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I really hate Dr. Phil: "I know how all you women out there like this wedding stuff, so this is just for you." Goddamn, bloody sexist jackass. I'd change the channel if I wasn't so lazy today. I wonder if he bought the daughter in law implants...

I don't know why I pay for the interwebz when I can never connect to my own connection. I also wish my computer would decide which connection it liked and stopped switching every 35 seconds.

I keep forgetting to mention things. My doctor is going to write a note to my insurance company that it's medically necessary for me to have a breast reduction. I guess more than a year of having almost now feeling in my ring and pinkie fingers on both hands is finally a good enough reason. I'm going to start looking for a surgeon after the wedding and hopefully, I'll get approved to have it by this summer. It will be so awesome to buy cheap bras again.

Especially since I just spent £30 odd on a bra yesterday. It's cute though and aubergine and a push-up bra because when you're as busty as I am, that's what you totally need.


Dec. 30th, 2005 01:34 am
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Dear Boobs,

I kind of hate you right now. You don't fit into the top I just bought, making it necessary to ship it all the way back to England. At least you mostly fit into the other bra. Do not outgrow the cute blue leopard print bra I just spent £30 on and while you're at it, could you please stop making my neck and back hurt and leave the damn nerves in my shoulder alone? I'd really appreciate it.

Your owner.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 07:20 pm
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Almost all registered at UMB. I need one more class and I should be able to do that on Tuesday, if not sooner. My new laptop battery arrived today and is charging (I'm using Steven's computer right now.) Dawn, Mike, and Brendan are here. Yay!

Today I came to the conclusion that when I get my breasts reduced, I will never, ever wear a bra except while working or working out.
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So, it's going to be really, really hot today. I figured I'd wear a tanktop, because of said hotness, right? Well, evidently I have no tanktops that fit anymore. Please view exhibits A and B.

Behind a cut, for those who don't wish to look at my boobs )

I need new tanktops. I thought I was done shopping for summer.
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Dear Breasts:

I am going to be 24 this summer and so are you girls. That means all three of us are a good 10 years out of puberty. You remember puberty, right? That was when you ladies blossomed from pretty much innocent bystanders into C cup sized centres of attention. We had good times then. You certainly knew how to fill out a shirt with the best of them

Well, I guess you liked the attention, as well as some of the hormones in OrthoTriCyclen and decided that C just wasn't good enough for you. That was average, you know, just like the grade in school. I didn't mind when you girls expanded your horizons into D cups, really. It wasn't that big of a stretch, you looked great, and we could still go places together and fit in. Even DD wasn't too huge of a change. We were still ok in most places, though there were a few that weren't as accomodating as we needed.

But it seems all of the new attention, whether from bras or boys, went to your head. You girls literally got too big for your britches. I told you to slow down, things were moving ahead too fast, but you didn't listen, did you? You didn't slow down and by the time you two were done, you were Fs. It's caused a lot of trouble, you know. Because of what you two have made of yourselves, a lot of doors have shut to us. Vicky's is not a place we are welcome anymore. Oh, you two thought Vicky was going to welcome you back around Christmas time, but it was a ploy. Things aren't going to change with there anytime soon. In fact, we aren't really welcome at a lot of the places, save for the internet and, well, Lady Grace still loves you two, but it's not the same. Lady Grace is nice, but she just doesn't understand girls our age.

After some rocky times together, I finally accepted you two again. You seemed stable. You hadn't done anything crazy in a year and a half. I thought we could all be friends again. I thought I could trust you two. I welcomed you back, I bought you pretty things. Steven takes good care of you (I dare say he likes you better than I do right now.) Things were good and then you went and betrayed me again. You two are growing again.

At first, I thought maybe it was a little extra fluid. I know things can shift throughout the month and I understand. You girls let me believe it. You never bothered to admit the truth to me: you two decided to get bigger again.

