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Internet, I have baked a loaf of bread and it was good!

I started out with a honey wheat bread recipe, which I modified because I have 0 honey but much agave nectar. Then I messed it up by putting all the agave in at once and dumping the flour on the not so ready yeast. But it still bubbled up and even mixing it with my dough hook didn't kill it.

Next time, I'll cook for 35 minutes instead of 40 and grease the sides better, but I rate it a success. I think I shall mainly be making our eating bread at home now, especially since we eat so little of it and this was so easy. I could always freeze loaves.

Photos or it didn't happen:

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Ok. I made nearly a gross of cookies tonight, including gingerbread men, which I decorated and are drying now to bring to work tomorrow. That's the good part.

What sucked is that my clutch blew out while Steven was in Savin Hill, stranding me at work and him in Dorchester. Donna gave him a ride home and Becca gave me a ride home, so that was doable. Car's being towed to Kevin's tomorrow for work.

Then, checking my email, I get a note that my account is negative and I've been assessed $50 in fees. I can't figure out why it's negative since I should have had $30 in there. Well, turns out that something I bought was run twice. That was the $30 I had. BoA was good about opening a claim and I emailed the company for a refund. I will be getting a temporary credit and the fees removed for the time being.

Now I'm super tired. I have to work at 10am and I need to ring Becca in the morning, ride pending.

Also: my cats like sugar cookie and cream cheese dough.
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Samantha - 1
Pumpkin - 0

I have a cereal bowl of seeds and a bunch of chunks ready to be baked. I am going to enjoy this, gourd.
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I need to figure out what those brightly coloured housewives with the wise ass sayings are called to I can make an icon.

We scooted to Whole Foods around 5 because we were a) out of food and b) bored. Mum gave us a selection of various Omaha Steak Company meats, including Italian Chicken breasts, a beef strew, and sole almondine. I was not a fan of what we had for veg, so ostentatiously, that's what we went for.

We ended up buying salad, grape tomatoes, Meyer lemons for lemon meringue pie, whole wheat flour, three tins of beans (garbanzo, black eyed, and navy), a large tin of crushed tomatoes, mixed frozen veg, edamame, barley, and a pound of ground beef. I'm currently making veg soup and it smells good.

Total damage: $29.61

I like this recipe because all I have to do is dump everything into a pot and let it simmer for a few hours. That will probably be lunch for the rest of the week, along with salad. It also changes every time you make it, depending on what ingredients you add (like mushrooms, which I love, or sauces.) I used chipolte sauce, garlic powder, white pepper, and sea salt this go-round. Other add-ins will be barley, mixed veg, and edamame.

Dinner is going to be sole almondine, salad, and broccoli... maybe a potato if Steven wants it. I <3 me some potato with greek yoghurt.

Maybe we really will do better about minding our health this year.

Bah Humbug

Dec. 23rd, 2007 01:46 pm
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So, in order not to be the world's biggest grinch ever, I have decided I am going to bake things today. So far, I am considering making gingerbread (the bread kind, not the cookie kind), Viennese crescent cookies, poppy seed cookies, and probably sugar cookies. I might make snickerdoodles if they're not overly hard. That should keep me busy for today and tomorrow.

Mm, snag #1. No brownie pans. I will be making in this a sheet cake pan instead and foisting it off on people.

I also need to make applesauce for Teh Piggy tomorrow and probably whip the sweet potatoes. I can't remember if we have brown sugar on not. I guess I should look for that, huh.

I was originally going to make a pie, but I just don't feel up to it. I'll thaw our cheesecake instead, I guess.

Go me.

Nov. 28th, 2005 07:46 pm
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I'm making a lemon meringue pie as we speak. Actually, it's cooling and I'm eating the delicious extra filling. I'm all domestic this week.

I'm going Friday at 2:45 for my IUD. I'm nervous.

Go Me.

Feb. 18th, 2005 11:33 pm
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I am like mother-effing Suzy Homemaker tonight. I baked a dozen chocolate chip cookies, which are cooling now, and worked on my knitting some more, which I am going to work more on after I finish bragging about how domestic I am.

