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Because of the Impending!Snow!Doom!, I ended up with a snow day today. To be fair, the roads were pretty bad last night. On the drive home, we saw four accidents with a sum total of 22 cars and two spin-outs. I'm also not going to complain about a paid day off.

I decided to make the most of the day and tackled our bedroom, which has been a wreck pretty much since we moved in. We'd gone to IKEA yesterday and I saw and promptly fell in love with a bed with sheer curtains around it. I bought them, but I didn't want to put them up until the room was moderately cleaner.

We actually went to IKEA yesterday to look for a storage solution for down here. It is literally impossible to have the place look presentable because we have no place to out anything. There are bins stacked everywhere, our clothes are stacked, even when clean and folded, and things are all over the place. We have three racks, one of which makes up a wall in our bedroom space and two that have Christ knows what on it. It's not mine, as far as I know.

I'm not exactly sure what we're going to get yet. I should probably take pictures and post to [ profile] saucyhelp or see if there's an IKEA comm or something. This is my first experience with studio living, so I'm really out in left field.

We spend $100 at Trader Joe's yesterday, as well. We had run out of literally everything we'd had. We haven't been eating fish at all because it's too expensive to buy fish and, honestly, I don't really want to drive to Warwick to try and find the Trader Joe's there. They had langoustine tails for a really good price, so we added those into our frozen fish stock up. Really, I should just stop by and buy a few things each time we're up in the area. What matters, though, is I now have lots of fish to eat and all is good in the world. I also have wheat pane bread, naan bread, and all kinds of other goodies too.

I finally put one of our wedding photos in a frame. I had an extra from when I made Steven's anniversary gift and it fit nicely in a Mikasa frame someone gave us.

I bought some chewable melatonin to see if that will help with my insomnia.

I started a 365 journal, as well. I'm very productive right now. The only thing I didn't get done today was our taxes, but I'll do them at some point this week.


Feb. 19th, 2009 10:47 pm
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Still getting over the death flu/pneumonia which is almost at the end of it's third full week. No more vomiting aside Friday the 6th's three bouts of it. It went through the school like wildfire–parents, teachers, everyone. It seems to be making a second round, which I hope to avoid.

The worst lingering feeling is the complete lack of appetite. I've been unable to eat real meals since. Right now, my meal schedule looks like: 16oz of OJ for breakfast, a small amount of what's leftover from lunch (ie. 1 slice of meatloaf, a small scoop of roasted potatoes, and a small scoop of green beans), and pop-tarts for dinner. That's eating when I'm hungry and that's enough to full me up. Poptarts are on there because they're one of the things I can look at and not feel queasy.

The antibiotics I'm taking for the pneumonia is making me feel craptacular and dizzy. I'm very bleh all day. The coughing is still around and when I breathe in, my lungs squeak. I'm constantly tired.

The only bonus is that I'm down a pant size and then a little extra. I might as well get something positive out of this.

More on Fiddler later. I need to get to bed now.

Mm. Fall.

Oct. 19th, 2008 10:31 pm
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We managed to be semi-productive today. We started the Great Clothing Changeover. My mum always did this when I was a kid: around the middle of October, we would go into the attic and drag down all our winter stuff from their cardboard boxes (this was the Dark Ages: Before Rubbermaid). We'd spread everything out over the beds and change out the closets. We usually repeated the process in May, except with added mothballs. It became habit, usually because of no closet space.

It kind of disturbs me that nearly all of my summer clothes fit in one plastic bin. I also only have one pair of wearable shorts and they're not exactly awesome. I know what I'm buying next spring.

We did a metric buttload of laundry, changed out the screens/sundry winterizing, caught up on dishes, and did some more rearranging in hopes of it looking like a real, live home down here before the holidays/guests. Around 16:00, I realized that I had become a cave troll and hadn't left the house since Friday. We decided to brave the chilly, windy weather and venture out to the East Side.

I finally sucked it up and wore a coat. I am glad I did. It was freezing!

We parked nearly on Thayer Street and started wandering. There were still a fair amount of things open, shoppingwise, but bleh, it was really cold. That made dinner the much more attractive option. We ended up at Mama's Sharwarma. I really like their falafel better than East Side Pockets; they're lighter. I got an amazing falafel & beef sharwarma wrap and Steven got the burger of the day. Totally the best fries ever, there.