Let's get one thing straight, girl. I am not a porn star. By proxy, neither are you two. Unless I change my mind, you girls aren't going to be porn stars unless the rest of me goes along. And, I hate to break it to you, homemade porn isn't really an excuse for being ginormous.

I know you don't think it's a big deal, that you're "in proportion" with the rest of me, but my ass is not going to cooperate with you forever. In fact, my ass is pretty committed to getting smaller. You two are going to be the odd men... er, girls... out.

I don't want this to sound like a threat, because I am very attached to you, but I want you to understand that if you keep doing this, I will have no choice but to cut you off. You've got to understand, it's not just me you're bothering. You give my back trouble, you irritate the nerves in my shoulders with your constant weighty issues. You're weighing me down, not to mention putting a huge drain on my wallet. I just can't afford you two when every time you need something, it's at least $60 or more. You don't fit in anywhere, you cause havoc whenever we go shopping, you're just generally too unruly.

I'm sorry it had to come to this. It's hard for me to tell you girls this because we've had some great times. I remember when we were so cute together not that long ago and I've gotten great pleasure out of your company. For now, I'm going to keep supplying you girls because, really, I've got no other choice. It's not like I can just let you two bounce around whereever you want. I just want you to consider this a warning to stop your ways. We could live happily like we are now, but you have to cooperate with the rest of me and stop your constant expansion.

Please, take a page from my ass. Start to shape up or I will have to ship you out.



As you can probably guess, I decided to try on a couple of my bras tonight, now that I've lost a bit of weight, to see how they look. Well, I figured out where the weight from my ass went. I didn't actually lose it; it migrated to my tits. I have outgrown at least two of my bras, including the push-up bra that I dearly loved. I'm not talking about massive, I look like I have a baby's bum, business side up, stuffed in my shirt. I'm talking quadra boob, where you can see exactly where my bra is and the line it creates because a good portion of Lefty has squeezed out.

I thought they were growing again, but I chalked it up to all the painkillers I was taking. Well, I'm off of them now and my boobs are still big. At least I have a few formerly roomy Fs that I now totally fill out, which is good, in a way, since I am not desperate to buy new bras like I was the last time they grew, but I am going to have to replace a couple of them, including the beautiful pistachio green one I just bought this winter. I swear to god, I am the only person who can lose weight and have their tits grow. Well, at least I need new, smaller pants. I am trying to take comfort in that.

You know, I'm starting to think I'm going to have to call them something other than tits, as well. Tits kind of insinuates smaller to me. Maybe I should start calling them gazongas. Heh, maybe I should have a name my boobies contest here.

What else... The baseball game was rained out tonight, so Steven and I went to the mall instead. I got my mum her birthday present (incense, 2 lily of the valley candles from Yankee Candle, a tiny thing of gardenia hand lotion from Bath & Body Works, and the new Pina Colada lotion from Bath & Body Works) and we picked up some antibacterial stuff from there as well, since it was 5 for $10. We won't need to buy soap for ages! We talked to a couple people we hadn't seen for a while, I showed off my surgery scars, and we breezed through JC Penney's. I also got some ideas for what I want to get Steven for Father's Day, as well as got permission to take Elliott out for an afternoon so he can pick out a little something for Steven. Now, I just need to convince my mom to go with us.

My knee is killing me not only from all the walking, but from the weather, as well. I'm starting to get sleepy, but I know I won't be able to find a comfortable position if it keeps aching like this. I'm so glad I hoard painkillers. I'm going to take one and check out a few options for replacement bras while it kicks in.

And here's a survey I yoinked from [ profile] lisbonlovesjacq

Survey )


May. 25th, 2005 02:04 am
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Dammit, the dress I fell in love with is no longer on David's Bridal's website. Everything is bloody strapless, too. The Frankenboobies will not be happy with strapless.

I should just bite the bullet and go to David's and see if they have that dress I so love. Bah.
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I took Laura's suggestion and made the latest picture of us into an icon. She was definitely right, it does make a good icon. I joking with Steven that we'll make beautiful kids... though, he one upped me the other night when he said we'd end up with green eyed kids, since we both have hazel eyes and light eyed genes.

