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Because of the Impending!Snow!Doom!, I ended up with a snow day today. To be fair, the roads were pretty bad last night. On the drive home, we saw four accidents with a sum total of 22 cars and two spin-outs. I'm also not going to complain about a paid day off.

I decided to make the most of the day and tackled our bedroom, which has been a wreck pretty much since we moved in. We'd gone to IKEA yesterday and I saw and promptly fell in love with a bed with sheer curtains around it. I bought them, but I didn't want to put them up until the room was moderately cleaner.

We actually went to IKEA yesterday to look for a storage solution for down here. It is literally impossible to have the place look presentable because we have no place to out anything. There are bins stacked everywhere, our clothes are stacked, even when clean and folded, and things are all over the place. We have three racks, one of which makes up a wall in our bedroom space and two that have Christ knows what on it. It's not mine, as far as I know.

I'm not exactly sure what we're going to get yet. I should probably take pictures and post to [ profile] saucyhelp or see if there's an IKEA comm or something. This is my first experience with studio living, so I'm really out in left field.

We spend $100 at Trader Joe's yesterday, as well. We had run out of literally everything we'd had. We haven't been eating fish at all because it's too expensive to buy fish and, honestly, I don't really want to drive to Warwick to try and find the Trader Joe's there. They had langoustine tails for a really good price, so we added those into our frozen fish stock up. Really, I should just stop by and buy a few things each time we're up in the area. What matters, though, is I now have lots of fish to eat and all is good in the world. I also have wheat pane bread, naan bread, and all kinds of other goodies too.

I finally put one of our wedding photos in a frame. I had an extra from when I made Steven's anniversary gift and it fit nicely in a Mikasa frame someone gave us.

I bought some chewable melatonin to see if that will help with my insomnia.

I started a 365 journal, as well. I'm very productive right now. The only thing I didn't get done today was our taxes, but I'll do them at some point this week.


Oct. 30th, 2008 03:35 pm
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Apparently, the campaigning for McCain/Palin is all done for the day because my plumber JUST arrived, five minutes after I left a pissy message for my mum, reminding her I have a 4:30 hair appointment. There's a whole slew of them too.

God, I am grumpy.
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Things I am going to kill when I get my hands on them:
1. The kitten
2. Chipmunks

I finally figured out what's happening with our tomato plants. We have three, two had little tomatoes on them and one is just growing blossoms, but no tomatoes. I went out this morning, there were no little tomatoes at all, and one of the plants was tipped over. I finally found a half eaten green tomato, so I blamed the squirrels. Now, I feed them ALL THE TIME, so it makes no sense for them to eat green tomatoes. I blamed them anyway.

I just went back into the office after scrubbing my bathtub and, lo and behold, there is a motherfrakking chipmunk on my porch, shoveling seeds into its fat little face. Then, I watched it scrabble down and check out the tomato plants, before going back to the feeder.

I hope it gets a stomachache from gorging on my tomatoes. Asshole.

The cable guy is finally coming today, between 15.00 and 17.00, so I am upstairs waiting. Last night, in a fit of ambition, I put away all the DVDs and CDs while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of the three DVDs we didn't pack up. The basement is looking more and more like a real studio apartment now.

Steven's been grilling again. Last night we had meat on a stick, corn, asparagus and vidallia onions. Tonight, I saw Jamaican jerk chikin. I have no idea what to make with that, though. Rice maybe. Having a grill is all sorts of awesome.

So the sum of today: mail, scrubbing tub, cable guy. Woo.

May have good news in a day or two.

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I am now, officially, a licensed Rhode Island driver. I wasted several hours of my life at the RMV today, after oversleeping by two hours, and rushing to get down there. There is no RMV in Providence; there is one in Pawtucket and it is only open until 3:15. It is also in the old Apex building, which luckily I know how to get to. I brought a book with me, luckily, because I was there over two hours.