Cue more wandering from there. We didn't really have a plan when we went out except to just get out. We decided to check out Creperie since we've heard nothing but good things about it. It's this teeny little hole in the wall that's open really late.

We really weren't disappointed. It wasn't the cheapest thing around, but it was really, really delicious. I had Nutella and bananas, Steven had bananas, strawberries, and honey. So good. I can see why it's gotten such good reviews online. They have savory crepes, waffles, and a variety of wraps, it seems, as well.

Obviously, we're home now. That was our entertainment budget for the week.

This next week looks like it's going to be long. I have to meet with a counselor on Tuesday and then class picking day is Wednesday plus the few odd shifts at work. We're going to see Alice Cooper next week-end, so that's a nice thing to look forward to.

I still can't believe the month is almost over. I feel like I've missed most of the fall, though that's not exactly a lie with being sick. This really could be the only cold I have for the winter and I'll be set.

I wish I weren't so meh.
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I think I'm ready to qualify vertigo as the worst sensation ever. Everything feels like it's swaying or shaking under me. Even sitting up, it kind of feels like I'm being pushed off of something.

We skipped over to the mall after I got off of work so I could cash my cheque at the Evil Empire of America. We were going to go home, but caught a case of the lazies and decided to have dinner at Johnny Rocket's instead. Sometimes you just need greasy food.

Of course I was seduced by Lush, which lies right across from the from the food court. That's the curse of needing to cash my cheque at the mall. Since this is our usual haunt, we're starting to get to know most of the SAs, which is both good and bad, usually for my wallet.

They had Ghost. And I am weak. It smells so good. I also heard the details about the other Halloween products they're putting out, which sound interesting, but not so much my thing.

I did a quick spec out of Sephora because I keep hearing great things about Benefit's creme liner/shadow in Skinny Jeans. It's been in several magazines and I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype before I waste $20 on it. I will say that it did not disappoint. The colour went on really nicely and easily and also seemed very wearable, so I will most likely pick that up next week sometime.

The last stop out was by Old Navy to check the sales rack and batter my self esteem a little. God help me, but I've been looking at skinny jeans so long they've grown on me. I figured one look at my wide ass in them should sufficiently mollify the urge.

I tried them on and they didn't look bad. Steven didn't like them, but the two girls sitting in the fitting room approved. You know, because I need teenage approval. I probably am going to give into the trend, as I have many cute, long winter tops and likewise for flats. Also: I need more pants.

Now I'm just being slothful in my flannel pyjamas, watching TLC like I've been doing, oh, for the last month. Since there's not much else to do with Steven having the car, I'm probably just going to curl up in the shower with my lovely new Ghost in hopes I'll smell omg!awesome.
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Things that are good today:

  • I only needed two books for the whooooooole semester (of course, they were $228)
  • I will probably be able to use these books for years. Mum still uses hers for art classes from her RIC days
  • I have a copy of Mac Office and it was only $12!!!
  • It's Friday and I have a whole week-end off. All I have for work is some reading, a collage, and a sketch that's not due till Thursday.
  • It's pay day!
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I have about 2 minutes before I need to pack up and go to class. Classes are decent so far, though my financial aid is still hinky. I do miss my bed a lot, though. My day is basically running from 7:30ish to 21:30ish on good days. I've basically given up on any semblance of a social life this semester.

And that's all the time I have. I'm off to fill my water bottle and go to 2D design.
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Things that are good today: easy parking at school, financial aid stuff is done, extra hours at work today, a nice paycheque, the super nice girls at Providence Lush, Cambodian food with my husband, and finding the Coffee Exchange and Wickenden Street finally.

What made you guys happy today?

Mm, iPod.

Aug. 15th, 2008 11:48 am
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I have the worst heartburn today. Once again, I remember why I stopped drinking coffee. I would have skipped it, but I was so tired this morning. I slept like shit because I had hives most of the night and couldn't find where my Benedryl went. I woke up basically every hour on the hour. I just took one of Steven's omeprozole because it was that bad.

I'm in Boston today for one of Steven's friends' going away parties. I kind of wish I were sleeping.