I ordered a bathing suit yesterday. I've mostly given up the ghost on my tankini top. It just doesn't fit anymore, not to mention that the nylon inside is starting to rip out. Now that I've hit goal weight #1, I'm hoping to hit goal weight #2 by the time summer really gets here. I also want to get a couple of the cute circle skirts at Old Navy before they disappear from fashion again.

It's gorgeous outside again. I'm taking the oppurtunity to break in my new capri pants. I just need to find shoes to wear now.

Steven and I are heading in to UMass Boston today. I'm going to try to transfer to UMB. I'm done with the crap from Bridgewater. I still haven't heard from my damned advisor and it's been over a month. I don't get calls back from anyone. They told me that if I took a medical leave, I would have to withdraw from school and reapply. Why should I bother? I might as well transfer elsewhere if I'm going to have to go through all the crap of reapplying.

Bah. I still need to redownload Sunbird and put all my dates back in. I'm really putting that off. I finally reinstalled Office on the computer because I needed to type something.

And now I need to put my contacts in and put some makeup on. Go me. I have no ambition, whatsoever.

Hoo Boy..

Mar. 23rd, 2005 06:12 pm
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I went to the doctor today to refill various things, as well as to have him check out my shoulder, which has been hurting. I figured that I had probably pinched a nerve, especially with all the time I spend on crutches.

Well, I was right about the pinched nerve. Evidently, though the crutches aren't the problem, though. The doctor felt that the pinched nerve is caused by my bra strap and the weight therein. Then, she asked if I had thought of having a reduction. Well, I have, but I kind of wanted to lost 30 more pounds, first. She said that, at this point, she would have no problem recommending me for a reduction now, at current weight.

So, not really sure what I want to do with that news. I might take a referral and start looking for opinions. I still really want to lose those 30 pounds first, though. I also want to make sure that who ever did this goes no smaller than a D cup. I have no interest in going down to a B or something. I still want boobs, just not this big of boobs.

EDIT: I probably should have been a little more clear about what I meant above. At 5'3", I am a 36F or a 34FF, depending on how the bra is cut. I am about a size 14. My chest measurement is actually bigger than my hips. When I don't wear a bra, my breasts settle just below my ribcage. I have very tissuey breasts, which means weight gain and loss doesn't do much for the cup size, just the back size. It also leaves them rather saggy instead of plump. I've also been blessed with adorable, tiny nipples that are lost on so much mammary.

To me, a D cup seems really small. I'm talking a Victoria's Secret D, by the way, not an Olga D or something. I also don't see where a B or a C would look funny on my frame, which is why I'd like to stay around a  D: a 34D would be my ideal.

Size is such a relative thing. From someone of average size (B to C), I can see where D would seem really big. However, when you can fit on cup of your bra over your boyfriend's, who wears a 7 1/2 hat, head like a yarmulke and have it fit perfectly, D seems damned tiny.

That said, I'm not yet quite sure what I want to do. I think I may do a couple of consults. Not to mention, I really want to call the guy in Brookline who does the laser bra and see if he takes my insurance.
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I've been really trying to lose weight since this summer. Steven and I switched gyms in an effort to be motivated more. (Of course, this is where I hurt my knee, but I can still use the pool.) Steven's been fantasically supportive about keeping my motivated, keeping my spirits up, and eating healthier with me. Not to mention telling me I look great and he loves me, no matter what, when I feel shitty about my body.

Also helping is the fact that I gave up regular soda. It's diet or water now. It's amazing how many useless calories I was adding by drinking soda. I also found I like the taste of diet better, anyway.

I know I've been losing weight because of what the scale says, but honestly, I hadn't noticed much of a change. Sure, my jeans were a little looser, but I chalked it up to stretching out. Same deal with having to tighten my bras up in the back.

