to help Steve out with the rearranging of his parents' basement, but we got sidetracked and ended up heading into Boston with Bethany to get something to eat at ...Danny's... I think. I had udon noodles with some kind of beef and a semi-ginger sauce. It was really good. Matt had a curry he didn't like. The place wasn't too bad for a little hole in the wall.

Mm, the painkiller is kicking in. Maybe the throbbing will soon fade into a dull ache.
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Wow.. I just saw the trailer for Spiderman and I definitely want to check it out. I'm fully intending to use that as my end-of-school reward to myself, seeing as it's coming out May 3rd.

Not much is new, other than that. I have three more days before I can start walking around on my ankle without crutches. My ankle is still wicked sore and I need to remember to call the doctor's office around 1ish today to get the medical excuse I never got from the E.R. last week.

I'm working tonight, woo! When I get home, I need to pack my clothes and get ready to head to Vermont tomorrow.
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So, what have I accomplished this spring break? Nothing! On Tuesday, I tore a damn ligament in my ankle, so my plans, which included hitting the gym every day, were shot to hell. I've basically been sitting here, high on tylox, watching my foot swell. Woo!

I did, however, get the new DevilGrrl layout done and up. Sushi is very exciting. I'm not sure if I want to redo it again.. My white layouts never last long.

Gross. I just realised how swollen my foot is. Ew ew ew.

I finally got new sneakers today. Much as I loved my vans, they were really starting to fall to pieces. I picked up a pair of New Balance- everyone I know who has them thinks they're awesome.

There was an awesome show on mummies on the Learning Channel tonight. It made Matt a bit ill, but I thought it was the cat's pyjamas. I completely missed my calling as a pathologist. They've actually had awesome programming on lately, which is a nice change-up from all the "real crime" programmes. Meh, at least I've been able to read more.

I finished Pure by Rebbecca Ray a couple days ago. I liked it. It (unfortunately?) reminded me of what it was like to be an awkward teenager again. The author really had a good grasp on the characters and, of course, I'm a complete sucker for anything that uses British slang. I'm reading Norwegian Wood by someone or another right now. I'm too lazy to get the book from the other room. I haven't really gotten too far into it, but it's all right, so far.

This is horribly addictive.
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So, obviously, I'm back from Vermont. The trip was fairly bland. I did not get my gondola ride or my apple picking in, but I did buy a lot of new clothes. If I actually get the chance to start school, I have all the shirts I need, though I still could use more pants. I also picked up pajamas and halloween socks and underwear.

Dawn didn't seem altogether too happy this time when we were up. She was tired and had stopped taking her prenatal vitamins and iron, which was not a good thing. I don't know, I'm really worried about her. It seems like everyone has a say in her pregnancy but her and it's starting it wear her out. I hope things don't get worse after she has the baby.

I found out yesterday that I'm working the Halloween shift at work, which I wanted. All I need to do now is decide what I want to dress up as. I need to raid my prom dress selection and whip something together. I should do that soon. Blah.

My doctor's appointment for my elbow went well yesterday. I tore the capsular something or another and evidently have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is some sort of connective tissue disorder. Basically, it's the reason that all my joints pop out and that I get stretch marks if I breathe too hard. He told me somethings that I should try not to do and that I need to buy better shoes from now on. My elbow is going to require 6 or more weeks of therapy and them 12-16 more weeks to fully recover.

I have to hit Wal*Mart today. I have a list of things that I need to buy, plus a couple gallons of water for my mother. Yay.

Oh, and Carleigh, I <3 you, too. Things will be ok.


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