We met up with Ron and Terry last night. We hadn't seen them since mid-May and this was far better circumstances. We had tea at Tealuxe, after having dinner at the burrito/pizza joint on Thayer. It was a little disappointing.

God, I wish this heartburn would GTFO.

I have to go to glorious Lush today. I think I am going to get a small bottle of Daddy-O today. I think that's what it's called. I needed something else too. Can't remember what...

I think I'm going to run to the convenience store for some p
Pepto. I feel like I swallowed acid.
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I need to stop opening up JournalX and then decided nah, I don't really feel like updating. Why? Because I'm lazy and I'm just not doing much of anything these days. I'm kind of on an antisocial bent.

And of course, the Olympics... they are on. I think Steven is more into them than I am, though. He's been up late, watching gymnastics and participating in Bela Karolyi level whinging. You know, because the IOC TOTALLY listens to him...

I will say that, watching the boxing earlier, I honestly didn't get how they were scoring it, along with Teddy Atlas, so may he is onto something.

The week-end was exhausting as hell. We cleaned all day Saturday and I was out of the house for more than 12 hours Sunday, so yesterday, all I did was sleep: till 14'30 and then for an hour and a half between 20'00 and 21'30. That, of course, meant that I was up till 4, but that's life.

Went and trotted around Thayer Street today, having dinner at Phonatic, which was as good at the reviews led me to believe, though they were out of everything. Our waiter, from New Zealand, taught Steven a handful of rude phrases in Taiwanese, rambled on about Battlestar and Firefly, and about how all Americans were armed, so he was afraid to yell at them in traffic. It was hysterical. The food was fairly inexpensive too.

Steven got the pickled limeade, which reminded me of sports drinks, honestly. I seem to have a high salt tolerance, though, because he barely touched it. My seafood soup was good, though I'm a loser and had to ask for the really hot sauce, after dumping a load of the regular stuff in. Apparently, it burnt Steven's face off, but it wasn't hot enough for me. I have no tastebuds.

Had a nice cup of Lady Grey at Tealuxe, which is my latest and greatest addiction. I saw a couple of dresses I liked, as well, so next time I have teh monies... Or when I can convince Mum to take me shopping for school clothes. It's sad how little I have that fits right now.

I'm sort of thinking of going to the library tomorrow, as well as the post office. I need to grocery shop, as well, but I'm very lazy. Steven's bought corn and some kind of feta/spinach turkey burger which could be great, could be terrible.

I want sweet tea like whoa.

I also need to make a list of classes I would like to sign up for, since orientation is next Monday. Work starts the week after that and it will be nice to have structure to my life again.

The kitten is six months old as of the 12th. No pictures because she's basically perpetual motion and she's frakking insane. At least she's scratching less now that she's had her nails trimmed. I don't know if it's that or how I laughed at her I haz a fierce! hiss while I was trimming her up. Spaying is coming up soon... that should be a blast.
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I'm hungry. I had a yoghurt for lunch and that just didn't cut it like I hoped it would. Of course, I also went for a bike ride (yay!) and that probably explains why. I'm waiting for Steven to ring and let me know he's near the station so I can go pick him up and procure dinners. I am all about grilled some kind of unmeat tonight.

I get absolutely no mail these days. I haven't been to the box in a week and there were just two little letters. It made me very sad. Neither of them were for me either. I miss getting mail.

For lack of things better to do today, I have gone on a music glut. I downloaded Vive La Vida because it eats my brains a lot and a whole bunch of music from The Decemberists. I can't think if I want to download anything else, though, but I'm sure that's more than enough for now.

I can't believe how much damn music I have on here. I guess I should be glad that I got the 16GB iPod.

Of course, I'm not using the quick cable internet that the very chatty cable guy came and hooked up today because my frakking Belkin router is dead and I'm too lazy to hook up the Airport right now when Bruce is coming down to do stuff with it tomorrow.

The cable guy, obviously, intended to EAT my cats' SOULS because they ran like hell the second he came in. When he left, they slooooooowly peered out of the back bedroom to make sure he was REALLY GONE. I seriously understand why we call them scaredy-cats. Half the time, they look at me like I'm going to whip out a grinder and make cat sausage RIGHT NOW.