Sunday, though, I fit into a pair of jeans that haven't really fit since April. Last night, I was traipsing around naked while getting ready for bed, I looked in the mirror and finally saw a difference. I look thinner from a side view and my curves are more defined full on. Not to mention my tummy fat is finally lessening a little. It totally made my night. Here's hoping that I can keep up the loss, especially when I am laid up from surgery and unable to do much.

Here's a little more TMI )

I'm so effing tired. I was yakked this morning around 7:30 and continue to feel dizzy as hell. I'm intending on taking a nap when Steven gets home.

I wish this cold would die.
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The stupid cocoa butter lotion I got is making my skin insane. If I don't lotion, though, I get itchy as hell. It's totally a no win situation. I guess I should be glad that I bought a trial size of Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom lotion last night. It's keeping me from going insane with itch.

TMI behind cut )

My sheepies are spinning around in circles and until they fall down. Yay!


Jan. 4th, 2005 02:46 am
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Sad, Ranting Personal Hooey )

I originally almost titled this "Boobs" because while thinking back on the times we had hung out, I was remembering one time, at the end of my senior year, when a bunch of us piled into a few cars and went down to Nantasket Beach. No one was expecting the water to be as warm as it was and as a result, none of us wore bathing suits. I remember a few of us stripping down to our undergarments to go swimming. I was wearing a bra I had just bought from Victoria's Secret. It was a gorgeous teal colour, lacy, and compared to what I wear now, tiny. It was a 34C. My mom wears it now. I remember laughing because I had matching knickers for it, satin ones, and it looked like I had a bathing suit on, except when you got really close, you could see through the bra. I loved that bra.

I've been thinking about my boobs a lot recently, probably because I've been seriously looking into the laser bra reduction. There's a guy in Brookline who practises that method. I've also been lurking on the boards at Breast Health Online. I like my boobs, to a point, but they are hard to fit, they're starting to hurt now and then, I have grooves and back pain. I'm terrified of scarring and loss of sensation, though. I want to be a D cup, no smaller, and I'm afraid of them being boxy and fake looking. I keep wavering between how much the piss me off (like now, when they're making my shoulders hurt because I'm not wearing a bra or the fact that Steven regularly rolls over on them in his sleep or when none of my effing bras fit) to wondering if I'm not making a mountain out of a molehill. I still want to lose about 30lbs before I do anything seriously, too.

Sigh. I want nothing more than to go curl up with Steven and get some blissful, dreamless sleep. I think the oxycodone is fucking up my dreams. They're all dark and twisted. Then again, if I don't take them, I'm up all night with nasty twinges, stabbing pains, throbbing, and that nice skewer-through-the-knee feeling. Oh well, I start PT next Tuesday and we're going to check out the (new!) pool at the gym tomorrow.

Thank god, the painkiller kicked in. Off to bed I go.
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I have managed to be home for less than two hours this evening. This is scary, considering we essentially did nothing.

I did not, for the first time in months, get a migraine. So far, so good. Thus far, I have no problems with Pills. In fact, I just refilled my script so I can pick it up tomorrow afternoon. I also like paying $10 rather than $35 a month.

So we went out for the evening and did a whole lotta nuthin. We went to the mall because I had to get corporate's information for Lids. We ate dinner there, trotted into Hot Topic and, ironically, bumped into one of the old managers from when we were in Natick. Jen's been switched over to South Shore Plaza from there, which is cool. Jen was always really nice. Then we went and looked at ornaments for our tree before heading out. After a quick, useless trip to Newbury Comix, we went to stop in at Borders. We ended up hanging out there until almost 10:30. It's been a while since I've wanted to go trot around a bookstore.

Laura said the gym is closing the pool for some reason for more of December. Boo. I guess I better enjoy swimming while I can. After that, the lovely steam room will have to surfice. Oh well, I'm there to lose weight and get fit, not lounge in the swimming pool. I'd like to fit my ass in a bikini by summer. Christ knows with how much it costs to buy bathing suits to fit my boobs, so I'd best look good in it. It would be nice to own a matching suit again. I like this one in cornflower and this one in red. Buuut, no way am I fitting into a string bikini now.