I was lured into Apex afterwards. I bought Steven a shirt for $7 and I splurged on myself and got a Beehouse tea pot in aqua, so as to match our china and my KitchenAid. That was $23, down from $30. But hey, it has a basket for my loose tea, so I am happy.

Yay for my photographic memory; I headed to Mt. Hope to the Whole Foods Plaza. I had lunch at Boston Market because it was almost 16.00 and I was starving, since I hadn't had breakfast or even grabbed a soda before I left. This time, we weren't in a cranky rush, so I wandered around, bought household staples (yoghurt, peanut butter, and bananas), as well as some salad, more dishsoap I am not allergic to, and other things I can't remember. I was also seduced by a pepper plant, which is came home with me. Since we already had Horace, I decided this one should be called Mut and we'll just name all our plants after Egyptian gods. I have no idea what kind of pepper it is, but I think I want to pickle some of them.

The highway was a clusterfrak, so I decided that I would just go home via the East Side. Of course, I've only been this way once, but dammit, I was going to skip the highway. I was 2/3s of the way down Waterman Ave. when I saw Steven. Since I'm awesome, I picked him and we headed back here.

Now, the next part is the topper for my day of awesome. My cat has eaten some of my school paperwork. Apparently, no one informed Racetrack that eating work is a dog's domain. When I go over to RIC next week, I am now going to have to explain that my stupid, stupid kitten ate my papers. And I am going to be sure to bring the nibbled-upon work with me.

Now I'm sitting out on the porch, soda in hand, watching Steven mow the lawn and spray for earwigs. Wireless internet is made of win.

Job interview tomorrow and, I think, bus riding most of the day Friday or Monday, whichever is the better of the two days.

I just noticed... My back lawn is entirely covered with little violet plants. My grandmother would have been thrilled. They were her favourite flowers too.
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It seems someone has forgotten to tell my cats that their ancestors were hunters. I am nearly sure that if they were thrown outside now, they would be sad to realize that hunting the mighty tinned can is not a native species. Case in point, Racetrack will chase bugs, but today, when faced with a vicious earwig, she gave Steven a look that essentially said "Dude, you have thumbs, you kill it." She will eat spiders and moths like they're going out of style. I think they're the cat equivalent of protein bars.

There's another flaw in our naming of the cats. Namely, Racetrack has no idea what her name is. She thinks her name is Kitty-Cake. She also thinks her name is the sound of the cat yummy jar rattling.

I have another job interview coming up at a theatre company. Hopefully, I won't spend the whole summer unemployed, now that AAA never rang me back. I've been applying for everything that looks interesting to me, so something is bound to come up. Both jobs are in Providence and most likely bus accessible. I need to go get my license done this week, perhaps, too, now that my cheques have arrived with the appropriate information on them.

We're still living in Boxtopia down here. I unpacked 10 more boxes today, mostly kitchen things. Mum and Bruce came down, but Bruce was sick and therefore, none of her things got moved. I really would like to set up the damned living room area so I can sit around in my underpants and watch BSG on DVD or hook up cable or something. Steven and I are shooting for this week-end, at least, to have things at least 75% done.

I have to stop reading design blogs and [ profile] saucydwellings because I badly want to redecorate. We've never really settled anywhere long enough to decorate well, other than in hand me downs. I mean, we still have them here, but I wanted to make covers for our couches and so on. I wish I had money.
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Woot! We are officially downstairs instead of the guest bedroom! I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I am going to be sleeping in my own motherfrakking bed tonight. This was not without its catastrophes: we lost not one but two fill kits during the move, someone walked all over the bed's bladder, the surround shrinking, and a garden hose which leaked and did not fit in the bed, but it's done and made now and I can't wait to more than roll around, trying to rearrange the fibrefill.

We broke out the shoji screens tonight, too, so not only are we down here, but we have a blocked off area as well. Of course, that means the toilet still isn't screened off, but I will walk upstairs to pee for the time being, as long as it means we have a door. We also put our books away, all eleventy billion of them, and set up the mini-fridge and the microwave.

