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Mar. 7th, 2009 12:00 am
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I can't believe next week is the second to last episode. Steven and I were talking about it tonight; Battlestar's been on nearly the whole time Steven and I have been together. It's really sad to see it end.

I liked tonight's episode. I actually thought it was on par with last week's. Still no answers, really, but whatever.

I found something vaguely comforting about how Kara was pretty much ready to blow Sam away to keep him from becoming something that he, essentially, hated. I also like that she apologized for telling him she'd put a bullet in his head if she found out he was a cylon before trying to put a bullet in his head because he was becoming more of a cylon.

The lighting was pretty awesome either, if not exactly subtle. We get it, Show, Kara doesn't know if she's an angel or a demon. She's probably both.

Baltar is a goddamn ass. Lady asks you to do something and you twist it around to make it ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR GIRLY!CULT. Dear Gaius, a funeral is not the place to make big loud announcements, ok? If you thought there was any chance of EVER sleeping with Kara again, THAT WAS NOT THE WAY.

And suddenly, Lee is smacked upside the head with a revelation. Kara died, she came back. She's Zombie!Starbuck.

But.. but.. but.. Lee being all "It doesn't matter, I love you no matter what." was the sweetest thing ever. I really, really hope that this means they're growing up and can get over the bickering-love/hate dynamic. I mean, it's only the end of the world. GO MAKE PRETTY BABIES.

Also: Kara telling Sam that the people they were are both dead? Yea, marriage doesn't sound like it's going to well. Does coming back from the dead end those things?

Ah, Old Man/Galactica, the OTP of the series. I can almost here the violins and Adama whispers "Love means never having to say you're sorry." as he plans her Last Great Mission. Honestly, I actually find myself not liking Adama as much, right now. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I really don't feel very bad for him right now.

I wonder if Roslin is actually going to kick it before the series ends or not? Also, makes you wonder if her father is or is not Daniel.

Helo and Athena was just heartbreaking. And him asking the Admiral if he could just walk with him? :( :( :( I'm sure there shall be heroics soon and who knows if we'll get a resolution to that or not?

Hera is one creepy frakking kid. Boomer wasn't having an attack of The Guilties, she was just really creeped out. I think her projecting was interesting and it seemed to have made her cylon bits A LOT more real to Boomer. I love the "Oh, shit… Maybe stealing this kid for a creepy old man wasn't exactly a good idea."

Not too impressed with the Cylon Base either, honestly. The colours actually bothered me a lot.

Rewatch is on and I'm done for now.

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I also really liked this one - damn, it felt like it was 2 hours long they put so much into it.

I also like that she apologized for telling him she'd put a bullet in his head if she found out he was a cylon before trying to put a bullet in his head because he was becoming more of a cylon.

Bwaaa - too true!

The Lee/Kara scene was so sweet, wasn't it? Just...sweeeeet :)

Helo and Athena riped our hearts out this episode. Oh so horribly sad! And Helo walking with Adama and crying/trying not to sob....whaaaaaaaaaaa *sniff*

I hear you - I'm not liking Adama much right now, but toward the end of the episode he started to sound like Adama again. I think he'll pull his head out of his ass now that he's made the decision.

You know who I *am* back to liking is Laura. Now that she's not trying to be a hard ass all the time (which was necessary, I don't deny it) she's back to being such a soft, strong, clear person. Sigh. So beautiful.

Hera=REALLY AWESOME!!! And how much even more awesome that Hera is so awesome that she can even reach Boomer, who has spent several years burying any feelings she has as deep as she can?? Can't WAIT to see how this resolves, cause Boomer's ties to Tyrol and their plans together and Hera and the projection have all FINALLY tapped into her sense of humanity and motherhood. And nobody is scarier than an angry momma bear! GO BOOMER! Do one right thing, okay????

So how long is it going to take Caprica, Athena and Laura to get together and compare notes about the dreams again? They MUST remember that all of them share the dreams. C'mon people, stop being dense! ;P

Wow. Getting from here to the end is going to :D :D :D

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I love when the show's all LALALA, WE FORGET MAJOR PLOT POINTS. I can't believe Laura hasn't spoken to Six or something because they were both very obviously shown to be writhing in sick bay.

I want to shove Helo and Athena in a room full of fluffy kittens. Their scene blew me away. I love how Helo went from being a throwaway character to a central part of the show.

I have hope again for Kara and Lee. Their scene was so subtle and low-key. It really seemed like they'd gotten their shit together and things were good, just off screen, while Kara's been chilling with Dead!Dad.

You're right, Laura is a lot better now. How sad was it when she spoke to Adama about losing both of his women at once? She needs to go to the Fluffy Kitten Room too.

Bill needs to lay off the booze, 'nuff said. When Saul Tigh is the sobre voice of reason, you know you need to seek out Intergalactic AA.

This ep seemed like a lot of things had circled back around. Steven and I were talking about it over dinner tonight. Kara and Baltar have circled (from the Leegasm to his humiliating her at a funeral) and Anders, who she met pointing a gun at his head and essentially, ended pointing a gun on his head. Same with her putting her picture back on the wall; she's come full circle and moved on as well. I like that the patterns of "All this has happened before and all this will happen again." are finally coalescing.

Speaking of, where's Leoben been? He's made himself awfully scarce.

Hera definitely is something special about reaching Boomer. There's another circle, from when Boomer was going to snap her neck before Athena and Six rescued her. I'm definitely envisioning her in being instrumental in bringing down Cavil.

I can't believe it's all going to be over in two weeks. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals already.


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