Oh, and I have a gmail account now: This makes up for running a fever and barfing all day.
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I just finished off the spoils of war. I haven't baked cookies in forever. I guess it's been good I've been getting my workout on crutches, because mixing damned cookie dough is tough! I eventually gave up and just kneaded it before putting it in the fridge. Oh, but it tasted really good. I'm proud of my cooking, if I do say so myself.
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So, woohoo, I finally had the energy to bake a pie. Steve brought me home a peck of apples from Maine which he ended up paying like $7 for. I feel wicked bad that he paid that much for the apples; I usually pay under $3 for that many. Anyhow, so I made them into pie tonight. It's cooling on the stove right now. I anticipate having a piece for lunch tomorrow afternoon, after I drop Matt off at work.

Work went today. The new employee, John, is a good kid. I'm more than happy that he works without really being told what to do and doesn't really complain about the shit jobs (ie. fanfolding) that I leave for him while I do the big things. I'm there again tomorrow night, with Steve, and I'm kind of off on Tuesday. I'm starting to get really nervous about the doctor's appointment; I don't want to go. I want to put my head in a hole and pretend that everything is ok.

When did my life start rotating about my being unwell? Ugh...

As a side note, never use Nair on the same place two days in a row. I have a bit of a rash now, but I think the Benedryl will cure this. (>_<)

I'm tired again. I need to put foil over my pie and get some sleep. 8am seems to come earlier every day.

Wish me luck for Tuesday, if I don't update before then. I need all the moral support I can get.
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I'm so tired. I just got home from work about half an hour ago and I'm due back in the morning by 10:30. Yuck. I've been there every day since last Saturday and it looks like next week is going to be shaping up the same way.

I'm going to donate more blood on Tuesday. I've been dwelling a lot more on the eventuality of the appointment, especially with it being in just a couple days. I've been really cranky because of it. The anxiety about it is killing what meagre appetite I had, plus I've been throwing up pretty much everything I eat because I'm so stressed out. I keep getting nasty acid reflux, too. I can feel it burning the back of my throat now, as a matter of fact. Gross.

I treated myself to an Urban Decay lipstain, as well as a Hustler shirt because if this. The lipstain is awesome. It seriously does not budge, at all. I slept with it on last night and my lips were still red in the morning. I definitely consider it worth the $17 it cost me. I'm also treating myself to a couple new bras this week as soon as I can get over to Emerald Square Mall. Stupid big effing breasts. I want to be able to try the bras on, since I can go either a 36DD or an 34F, depending on the cut of the bra and whether or not it has pads in the bottoms. I wish that there was a Frederick's closer than Emerald Square.

I'm planning on baking a pie at some point this week. I think Steve is bringing me home some apples in addition to the apples Matt and I bought last week when we were up to see Dawn, Mike, and the baby, who has become enormous. Dawn was saying that he's 26 lbs. now, which is bigger than Elliott. Brendan is huge for a 9 month old baby. He's totally crawling on everything, too. I need to get up there more often to see him. I just wish it wasn't so far away or so tiring. I came back dead tired last Saturday night.

I'm dying. I totally need to go to bed and get a good amount of sleep before all the damn work I have to do tomorrow.


Feb. 11th, 2002 02:31 pm
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I just baked a little over two dozen sugar cookies which is ironic because I don't actually like sugar cookies. I just had the urge to cook. I'll just pawn them off on someone. They're not even burnt or anything.

I got my hair cut Friday. It sorely needed it. I'll eventually have some pictures to post here, especially when I get my project started. I'll probably scan at least a couple. Maybe. Bleh.

Sweet Jesus on a stick, I don't feel like working tonight. Then again, when do I ever feel like working? Seriously, working in retail is like having a frontal lobotomy with out anaethesia. It makes me want to stick a pen in my eyes.

I want coffee, but I can't have it because I have some kind of bladder infection and the last thing I need to do is pee more. I also would like take a looong shower, but we doubt that will happen, either.

Sinfest rocks me.


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