I'm back to taking a half trazodone to sleep because my insomnia has been ridiculous. I'm tired of being up until 4 daily and this is at least allowing me to get enough sleep to be a functional person instead of a grouchy wretch. Last night, I got a good six hours and had the energy to do laundry and go for a bike ride.

Must remember to go to the library tomorrow and return books.

Tomorrow looks good enough I might be able to get another load of laundry in, but Thursday is all storms and rain. I imagine that means I am going to have cats all night because lightning will also EAT THEIR SOULS.

I wish this headache I've had for three days would go away. I don't want to take anything because of the whole "Ate just a yoghurt" thing, but enough is enough. I need to, I don't know, keep fruit in the basement or something to snack on. Something healthy, beside my delicious microwave popcorn.

We're headed to NYC this week-end. [ profile] nyhamsterhouse, would you mind emailing me: szepassony AT gmail? I thought I had your email, but I have the dumb and it seems I don't. Brunch on Saturday would be very cool. I have shoes, I need to pack, but I am just kind of lazy. I did make the bed and mop the floor, so I'm not totally a waste of plasma.

And off to Bread and Circus.
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Things I am going to kill when I get my hands on them:
1. The kitten
2. Chipmunks

I finally figured out what's happening with our tomato plants. We have three, two had little tomatoes on them and one is just growing blossoms, but no tomatoes. I went out this morning, there were no little tomatoes at all, and one of the plants was tipped over. I finally found a half eaten green tomato, so I blamed the squirrels. Now, I feed them ALL THE TIME, so it makes no sense for them to eat green tomatoes. I blamed them anyway.

I just went back into the office after scrubbing my bathtub and, lo and behold, there is a motherfrakking chipmunk on my porch, shoveling seeds into its fat little face. Then, I watched it scrabble down and check out the tomato plants, before going back to the feeder.

I hope it gets a stomachache from gorging on my tomatoes. Asshole.

The cable guy is finally coming today, between 15.00 and 17.00, so I am upstairs waiting. Last night, in a fit of ambition, I put away all the DVDs and CDs while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of the three DVDs we didn't pack up. The basement is looking more and more like a real studio apartment now.

Steven's been grilling again. Last night we had meat on a stick, corn, asparagus and vidallia onions. Tonight, I saw Jamaican jerk chikin. I have no idea what to make with that, though. Rice maybe. Having a grill is all sorts of awesome.

So the sum of today: mail, scrubbing tub, cable guy. Woo.

May have good news in a day or two.

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Today was moderately better than before. Steven made steak tips last night and we split a bottle of wine. Wine makes A LOT of things better. I finally managed to sleep well through the night.

The day can't got great, of course, so I woke up to a randomly overflowed toilet. I plunged it a few times and mopped up the water, but things seem ok, so far. My cousins from the Czech Republic were visiting, so I spend some time chatting with them. Took a couple pictures and they left just around 14:00. I snarfed down a quick lunch and decided that I was going to go out for a bike ride because it looked nice out. I hit the post office and then decided I didn't feel like going home, so I biked down towards the library. There's a neat little antique store there. I bought a pretty art deco ring and bracelet and had a nice chat about cameras with the guy. I might go back next week and see if I can find a matching necklace. Pictures when I can use my camera again.

My books were in at the library, so I loaded up on those and came back here, fed the cats (who hadn't so much as smelt food since the early 90s), repotted our second tomato, and here I am, snarfing down lotus cakes and vitamin water leftover from my ride. At some point, I will make it off my ass and put clothes away and pick something out for my interview tomorrow.

[ profile] lauraxmarie might be coming to visit me tomorrow!!

We're getting a grill Thursday, $30 from Le CraigsList, so there be grilling in store for my birthday week-end. I can't believe my birthday is in three days. I'm really bummed out about it, not because of my age, but this is the first one without my grandmother. I told Steven I don't know what I want to do. I think we're going for Indian, but who knows.
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I am now, officially, a licensed Rhode Island driver. I wasted several hours of my life at the RMV today, after oversleeping by two hours, and rushing to get down there. There is no RMV in Providence; there is one in Pawtucket and it is only open until 3:15. It is also in the old Apex building, which luckily I know how to get to. I brought a book with me, luckily, because I was there over two hours.

