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Another Christmas down the tubes...

Since we didn't roll in until almost 4 last night, we slept in today. We finally opened gifts around 14:00. Steven got me new fleece pants (which I am currently wearing), a new denim skirt, some sheer snowflake knickers, 2 pairs of Cuban stockings, headphones for my iPod, floofy house socks, and a metric buttload of candy. My mum and Bruce bought me a lovely agate necklace and a laptop sleeve. It was a good if sedate holiday.

Of course, I was bored soon as we'd finished opening things, so after a lot of deliberation of nap vs. movie, we chose movie. We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was actually quite good, though sad. It was also nearly three hours long. Definitely better than staying home, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, this meant we didn't get home till almost half past 20:00. I cooked nothing yesterday, so I started applesauce and the roasted potatoes knowing full well it would be forever till we ate. I also made a gingerbread cake, which we just had. We had our Honeycracked/Hanukkah Ham with green beans, applesauce, and roasted potatoes for dinner. The cats were thrilled.

I think we're going to do a bit of shopping tomorrow, as well as hitting the bank. I want to get a plug-in charger for the iPods and to check out Lush's Clean Slate sale.

I need to pack, as well, since we're headed to Maine for our anniversary. I can't wait. I have zero intention of leaving the hotel room except to eat. We have a jacuzzi, my back hurts, and we have a load of Lush stuff. We've made reservations at MC Perkins for our anniversary proper. We ate there the last time we were in Maine and it was good. The place we actually wanted to go was closed, so this was our second choice. Still, it will be good to get away, even though we went to Newport just barely a month ago.

I don't know why I'm so tired. Probably the last couple weeks catching up with me.

Hope everyone had a great holiday.


Nov. 28th, 2008 12:22 am
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I miss Gramma. This was her favourite holiday and it hurt like a bleeding wound all day. I started crying when my cranberries gelled-- something she always wanted them to do and when I made her favourite pie.

It's been a year... why does it hurt so much still? Will it always hurt like this?

Turkey Day

Nov. 27th, 2008 03:42 am
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PI!!! )
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We're going to be in Boston for the day to check out the Day of the Dead festival. If you want to catch up, we'll have both cell phones with us.
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We didn't do much besides go to our respective work parties, the Lush store party, and dinner at Phonatic/tea at Blue State/crepes at La Creperie. Actually, I guess that was a lot.

We won Best Costume at the Lush Party. Prize was the Celebration! gift: Avobath, Champagne Supernova, Happy Hippy, Happy soap, and Each Peach. This is the first time I've won anything for a costume, so I was psyched.
Halloween 2008 Pix )
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funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
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Happy Bunny Day!

My list of shit to do yesterday:
  • Make a lemon meringue pie to bring to Mum.
  • Bake buttermilk cake rounds for tomorrow's dessert (if I can find my round pans) (bought a poundcake; too many dishes in sink)
  • Finish cleaning the kitchen: sweep and wash floors, wipe down counters, and clean stove.
  • Wipe down table.
  • Couch - obliterated, cushions rotated (mostly done)
  • Clean clothes in living room put away upstairs (mine are put away)
  • Strip bed and remake.
  • Laundry including mattress pad. (being done now, mattress pad will be done later)
  • Vacuum
  • Dump camera.
So it basically could have been worse. The kitchen is way cleaner than it was, the table is all set and has pretty fresh flowers, and my floor is about as clean as it's going to get without a LOT of help. I'm not sure who though white lino was a good idea, but IT IS NOT. It just turns randomly yellowish and is impossible to clean. I scrub biweekly, on my hands and knees, and it always looks gross. Eff you, floor.

I have yet to start cooking dinner yet. We're going to eat around 6ish and the planned menu is CrackBaked Ham, asparagus, roasted new potatoes, and strawberry shortcake. Which are macerated in brandy... Mm, brandy. I didn't make cakes yesterday, so we bought a poundcake to put them on and spray whipped cream because I just wasn't feeling it today.
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It's been like a week since I updated. I'm kind of blah today.