Off to be for me.
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Because I need to type entries after I've had a couple of glasses of wine and... well... other things.

I got the Panache bra that I ordered today and it was a cup size too small. I no longer can qualify myself as a 36E. I wish that, when I had ordered it a week ago, I had gone for the 36F. Christ, a 34FF would have worked too, because the back could go either way. I really needed a cotton candy pink bra, too.

I called today to see if they had any more in the size up, but no. At least the woman I talked to had a super cute British accent that made it somewhat better. I hate spending $30 on a bra and having it not fit. I did find another one for only about a dollar more, so here's hoping the package will return before they sell all out of that one in that size.

I'm tired all of a sudden. I should be updating with big news, very soon, but I don't want to jinx myself yet.
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Goddamn you, President Bush! With your upping of the budget deficit and your terror foolishness, you've cause the value of the American dollar to be roughly $1.82 to £1. I'm sure this probably only minorly concerns the rest of the American public, but it directly effects me (and anyone else forced to order bras from overseas).

Now, if I want to buy a £25 bra, it will cost me $45.50 instead of $37.50. That's $8 more! I can't afford the extra $8 on my paltry retail salary. As if I needed any more reasons to not vote for Bush for a second term. He's costing me a fortune in bra.

George Bush, I am holding you personally responsible for, minimally, the extra $8 I am now forced to pay when I order bras.


I had another non-productive day. I slept until 1pm, getting a whopping 10 hours of sleep. As stated, this cold is still kicking my ass from here to there. I did go to work this afternoon and, aside from being mindbendingly boring, this was the first time in ages it was not a complete clusterfuck. I still managed to get all my "projects" done before 8:30, as well as make almost twice what Julie did for the day. Go, me.

I am stupidly dehydrated today and I don't know why. I'm glad that I still have Gatorade in the fridge because the water's tasted super funky today. All the pipes in town have probably frozen or something.

On a completely different tangent, I hate that nothing nice comes in silver. It's all either gold or platinum. I'm allergic to gold; I get a rash every time I wear something with it. There's no way I'm paying for platinum, either. I guess it's a good thing that I like marcasite so much; it doesn't come in anything other than silver.

I'm going to Building #19 with my mother tomorrow. I think we're on the hunt for a new toaster, but I'm not sure. It looks like they have a lot of neat things from their circular this week. I'm excited.

Oh, and scratch the kitchen off my list of things to do ~_^
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Being big-breasted is kind of like being part of this exclusive, secret club. I'm talking about really big busted, not like "Oh, I wear a D cup." I'm talking about the kind of big busted that means you can't shop in Victoria's Secret anymore. The kind of big busted where you go into Frederick's, try on the largest cup size (which is an American F, by the way) and discover that not only does the cup not fit in your back size, but also in the largest back size they carry, as well. The kind of big busted that means you have to shop at Lady Grace, if you want to try something on and all the bras that they have in your size are made of industrial strength nylon, scratchy lacy, and steel. They all look like throwbacks to the 50s bullet bras. God help you if you want something cute. Nothing cute comes in anything bigger than a D.

There should be a support (no pun intended) club. Hi, I'm Samantha, I'm 22, and I wear a 34FF/36F, depending on the cut and who makes it. I was a 34C when I was younger, but through a combination of hormones, genetics, and Ortho Tricyclen, I am what you see here today.

I hate going into Victoria's Secret and having them try to convince me that I want to try on their newest bra. I tell them, no, I'm sorry, you don't carry my size. Inevitably, the girl will say "Oh, but we have up to a 42DD." and then I tell her that I need a 36F. The salesgirl usually slinks off after that...

I was actually chatting with one of the girls in there when I was buying panties and was telling her about Bravissimo and Figleaves. She was a 36E, but was close enough that she could argue a 38DD on the smallest hook. While we were talking, another woman overheard us who was a 36G. She was delighted when I passed the addresses on to her as well.