Priorities: we has them.

The kitten was possessed by a slightly more competent demon tonight. As soon as the 23:00 news is over, the hallway turns into Kitty International Speedway, in which Racetrack is the sole participant. Most of her trials include hurdling the furniture and trying not to get a) strangled by me or b) smacked by Boomer. Periodically, she stops for minimal petting or to stare at one of us like we're going to eat her. It runs till about 2am, at which point it returns to Kitty Siesta Time.

Tomorrow looks like more unpacking, lawn mowing, and maybe more laundry. I still have no idea where 90% of my clothing is nor do I know where the rest of our clean sheets are. I do, however, know where most of my shoes are. Like I said, priorities: I has them.


Mar. 27th, 2008 05:20 pm
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Damn.. I should go to work at 9:30 every day. I'm productive today. I finished putting info on my copyrighted images this morning, so I can actually finish editing them and print a couple. So that's one bit of my portfolio out of the way, at least. I have a couple more things to start on soon.

Came home, made myself lunch, and then I started on cooking the burger for stuffed cabbage for dinner. After that, I put away dishes, reloaded the dishwasher, washed the wine glasses, wiped the counters down, and scrubbed the sink out with baking soda so it shines. Plus, I did a little over a half hour of yoga.

Recipe )
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Three day week-end which means I have an extra day to get things done. Woot. Though, not really, because most things will be closed on Sunday.

I started cleaning yesterday morning. Most of the kitchen is squared away, dishwasher is loaded, and most of the table is cleared off. The couch is still a pretty hellish mess, though. I would have done more, but we had tickets to see Avenue Q last night and were out the door here at 5:30, so we could make with the Chinesey Goodness first.

Avenue Q was ...interesting... I enjoyed it, the songs were pretty amusing, the puppets were interesting, but I'm glad I didn't spend a tonne on tickets. I've been to shows I've enjoyed a lot more. My opinion was obviously not shared by the majority of the crowd, though, as they were constantly cheering after every number and laughing raucously throughout.  I don't know if it's because I didn't really watch Sesame Street or didn't live in dorms at college, but it wasn't that awesome. On the other hand, it did prove to me that it is officially cheaper to go to the theatre in Boston than to catch a Red Sox game.

SO! Things I need to do today after finishing my soda and LJ:
  • Make a lemon meringue pie to bring to Mum.
  • Bake buttermilk cake rounds for tomorrow's dessert (if I can find my round pans)
  • Finish cleaning the kitchen: sweep and wash floors, wipe down counters, and clean stove.
  • Wipe down table.
  • Couch - obliterated, cushions rotated
  • Clean clothes in living room put away upstairs
  • Strip bed and remake.
  • Laundry including mattress pad.
  • Vacuum
  • Dump camera.
That should keep me busy most of the day. I think I am also going to buy some inexpensive spring flowers to plop on the table. We had tulips for Steven's birthday and they were really pretty, so I think we shall forgo eating out once a week and have flowers instead. Also: my knee needs to stop complaining. I just got up and it's already twinging and cranky. I need to fill my ultram script today. It's not at "OMG! Worst Pain Ever!" level, but it's been really off all week. I tweaked it running upstairs at school and there's no rest for it here because the bathroom is upstairs and everything else is not.

Okay. Back to LJ, then magical cleaning/baking.
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The week-end was actually surprisingly not made of awesome. The friend we had plans with Saturday flaked out, my grandfather was really cranky, and it was cold. The best we ended up doing was going for groceries, which we did kind of need. Then I spend the rest of the night being whingy about being in and went to bed early.

Plans also fell through for yesterday. Steven and I went out for an early brunch at Cheesecake Factory since we had a giftcard and it was much better this time than last, though someone should remind my dumb ass that eating lots of strawberries will indeed make me a sad badger. Still, it was a nice way to kill a good hour and a half. I saw one of the girls I went to high school with, which is always interesting.

