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Wow. That was awful. That's all I have to say. Absolutely frakking awful. If this weren't the last episode, I would break up with Battlestar for good.

First hour and a half? AWESOME! End? Way to cop out.

Things that were awesome:

Special Effects – Boom, sir. It was so incredibly cool. I hope all the FX guys got bonuses, because they really, really deserved them. Boom, boom, boom.

Galactica – No, she didn't fail anyone. Too bad the whole goddamn plot failed her.

Flashbacks – Backstory is so great. Why did we have to wait till the very last episodes to finally see anything before the fall?

Can we not tell her the plan? – Best line EVER.

Kara & Lee – Fated from the beginning. Is it bad that I kind of loved them nearly getting it on, drunk, on her table? It explains why Lee was so weird about it in Scar. They definitely needed to be together.

Cottle – So cranky, yet with a soft spot. I loved how attached he was to Laura in the end. That was pretty great. I guess he finally ran out of cigarettes, though.

Tory – Pwned, bitch, Way to try and cover your own arse before resurrection. I really felt like the character got what she deserved; it was one of the few things I actually felt was well done.

Sam – I'm glad he didn't magically come back to life. I really did like him as Galactica's hybrid. I think that was really cool, to tie him in, and ultimately, to network him to the ship to beat the very reason Adama didn't want to network them in the first place.

Racetrack – Ruining things EVEN WHEN DEAD!

Colonial Cylons - SO COOL, down to the red stripe. And it was definitely awesome that they were given the baseship as a reward. I squeed seeing Lee command them.

Hera as mitochondrial Eve – Pretty cool touch.

Mm, Phallic - I am 12 and I snickered the whole time Galactica was all rammed into the colony.

Strip Club – O hai, Watchtower. Nice stripping thar.

Things I called:

Boomer – Redemption via death. It was so damn obvious she was going to steal Hera back and then get blown away. Duh.

Song was coordinates – Yep. Another point for Capt. Obvious.

Romo & Hoshi - Subtle show was subtle last week.

Kara – Totally called that they wouldn't explain a damn thing about her.

Ramming speed, Mr. Tigh! – Again, subtle show was subtle.

Things That Pissed Me Off:

Let's drive off into the sun! – And every other sci fi cliche out there. Thanks.

Cavil's Suicide - It was basically out of nowhere and so anticlimactic. Literally, I had to ask Steven if he really blew his brains out because if you blinked, you would have missed it.

Moore Shakespeare: Dear Ron Moore: I do not like when Shakespeare ended plays where everyone is miserable. Battlestar isn't Hamlet and you are sure as frak not Shakespeare. I get that the show was dark, but really? That was miserable.

Moore XFiles – I wonder if he phoned up Chris Carter and asked how to ruin years of a great show in, oh, 20 minutes. New characters no one gets or likes? Check. Building up years of mythos only to not explain anything? Check. Ruining main characters because you can? Check.

Kara – Let's not explain anything, even though we've been talking about it, oh, since Season 3. If we do the handwavy thing and make her disappear while Lee's talking to her, EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY, RIGHT? At least they didn't show her walking hand in hand with Anders on the other side.

Daniel – Let's randomly introduce a character three episodes before the end and then do absolutely nothing with him. In fact, let's introduce him in a Kara-centric episode and not explain EITHER! FTW, right???

Earth: Camping Trip! – There is no way I can be convinces that 38,000 people would be perfectly ok with just blowing up all their technology. And to have it end up basically exactly the way it was on Caprica? Yea, that wasn't in vain at all. Good job.

Head!Characters – Honestly? I always kind of liked Head!Six, but I really didn't like the way things played out at the very end, with them Deus ex machina, telling us how much we suck. Also, thanks for promising to explain then and then NOT. Really, a little bit better script writing would have been a better answer.

Plot Holes – After four seasons of good writing, let's just leave a whole bunch of huge, gaping plot holes. No one will notice them, right?

Leoben – Let's just show him for 2.5 seconds because he wasn't important in the series at all, amirite?

Oh shit, we forgot about Helo. Is he dead? Eeny Meenie Miney Moe. – That so obviously seemed like an add on.

Athena – War cures trauma. *handwave* We're a happy family again, like you totally didn't frak my clone, while I was beaten up and shoved in a locker. This is the second time Athena's gotten beaten up, actually. Maybe she's into BDSM?

Everyone – And then they did stuff, but we're not telling you what! Haha, you'll never know what happened to anyone except Hera. Ooh, we're so esoteric.

I'm sure I'm going to update this again after the rewatch. I intend to employ XFiles coping skills: watch the first hour and a half, turn the television off, and pretend the stupidity never happened.

Seriously, I am really annoyed that they completely managed to frak things up in the last half hour. Seriously. It's almost impressive how bad it was. I'm sure Ron Moore is laughing his arse off somewhere.

Honestly, though, I kind of excepted this kind of stupidity, so as much as I'm annoyed and kind of disappointed, it's not heartbreaking like XFiles was.

Entertainingly enough, though, I saw shades of my relationship with Steven in the scene with Kara and Lee discussing politics. That was us, on our first date, except it was coffee, not wine, and a diner, not my apartment, and neither of us liked our exes quite that much. Except, of course, we got our happy ending (which involves running water and indoor plumbing, thank you).

If you'll excuse me, I am now going to go shove my fingers in my ears and hum. La la la.

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Date: 2009-03-21 05:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I am just going to pretend the show ended with them finding earth. That is the last scene in my eyes.

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Date: 2009-03-21 05:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Same here. The rest doesn't exist. I should edit my own version.

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Date: 2009-03-22 05:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL--you two totally sound like most Harry Potter fans who choose to ignore the epilogue-that-shall-not-be-named.

But I think you were left intentionally in the dark about Helo. You were supposed to assume he died and then OMGHEISALIVE!!! *touchyfeelyloveyhappy* I totally knew he was alive when they didn't verify his death...

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Date: 2009-03-21 10:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that the two hour end so sucked bulls balls. Honestly. I wanted an answer to why Kara was the harbinger of death. Never fully explained to me how her body was on one planet, then on another. TOtally pissed me off. And the end when she's taking to Lee and suddenly disappears? WTF was that shit? Like now you see me now you don't I never existed bullshit? And Lee just standing there with his finger up his ass. Oh...yeah...buh bye Kara. Oy fraking Vey!

I have it taped and am going to subject myself to watching the shit again. Oh, and agree with you about the rest of the 39,000 people were all so willing to just have there ships flown into the sun? Ummm, think in reality that wouldn't happen and everyone is just willing to give up all that they new to camp in Africa and other places? SO NOT believable.

I was seriously pissed with the last show. Someone needs to seriously clean it up and go back to the drawing board.


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