Like I said: secret, exclusive club.


Got my grades today. Culm was 2.25, but I'm going to protest one of the grades. The woman seriously marked me off because she didn't like me. Cunt.

I knew that I had blown my AbPsych final, as well, because I was sick with my bronchitis and sinusitis. I could barely see straight and stay awake, let alone concentrate to take the exam. I'm still upset about that. Stupid goddamn job... I'll be livid if it cost me being able to get back into UMass this semester.

I also found out that my boss has been bitching about me to the other girl who works there. How professional, right? They're looking for a part time assistant. Julie all but promised Meredith it. So much for that. I felt really bad for Meredith. I know she really wanted the extra money. It also makes me wonder who's going to get cut from the staff. I know it technically should be Jess, the newest hire, but I have a feeling that I lettered my own death warrant yesterday. I wanted to find a new job anyhow.

So, no real plans for tonight. I think we're going out for ice cream with one of my friends and her fiancé, but that's about it. We'll probably get chinese, open a bottle of champagne (well, sparkling wine, since it's not french.), and watch the drunks hit the island in front of my house.

Here's hoping '04 is better than '03.
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I want this. I do not want to pay that much for it. Beyond that, I really don't want white. I'm sure they'll have a couple more colours within the next couple months.

I'm going to have some Halloween pictures within the next couple of days. Anyone who wants them can email me and I'll send you a link to the page and the username and password you'll need to log in. Actually, I should have a few tomorrow, as long as my mom remembers to burn me a CD of them.

That's all.. Must got to bed so I can get up tomorrow morning. Ugh.

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I pulled all sorts of muscles in my ass doing something. I wish I knew how, but all I know is that I woke up this morning feeling like I spent three hours on the butt machine. I wish I had any idea how I did this. Ha, I'll be getting buff in my sleep.

My feet do not hurt as much as they did in the past. The report shoes I wore tonight helped immensely. I'm going to wear then again on Thursday, unless I can come by some new, better shoes tomorrow.

I want my new bras to be here now. I desperately want to have something a little different to wear then the same two that I still fit into. Evil, stupid big breasts.

I'm wicked overtired. I was trying to sleep in today, after my doctor's appointment, but the phone rang an assload of times for nothing good. I actually should go to bed, since I need to get up at 8, at the lastest so I can do the shower and prep for school thing.

Totally out of it... Must sleep.

New Bras!!

Oct. 6th, 2003 12:29 am
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Just ordered three new bras from Bravissimo. I bought this one, this one, and this one in black. I should be all set for bras for a while, when this order comes in. I'm going to have to throw out most of my bras from Frederick's because, since going to the gym, I've gained some muscle in my back and, worse, from the pills, I've gained a little more in the bust. It's not as bad as the last time, when I was taking Ortho-Tricyclen and I went up 3 1/2 cup sizes, but it's enough to mean I need British bras/bra sizes rather than American ones.

It's goddamn cold in here. You'd think I was in the middle of a wet tee shirt contest, my nipples are so hard from the lousy cold. I guess the heat's not working again... Yay, apartments. I feel like I'm living in a igloo. This really just means that I'm going to sleep with the electric blanket on again.

I forgot to put the bottom sheet on when I made the bed this morning. Goddammit. I suppose I'll do that now before I go to bed. It's not going to take that much extra time, if I'm getting in, anyhow. It's not like I'm going to sleep anytime soon, anyway. It's been a long week-end again. I'm wondering if I'm ever going to enjoy a week-end again.

I'm taking a mental health day off of school tomorrow because I need to catch up on all the work I've fallen behind on. I have a one to two page mini-paper that I have to do for English, plus the paper rewrite, as well as a shitload of reading for that and Soc. I also need to take notes for the Frankenstein test I have on Friday. I also feel icky. I've been nauseous all day, I threw up in Stop & Shop, and had diarrhea, as well.