We have been doing a lot of nothing in the last week. The tree fell over on New Year's and broke six of my grandma's ornaments, so that kind of spoilt the day for me. We went out to dinner with Sam and then came back here and drank far, far too much champagne and ate leftover wedding cake. The rest of the week I just kind of did nothing.

We've seen Sweeney Todd and The Golden Compass over the vacation. Both were very good.

I went to Mum and Bruce's Little Christmas party yesterday, had an awesome panic attack when someone started asked about the anniversary, horfed up my dinner, and then promptly drank too much wine. Mum gave us $20 for Epiphany. I have a set of earrings for her that I forgot to give to her yesterday.

I have the day off tomorrow courtesy of The Sears Appliance Fairy who will sprinkle magical appliances on my life tomorrow between 7:30 and 9:30. Because "after 4pm because we have to work" really means early in the morning, yo. But hey, at least we will have a new stove tomorrow and we can stop having to eat out ALL THE TIME. First thing Imma do tomorrow is bake damned bread. Steven wants to make tuna noodle casserole. We are lame because we've been fantasizing about what we'll cook first when we have a stove again. I am making a chicken this week-end :)

We are not going to discuss my lush addiction behind the cut )

I also bought three filters for my camera: a star filter, a neutral density filter, and a diffusion filter because Ritz was having a buy two, get one free and my grandfather gave me an AWESOME tripod, so now I just need to, you know, do something with my pictures/website. It was make Samantha's wallet cry day at the Mall. We had dinner at Johnny Rocket's and then headed home, where Steven had to watch American Gladiators.

I'll have kitteh pictures tomorrow when I dump the camera. I love my huge memory card so very much. Kitteh couldn't decide whether she wanted OMG!LUVINS or to try and chase the squirrels through the glass. It is a hard life.

Funny Kitteh Story: My grandfather has one of those liquor cabinets that one side is a curio and it rotates to reveal the bar behind it. I had been playing with the cat and I went to show Steven the bar. I thought the cat had just sort of wandered off till I closed it back up and relocked it. Soon as I moved, she was over there, nosing around, pawing the sides, trying to figure out how I made the magics happen. When she couldn't do it because she has no opposable thumbs, the look she gave me would have frozen water in July. It was all ...Humans... Opposable thumbs... When I rule the world... Damn them... It was great.

There's some potentially really big news that I'll probably post about soon. We just kind of found out today, so I'm still kind of ruminating about it.

Blah. Tired.
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I'm already tired. I still haven't had a cup of tea yet.

Pressies are unwrapped. The booty is as follows:

Cut for the uninterested )

Hope everyone else is having a great holiday. I'm going back to making applesauce and onions for Christmas dinner while Steven cleans.

Again, feel from to join us after 8ish for coffee and dessert. There's some really delicious gingerbread and fresh whipped creme.
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I am currently baking my last batch of cookies. Like I said before, I think the final count is between 6 and 7 dozen: 2 dozen Viennese Crescents, 3 dozen sugar cookies, and 2 1/2 dozen poppyseed cookies, plus the gingerbread cake that I need to make whipped creme for tomorrow. Anyone local want to drop by tomorrow night for dessert and coffee?

I am not overly pleased with the oven. We figured it was kind of off since things took forever to cook, but Steven finally went and bought an oven thermometer. Turns out it is really off. I started preheating it around 3:30, setting it at 500* and the highest temperature it made it too was 250* and that was only briefly. It hovered mostly around 200*. I also noticed the tin foil I used to line under the coils with has gotten so hot that it's crumbling and I can't put anything on top of the stove without it getting really hot. I had to move the gingerbread off the stove because it was almost as hot as when I took it out the oven yesterday.

I should think about eating dinner soon, I guess. We had a late lunch. I could have soup, I guess, or leftover Indian.

I guess I'm going to make the onions and applesauce tomorrow. I just realized I forgot to make them and now I'm tired.
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I'm in the middle of baking approximately four dozen cookies that I intend to foist on people for the next week. I made two dozen crescents and a 10x14 pan of gingerbread cake last night, so we're going to have six dozen cookies by the end of the night. I still need to make applesauce.