I was lured into Apex afterwards. I bought Steven a shirt for $7 and I splurged on myself and got a Beehouse tea pot in aqua, so as to match our china and my KitchenAid. That was $23, down from $30. But hey, it has a basket for my loose tea, so I am happy.

Yay for my photographic memory; I headed to Mt. Hope to the Whole Foods Plaza. I had lunch at Boston Market because it was almost 16.00 and I was starving, since I hadn't had breakfast or even grabbed a soda before I left. This time, we weren't in a cranky rush, so I wandered around, bought household staples (yoghurt, peanut butter, and bananas), as well as some salad, more dishsoap I am not allergic to, and other things I can't remember. I was also seduced by a pepper plant, which is came home with me. Since we already had Horace, I decided this one should be called Mut and we'll just name all our plants after Egyptian gods. I have no idea what kind of pepper it is, but I think I want to pickle some of them.

The highway was a clusterfrak, so I decided that I would just go home via the East Side. Of course, I've only been this way once, but dammit, I was going to skip the highway. I was 2/3s of the way down Waterman Ave. when I saw Steven. Since I'm awesome, I picked him and we headed back here.

Now, the next part is the topper for my day of awesome. My cat has eaten some of my school paperwork. Apparently, no one informed Racetrack that eating work is a dog's domain. When I go over to RIC next week, I am now going to have to explain that my stupid, stupid kitten ate my papers. And I am going to be sure to bring the nibbled-upon work with me.

Now I'm sitting out on the porch, soda in hand, watching Steven mow the lawn and spray for earwigs. Wireless internet is made of win.

Job interview tomorrow and, I think, bus riding most of the day Friday or Monday, whichever is the better of the two days.

I just noticed... My back lawn is entirely covered with little violet plants. My grandmother would have been thrilled. They were her favourite flowers too.
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It seems someone has forgotten to tell my cats that their ancestors were hunters. I am nearly sure that if they were thrown outside now, they would be sad to realize that hunting the mighty tinned can is not a native species. Case in point, Racetrack will chase bugs, but today, when faced with a vicious earwig, she gave Steven a look that essentially said "Dude, you have thumbs, you kill it." She will eat spiders and moths like they're going out of style. I think they're the cat equivalent of protein bars.

There's another flaw in our naming of the cats. Namely, Racetrack has no idea what her name is. She thinks her name is Kitty-Cake. She also thinks her name is the sound of the cat yummy jar rattling.

I have another job interview coming up at a theatre company. Hopefully, I won't spend the whole summer unemployed, now that AAA never rang me back. I've been applying for everything that looks interesting to me, so something is bound to come up. Both jobs are in Providence and most likely bus accessible. I need to go get my license done this week, perhaps, too, now that my cheques have arrived with the appropriate information on them.

We're still living in Boxtopia down here. I unpacked 10 more boxes today, mostly kitchen things. Mum and Bruce came down, but Bruce was sick and therefore, none of her things got moved. I really would like to set up the damned living room area so I can sit around in my underpants and watch BSG on DVD or hook up cable or something. Steven and I are shooting for this week-end, at least, to have things at least 75% done.

I have to stop reading design blogs and [ profile] saucydwellings because I badly want to redecorate. We've never really settled anywhere long enough to decorate well, other than in hand me downs. I mean, we still have them here, but I wanted to make covers for our couches and so on. I wish I had money.
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Woot! We are officially downstairs instead of the guest bedroom! I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that I am going to be sleeping in my own motherfrakking bed tonight. This was not without its catastrophes: we lost not one but two fill kits during the move, someone walked all over the bed's bladder, the surround shrinking, and a garden hose which leaked and did not fit in the bed, but it's done and made now and I can't wait to more than roll around, trying to rearrange the fibrefill.

We broke out the shoji screens tonight, too, so not only are we down here, but we have a blocked off area as well. Of course, that means the toilet still isn't screened off, but I will walk upstairs to pee for the time being, as long as it means we have a door. We also put our books away, all eleventy billion of them, and set up the mini-fridge and the microwave.

Priorities: we has them.