Everyone wants to know this. I was not well today.

Anyhow, I went to see my grandparents in Rhode Island today. They looked tired, but good. Grampa had a few things to show me in the basement and ended up giving me a few cassettes for Steven and a nice Japanese watercolour of flowers that needs a little work done on it, but will look awesome in here, as soon as I can fix it up. Not sure where I want it, yet, but it'll look good with the oriental embroidery that my parents' bought in EPCOT years ago when they still had some semblance of getting along and being adults.

I say this, but my mom's not that bad. My father, on the other hand, played every dirty trick in the book. To this day, he still calls to complain about my mother and "what she did to [him]" to me. I hate when he does that. I seriously don't want to bother speaking to him if all he's going to do is badmouth Mom, or someone else. He did this for an hour last time he called. You'd think he'd have given up or grown up by now.

I digress. I should really go and do my homework now, before I lose interest. Insomnia does, sometimes, have perks, especially when I know that I'm not going to have to get up tomorrow morning. I'll feel a lot less overwhelmed when I have everything done.

Yay. Vapors - Turning Japanese.

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I'm tired. This week was incredibly long and the week-end looks like it's going to be dull. Today was completely crappy. It was cold and kind of rainy, so I got to do nothing outside, which was kind of what I had planned to do. Tomorrow, I get to do homework. All day. And tomorrow's supposed to be the nice day. Do I sound bitter? I am.

I need new bras. I tried on a couple of the ones that I bought at Frederick's last winter and I spill out of the cups. I like this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and especially this one. If anyone want to buy me bras, I wear either a 36E or a 36F depending on on what brand the bra is. Email me, and I'll send you my address.

I also need this, this, and this. I have incredibly expensive taste. I seriously wish I had money, though, because I really need new clothes.

Still haven't gotten the new shoes that I need for work. I'm debating if I can wear brown shoes with black pants or if I should hold out and get black shoes to match everything else I wear. I need to figure out what I want to wear to work Monday. I think I'm definitely going with flats. My knee is angry enough with me wearing my Steve Madden Frankenstein shoes. It's actually been pissy with me all day, probably because of the rain. I need to pick out clothes tomorrow. Bleh. I also need to buy nylons at some point.

Speaking of Frankenstein, I'm going to spend the whooole day with him tomorrow. I get to write a detailed summary of what happens in chapters 4 & 5, in volume 1. Yay. Then, I get to rewrite my paper for the second time. After that, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Probably go to Border's and start doing my research on my AbPsych project. I want to have that done at least two weeks before it's due, since I'm going to have a shitload of other work to do at the end of the semester. This is on top of getting my shit together to be able to transfer back to UMass.

I think that's all I know for now. I'm chilly. I don't like this suddenly cold weather.

New Bras!

Oct. 8th, 2002 12:10 am
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So I finally got to Frederick's at Emerald Square today. I picked up two Smooth Sensation Full Figuresin platinum and black, two Lace Full Figures in black and white, and Love Knot Full Figures in black and ivory (only $10!). They had a couple of coloured ones, but they were sold out of 34Fs. I'm going to make a pilgrimage back sometime soon. Unfortunately, this whole adventure cost me $130, but I desperately needed a few more bras, seeing as the two (deleted) gifted me were on their last legs and I've lost my leopard print one, I was down to one bright pink one. What makes this even better is that I could potentially get matching panties if I wanted to.

I'm wicked tired. I have classes tomorrow, but I have to wait on Steve to get here to grab his suit for his job interview tomorrow. I suppose it was good I picked it up from the cleansers; he never would have made it there to get it otherwise.

We redid the 5950 section again, this time in a way that the damn hats won't get stolen, but that the cunt will hate. We'll see if we get fired on Friday. Should be interesting...

More doctor's appointments on the 16th. and 18th. I'm having a CT scan and more blood taken, respectively, and I am so not looking forward to it.

Ugh, well, I'm going to make tea.


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