We went by Mum's earlier to get their gifts to us. I already have them theirs. My mother was in the process of making 12 fruitcakes.

I'm probably going to kill someone. The kitchen is a huge frakking mess and I keep tripping over shit. Steven's not feeling well and was lounging on the couch so that his legs were right in the middle of where I needed to be. It's not like I was in a good mood to begin with anyway.

Mum gave me some of Gramma's jewelry to wear, so that was stressful. I have her sapphire earrings and heart pendant on now.

I'm seriously going to stab Steven in the head by the end of the night if he doesn't stop being so irritating. I am seriously 87 kinds of bitchy.

Bah Humbug

Dec. 23rd, 2007 01:46 pm
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So, in order not to be the world's biggest grinch ever, I have decided I am going to bake things today. So far, I am considering making gingerbread (the bread kind, not the cookie kind), Viennese crescent cookies, poppy seed cookies, and probably sugar cookies. I might make snickerdoodles if they're not overly hard. That should keep me busy for today and tomorrow.

Mm, snag #1. No brownie pans. I will be making in this a sheet cake pan instead and foisting it off on people.

I also need to make applesauce for Teh Piggy tomorrow and probably whip the sweet potatoes. I can't remember if we have brown sugar on not. I guess I should look for that, huh.

I was originally going to make a pie, but I just don't feel up to it. I'll thaw our cheesecake instead, I guess.


Dec. 10th, 2007 07:24 pm
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Damn. LED lights are bright.

All our Christmas lights (including the ones we bought for the wedding last year) seem to have gotten broken during the move, so Ma and I ventured to Le Target and then Sprawl-Mart in search of new lights. I decided to suck it up and spring for the new LED ones and wow... They are something else. We put 300 on our Christmas Shrubbery which is like half the recommended amount and it's better than our 9010 strands of regular mini-lights.

Mr. I Have A Degree In Lighting Design actually got the lights up in one shot without any gaps and almost 0 swearing, which is a vast improvement from last year.

I still have laryngitis and I sound like Jeremy the Squeaky Voiced Teen from The Simpsons. Makes for good times at school. It's been like this for going on for a week now.

We're getting the ornaments from Ma's tomorrow. We're going to the Mall tomorrow after school so she can buy me new pants because all my pants are too big. Though potentially, I might have some pants that were a little too small before, so maybe after this, I'll go see if I can dig them out. Most likely, no one really needs to look at my tattoos all day.


Dec. 9th, 2007 03:18 pm
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We went on our first solo trip to see my grandfather yesterday. It was hard, as expected. The house seems really strange. It's very empty and sad feeling. My grandmother always had tonnes of lights on (to my grandfather's dismay; he likes to save electricity), so it was dark, too. I've never been in the house without her there. We'd been times when my grandfather was in the hospital, but it never seemed so empty, then. It wasn't creepy, like at my grandmother Takacs's house after she died, just sad and muted.

We mostly sat in the office, with my grandfather, talking. I wrote out a couple bills for him to sign, since he has tremours and can't write very legibly and balanced the chequebook. It was hard to see my handwriting under hers in there.

I was in the house less than two minutes before the cat came tearing from the other room and flopped on her back for bellah rubbins. She haunted me throughout the house for the whole day. Anywhere I went, she was half a step behind, meowing at me. Any time she got ahead of me, she kept looking back to make sure I was still there. She wouldn't go outside and any time I sat, she was in my lap.

I think the hardest thing was that my grandfather kept calling me Lee or Ohnie. Steven caught it a few times and it made my heart catch every time I heard it. Eventually, they went downstairs to check out a clogged sink in Grandpa's workshop and the cat and I continued to kind of haunt the upstairs.

Her ashes are in the back bedroom. I saw the box when I went to check out the scale. I've lost a little more than ten pounds since the last time I was there. The cat had gone into their bedroom and wanted me to sit with her on the bed, which was more than I could handle. Ma cleaned off her bureau, so that was just strange, too. I know it's so it doesn't look like she's just run to the store and will be coming home, but it was hard to look at. I remember looking at her photos and her telling me about them when I was a kid or how sometimes she's let me use a little of her make-up.