The kitten was possessed by a slightly more competent demon tonight. As soon as the 23:00 news is over, the hallway turns into Kitty International Speedway, in which Racetrack is the sole participant. Most of her trials include hurdling the furniture and trying not to get a) strangled by me or b) smacked by Boomer. Periodically, she stops for minimal petting or to stare at one of us like we're going to eat her. It runs till about 2am, at which point it returns to Kitty Siesta Time.

Tomorrow looks like more unpacking, lawn mowing, and maybe more laundry. I still have no idea where 90% of my clothing is nor do I know where the rest of our clean sheets are. I do, however, know where most of my shoes are. Like I said, priorities: I has them.

Bike Ride

Jul. 1st, 2008 03:04 pm
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This was my first day on my own here. Steven's leaving around 6am to catch his train now. I slept till about 9am, faffed around for a while, showered, and had lunch. Now, we have a PO Box, mainly for UltraLime, but for us too. All our mail is going there. It's really close to us here, so I got it into my head that I would walk down and get the mail. Of course, my knee HATES me for all the walking I did yesterday, so this was not a well advised thing. But wait... I have a bike!

Steven bought this bike for me several years ago, intending we would ride together. Unfortunately, this was somewhere around the time I hurt my knee, so this never went more than riding around DW Fields Park and me complaining the whole time. He's ridden it a couple times, but that's it. I pretty much just look at it. The second flaw is I've probably ridden a bike less than a dozen times IN MY LIFE and I've never ridden on a street. I have a helmet, but it's likely in the same place that my sunglasses and my sneakers are.

But frak that. I am going to ride my bike.

More problems: Steven's chained up all the bikes (fine) and not told me the combo (not fine). I texted him and got the code. Of course, then, it sticks horribly and I had a bitch of a time getting it apart. One call and a bunch of texts later, I have my bike out to discover he's not rearranged the seat. He's 5'8"; I am 5'3". Luckily, I am only mostly stupid. I figured out how to move my seat post and I was ready to go.

So here I am, biking down the street, no helmet, no chain, in zoris, with dry contacts in, my gas mask bag slung over my side, and my knee making faces at me. But dammit, I got there! I made it to the post office and...


So it was not a totally unproductive trip, I stopped by CVS with my $4 coupon from buying asprin yesterday and bought another stick of deodorant to the tune of $1.59. The whole thing took me about a half hour and was surprisingly fun, aside from the whole bike lock debacle. I may even continue this while I'm gloriously unemployed when I'm not taking the bus.

That appears to be tomorrow's plan: I am going to go ride the bus for most of the day and see if I can find the appropriate routes to get to RIC and Thayer Street and a couple other places. I'm tempted to try to catch the bus down to Newport this week-end and spend some quality time at Second Beach. The water temp here is between 64* and 67* right now, which is really nice for July 1. Definitely nicer than Mass Bay and its Labrador currents and cold water!

I think Steven and I are going to go to the Avon tonight and catch Mongol, depending on what time he gets back. Obviously, we're going to see it this week because it closes Friday, but it depends on when he gets back and how much time we have because we need to do some cleaning.

That's my adventure for today. After this, I'm ringing AAA about a job and I need to ring my doctor and get a copy of my immunizations and my latex allergy letter. Also: happy birthday to [profile] metalchick1000 and [profile] ragdollgirl. Hope it's a good one!


Jun. 14th, 2008 09:52 pm
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I went and bought olives today. Bread & Circus had a special on these huge green olives with lemon and garlic. I had one as a sample the other day and damn... I've been craving them ever since.

The flaw in this logic is that I HATE olives. Passionately. Fervently. My mum swears I liked them as a kid, but I don't remember it. I've always hated their taste though. I haven't even been able to eat things with them in it for years. They made me gag something wicked. But no, now, when pretty much everything under the sun has made me nauseous, what do I crave? Goddamn olives. I will say at least they're quality olives.

Of course, they still conceptually gross me out. I was making the face the whole time I was eating them.

I ended up going to Great Hill today and shot a few hundred photos, so it looks like I'll weed through them tomorrow. My 55-200mm lens is fucked up, though. I can focus it manually, which is fine, but on auto, it only focuses at 55mm. Otherwise it makes sounds like it was focusing, but it doesn't and will not take photos either. And while it's not a thousand dollar lens, it's probably a good $250 one. I'm going to bring it over to have Bruce look at it next week.