We were originally going to go see a bellydancing thing today, but sucks and never mentioned tickets. Turns out they (like most things) were out of our entertainment budget. Steven called Sam, with whom we were supposed to go, and I started tidying up while he was doing that.

I'm trying to get in the habit of having one day a week that I clean around here. For a while, it was biweekly while Steven had the kid, but it seemed very overwhelming. Once a week is much more manageable. I ended up actually scrubbing down the walls by the sink because they had this gross, grayish film over them. Damned if I know why, because no one smokes in here, but it's gone now. Method's All Purpose cleaner is DAMN good for that. Of course, once I did that, I had to wipe down the radiators and the sills and the telly because they looked grimy too. So the end of a couple hours of cleaning meant that our bedroom is tidied up with clean sheets, the dishwasher is empty, and the living room is picked up.

You wouldn't know that now, though, since there's folded laundry everywhere and stuff on the couch from me being here all day.

Sam rang after that and decided she was too tired to do anything, so we made a pilgrimage to Le Target. I needed to buy a giant antibacterial soap refill. I came home with 5 pairs of dollar socks, a Star Wars shirt for $3.98, animal crackers, a pair of head phones that I need to return, and some Seventh Generation dish soap that smells great. Guess what I did not actually buy. We hit the Sbux there because we had another giftcard. New honey latte = ok. Vanilla bean mini scones, however, are pretty delicious.

We went to Bread and Circus on the way home because I had an unholy craving for Meat! and Steven's generally untrusting of the other other markets in the area. We also ran out of soy sauce and the kind he likes also seems to not be in the local shops and we never remember we could go to the Super 88 until it's too late. We ended up picking up a couple things and getting a potential invitation to go to a gallery opening this week-end. And I have maple glazed parsnips now.

After that, we ended up back here, watched some not really great telly, and caught a bit of the news before I started feeling sick. Without going into TMI-Land, it was very bad and I was up until approximately 3:30 in the morning. I preemptively called out of work since I figured, if nothing else, I would be exhausted today. I spent most of the rest of today feeling kind of yucky and napping between bouts of nasty stomach cramps, so it was a wise decision.

At least I feel fine to go to work tomorrow. Clothes are all picked out and everything.


Feb. 10th, 2008 12:35 pm
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Here's another week-end mostly down the tubes. I can't believe we're almost halfway through February. This year is barreling on.

I cleaned up the house a little yesterday, watched Across the Universe, which was great, and then when Steven got in, we headed to IKEA since we were bored and IKEA is cheap entertainment. Also because we were almost out of napkins and I really love the IKEA ones. We also bought a cheap pillow and a spare blanket for when we have guests because we had to throw out our old blankets. I also wanted to look at area rugs and lighting because there is nothing I love more than Swedish furniture.

What we ended up doing was looking at mattresses.

Gross bed story! )

When we priced out a mattress there, for about the same amount, we could get a new mattress, a frame, and the slats. I'm sort of leaning towards just replacing the whole thing because, really, our bed is almost a decade old. It's probably time.

So, flist, does anyone have an IKEA mattress? Are they any good or will our backs both implode if we do this?

Today looks like another blah day. The weather is having a case of MPD. We managed to get rain, snow, and sun in the span of about 20 minutes and it's starting to get dark outside again. We had snow last night which was fairly heavy in spurts and the lying weathermen are predicting we're going to get thundersnow this afternoon. I love me some New England weather. Isn't it spring yet?

I finally used some of my Snowcake stash today and I think I finally found the one soap from Lush that doesn't make my skin want to whimper liked a kicked puppy. It doesn't give me that sticky, tight feeling that most soap does. I wish the smell would linger a little longer and be a bit stronger, but them's the breaks. Up close, I can smell it faintly off my skin, but it smells more just non-descript clean than like marzipan as it does in the shower.

Only one more week till vacation and a week of feverishly doing artwork for my portfolio that I should have done, oh, three or four months ago.


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