No one's cleaned up anything in what used to be my room there. Her shoes and stocking are still on the box where she took them off the night before she died. There are a couple of cards addressed on the bureau and other things where she'd put them down. Her clothes are all folded on the ironing board, ready to be put away. I thought that room would be the hardest, but the living room's actually the one that I really can't stand being in. I went in long enough to get some Vaseline for the cat, but I couldn't stay in there.

My grandfather shooed us out around 3:30, so we went home. We picked up some of our Christmas stuff from Ma's and then we came home and mulled apple cider with vanilla schnapps in it. It seemed to help the laryngitis I've had for the last couple days.

I've mostly just felt sick all day. I did a little work on my charcoal, but I was antsy and didn't like what was coming out. I'll take it back to school and do work on it tomorrow. I did lightly fix it so it won't get smeared.

I guess we're going to try and get our tree today, after Steven brings in his end of the laundry and I finish watching some stupid programme on some weird dog-thing up in Maine.


Nov. 22nd, 2007 11:50 pm
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Everyone's been doing this, so I figure I'll catch this before the end of the night.

This year, I am thankful for... family, especially my grandparents. Every day I get to spend with them is precious and I am blessed that they have lived this long. I am blessed, as well, to spend the day with my loved ones, to be able to call my mum on the phone when I need her. husband. I am lucky to have found someone that I love and that loves me. We're lucky to be able to spend the holidays together, to have food on our table, and to mostly not want to kill each other.

...our friends, who were able to share in pie with us.

...our new home. There is no mould here, no weird neighbours, no way overblown rent, and all the other irritations in the old place.

...the gorgeous weather. Steven and I took a long walk today and just enjoyed the outdoors.

...not having to spend the holiday with my MIL. 'Nuff said.

Hope everyone had a great day. I am going to go eat more pie.


Nov. 21st, 2007 05:50 pm
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Ok, do people actually take a drive to Plymouth Rock on Thanksgiving? Seriously? Television was just talking about it, but I'm hoping it's lying.

...have I just missed this tradition in all the time I've been here?
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First, my complex wins at life because they didn't bother clearing the slush when it was still slushy. Now, there's an inch thick layer of ice and they're trying to scrape that off at the loudest volume possible. Haven't you jerks ever heard of sand and salt?

I hid in the house all day, thinking about redesigning my websites. I didn't actually do anything, but thinking about it is half the battle, kind of like I'm still thinking about the rest of my painting. Steven called and mentioned something about dinner, so I crawled into the shower. There's nothing like trying to shave in a lukewarm shower. There's been no hot water this month at all. I went all out and even wore the World's Least Comfortable Underpants with their matching suspenders.

Since the weather is filthy, we decided to just got to Cannoli's up the street. We hadn't been there since we moved and we'd been meaning to try it. They had a prix fixe dinner, so we pulled the requisite amount of money and sat. And sat. And sat. I guess 7pm is one of their busier times. It was better than it could have been, though, since they had a live lounge singer doing Frank Sinatra, Deano, and Bobby Darin covers.

We had salad, Steven had clams oreganato and I had just stuffed clams as appetizers and both decided on the chicken picatta for dinner. Unfortunately, Cannoli's wants me dead and it was full of dried tomatoes and peppers and probably something else. I managed about two bites before my throat and mouth started getting itchy, so I had to flag down the waitress and explain that I hadn't realized their picatta had tomatoes in it. She brought it back and I ended up getting the surf and turf instead, which was really delicious. They had mini-cheesecakes as dessert, so we enjoyed that with a cup of coffee and listened to the singer. All in all, a good night.

Which brings me to here, updating the internets. If I get around to getting to the store tomorrow, I'm going to pick up some lemon and almond extracts so I can abduct Nicki and demand she bake a cake with me.

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Happy VDay, Internets.

Valentine by Carol Duffy )

This was the last reading from our wedding ceremony.


Jan. 1st, 2007 12:09 am
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Happy 2007, internetz!
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Merry Christmas!


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