Battlestar? We're not talking, but damn. Bitch likes to frak with you. I can't believe I have to wait till 2009 for more eps.


Jun. 4th, 2008 10:25 pm
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Those of you who are local on my flist, I have an awesome tip for you.

One of my co-workers came in with some very pretty sapphire earrings. Her husband had bought them for her. Obviously, I asked where and she said a bait shop! Mum and I went there today and the guy has, aside from having bait, imports jewelry from Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Most of what he has is sapphires and rubies, but he also has some Indian emeralds. It's all very, very reasonably priced, too.

It's right across from the USS Salem museum, on the right if you're coming off the bridge from Weymouth. I'll post pictures of the earrings soon as I'm not so tired.

But definitely check him out. He also has gorgeous ombre dyed scarves and other silks. So cool!
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It's MCAS week, kids. While this is nothing but torture for my student, I'm enjoying and extra hour of sleep and rolling in, coffee in hand, at 9:30. Life is good. Or, it would be if my knee wasn't a clicking, grind mess of stupid. Today was still better than Monday, where I started my morning off by stepping in dog poop.

I could have taken tomorrow off, but I opted to go in and help out the Boss Lady. Better than sitting around the house, twiddling my thumbs. At least if I'm at school, I'm obligated to do work on my resume or my website or something.

My appetite has been the pits lately. I've been queasy nearly all day and I just don't feel like eating. Today, I had a piece of bread with peanut butter and agave nectar (Thanks for the recommendation, Jane! It's awesome), a cup of plum lavender honey yoghurt for lunch, and 1/4 of a chicken salad sandwich and 1/2 a cup of soup. I feel like I ate a seven course meal. Before, I was ravenous all the time and now, nothing. I will never understand my body. I supposed I wanted to lose some weight, though.

Nothing much beyond that. No call on the summer job yet. I bought a very cute Mossimo circle skirt and a very 30s looking brown dress at Target yesterday after we went to get a script for Steven's tooth.

And now, I'm off to sleep since my typing abilities have degraded to the point where I would have fewer errors if I sat my ass down on the keyboard.

What's new with you, intartoobz?

Also, would anyone be interested in doing a music mix exchange? A la old mix tapes/CDs?
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We did the date night thing tonight. Since the Cameo has $4 Tuesdays, we decided to go see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls again. Still good and I definitely caught more things. Ending was still a little hinky, but no less than Last Crusade, I guess. We now have two collectible popcorn buckets in case LolCats steal one, I guess.

Since it was still warm and muggy, we opted to have dinner out and headed towards the Plaza by way of Newbury Comics and Mattress Giant. We found out that essentially 90% of mattresses have latex and I'm also allergic to synthetic latex. The salesman put something near me and I started wheezing. But hey, I had my benedryl this time!

One of my former students works at Newbury, so we chatted with her a bit and played catch up on the latest school news. She's in art school and looking forward to her next year, which is good. She was one of a core of very talented kids last year. On a whim, we ended up buying the Indiana Jones box set since it was under $40 before we headed out to the Plaza. Dinner, more friends, and a MAC gloss later, we headed home to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I haven't watched in through in forever and I'd forgotten a lot of what happened. Having seen it, though, all I have to say is: Damn, I will never be able to watch Pirates of the Caribbean the same way again.

The sheer amount of scenes they ripped off in the three movies was unreal. The boat scene, the knife thing, Indy running from the natives... A lot of others that I've forgotten because I have goldfish brain. It was so close, I'm surprised Spielberg and Lucas didn't sue... similar casting, near identical blocking, hell, even similar dialog. I understand having scenes evocative of classic movies and I always enjoy that, but this was nearly verbatim. I'll have to make a list next time I watch it.

Today, as it's after midnight, is Mum's birthday. I gave her her pressies today since I knew I wouldn't be in because senior prom things involving balloons. I think we're going out to lunch after school, though, since my stepdad and stepbrother are going to clean his apartment out in Fitchburg. I haven't been out with her in ages, so it will be really nice.


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